Patron Comments, 2004

These comments are taken from County of the Month patron nominations.

County Comment
Donley My inlaws came from Donley County. Love the site and the new information that has been added.
Montgomery I really like this site. Very easy to navigate. Much work was put into this. I like the various sites you can go to from here.; Lots of information.
Henderson These people seem to go well beyond the normal effort in assisting me toward furthering my families efforts; I received so much help -even promptly after my first query. There is a wealth of data there. Keep it going!!; The updates are almost daily, information is easy to attain and the dedication of the people involved is remarkable. This is my favorite site. A huge thank you to Henderson County; The coordinators do a great job keeping this page updated.; The coordinators do a great job keeping this page updated. The volunteers do a great job also. Thanks everyone
Colorado This site is well organized and has a staggering amount of useful information on it. Just the amount of census data alone makes it a great site, but there's so much more. It's astounding that it has not won before!
Bastrop Tammy continues to do a wonderful job. I wanted to register my thanks and continued delight! Lisa has made a wonderful site. It is full coverage of the McDade area events, history, people & archives.; A great web site for history and research and events.
Coryell This county is really helpful, I wish all counties had as much info as Coryell.
Grayson best in texas
Oldham Jim Hewitt's Oldham County site , in my opinion, mets all the requirement s to be considered for the county of the month.
Fannin Susan continues to do an outstanding job month after month devoting countless hours maintaining the site and records, and answering emails. She has also taken on many related activities like editing the Fannin County Flashback newsletter, monthly meetings of the genealogical society, and coordinator for a neighboring county. I feel fortune tohave her as the coordinator for Fannin County.
Matagorda (No Comment).
Calhoun Great job. Very helpful.
Willacy Very much improved since the last time I visited! Colorful and very well laid out web page!!! Kudos!!!
Falls WOW! There is so much great information on this site. All the pictures are awsome. Thank you very much.
Montgomery Excellent site for researchers; Great site! Jane Sanford Keppler is a wonderful coordinator.
Henderson Continues to do excellent work on a timely basis;.; Bunny Freeman and Holli Boone Kees have definitely put together a website that is so full of information that I look forward to accessing it every day. I've been tracing my genealogy for 18 years and have watched the Internet genealogical sites grow. I'm so thankful that many of my family members happened to migrate to Henderson County, Texas where the information is not only plentiful but is so expertly arranged. Bunny and Holli have added numerous newspaper articles where I have found a vast amount of personal information on my family that I probably would not have discovered on my own. My only wish is that many of the other county websites would use the Henderson Co., Texas website as a perfect example in setting up their county information! It would make the genealogical searches so much easier! If the Henderson County website were to win the regional award maybe more people could see how to set up a "perfect" website. This site has been a godsend for finding information about my family. The dedication to getting information to us is amazing. It is user friendly and does not confuse the novice.
Coryell Great, the best. this is the best site I have seen
Falls This site has really improved over the last 2 years and the coordinator really deserves a lot of credit. Thank You! TONS of GREAT info!!
Sabine Sabine county is heaven's bounty.
Brown (No Comment)
Grayson Susan, after taking over a very limited and non productive site, has made it so much better and informative, not only in laying out the site but by encouraging everyone to participate in sending info for the site. Hat's off to Susan
Jack This is the most helpful page I have found. I have many ancestors in Jack, Co and this has been an exiting experience. I live in NM and cannot visit right now, sot the website is great!!!Jack county is one of few that still has a true small town atmoshere. It is a place of wonderful people and wonderful opportunities!.
Wharton Wharton County is always trying to make a better place for people to live.
Orange very well done; Great site. Keep up the good work. I nominate Orange Co. for county of the month. Imogene Vanderburg.
Winkler Excellent dedication to her county. A true historian of our times,Charlene Beatty Beauchamp.
Glasscock Nice site - very easy to find my way around!!
Madison Great Site
Henderson Continues to excel in variety and quality of information that is useful for my searches; The people at this site found me so much information about my lost relatives.......they're great......very nice......super site This is a great site and deserves to be voted the county of the month. Great site. Always something new. Like the new background; Henderson County has very good Info.
Madison I was born and raised in Madison County. I have travelled and lived in other states, parishes, and counties, and I can tell you that there is none better than Madison Co. The people here know each other and I feel that we are basically just a few families that just go together and started Madison County. It is a good place to live with an excellent schools and great healthcare. We are growing daily. My family has enjoyed this site. With pictures and information we are able to see and understand what the small towns were like at the time some of our ancestors were allive. Thank's to all who contributed this information. Love all the information! Very thorough.
Falls Mrs Carhart and Mrs. Cunningham are doing a great job. I have been surfing many other genealogy site and Falls is one of the BEST around. Tons of great information on so many different people.
Grayson plenty of information -on this site. someone has put forth -much effort- to make this a very good site !!!!! atta' way to go
Dallas I get so much information at this site,very informative
Motley Bunny has done a good job updating this county and it ooks good....easy to naviagte. Very nice improvement over the old site. Nice work
Montgomery When a researcher needs Montgomery County, Texas info, then this is the site to contact..
Kerr A truly great web page designed to serve the needs of those who are seeking information about their families in Kerr County,Texas. This county is a joy to search, Shirley Webb has done an excellant job of providing a variety of genealogical records, and the pages are in light colors that are easy for older people to read.
Glasscock Very nice site, lots of work and easy to find my way around
Bosque (No Comment).
Shackelford (No Comment).
Coryell (No Comment).
Shelby A fantastic site! Have used many, many GenWeb sites, and this is by far the best! The vital records section expanded my research tremendously, adding many exact dates and locations - I have MS and am unable to travel, so internet search is the only option I have... if all of the counties were this good, it would be a breeze! They all deserve a tremendous thank you for the work they have put in to the site.
Henderson Continues outstanding content and frequent updates. Keep up the good work! The most informative website that I have ever seen. Great site and very easy to get around in
Jack Very useful site. I found alot of good information!! Thanks; This is the best! Navigation ability is wonderful! Content is outstanding!
Johnson Excellent website...Wes Collins has done a superb job!
Smith So much information and well organized
Bastrop Not only is this the most useful site I have found but the coordinators are so helpful also. Great job Bastrop County
Falls Awsome site so easy to maneuver in.
Montgomery GREAT SITE!!!! Found a friend's great-grandparents' burial place. Will be back often; Fantastic Job!!!
Coryell Finally, a site that has a variety of local information on it...My congrats to the county coordinator.
Orange very good information
Henderson Great site and very easy to get around in; bunney is a great help ,and the site are very helpful and interesting
Fort Bend Valuable important to persons doing genealogy research
Larmar Ron Brothers has done a superb job and it is so much better than other state pages.
Crosby Linda has done a great job with all of the Crosby County webpages and an exceptional job with the cemetaries!
Montgomery it is great
Kaufman Best sight I have seen.
Swisher Very complete with a hugh amount of data with respect to pioneer families and very helpful staff.
St. Augustine I visited the St. Augustine Library, and the genealogy lady , Mrs. Lily, was extremely helpful with OHP Bodine Cemetery. I could not have found my 3rd great grandfather from Scotland withut her help, She came to the library on her day off to help me. Karen Cox
Donley I have found so much of what I'm looking for. The coordinator has done a lot of work
Johnson Excellent web site...extremely informative
Bosque Thanks for all the wonderful informatin and it is attractively displayed. I wish all Counties had this much information
Mitchell Lola Withrow is the Greatest. She really has turned it around. Hard work-- very deserving. Linking families.
Cass (No Comment).
Fannin Susan Hawkins has expended many many hours on the Fannin Co., TX website. She's also expended many hours on the Grayson Co., TX website. Both websites have very active participation by contributors.
Coryell The very very best in any state I've visited,,,,,A big Thankyou for the hard work that went into making Coryell County Texas the best.
Jack Very Beautifully done! Great graphics that don't distract from our overall purpose! Very easy to use!
Montgomery Such a thorough site! Easy to navigate! Go Montgomery County!
Blanco VERY well done;ever thing works properly
Falls This site and wonderful information.; This site has great genealogy information.
Harris (No Comment).
Henderson A branch of my DANIEL family made its way to Henderson Co TX ca 1850.; I found Henderson's website full of helpful information. Thanks for a job well done!.
Grayson Susan Hawkins has created a site filled with valuable and unique helpful information. I think I have seen it all and I keep finding more layers with more info. Susan has the ultimate patience helping many newbies who many times do not understand enough to proceed to those with more experince. She always adds a new perspective to folks who have been researching for some time. I look to many county sites in several states to have some online info that may help to narrow down my search. There are few sites that can match the dept of knowledge they hold and only one that provides assistence to those of us in need like Susan does at the Grayson County, Texas website.
Bosque It is one of the best county web pages I have ever visited. They do an excellent job.
Bastrop Very thorough and helpful.
Blanco this site is one of the easiest to get informatioon from. The folks are so helpful for lookups.
Angelina Best recently updated county
Cameron Very nice!
Fort Bend Very logically set up, easy to use. Wish I had ancestors from THIS county! Thanks!
St. Augustine very helpful in diseminating info about genealogy
Dickens The best kept secret in Texas!!!!!!!
Bastrop User friendly site w/lots of useful information -more than most sites I've tried using.; Outstanding resources for county records; many images of original records. Great help for Bastrop County researchers.
Montgomery This is a wonderful site for not only Montgomery County researchers, but anyone interested in the surrounding counties. There has been a lot of time put into maintaining this site and should definitely win!; very helpful
Shelby This is one of the most comprehensive and user friendly sites I have used. Good job.
Collin Useful, organized, easy!
Coryell lots of information on line and easy to follow and acess. Thanks
Sabine Finest Cemetery Information I have ever encountered. I felt like every Cemetery had accurately been reported; This site has a lot of information that I have never seen before that will help with my genealogy work
Colorado Simply an astounding site. Every available county census is online, the cemetery listings are exhaustve, and the extent of obituaries is unbelieveable. A remarkable achievement. This should be "Site of the Year"
Bosque 3 cheers for our excellant coordinator!!
Henderson It is the VERY BEST GenWeb site I have seen throughout all of the State with the GenWeb project that I have done research in. I am GREATLY impressed with it.
Bosque An outstanding county website.
Smith The way Smith County has their site formatted makes it so user friendly. They have all the Smith County Census images and their indexes, too. Mary Berryman is such a joy and so helpful. Larry Oliver is so helpful offering to take photos of headstones in the area! Andy Leath has posted numerous biographies for the county's families. I haven't found a more organized and informative site in my Texas research. What an awesome group!!!!
Henderson Wonderful website, lots of information!!!!!!; Great Site; This is a four star site. I have been able to find so much about my fathers family on his mothers side. GREAT JOB!!!; Henderson Co. TxGenWeb is a very helpful site for me, I feel that my questions were answered with carefull consideration and thought. God Bless You.
Fannin The best I have ever worked with!
Rockwall Loved the new look of this county page
Montgomery Great website to do research. User friendly!!
Madison I think that madison county is very historical,and a very friendly place. I believe I read that it is over 150 years old.
Walker Very complete & efficient. Good links -- that work! Excellent site.
Cass I have found a lot of information on this site, it is well organized, the coordinator, Dana, is very helpful and answers email questions also. I appreciate all of the volunteers.
Brown my first visit to the site but noticed it has a wealth of information-old information. Very good site.
Madison (No Comment)
Henderson consistent excellence...; I think the coordinators deserve praise for their own work as well as mobilizing others to contribute.; I am able to find out more info on my family's from Henderson co. than I have in Cherokee, and Anderson Co. even though my family has been from Cherokee since the 1840's and I live in Cherokee county too. But Henderson co. Has a lot of the census reports, pictures, family records etc. It is easier to navigate through than most any other County. And after you send something in, it is updated more often too.; Great Site. Keep up the Great Work.; I highly recommend the Henderson Co. TXGenWeb Project site to be nominated as County Of The Month.; Best experience I've had. If all sites were this easy I'ld know all my ancestors in a day.; Great site, very informative, neat, and friendly.
Montgomery It's the best place to live and to raise kids. We love our friendly communities.
Brazoria I think it's great what you are trying to do for Angeline Co. I was born in lufkin, and I am trying to fine my ancestors I haven't seen them since I was 08 years old,I am 59 now,It!s been 58 years ago and I would like to where I came front and my background,I understand from what I was tolded, my great-great father, Youngblood/nash own the first sawmill there was in Lufkin,tx. Keep up the good work , I'll be in touch, God bless.
Burnet One the best I've seen.
Hamilton Very well presented site and very interesting!
Knox They are in process builging new musem
Willacy Excellent setup, easy to navigate without getting bogged down. And patriotic!!!
Trinity Very helpful Genealogy site. Well done.
Orange Great site and a lot of information
Palo Pinto i love the view of pk and how the people welcome tourist; A very helpful site, lots of useful information, regularly updated and you can tell that a lot of effort and thought has been put into the site.
Henderson They were very prompt and informative. A real pleasure.; This site is very well put together and has tremendous info on it.With updates occuring regularly!; easy to find information; I found my dad (born 1904) on this site showing him as having taught in Henderson Co. in 1922. I asked for more into and got an immediate response.; Bunny Freeman and Holli Kees have done an outstanding job as well as getting others involved in sharing files and documents.
Collin What an absolutely wonderful informative sight!! none of this referring you to dead links, It's all right there.
Angelina (No Comment)
Montgomery I have found the site quite helpful with a myriad of info.; Great layout. Easy to get around. Pleasant
Refugio This site is always exciting to read and full of interesting information. Keep up the good work.
Bosque easy to navigate, lots of useful information
Brazoria (No Comment)
Panola The coordinators for this county are always willing to help me. They have more informatin than some of the surrounding counties --- and they are only an email away. The response to my queries are always answered in a reasonable timeframe. CUDOS TO THIS SITE AND IT'S COORDINATORS.
Kaufman Tons of valuable information; well organized; easily searchable
Matagorda I have lived here since 1956 except for 3 years and think this is a grand county to live in.
Henderson I visit this web site several times each week. I have many ancestors from Henderson County and have found much valuable information. This is the best site I have located on the net. My thanks to the coordinators. Their work is truly appreciated.; Very thorough and extensive web site
Smith Mary Berryman, site manager has been so helpful. The Smith County site is user friendly. There is new information added to the site every month. All the census and indexes can be accessed on the site. Great Family Pages, too!
McMullen One of the best & most informative sites in TX Genweb
Fannin Great navigation, search features, detailed & comprehensive information on this site. In fact, I may have just found the photograph for a great-great uncle on this how can I not nominiate it?
Falls I have enjoyed searching the Falls County site and found it very well organized and helpful. Elizabeth Dickson Golbach.
Madison A great deal of thought went into orginizing this site. It show what the genealogy searchers are interested in.
Montgomery (No Comment)
Coryell This site has been so helpful, full of information, I wish more counties were like this.
Coke Mary Love Berryman has put a lot of hard work in this and it shows, I have been able to find a lot of information about my family here, I continue to check all the time for newly added things. I wish other States were as helpful as the Texas Counties.
Bastrop It is a wonderful and helpful Web site and I love it, Tammy has put in so much work on it. It is great.
Lobbock I was born in Lubbock at TAYLOR HOSPITAL, INC. on 9 June 1964.
Coke Mary Love Berryman has done such a wonderful job with lots of information, willing to help in any way she can.
Shelby What an incredible site for those with ancestors in the county. And it all free due to generaous volunteers.; Shelby County, TX has the most information available on-line of any county I have researched in the Country.
Collin I needed help obtaining information on cemeteries in collin co. Joy Gough helped me twice.She was prompt and efficient.
Robertson Robertson County website, maintained by William Kent Brunette, is a marvel. All of the members of the county historical and genealogy societies have done a great job.
Henderson It takes dedicated people in order to sustain an actively-growing web community, and the genealogy research that goes on the bring these historical materials to the web for access by everyone.; I live in Washington state and this site has helped me rekindle an almost lost family link. Bunny's help is invaluable!!!
Burleson It has been very helpful in finding info on my Dickey family.

Patron Comments, 2003

County Comment
Angelina Much improved from the last time I used it
Bastrop What an awesome project!! It's helping so many people..; information and attractive layout. always being updated. Tammy does a great job
Borden This page is very informative, quick loading and art design is tastiful.
Bosque Can't take country out of the girl; Very easy to find things, Bettie has put a lot of effort & energy to making folks feel at home...; Still GREAT!
Brazoria Great searchable cemetery data base
Castro Laura did a great job on her site, I enjoyed it and learned a few things. She has tough competition as the other Panhandle Counties are just as good but she handles the competition well....
Colorado I'm proud to nominate my mother's site which has listings of or links to all the county's cemeteries with burial listings, marriage indexes, census data with indexes, numerous obituaries, and much more. It's an amazing compilation of online data presented in a very clear and uncluttered format.
Comal very impressed with the amount of information that is accessible for Comal....very helpful for my search!
Coryell Very nice lay-out. Easy to use. Great content. All around excellent; Bobbie just keeps on adding things and improving the site in general. Good job !!!
Falls This County page has really come a LONG way in a short time. EVERYDAY something new is added and I can hardly wait to see what. These ladies and their volunteers have worked VERY hard on this you can tell. Keep up the GREAT work!!; I always find myself back at the site.
Fannin wonderful, very helpful site with lots of data
Fayette Great site, Rox Ann really did a great job and her enthusiasm shows through
Grayson Excellent site, very intersting...great job!
Grimes Eleanor Colson has really been working hard finding out what people want to see on the site and getting them on.
Henderson I am nomintating this site because it is one of the most organized and informative websites in the TXGenWeb project, there is always something new to see, these ladies are to be commended; If not the best there is none better; Keep up the good work; A content-rich web site that has been invaluable to me in finding many records I did not even know existed.; This is a super site. Easy to surf through, and lots of good information.There is something new every time I visit. Great.; Excellent Job with additional information monthly; This web site improves with each visit. The format, ease of use, and continuously growing content of information available FOR FREE is SUPER. And now with recent additions of Census images really is icing on the cake. What a super job they are doing om TXHenderson Couty!!!; They are the best!; Very informative and comprehensive site. All enjoy it.; Very good presentation; I don't know how what I typed became two fo the same and I don't know how to get rid of the copy that just came on by itself ! This is a great website.; I nominate Henderson county, Texas for this County of the Month TxGenWeb project for the month
Hidalgo Nominated. No additional comments.
Mason Kristy Williams is extremely organized in her page, layout very unique and it is probably one of the best I have seen.
Navarro Excellent site full of information, well- organized and easy to follow.; A very informative site for those interested in Navarro county. A GREAT website!!!
Rusk This was the best experence I have ever! Most informative; Enjoyed the music and appearance of site and was easy to navigate in
Burleson Burleson Co information is terrific. Linda Houck has transcribed a tremendousl amout of courthouse records. She has included marriages up to about 1900, index to naturlation recods. divorces, some index to probate records, some Masonic records. She also is great about looking up information for queries. I would guess she knows more about Burleson than anyone else and I was (as she was) born in Burleson. She deserves all the praise and thank yous that anyone can give. Maxine Alcorn
Bosque Not just a great genealogy site, but a real family site, also............
Burnet Take a look at the War Page, especially the Civil War and World War II. There are links everywhere, connecting the data from photos, to pensions, to biograpies, obituaries, and more.
Colorado A lot of good data here. Hard work by a lot of people went into this site.
Coryell They helped me find my g-g-g grandmother and my g-g grandfather! Thanks!!!!!; It is great and well put together. I learned and received alot where my grandfather was raised. Thanks! Best website I've seen in a long time - very easy to navigate and wonderful information.
Crosby Tombstone project is just amazing,click on a name and get obituaries .A lot more advanced than the other Texas websites I've visited.
Falls This is a GREAT site!!!! I love to see what is new everyday!!! Keep up the great work!!!! Thank you too for putting so much good info out there. The articles are GREAT! All kinds of names in them! Thanks again!!; Hope to be put on the mailing list--I'm in Rosebud so-hope to meet you soon. Diana; My home county
Fayette Through postings of stories in Fayette Co. history I was able to find a story on my greatgrandfather and from that found a story in True West magazine regarding the incident.
Grimes A great site! Eleanor Colson has done a marvelous job with this website and is improving it weekly.; It's a wonderful place to live and visit.
Henderson Nominated. No additional comments.; Very nice web site. Found GGrandparests and there children through this site. Excellent with organization; wide range of research materials; and accessibility to data!!; The best website in the TXGenWeb Project!!!; Continues to improve monthly---very well maintained and helpful
Hidalgo Very well done!!!!!!!
Kaufman The Kaufman Co., TX USGENWEB is not only one of the best that I've ever visited, but the reponse that I received from their lookup volunteers was over whelming
Madison Nominated. No additional comments.
Navarro The Best !!!; Is the place to go to find info about the County and its people, now and then. Loads of good information: about everything. Check it out just one and you will be going back often so book-mark it!!!
Panola This site certainly contains tons of information for researchers. Someone has put in a lot of time and work on this site. It is easy to follow and pleasant to look at. And, I like the country music, and sites pertaining to country music, too. Just an additional plus.
Navarro Best on the web!! Lot of good information, just about anything.
Rusk Gets better every time I go to it.
Taylor excellent information******* Lots of help! Set up well!; great website
Rains New Coordinator has done a lot with this county
Bastrop Wonderful amount of information available. Great Work!
Bosque Nominated. No additional comments.
Burnet This site has it all and is constantly growing!
Colorado an amazing amount of data!
Falls This is a wonderful website with a lot of useful information. It deserves recognition as well as the volunteers.; Nominated. No additional comments.; Nominated. No additional comments.; Best County Info on the Net for Genealogy Researchers from this County? Thanks to all the volunteers for there time; It just keeps improving!
Fannin Everytime I visit this site there is something new and always glean information from it. very well prepared and built
Grayson What a tremendous improvement in the past year!! At this rate, it'll be the best county site in TX. and deserves recognition for improvement alone. Great work and thanks to Susan Hawkins for making it happen!
Grimes Very valuable site that appears to be growing consistently in depth and breadth of information
Hildago Nominated. No additional comments.
Henderson Nominated. No additional comments.; Continues to be the best site that I visit!!! Keep up the good work!; New information added constantly; lures researchers to check the site daily. I have had 6 responses to a query that I placed yesterday.; This is a great website! I am finding new information on there ALL THE TIME! They deserve the County of the Month Award!!!; This is a great site. Always having new info added. Not like some I look into that haven't been updated for over a year.
Kaufman lots of info, easy to follow layout, and very helpful and nice volunteers, I like it. Joe; This site has more cemetery enumerations and Civil War info that any pages I have seen. It deserves this award.; grest page LOTS of content,one of the best ive seen on genweb
Reeves Our Reeves County has had no TLC for a number of years until Charlene "took" us over. Thank goodness for her. Our county 'shistory and our ancestors are the winners and we want Charlene to be a winner along with us.
Rusk Nominated. No additional comments.; Most of my family research concerns Texas. The Rusk County site is by far the best county site I have found; Really nice!
Shelby Shelby County has a great format, and a world of information.; I check many counties in the U.S. where I have had ancestry. Shelby County hardly has an equal, and none beat it.; Always working to make it better for all who visit there.; Nominated. No additional comments.
Travis It is very clean and easy to follow. Makes it a fast way to find information!
Yoakum A great web page and getting better.
Crosby I cannot believe the amount of effort that has gone into this site. It is well organized with an alphabetical hyperlinked listing of burials. Many of the names have links to obituaries, biographies, and/or pictures. There are many useful lookup resources. Two complete census years, Pension Applications, Veterans, Historical Markers with pictures and even more. All of this vital information is presented in a beautiful and functional format. It's a pleasure to return to this site time and time again.
Falls This site has really come a very long way! They are always adding new information EVERYDAY and the newspaper articles are so interesting. They give some insight of what times were like back then.Ladies, keep up the good work. The time and effort is very much appreciated!!!; I work as a volunteer and these are the nicest people to work with. We are really trying to answer questions and get new material up for anyone.
Henderson Continues to be the best county site I visit; Great Site! The best that I have seen.
Kaufman This genealogy site has helped me tremendously. Very well organized and user friendly. This site deserves recognition for the hard work that has gone into this genealogy gold mine.
Kerr This is a really great web page and it fulfills the needs of the genalogy community.
Madison All of my husband's family is from Madison County Texas. Their website and enthusiasm for genealogy has encouraged me to press on through the difficulties.
Panola Very organized, professional looking site!!!
Red River I have been researching in Texas for over a year now and have found no better county website. The cemetery section alone blows everyone else out of the water. Most of the 1900 census for the county is on line. There are numerous marriage records. The site is searchable and easy to navigate. It is simple yet useful. Not many websites come class to this one with TXGenWeb. Thanks, Drew Slate
Shelby One of the best county sites I have found while doing my research.; Most improved of the ones I've researched over the past 6 months; Best in Texas. I said it once, and I say it again, great site. Get's better all the time. Nominated. No additional comments. A great place
Burnet This site has everything imaginable to offer and just keeps growing!
Grayson Good and useful information and of course, I will be back as we had family in Grayson County.This is a really GREAT site, A lot of information, and I like the set up. May GOD Bless YoU AlwAys and AlwAys!!
Shelby Nominated. No additional comments. This is the most complete site I have visited in Texas. Each time I have visited they have completed another project and added information that has been so helpful in the search for our family. A well done website. Lot's of information. Nominated. No additional comments.
Henderson New information added constantly; lures researchers to check the site daily. I have had 6 responses to a query that I placed yesterday.;This is by far the best county site that I have dealt with!; Always adding new information & the most helpful co-ordinators yet!; My Family is from Henderson Co. Tx, and I have found a lot of good information, and they have helped me many times looking up info.; They continue provide an outstanding web site!!! Congratulations!; This is a very good site with updates almost daily. I love it!; Very informative and useful site. Easy to use, very well laid out.; I found information here that I would not have known any other way, information about my heritage and ancestors.; This is a great site! This site is the best one in Texas, they add great information all the time. I have been able to find family I have been searching for, in places I wouldn't have thought to look, all because of the great records they are adding. These ladies deserve the County of the month award!!! They are doing a very good job. I could navigate easily and they have an excellent variety of information.
Fannin Of all the county sites by geneology research has taken me, this is by far the best site.
Dickens I has lots of wonderful information
Panola This website is awesome. Lots of information and user freindly.
Walker Excellent site.
Ector I nominate Ector because no matter where we move we always move back to odessa. And we're moving BACK!
Callahan I was very pleased as Callahan County placed many of the Cemeteries and and helped me find my Grandparent. Thank you Callahan County
Dallam This website is extremely well organized and easy to get around. Response is very good. There is a great deal of information offered. A great website
Henderson Great website, more useful information almost everyday, and from places I would never have thought of. Continues to be one of the leading county web sites in Texas.Congratulations!!! This site is THE BEST! They add new information all the time, I wish other counties would do the same.I have visited most sites in Texas and Henderson County has provided more information than I thought possible.very well organized, extensive (more local records thanmost), pertinent, easy to use, great lay-out - all in all a tremedous accomplisment for just two volunteers. The service they provide is irreplaceable and reflects favorably on the entire TXGenWeb project.They set a very high bar for gets better all the time! I really like the new look, very pretty!
Jefferson It takes pride!
Shelby One of the best designed, easiest to use, and informative sites on the web. Kudos to all the workers....
Montgomery I'ts great !! Really good resources, and getting better all the time...Nominated. No additional comments
Gillespie Nominated. No additional comments
Falls Great Site!! Always something new everyday! Great job!!!!
Deaf Smith Nominated. No additional comments
Madison very good
Bosque one of the best
Henderson Continued outstanding variety and pertinent info for Henderson county seekers. Nicely done.Both coordinators answered my emails quickly and they were very helpful.; Continued outstanding variety and pertinent info for Henderson county seekers.; I've been researching my family for many years and Holli and Bunny, the co-cordinators of the Henderson Co., Texas website, have made it the best of any of the sites that I've visited!!!! Every month it is a joy to see the new things that they have discovered and how well they have presented it.; The web site has great information on it and is user friendly.; This is an excellent page. They have given me some real help.
Calhoun I really had a lot of help from Darlene Baker, she added some of my family history and took the time to research information for me. Hands Down! She was great and the site is wonderful!
Panola Very clean and easy to navigate while still being attractive.
Runnels Great Site
Coryell Best organized & so much to research on it.; I've yet to see a county sight with as much information as this one.; Bobbie Ross is doing an outstanding job, and has been doing it for quite a while. She needs recognition.
Cass well set up and good info easy to find.
Wise This is the best site I have seen, a lot of information on one site
McLennan Nominated. No additional comments
Falls It's been a while since I was a county surfer, but still on occasion have the opportunity to visit various county websites. Looking through a "surfer's eyes," I was very impressed with Falls County website. It shows what a lot of hard work and determination can accomplish. Hat's off to the coordinator and volunteers for a job well done. Etta Withers, Ex-surfer for TXGenWeb; Wonderful much information.; Great new section on "new" items
Karnes What a wonderful site you have now. So much information and many sources and lookups
Johnson Well organized, easy to navigate and Tons of information
Hansford the new page really was done well
Fort Bend I am the 2nd generation and have a 4th generation living in Ft. Bend Co.
Collin If it hadn't been for all the wealth of info on the Collin Co, TX site, my line would have ended in 1870 instead I now have it to1900 !!! many thanks to the Collin County site.
Henderson Great website! Get lots of good info here.; Very good location with good assistance programs.; AWSOME! They add new stuff all the time. This is one of the best in the state.; Thanks Ladies,Keep up the great work
Crosby This is an excellent site for research. Although this is a small, still mostly rural county, the site coordinator and her assistants have done an excellent job. Bravo!!
Trinity Susaan Waller and DeeDee King have done a wonderful job with the Trinity County Site. Very "User Friendly";Nominated. No additional comments,; I think the coordinators for Trinity Co. Tx have done a wonderful job with the website, taking over as newbies when someone else "retired" and they just keep improving it; Nominated. No additional comments; I lived in Trinity County in 1934-36 and visited there in 2002. The ladies are doing a great job.; So much improvement and very informative; Nominated. No additional comments; Nominated. No additional comments; great page and work from the committee; The volunteers djg; The volunteers have been very digilent and making the best and most informative web site possiple. I appreciate all they are doing.; Beautiful job!; Nominated. No additional comments; we are very new at this but have gotten of with a bang;Nominated. No additional comments; The individuals who have worked on this site have put a lot of thought, effort, accuracy, and creativity into it.;
Coryell This is the most informative site I've been to and I've been to some good one. This one has them beat
Jackson i am from shelby and san augustine countys . been away about 45 years, the web isthe best
Madison GREAT SITE. with the great records I was able to locate several missing lines. BRAVO
Shelby The Backbone of Texas;Nominated. No additional comments; This is a great site filled with lots of information. I really think this site it a worthy candidate.; Outstanding and getting even better;
Fannin Excellent resource!
Falls I have seen a great change in the Falls Co page. The information is very helpful.; The Coordinators strive to improve and make it one of the best which I think deserves recognition.
Bosque Sunshine and good water are priceless; Growing & Growing and Great as Ever!
Rains Extensive information and lots of dedicated hours, have created a beautiful and informative Web Site for seekers of Rains County, TX genealogical information.; Sharon Pierce & Elaine Bay have brought life to this site.
Grimes A lot of hard work has gone to make this "THE BEST TEXAS COUNTY SITE ON THE WEB"
Shelby Most awesome County records I have come across since using the internet Feb. 2002. Congratulations to all who have made these Census, marriage, etc. records available to researchers. If ONLY other County and States could include all the information Shelby Co., TX does. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!; great!!!!!!!! sight! Nominated. No additional comments.great site!!!!
Montgomery Nominated. No additional comments.Great records! Excellent source for genealogy.
Blanco This County has been so gracious and helpful to researchers. It is very well designed and the folks are so willing to help. They go far beyond their duty in assisting we out of county researchers.
Falls Great Site, loaded with a tremendous amount of historical information ! Very helpful in my research of Falls County families. Excellent site, Very user friendly, Extremely informative, Well presented, Went the extra mile on information. Great family plots
Dickens I have visited many Counties in the Texas genweb and Dickens Co. is my favorite one. They have done a wonderful job, the best I have seen for cemetery info. also many Obits.
Henderson Of all of the counties in East Texas I have been able to find so much more information on Henderson county site than any other. Anderson county has changed and I can' t find information like I use to. This is the best website in the state, and I am so thankful that there is lots of information on the county. I have been able to make family connections thanks to Bunny and Holli's work. The index is great.If only all the counties had this much info, and only some of the people were as nice, searching would be so easy!!!Data includes every catagory and is growing quickly. Is easy to navigate. This sight is so easy to move around in and appears to be updated almost daily. Keep up the good work!
Ector Beautiful site, includes pictures of headstones! Goes that extra mile for presentation
Trinity Very clean. Easy to read and use. Wonderful,clean.Easy to use
Bastrop You have the most wonderful site, the information is outstanding. Because I found the information I needed
Dawson Wonderful
Henderson Visit this site daily,love it more each time. Super site. A great site-easy access- great volunteers- overall an excellent site.
Montgomery Would like to see this site win the County of the Month nomination. Thanks.Nominated. No additional comments.
Orange For a new county site, this ia very good ans fast growing. The coordinator is a very nice, helpful person. The Orange County, TX website is one of the best I have seen. The volunteers and researchers have put in many hours of hard work. They deserve to be recognized.
Crosby Lots of good information available. Access to the County History online is great
Hardeman What a great site!! Very helpful when doing gen searching!! thanks!!
Grimes I Love Old Washington Texas
Falls Nominated. No additional comments.
Frio An incredibly time consuming job deserves lots of gratitude!
Bastrop Nominated. No additional comments.
Kleberg You've done an outstanding job on Kenedy co.
Limestone I've been to dozens and dozens of counties in Texas doing research work and Limestone is the best. "Clickable county map is great- wish all co. had one.
San Augustine Nice site.
Refugio an excellent, well maintained and diverse provides a wonderful insight into the history of the county and its people
McLennan Redesigned since I last saw it. Lots of information and nice site index, too. I really liked it. Thank You.
Wise I have found that Wise Co was the best from every county in the usgenweb that i have searched. I been using usgenweb for only a month, thank heavens that they had Archives and everything was easy to find with the search engine there, the cemeties in Wise has so many of my ancestors, and the Person theat help me was so gracious to keep on helping me after finding more of my family was there, I always pray when i go into a new co now that it will be half as decnt as Wise co. thank you
Colorado This is simply the best site in Texas. There is none other with the sheer volume of useable information. This county should be given a hard look for consideration for County of the Month!
Coryell Excellent site. Well organized and very complete. Search feature makes looking up info a breeze. One of the best county sites in the South!! Outstanding information and presentation, best I have seen. Nominated. No additional comments. It's amazing the amount of useful information contained at this site. Very well organized. Job well done! Of all the county websites I have used, I find this one to be the most extensive and useful. The lady who manages the website (Bobbie Ross) is clearly dedicated to it and works on it all the time.
Falls So much great info. Something new everyday!! Thank you!! This is the first place to ask for a nomination, so I'm nominating Falls County for the best.
Madison Nominated. No additional comments.
Fannin Great site that frequently updates, friendly people.
McLennan I found so much historical information that helped me tie my family into early county development. VERY CLEAN and no music...I can stand the sites with music.--too distracting. This one was great
Kaufman This site is very helpful and informative with searching for relatives that lived in this county, the site is very well maintained and updates are posted very frequently.
Runnels Very good site, one of the better ones
Grimes Nominated. No additional comments.
Bastrop Nominated. No additional comments.
Earth A great site, I have enjoyed searching the Vincent's in this county!!!
Martin Awesome site
Grayson Excellent !
Montgomery This site is great! It's got tons of information and links to much much more. I've used about 100 county sites in the last couple of years and this must be the best!
Bastrop The best that I have found. I have been seeking most of the counties for lost individuals.; Nominated. No additional comments.
Kaumfan Almost too much info online to absorb.........these people are going above and beyond
Henderson This is a super site. A lot of work goes into it. I can look almost daily at the updates.; They continue to provide invaluable information in a timely manner.; Very nice site. Is updated on a regular basis Loads fast One of the best sites in East Texas.; I think this is the best most informative site around, It is always being updated so you can find something new every time you visit it.
Lee Everything was labeled and easy to read and find information! Thanks!
Madison Nominated. No additional comments.
Swisher The site does an unusually good job of documenting the history of the county and its residents. Very complete and thorough.