Patron Comments, 2009

These comments are taken from County of the Month patron nominations.

County Comment
Collin Very beautiful and helpful.
Freestone I wish to nominate Freestone County for county of the month for Texas. I live in Arizona, thus I use the internet almost exclusively to research my relatives in Texas. I often check on Leon, Jones, Taylor and Freestone along with occasional additional counties. I have noticed a marked improvement and expansion to Freestone county. A story: I was searching some of the new info on the site and noticed an obit for "Joe Bell" in 1918. My grandfather is Joseph Gainer Beall, who died in 1918, so I decided to look. A Teague news story told me details I had never heard about his accident. I never knew him, but I well remember a strong and brave grandmother, Mrs. Georgia Johnston Beall, who lived in Teague at her death, 35 years after this accident. This find made my day. Thank you.
Tarrant tarrant rocks!!
Falls (No Comment)
Freestone (No Comment)
Garza This is one of the best websites I have ever seen. It is loaded with valuable information. It also has links to other sites that I haven't seen before. Thanks for all your hard work.
Limestone I have visited many site but this site just had a very special touch to it. It made me feel at home and I have never visit before but look forward to doing so this spring.
Falls This sight has made tremendious progress over the past few years. Thanks to Kay Cunningham for makeing it great.
Fannin In my 40 plus years of research I've not seen a better or more helpful website
Grayson Susan has done a FANTASTIC job of capturing the history of Grayson County and maintaining records for families to research. The site is easy to manuver and find what your looking for, and very user friendly
Lamar This has got to be the best County GenWeb site in the country. They have so much information, including having most of the cemeteries transcribed, and a large number of the headstones photographed. Plus, the cemetery search is by surname, rather than by cemetery, which is a tremendous help when you have no idea in which cemetery your ancestor is buried. The cemetery index tells not only the person's name, birth and death dates, and what cemetery in which they are interred, but the plot (if known), and gives other information such as obituary transcriptions, what other headstones are near, etc. After spending agonizing hours at other county genweb sites around the country, going through every cemetery list in the county (because there was no surname lookup), finding no listing for ancestors whom I knew to be there, etc., I can say without a doubt that the Lamar County genweb site stands a tall Texas head and shoulders above all other sites, and its volunteers deserve to be awarded gold medals for all the work they do!
Llano Deb was and has been such a great resource and researcher for Llano County. She picked up my message on genweb regarding a stepson of deceased grandfather. After only a few days, she not only found the stepson (who had also deceased) but the stepson's daughter and her phone and address. I was amazed at what she did in such a short period of time. If all the other researchers in Llano county are like her, than they have a Gold mine. A big bravo to Llano County and Deb.
Llano Excellent information and photos are really good! Lots of interesting and detailed information.
Llano (No Comment)
Llano (No Comment)
McLennan Bill Tye does a great job at adding new historical material to the web site.
McLennan Great County to live, shop, attend school in. Wouldn't live anywhere else.
Nolan Content organization is super! Very easy to navigate - found the marriage record reference in maybe 60 seconds. (after a field trip to Oklahoma that took over 1/2 day 'cause family tradition stated the couple married in Love County, OK - since both parties born there, lived there, & had their child there. BUT there was that 18 month period when the future bride lived with her aunt in Nolan county. So after no marriage record found in Love county - back home - check the Nolan county genweb site - there is the marriage referernce.)
Nueces Good Organization of Material, pleasing homepage, good choice of color and fonts. Home page not crowded
Refugio (No Comment)
Wise The best information for a county in Texas. Also, the help received from their volunteers is exceptional. I feel lucky that so many of my relatives lived and died in Wise County.
Collin I love the layout and the organization of the site. It’s very eye appealing and well put together.
Falls (No Comment)
Kaufman This site is very easy to navigate. Kudos to Abby for doing such a fantastic job. I wish all the counties had this much information on their sites. Great job to all the volunteers and submitters.
Kendall Excellent coverage!--
Montgomery This site has evolved into not only a great resource but a great looking website
San Augustine Suzanne had worked hard at updating this site. Great work...More info that ever before! Thank you Suzanne
Clay easy to read and navigate;lots of information.
Falls I have been a serious researcher for over 30 years, and I was so amazed to fine the wealth of data on the Falls CO TX site. My ancestors on both sides of my family chose to settle in Falls CO, even before there was a Falls CO. I have referred several of my genealogy buddies to just stop by the site, and they have all agreed this is the best site they have seen. One can tell that the site cordinator, Kay Cunningham, has been most deligent in verifying the data for correctness, as well as following through with devoting so many, many hours on keeping the site updated
Falls This site has expanded so much. It is simply wonderful. The amount of African American genealogy information is so fabulous!!! Kay has done a great job and deserves recognition.
Falls This site has such complete records, it is the only one to date that I have ever nominated from all across the country and Canada
Falls The very best site, always updating!! I go to many counties and none are as great as Falls
Montgomery Amazing quantities of useful information for the genealogist or historian.
Nolan This site has wonderful resources! It even has pictures of Blackwell High School graduates and girls' basketball team from 1947, which was the first year my Dad was superintendent there! What a great site with so much information!
Falls The cemetery lists are great.--
Nolan (No Comment)
Rockwall I was delighted to find this WEB Site. As a Rockwall County native and descendant of James Truitt, William Willess, and Thomas Tilton Passons, I find this site informative and interesting. I also have information to contribute to this site. Newspaper Articles, old letters, etc. I am a board member of the Rockwall County Historical Foundation and have done extensive research on my family. Thank you for the work you have done here.
San Augustine Most improved county, needs to be rewarded.
Wise Great site. I found almost all the information I was looking for.....--
Brewster Peggy has done an outstanding job with Brewster County. Because of many different reasons, culture, location, etc..., records are very difficult to come by for Brewster County. She has worked miracles with very, very limited resources.
Collin (No Comment)
Kaufman Other counties should take lessons from Kaufman.
Parker I love the way Parker County has their website. It is easy to navigate around.
Pecos This web site is absolutly a joy to use because of all of the information that has been compiled.
Taylor Appreciate our family info. on this site!
Falls This IS one of the most comprehensive county sites that I have visited. Two thumbs up!
Falls There website is beautiful and well designed. I look forward to researching more through it.
Limestone The site contains valuable information to assist with research.
Llane I want to congratulate 'Deb' for the extra miles she went to help me with locating my Great Grandparents and a lot of Great aunts uncles and cousins whom lived and died in Llano county. She was so swift and thorough I could hardly believe it. Thanks again Deb,,Thelma
Milam (No Comment)
Duval I have been visiting the Duval County site since 2004 when I started my research. As time goes by and coordinators change, this site only gets better. Luan Alaniz has done a tremendous job. This site has really been an asset to me, especially with the lists of early marriages where I found my paternal grandfather, a sister of his, one of his daughters, and a daughter of my maternal g'grandfather listed. It sure would be nice if EVERY county in TexGenWeb were able to list such records.
Falls Great informative site!
Falls I believe that Kay Cunningham does the most thorough job of anyone in the state.
Limestone Lots of info; well organized.
Llano Deb, the coordinator of this Llano County GenWeb site has been invaluable in organizing volunteers to take photos of graves of Wimberley family members throughout Llano County. She also recommended to me the reading of two books which she knew contained information about the Wimberley family. I was able to read the two books through interlibrary loan.
Shelby Wonderful complete information. This county site has really helped me in my search.
Austin Austin County has never been a County of the Month to my knowledge and they are definitely deserving. They have inventories of each of the county's cemeteries. They also have church records, military records, schools, scrapbooks, census and tax record. Plus, coordinator Joy Neeley takes special care in helping anyone who e-mails her.
Freestone This web site does credit to the USGenWeb, Texas and Freestone County. I respectfully submit it for your consideration as County of the Month.
Freestone (No comment)
Freestone This site has and enormous amount of information for those interested in the county and its people. The coordinator works well with others to obtain more and better information for the site. It is well planned and executed which makes it easy to find things about the county.
Bee Wonderful changes and great information

Patron Comments, 2008

County Comment
Freestone My ancestors came to Freestone County in 1893 and settled on 400 acres of land. I was born and raised in the county and would not live anywhere else.
Garza Nicely organized website!
Henderson I view this site almost daily and find something new and useful to me every time I visit it. It is the most thorough that I have found in all of the genealogy sites that I have used. I wish the other sites could take a lesson from it.
Madison (No Comment)
Nolan Great site.
Nolan (No Comment)
Leon I nominate Leon County, Texas as the County of the month. The data contained in the site is plentiful and kept up- to-date. This is the best maintained county site I have seen.
McLennan Bill Tye with McLennan County is doing a great job; he’s always adding new material to the site.
Wise Wise County Texas has a wonderful website, plus dedicated volunteers at the Wise County Museum that are so great.
Montgomery I would like to vote for Montgomery County for the Mike Basham County of the Month!
Orange I have just visited Orange County Texas web site. It is wonderful. I have researched my family history for years and have looked all around east Texas' counties, but have never searched in Orange County. Their site is organized and thorough. I was very impressed.
Falls (No Comment)
Shelby Well organized site with links to many helpful resources.
Hill I would like to nominate Hill county and Washington county for their excellent abundance of information. The sites of both are also well organized and helped me find what I needed easily. I also liked the designs of the pages; they were very well thought out.
Washington I would like to nominate Hill county and Washington county for their excellent abundance of information. The sites of both are also well organized and helped me find what I needed easily. I also liked the designs of the pages; they were very well thought out.
Leon The site is full of information and is so easy to navigate...also easy on the eyes!
Washingon I would like to nominate Washington County for the month of Dec. I have visited the site several times. I find it fascinating. It is easy to navigate and the photos and stories are very informative.

Patron Comments, 2007

County Comment
Gillespie The most complete and informative site of any that I have used.
Comal Wanda Qualls is spectacular. She consistently searches out and adds info for all of her websites, we are lucky to have her!
Montgomery The black box postings are most interesting...good work!
Swisher Great to see new information and the different format.
Coryell This site is one of the best on the USGenWeb project. Full of excellent information. Great online census records. Easy site to navigate. Did not find my family, but it did not matter. What a pleasure to visit a site that shows so much caring and attention
Colorado This site is wonderful! It is easy to use and has more information than I ever thought I would find. I am enjoying myself.
Falls I like the ease of finding things of interest. I don't have to search to find it, it is on the home page.
Kaufman This site has more information than any county site I have visited. There are census records, military records, cemetery enumerations, etc. No other county web page compares to this site- I love it and am proud to say I live in Kaufman County!
Garza User friendly, lots of photos and info. Prompt replies from coordinator.
WSise The Wise County website is just so complete, and always adding. It is also easy to understand and easy to navigate. I've researched for 20 odd years and in several states and counties - I've never found one better! The folks are so helpful too!
Wise This is one of the most active and complete county sites that I have visited.
Falls One of the easiest site to get around in. And great info!
Leon This is the best county site I have seen. It is wonderful. I have found a lot of information and I am still finding more.
Madison Very user friendly! Information is easy to find and well organized.
Houston This is a wonderful website, I like it because we can enter our family history and photos of our ancesters.
Angelina Very professional site which is easy to navigate.
Briscoe I find the Briscoe County website easy to navigate.
Colorado Great web site. Found info that will help. Well laid out, easy to navigate.
Leon The best website that I've seen!
Haskell Haskell County deserves to be County of the month. It has much genealogical material without the distracting bells & whistles.
Mitchell The people that have maintained and shared to this website have done a great job. Lots of information for researchers.
Coleman Wonderful website with tons of infomation. Helped me VERY MUCH.
Cherokee Easy to navigate site with helpful information.
Navarro I found information here that helped locate my great aunt and her two babies in Athens Cem.
Grayson The website is absolutely the most helpful and accurate of all the ones that I have used including other states.
Coleman This is one of the most complete county sites that I have seen. It contains birth, death and marriage records taken from actual records. Also has a complete inventory of all cemeteries and obits from newspapers.
Palo Pinto The website consists of numerous opportunities available to the serious geneologist, along with many dedicated researchers. Thanks to the people of Palo Pinto county who have put together is most informative site.
Shelby Best genealogy site on the web
Ector No comment. Nomination only.
Tarrant I have doing genealogical research for about 25 years and find that the Tarrant County web page is extremely user friendly and would hope that others would use their example for ease of searching and completness.
Willacy Organized layout.
Nolan This county has the most information I have seen on any county. I want to thank all who worked on it. Good Job!
Montgomery This site is very well maintained. The graohics are good. The information is outstanding. Plus, the coordinator is very reachable.
Dawson I am nominating Dawson County because it is a good county web site. I was born in Lamesa, Dawson, TX and am proud of it.
Houston Billie is doing a wonderful job with the Houston Co. web site.
Sutton (No Comment)
Henderson I've done a lot of internet genealogy research and haven't found a website with as much information on it as TXHENDER It's GREAT!!
Haskell This county page has everything and should be county of the month
Gray This county has been overlooked! It is a wonderful source of information.
Live Oak Coordinator Lola corrected a grave error I made in a posting, which would have led to trouble.
Montgomery (No Comment)
Houston I have been able to locate several things that are benefical to me. Since I live in Harris County, It has saved me a lot of time. Thanks to all who serve there.
Henderson Had "brickwall" Core family for years -personal visit to Ben Wheeler, TX didn't yield answers. Yesterday sent inquiry to Henderson Co. TXGenWeb Project, B. Freeman answered back in the pm with dates and articles. unusual GREAT SERVICE and prompt.
Madison (No Comment)
Terry I love Terry County all the people there are friendly.
Menard Great Site! Very informative for researchers! Thanks to Alicia Brown!
Shelby They have added so much and keep things easy to find!
Tarrant (No Comment)
Motley This web site is great with lots of information and put together so good. A job well done by all.
Henderson Many of my relatives are on this sight. Of the other sights I have visited, this one is more informative that what I have even seen on Other state sights. Thank you and keep up with the information.
Gillespie Loads of genealogical information. Coordinator is very helpful.
Brown (No Comment)
Grimes Excellent work . . . very glad to see family and community info for help and just remembering "my childhood"! Thanks for your great work!!!!
Houston This site on Houston County has been very helpful in my search
Rockwall Very good site!
Rockwall No comment, nomination only
Rockwall Great site and my email to the coordinator was answered promply.
Crosby Linda has done a great job in listing our cemeteries.Thank you for sending her our way.
Montgomery The Montgomery Co.TXGenWeb is truly a great resource for family research. It has also instilled motivation and an awareness of its' citizens, example being the documentation and restoration of cemeteries. This site is long overdue for recognition.
Garza This is great site; the webmaster is very helpful.
Haskell Since Shirley Webb took over the work of Haskell Co., TX it has improved so much. I had not search for anything there in a year and decided to check one day. It has so much more to offer. It great that all the cemetery record will so be there. Thanks.
Rockwall Very nicely laid out; easy to use and searchable!
Brazoria I like that inaccurate intro has been deleted (Brazoria was NEVER capital of the Republic of TEXAS) and new design.
Brazoria (No Comment)
Kerr Shirley Webb's Kerr County has a wealth of research information. She not only places data that a researcher would need but also helps find records that one is looking for.... I believe she deserves the COM Award for her past and continuing efforts.
Falls There is a lot of good infomation on this website! I go here to search my family Blood line....
Falls Well managed, prompt and thorough info, helpful links, great photos, a pleasure to visit periodically.
Tarrant (No Comment)
Karnes This site has a lot of history files on it which are really great as they have some ancestors in there!
Baylor (No Comment)
Shelby Very informative and user friendly. Great history resource.
Limestone (No Comment)
Guadalupe Hidden treasures of family finds on this site by Wanda Qualls. I have been looking for my family for 7 years and the trail led to Guadalupe. Upon further research, of this county it yielded vast amount of family history that had long been forgotten.
Dawson Although not the most populous nor the largest, Dawson County is clearly the most charming. In addition, any other county in the State would have difficulty matching the percentage of upstanding citizens!
Shelby Bar none; any other site I have visited for any other county/parish ... in several states ... this is the BEST!!!
Wise LaDarla, Sue & David have made the Wise Co website wonderful. If not for them, I would be years behind finding relatives.
Morris my greatgandparents my grandparents and Father who were born here and told me so many stories about the land they were born on.
Lee Lee County is a very nice site.
Brown (No Comment)
Haskell Very good work.
Coryell Bobby Ross has done an incredible amount of good work on this site. So much information. You can tell all the time and effort she has put into it.
Crosby Since finding TXGenWeb, I have looked through other similar sites and the one from Crosby county is very easy to navigate. Thanks for being there; it is of great comfort.
Coryell Very informative. Evidence of a lot of work.
Garza I would like to commend Billie Nichols for her work. She has been great about helping us get some information online about my grandparents, who were early settlers in Garza County. The site has also been very helpful to me! Thanks again!
Webb Very thorough and interesting website under the direction of a skilled webmaster.
Houston Very helpful, very well put together site...
Panola This is a great site.
Coleman I have been happily surprized at how much information is on the site. Also, it is very easy to get around on the site. Some sites are a mess to find anything.
Hill A beautiful job of presenting this information. I have refered several other people to look at your site. It is very interesting and well laid out. I enjoyed it and will look at it often. Thanks.
McCulloch I'm very impressed with this GenWeb county site and would like to recommend it for an award.
Garza Some of my ancestors are Garzas' on my mother's great-parents side and I am also part Comanche on my father's grandparents side of the family that lived in Garza County.
Madison This is one great site! I have found a lot of informatin that I have been searching for. Thank you for making my research easier.
Terry I was raised in Brownfield and love seeing all the information out there.
Collin No comment, nomination only
Nolan This site is very well organized and contains very specific and helpful information. I was able to view marriage records and cemetery information quickly. It was a pleasure to visit. The web site is well designed and is also easy to navigate.
Winkler We have kin in many Texas counties and have done a lot of research. Surfing your site yesterday I was impressed at how much info was there!
Webb My nomination for County of the Month (August 2007) is Webb County. The new county coordinator, Teresa Stewart Sitz, has done a great job at renovating the former site, utilizing her fine skills as a webmaster.
Lavaca New look and very easy to navigate. Lots of new items posted since my last visit. It is very apparent that Ms. Johnson is a very dedicated coordinator.
Rockwall One of the most informative county websites I have come across.
Tarrant I think this website strives to meet so many needs. It is easy to navigate and includes tons of information and links. Excellent and always adding more.
Hardin Home of Shelby Corzine 1835 my ancestor
Leon Cheryl Burk has done an outstanding re-working and adding useful information.
Crosby For a small rural county, the Crosby County, Texas GenWeb site has much more complete information than surrounding counties. It is logically arranged and easy to navigate as well. The coordinators actively manage the site and content.
Angelina Great old records. If I find at least one record on a county website I'm pleased. I found 4 on this site. Good work, thanks so much.
Rockwall This county's website has been pretty good (lots of information) for several years. However, I recently visited the site for the first time in a couple of years, and I was very impressed. A good website had become excellent.
Rockwall Without a doubt, the Rockwall County TX site is the most improved I have found on USGEN. Ms Kathey Hunt has done an excellent job of turning the site from one of average to outstanding. Her history knowledge of the county only adds greatness.
Bexar (No Comment)
Dallas Great county page full of infomation.
Travis Great county page full of infomation.
Gillespie Great county page full of infomation.
Erath I'm so delighted to see this great Erath Co Tx website! Chock full of great things to look at, and read about. I love it!
Houston (No Comment)
Taylor (No Comment)
Nolan (No Comment)
Karnes (No Comment)
Brazoria Great site!
Montgomery (No Comment)