Patron Comments, 2012

These comments are taken from County of the Month patron nominations.

County Comment
Van Zandt Nice site but I can't find out when the meeting that paper says on Monday night @7 pm. is .
Bexar (No Comment)
Fannin One of the best resources for genealogical research in the state. Love being able to find other relatives from names in obituaries and death certificates.
Fannin 1st visit--wonderful site
Wilbarger good content
Fannin Wonderful site and constantly changing.
Panola Great Site with multiple links.
Austin This is one of the most user friendly and complete county websites I have used. Thanks for your hard work.
Leon I love Leon County! I have numerous relatives in various cities within the county. Both my mother and my father were born in Leon County. My grandfather made his home there in the early 1900's and the family ties to the area are strong. My mother still has property in Leon County and we visit the area often. If ever we need something while we are there, someone is always willing to help us. People there are great and friendly.
Bandera I feel Donna is doing an excellent job with the site! I certainly hope her efforts will be recognized.
Austin Very informative site.
Fannin Great site.
Wise I do a lot of research and Wise County is the best GenWeb site that I have encountered.
Limestone Most of my ancestors were in and around limestone cty.
Coke Lots of good information!
Morris This is a SMALL county but has a LARGE amount of history -- much of it is being preserved on the TXGENWEB. It's great to have grown up in MORRIS COUNTY and to now have returned to live in this wonderful county!
Palo Pinto Lela that first page is beautiful as only you can make one. Congratulations, God Bless you and your beautiful family.
Fannin The tremendous amount of work done on this website has not be equaled anywhere else in the State of Texas.Great Job!
Limestone I wholeheartedly vote for Limestone Co., as I'm researching my families, Markham and Deason's.
Montgomery I'm a native Texan, almost all my family came to Montgomery County and surrounding counties after the War. This is a great project. Keep up the wonderful work.
Trinity For a burnt county, this site has great information. Thank you!
Fannin The best of the best. So much information for folks researching their Fannin roots. I have found so many relatives here that I never knew I had.
Mason Lately, lots of the Gen web sites are fading away so it is very nice to see a site with as much information as your Mason County site has. Wanda is doing a great job and the site was a big help for me today.
Fannin Really like the site.
This site has added lots of information.
Also, they responded to my query very rapidly and assisted me. Great job...
Navarro Navarro Co. Texas Genweb In My Opinion Is The Best. We Have Outstanding People Who Have Worked Hard Thru The Years Preserving Our Heritage. We Have Volunteers That Work Six Days A Week Helping People To Find Their Ancestors. I Nominate Navarro Co. Texas.
Willacy (No Comment)
Fannin This county website is so easy to navigate. I use it daily in my research. The pictures of the tombstones are invaluable in our compilation of history books of the area. I look at other counties and I am so grateful for the work done for Fannin County!!
Fannin This is the most user friendly site I've searched!
Freestone (No Comment)
Shelby This county is special to me because my grandparents were married in Shelby county in September, 1915.
Anderson interested in Watkins/Mahon gen.
Kerr Billie Nichols Bennett does a super job on this web page. Check it out.
Fannin I really love the format of this site. It has a lot of valuable information. I love all the family Bibles. Great job!
Fannin At 12 yrs old I started doing genealogy. Fannin is the best by far website I have ever seen and it is also updated all the time so you never get bored with it. I have a lot of family born and buried there. and I live in Oklahoma,but still have acess to info that is very valuable to me. Thanks Fannin County...From the botoom of my heart !
Bowie My dad was born in Bowie County and I would like to recognize the county and learn more about it. I intend on making a trip to Texas Michigan next year. Thanks for your consideration.
Limestone Major improvements have been made since I visited the site about a year ago.
Shelby I'm very interested in Shelby County ancester information, as my paternal grandmothers maiden name was Weaver. Would like to know if I have any relatives in this area.
Limestone Well done. Easy to use.
Limestone (No comment)

Patron Comments, 2011

County Comment
Wood (No Comment)
Fannin Never before I have seen such good work on a county. It is viewer friendly, and seems to be very well maintained. Thank you!
Fannin Suzie has taken a very good site, added new levels of organization, pulled in lots of volunteers, and has produced a dynamic site that is worth viewing over and over.
Fannin Suzie Henderson has gone above and beyond researching, gathering, and sharing information. Her work on documenting the cemeteries of the county with photos, obits, and death certificates is outstanding.
Llano I have dealt with volunteers from this county and they are extremely helpful with anything I ask from them. They always respond quickly with good explanation of available records and provide records if available.
Fannin Unbelievably awesome work has been done on this site!! It don't git better'n this. Suzie Henderson is one indefatiguable go-to coordinator.
Fannin I am getting to know Fannin county after I have purchased some land there. Every week I find some new information that makes me appricate Fannin county and it's great people more.
Fannin Great site! Can't wait to see what else gets added!
Blanco Excellent site and special help at Courthouse.
Fannin (No Comment)
Fannin (No Comment)
Fannin I love the new look. It is easy to use and provides so much information. I can email the webmaster and get help with so many questions. I live in Seattle Washington and cannot come to the locale so this interaction is very important for my research.
Palo Pinto I really appreciated the number and variety of sources and the layout of the site.
Fannin For the past 5 years I have been researching my family tree. This adventure has taken me to multiple counties in Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, California, Colorado, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Of all the county genealogical web sites that I have visited the new Fannin County Texas web site is by far the best....
Llano I cannot express how much "Deb" has helped me! This should be a "Decade" nomination for her instead of month! I have been looking for this information since the 1970's and on for 3 years! She sent me 85 pages in one packet and 15 others in another. She was prompt, efficient, courteous and without a doubt extremely talented in her field. I am researching my family roots in Llano County and trying to prove that Llano and it's people are GOOD people (no matter what they say in Arizona!) whether in 1880's or 2011! She proved it! Thanks Deb!
Cherokee It's been a long time since I looked on the Cherokee County website, and I'm amazed at the information that I found. I did not find anything on my family, but they have certainly improved their site.
Fanin Hands down! Suzie Henderson has done an awesome job on the Fannin site.
Parker Cemeteries.
Fannin I have been watching this website for years and in the last few months, it is amazing the improvement in the site,the amount of information posted and the ease in getting around the site. I'm glad to be a part of Fannin County
Limestone By far the most user friendly cemetery look-ups of any site on US Genweb.
Red River Lots of good info.
Clay Outstanding site and very good information and best links I have found.
Trinity Susanne Waller does an excellant job of keeping up the Trin/Tx website. She maintains the TC Museum and was instrumental in getting the THS Grant for our Beautiful 1900 Red Brick Courthouse Renovation.
Austin Austin County has the most comprehensive genealogy site of any other county. Joy Neely and her helpers have made studying Austin County history and genealogy lots of fun.
Fannin The website for Fannin County is Awesome!!!!
Guadalupe Information easy to navigate. The site furnishes more information than most counties.
Austin Very professionally done!
Fannin Terrific website with many many improvements made over course of last 2-3 years. There are few, if any, county genealogy websites that equal its contests.
Guadalupe (No Comment)
Limestone Have really enjoyed spending hours pouring over this website to find the names of many of my relatives that have passed and also ones I never knew. Not to mention - a lot of friends who have also passed along the way. Love this...great idea
Shelby I just found this site and I am so excited about it! It is a great one and I look forward to exploring every detail!
Llano A very informative and well done site. The hosts are very helpful in family reseach as well as historical research.
Throckmorton Very good and up to date site!
Grimes This website is excellent!
Austijn This is the best site with the most user-friendly options. #1!
Fannin This is the best site I've been on. If I need info in Fannin Co, Texas I know I can find what I need here. My family research would not be complete with out this site. The cemeteries are wonderful.
Hopkins Lots and lots of information. Thank you to the contributors.
Shelby This is a great site...lots of hard work. Greatly appreciated.
Fannin The work that a relatively small group has done in locating and documenting cemeteries for Fannin County is remarkable. Additionally, while maintaining the website and completing the cemetery project, Suzie Henderson and others go the extra mile to answer questions and to assist folks exploring Fannin County connections.
Guadalupe (No Comment)
Leon Didn't find what I was looking for but really like the concept. Will consider donating information.
Fannin Really a great site, many improvements since the change of site managers. i have been going to this site for 5 years.
Fannin User friendly, lots of information, well maintained. Great job!
Austin I have gleaned a lot of information from this website. I have never seen a better one. I find nearly every family name on the website that I am looking for. Thanks!
Borden Nice site. Informative and most links work. I Plan to visit soon.
Comanche The place where my ancestors lived!
Fannin Wonderful site. I've been researching Civil War veterans for several years and have seen many, many, MANY, websites. The Fannin site is, by far, the best I've visited. It is a pleasure to visit; someone should be very proud. Clean, concise, complete. Who could ask for more?
McCulloch The marriages for 1930 - 1939 is so wonderful! I found three relatives marriages dates. I wish all counties had this feature!
Fannie Nice work!
Fannin I believe this should be nominated for County of the month for all the information that is provided for persons that are intersted in the information that is provided for interested person looking for history that are unable to travel to look up the history of their families.
Fannin Probably going to be the "County of the Milennium" at the rate Susie pumps quality information onto it's beautifully reformatted pages.
Austin I have been doing genealogy for 20 years, and do it everyday. I always check the county GenWeb when researching a family. It's sometimes hit or miss, but Austin County has a great website with a ton of information in an easy to use layout. Thanks for all the hard work!

Patron Comments, 2010

County Comment
Freestone I think this county is amazing! I believe I should be part of it though as I am a Freestone. Freestones rule !!!!!!!!!
Gillespie This County has one of the absolute best sites in the Texas GenWeb community. This site has been invaluable in furthering my research into my German ancestors. I have found gold mines of information here that I can't even locate on Thank you, thank you, for this wonderful website, and keep up the fabulous work!
Washington Well done! Easy to navigate! Nice collection of information! (I am researching the HENSLEYs who were there before TX was TX, relocating ca. 1818, from TN. The marriage records were very nice to see!) THANKS
Gray I do a lot of look ups for people on familys and your site if for better than any i have seen in the last 5 states .. keep up the good work
Dickens This county has one of the best cemetery sections I have ever seen (anywhere) and it's very helpfull to people out of town.
Freestone Excellent job! I enjoyed the site very much and found it greatly informative.
Dickens I have been a family researcher for many, many years. The Dickens County page is one of the best I have seen in a long time. It is easy to navigate. It has so many of the things that a serious researcher is looking for in their endeavor. It is presented in a staight forward manner and without all the ruffle and frills that I consider distracting but with just enough to make it attractive.
Leon Thank you for preserving my history.
Gonzales Excellent web site.
Limestone (No Comment)
Robertson Good information, keep the new stuff comming.
Foard Excellent site and very useful. When I am doing research, I am not looking for the frills. I want facts. This site meets that need and helps to point me in other direction, when needed. It is simply well done.
Llano I would like to commend Deb&DJ on their efforts to help me on my ancestors name. Deb has went far beyond trying to help me. I really appreciate the effort she put forth on this. Have received many emails from her on my journey of searching my family.
Limestone This county site is very user friendly and makes a novice like myself not want to give up on my genealogy research. Hats off to the Limestone County page.
Webb This is an amazing site and fun and educational to browse through as well as doing serious research. A job well done.
Dickens Dickens County has quite a bit of information online. I was able to find information on my aunt's family. The graphics are great also.
Sutton wonderful, wonderful job! I found more on this site in an hour then I have all week through other sites. Great layout and the links and information are very easy to use.
Limestone One of the best I have seen!
Falls (No Comment).
Leon A LOT of work has gone into this!
Limestone Born and raised here. Lived here all my life. I am the Sec./Treasurer of the Shiloh Cemetery Association located south of Mexia, Tx.
Hudspeth (No Comment).
Llano Couldn't be better! This is GREAT!
Fannin I have used this website so many times and always discover something new. It is well organized and has so many things that I would not other wise have access to. You can tell a lot of hard work goes into it.
Falls Wonderful site so full of information!!And well organized.
Refugio Continue to go back and read more, Thank You Very Much !!!!
Coleman I am 74 years old and am so excited as due to your records we have just discovered that my great grandparents had gotten married Jan. 15, 1882 in Coleman County. Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!
Panola Outstanding website. Has assisted in my family search tremendously. Quality, consistency, and scope of the work on this site is far superior to most Genweb sites I have accessed, and the County Site Coordinator should be very highly commended.
Freestone I love searchable datatbases and this site is very good.
Austin (No Comment)
Gillespie I would like to take this opportunity to tell youhow proud I am of the Gillespie, Mason, Kimble, Blanco & Comal Counties sites. I am doing research for an on going project with the Gillespie County Veterans Service Office, Fredericksburg; Fredericksburg Genealogical Society, Webmaster & TxGenWeb Gillespie County, Wanda. We have been identify Veterans in our cemeteries & Veterans in other cemeteries, that were born, died, buried or lived in Gillespie County. This project is being done so the future generations will know the members of our community who have served. I use the TXGENWEB project all over the State of Texas and can honestly tell you that these sites are the easiest sites to use. They are filled with information that all visitor can use, and will use.
Blanco Fantastic! Keep up the great work!
Hopkins Teresa just took over as County Coordinator of Hopkins County, and is making great improvements. Take a look!
Falls I spend 20 hours a week searching form my family all over the South and West ,By far this site is one of the very best ,and the BEST IN TEXAS. Not just their site but their admistrator ,is always helpfull as are many of the regulars. they have helped me many times.
Gray Thanks for all the time spent gathering the data for this site.I know it's a lot of work,and you are truly thanked by myself and all others who loved Gray Co.
Gillespie I do not know where you get your counties from but I can tell you that this county has more information about history,veterans,cemeteries-pictures,information on people in cemeteries-look at Willow City Cemetery. This County is a LIVING county always adding ,updating, growning, this is what you want other wise WE the user will not come back. this county needs te be awarded.
Leon This is the best organized, with the most information that I have seen!
Falls Work off numerous counties and have found Falls page to be the best.
Llano I would like to nominate Llano and Llano County because after lots of help from Deb and the kind people of Llano County I have found out information about my grandfather, John Sherman McClary. I am so excited and I can not wait to come to Llano when I visit Texas in September. I have been given information about a family member to be proud of and a place that my mother, Marvel Lee McClary Scott called home.
Newton Great site.
Leon I am researching Johnsons in Leon Co. Found cemeteries and family group sheets easily. Very nicely laid out. No broken links. Everything easy to read. Thanks.
Grayson Susan Hawkins just runs a great site.
Falls Kay Cunningham has the best, by far!
Smith The Smith County team has done a fantastic job of acquiring and posting US Census records 1850-1930 and creating an index of names to allow a researcher to select the correct census page for research. The other counties should take this lead and not attempt to transcibe the entire record. Which could take a lifetime.
Garza Found family info, thanks.
Grimes Very informative site. easy to use and I always get more positive results than other county's sites.
Tom Green The Tom Green County Historical Commission, San Angelo Gene and Historical Society are also working hard and long to preserve the history, Cemeteries and Historical Personalities of Their County as well as the State of Texas. They are always helpful and will do anything it takes to preserve History.
Guadalupe Great detail, thorough, meets my needs.
Gillespie There is a mountain of information gathered and posted by the fine volunteers in Gillespie Cty. I have searched other counties looking for other lines and find no where the amount of good information. Thanks to all who put in many many long hours. We all "Love You" for your work.
Limestone (No Comment)
Fannin Suzie Henderson is doing wonders with this county.
Fannin When you come upon this this site, you know it has been a labor of love.
Falls One of the most complete sites I have seen.
Terrell Has great research info available.
Blanco Fantastic!!
Palo Pinto Impressed with their genealogical information on the internet.
Gaines One of Genweb best site thus far.
Garza This website is one of the best I have viewed; colorful and informative!
Llano Very organized with lots of information!
Llano Deb and her volunteers in Llano have worked so hard (and fast!) to help me get the information that I wanted-- actually, information on land deeds that I thought I would not be able to find. They made my day!