Dedicated CC Awards

This award was implemented May 2010 so that we could begin recognizing CCs that have given so much of their time & effort with the TXGenWeb. They have worked countless hours to create productive websites that will benefit the patrons in their research. We appreciate all of our CCs and want them to realize how much of a valuable part they are of the TXGenWeb Project. Without the CCs' efforts, we are nothing. Thank you for all you are doing!
June 2018

Sharon Bart

Sharon joined the project in 1996 as the CC for Swisher County and left in 2002. She returned in 2011 to once again adopt Swisher County. Sharon has kept the site updated and has added a lot of information and photos. The obituary section is divided into 2 groups and has an index to all obituaries. I also found a file that lists old settlers in the county. Only people that had lived in the county for 25 years were able to register when the Old Settlers Association was formed in 1933. The list of names in that file include some that date back to the late 1890's. Great example of a Dedicated CC!

Elaine Nall Bay

Elaine adopted Grayson County in 1997 and resigned in 1999 only to return as the CC for the county in 2012. Elaine and her sister, Patricia, have worked diligently to add cemetery transcriptions and headstone photos to the website almost on a daily basis. They also have dug deep into the county records to find files on railroads in the county and criminal cases of all kinds, including some cold cases. An interesting section on the Grayson County website is the Hometown Heroes. That file includes firefighters, military, lawmen, and athletes. Diligence and dedication for sure!
October 2016

Carol Gibbs

Carol joined the TXGenWeb project in Nov 2004, where she has served as the CC for Matagorda County ever since. She has added a wealth of information to her county website. One of the site's unique features is that she has a section for kids. Carol also has stories of Hurricanes, Centenarians, Shocking Stories and many other interesting items about the county. Besides having a great Hall of Fame website, Carol is also a "Surfer". After almost 12 years of volunteer service this certainly makes Carol a true dedicated CC!
June 2016

Jean Smoorenburg

Jean joined the TXGenWeb family in October, 2004 as co-CC of Montgomery County. In August, 2014 she became co-CC Robertson County. Today, as co-CC of Robertson County with Jane Keppler, she has helped it to become one of the nicer county websites. It is easy to navigate, and has a lot of wonderful information for the patrons. Be sure to check out the Ghost Stories/Towns link on the Robertson County website!
Montgomery County is another easy-to-navigate site that is full of interesting stories and useful information for our fellow genealogists. Jean is a true asset and certainly a Dedicated CC!
March 2015

Suzanne Waller

Suzanne is the perfect gal for the job, She has represented the Trinity County Historical Commission with the Trinity County TXGenWeb site for the past 12 years. Suzanne also works at the Trinity County Museum/Hensley Genealogical and Historical Research Center in Groveton, which means not only is she perfect for the website, but she is a very busy lady! She has worked tirelessly on the site, making it full of wonderful information for the patrons. Check out the African American section, or maybe the Historical Narratives or the cemetery listings online. With all the available information, Suzanne can certainly be called a Dedicated CC!

Steve Alvarez

Steve has been co-CC for Austin County TXGenWeb for the last 12 years, He has worked hard to help find and post all kinds of useful information for the patrons to discover and he is great at keeping the website maintained and up to date! Be sure to check out the Unmarked Graves section, the Pioneer Land Families, or the Czech Pages and History. Whatever you are looking for, it just may be there. Steve and Joy certainly make a great team! Thanks Steve for being such a Dedicated CC!
February 2015

Rox Ann Johnson

Rox Ann joined the TXGenWeb in October of 2001 by adopting Fayette County. In 2009, her mother, Dorothy Albrecht passed away and Rox Ann took over her Colorado County website which was in the Hall of Fame. The website is still a valuable asset to researchers, thanks to Rox Ann's dedication. Fayette County is great in it's own right. In the Remiscences/Remembrances section, priceless articles can be found ranging from the price of goods in the 1870's to who owned the first automobile in the county. Rox Ann is truly a Dedicated CC!

David Pitt

David adopted 3 counties in March 2003: Dallam, Hartley, & Willacy. Later, he took on Oldham County on a temporary basis but after several years, David decided to keep it. His sites have grown and have lots of information on them. Dallam sports a photo of several XIT Ranch hands at a XIT Ranch Reunion in 1940. And not to be outdone, Hartley County has a photo of a Stevens Tip-up 22 caliber rifle that is over 125 years old which belonged to a XIT Ranch foreman. David's work in the project definitely qualifies him as a dedicated CC!
January 2015

Tamara Stevens

Tamara joined the TXGenWeb in March 2003 as the county coordinator of McCulloch County. That wasn't enough for her, so she adopted Sutton County in October 2007. Both county sites are beautifully laid out, easy on the eyes, and easily navigated. Tamara's almost 12 years of dedication to the project is definitely appreciated!

Joy Neely

Joy has been a member of TXGenWeb since February 2003 when she began working on Austin County. Austin County greets you with a picture of the beautiful old county court house, and sets the tone for a whirl wind of information on over 5000 pages. There is a variety of information on the local color and varied nationalities and is sure to please the patrons. You can stroll through the old photos, or find your ancestor in the naturalization records or 1800s marriages. The site is easy to use, which is a big plus with that much information online. With all of this, it certainly makes Joy an assett to the TXGenWeb and truly qualifies her as a dedicated County Coordinator!
November 2014

Rena McWilliams

Rena became CC of Refugio County in 2002 and enjoyed it so much she took on Live Oak County in 2004. You can get lost in time in Refugio County reading the manuscripts and letters, and the female nicknames is very interesting. You will find a few you did not know and have always wondered what that name stood for. Live Oak County is well laid out and easy for the patrons to use. Rena has worked hard on both of her counties and is certainly a dedicated CC!

Linda Simpson

Linda joined TXGenWeb in 2001 when she became the CC of Maverick County. One county just wasn't enough, so in 2007 she adopted Kenedy County, then in 2009 she adopted Bailey County and Pecos County. Then she discovered that 4 counties were not enough, so in 2014 she adopted Frio County and Mason County. Her counties have interesting extras such as orphan photos, Texas Executions, jail guards, branding irons, county physicians, the Hoo Doo War of Mason County, women homesteaders, and much more. 6 counties certainly qualifies Linda as a dedicated
October 2014

Betty Miller

Betty started out as co-CC with Betty Phillips for Van Zandt Co in 1999, and decided that was not enough work to do, so she adopted 3 more through the years, co-CC of Wood County, co-CC of Rains County, and CC of Jeff Davis County. All 4 of these counties are full of genealogical and historical information for the patrons to use. Betty has been dedicated to adding new information and making these counties the best possible. She has certainly earned the award for Dedicated CC!

JoAnn Myers

JoAnn adopted Burnet County in 1999. Being a winner of 3 COM Awards, the site is full of interesting reads such as the Disasters, Murders, and Mayhem section, or the Oral Histories of WWII Veterans, or the Original Pioneer Stories. Chock full of helpful information, JoAnn has made Burnet County a great tool for area researchers with the cemeteries, vital statistics, bios, and histories of the area. Job well done JoAnn! You are truly a Dedicated CC.
August 2014

Barbara Ann Peck & Tim Seawolf Self

Barbara and Tim joined the TXGenWeb Project 16 years ago in 1998 by adopting King County. King County has a population of less than 300, has no notable city, and has few records available. Yet, Barbara and Tim have managed to gather useful information and make the web site a productive one. In 2006 they adopted Comanche County. It is chock full of information for researchers, well laid out, and easy on the eyes. In 2009 they adopted Eastland County. The photo gallery is wonderful with all the time period photographs. You can tell by the sites that they have certainly been dedicated in their work to provide information for the patrons and fellow researchers. Job well done, Barbara and Tim, and thanks for being the dedicated CCs you are!
January 2014

Rob Yoder

Rob joined TXGenWeb October 1998, when he become the CC for Tarrant County. Rob a Tarrant County very well laid and out for his visitors. I love the picture he took of the County Courthouse.

Douglas Anderson

Douglas joined TXGenWeb October 2009, when he adopted Goliad County and then later adopted Sabine, Nacogdoches and Harris Counties. Douglas has very user friendly sites full of information for his patrons.
October 2013

Catherine Schwarz

Catherine joined TXGenWeb November 1996 as CC of Kendall County Kendall County has an easy layout with a wealth of information from Biographies of County citizens, Family Charts, but what caught my eye was the stage coach stops and their history.

Katy Hestand

Katy joined TXGenWeb March 2003 as CC of Hockley County and then adopted Sherman and Moore Counties. All of her sites have great layouts. But one thing that caught my attention on Sherman County was the list of schools and what district each was located.
September 2013

Gina Heffernan

Gina joined TXGenWeb April 2002 as the CC of Rusk County and then in January 2010 adopted Armstrong County. Both of her counties have user-friendly layouts, making it easy for patrons to find information on her site. Armstrong County had a link to an article called "How to find your family when no one can spell." Not only was it funny, but very helpful.

Doris Harrison

Doris joined TXGenWeb January 1998 as the CC for El Paso County. El Paso County is patron friendly site, filled with lots of great resources for its visitors. One page caught my attention called "Mission Valley, 1600 Beginning," is a great article about the history of the communities of El Paso County since were originally apart of Mexico.

Both Gina Heffernan and Doris Harrison have shined as "Dedicated CCs" for many years and continue to do so.
August 2013

Terri Brown

Terri joined TXGenWeb April 2003 becoming the CC Val Verde County and eventually gaining eight other counties. Her counties are very nicely laid out and user friendly. Each of her counties has old photos for others to see. One article that caught my attention was on her Val Verde County called "Judge Roy Bean & The Law West of the Pecos." Judge Bean held court in his saloon and cast him as the hanging judge.

Dick Sparkman

Dick joined TXGenWeb February 2008 as the CC of Cooke County. Cooke County is filled with of information to help its researchers. I love the section called "Odds and Ends." Each article in this section describes history within Cooke County that does not fit within the normal sections.

Both Terri Brown and Dick Sparkman have shined as "Dedicated CCs" for many years and continue to do so.
June 2013

Betsy Mills

Betsy joined TXGenWeb joined TXGenWeb July 1996 as the co-CC for Delta and Lamar Counties. Betsy's sites are well laid out for easy navigation. Lamar County has a vast amount of death and Cemetery records to help her visit

Margaret Myers Simpson

Margaret joined TXGenWeb 2003 as the CC of Medina County. Margaret's site is user friendly as well. She has one piece of information called "Ships & Passenger Lists" which I found to be very interesting.

Both Betsy Mills and Margaret Myers Simpson have shined as "Dedicated CCs" for many years and continue to do so.
May 2013

Peggy Tebbetts

Peggy joined TXGenWeb February when she become CC for Austin County, then later adopted Lubbock and Waller Counties as well as many other counties over the years. Peggy keeps her sites updated with useful information as well as redesigning them to make them user friendly.

Betty Dunquez

Betty joined TXGenWeb April 2002 when she adopted Galveston County. Betty not only has a user friendly site, but also has a wealth of information for researchers.

Both Peggy Tebbetts and Betty Dunquez have shined as "Dedicated CCs" for many years and continue to do so.
February 2013

Ralph Terry

Ralph has been the CC of Coleman Co. since Jan. 2, 2002. Ralph's website contains over 12,000 pages and photos. One of his very interesting websites is his Index of the Streets of Coleman, Texas. On this page you find many street names and you can in turn find photos and history of the streets. Many thanks to you for your hard work Ralph, you are truly a Dedicated CC.

Linda Blum-Barton

Linda started with the TXGenWeb Project on July 12, 2003 with Howard County, then she adopted Starr Co. in Feb. of 2004, and added Erath Co. to her list on Sept 28, 2007. She has created sites full of information and photos for researchers. Thanks Linda for being such a dedicated CC!
January 2013

Marylee Knight

Marylee has been part of the TXGenWeb Project since 1997. She started by doing lookups for Panola County & is now co-CC of Panola County. From the looks of it, Marylee and her co-CC, Gene, have been working thier fingers to the bone on this Hall of Fame recipient county.

Cynthia Samples

Cynthia has been with the TXGenWeb Project since March 1998. She is the CC for Castro and Red River Counties. Both counties look clean and refreshing, not to mention packed full of great information.
December 2012

Barbara Knox

Barbara has been part of the TXGenWeb Project since 1996. She is the CC of Ellis County & co-CC of both Navarro & Tarrant Counties.

Ed Williams

Ed has been with the TXGenWeb Project since 1997. He is the CC for Navarro County.
November 2012

Susan Hawkins

Susan has been part of the TXGenWeb Project since 1997. Susan was the CC or co-CC for Bandera, Fannin & Grayson counties. Susan is a perfect example of what it means to be a "Dedicated CC." She has just recently retired from the TXGenWeb Project and will truly be missed but we wish her lots of luck in all her future endeavours.
October 2012

Mike Hinze

Mike has been part of the TXGenWeb Project since 2000. Mike is the CC for Hale & Stonewall counties.

LaDarla Keith

LaDarla has been with the TXGenWeb Project since 1996. She is the CC for Wise County.
September 2012

Shirley Cullum

Shirley has been part of the TXGenWeb Project since 1999 and has worn many hats. In 1999 she joined the project as LC, in 2002 became ASC, and in 2006 took on the daunting task of SC to lead the TXGenWeb Project as one of the best states in the USGenWeb Project. Let's not forget that she is also CC to Brooks, Hunt, Nueces, & Rockwall counties! Shirley has stood out as "Dedicated CC" for all those years and continues to do so
August 2012

Chris Skelly

Chris joined the TXGenWeb Project in 1997. She has worked diligently on Franklin County since that time.
July 2012

Billie Nichols Bennett

Billie joined the TXGenWeb project back in April of 2005. Since that time she has worn many hats from CC of Bee, Nolan, Garza, Houston & Throckmorton counties, Town coordinator and a valued member of the surfing committee. She is always one to get the job done right and fast!

Jane Keppler

Jane joined the TXGenWeb project in 1996. She jumped in with both feet by adopting Montgomery & Shelby counties. It didn't take her long to get the "bug" and either cc or co-CC Borden, Jasper, Newton & San Augstine counties, become a town coordinator, head the surfing committee, and then dive in to become an assistant state coordinator. She has since resigned most of her duties with the TXGenWeb project to take care of her elderly Mom and in-laws.
June 2012

Cynthia and Jack Buttram

Cynthia and Jack joined the TXGenWeb Project in 1996 when they agreed to adopt Victoria County and get it online. They have kept the web site fresh and current by continually adding information and updating the site. Cynthia and Jack attend the annual meetings on a regular basis, often traveling many miles to do so. The TXGenWeb is fortunate to have them and they are truly Dedicated CCs.
May 2012

Bunny Freeman

Bunny began with TXGenWeb in 2000 with Henderson County, and 12 years later she is still adding information to the county site. She made Henderson County the COM and COY winner that it is today. Despite her eyesight handicap, she is always willing to help with the surfing committee, babysitting counties, and working with the Dedicated CC Awards. Bunny is a true dedicated CC. A big THANKS to Bunny for helping to make TXGenWeb one of the very best!

Elaine Martin

Elaine has been with the TXGenWeb since April 1999 as the CC of Gregg County. Through the years, she has adopted many counties, some to babysit until a permanent CC could be found. She has also acted as a co-CC on several other counties in order to help other members maintain the websites. Whether she adopts a county outright, or babysits one, Elaine works diligently to add information and improve the website. Elaine has worn many hats during her 13 year tour of duty and is always willing to go the extra mile for fellow members and researchers alike. Hats off to Elaine. She is truly a Dedicated CC and much more!
February 2012

Cindy Koegel

Cindy is a 14 year veteran with TXGenWeb and is the county coordinator for Schleicher, Sterling, Tom Green, Crockett, Glasscock, Irion, and Reagan counties. When Cindy joined the TXGenWeb in 1998, she began with only one county, Schleicher County. Through the years, she added another one here and there, until she ended up with seven, which seems to finally be enough to keep her busy. The websites are all unique in color and design which is a statement in itself about her dedication. Congratulations Cindy, and thanks for being such a dedicated CC!

Linda Hughes

Linda began with the TXGenWeb Project when it first began in 1996. She started Crosby and Dickens counties in August of 1996, and has continued maintaining them for 16 years. She was one of the pioneers of free online genealogy, which was a novel concept in 1996, and she is always willing to help researchers as well as fellow CCs. 16 years of volunteer service certainly makes Linda a true dedicated CC!
January 2012

Patricia Stephenson

Pat has been a member of the TXGenWeb Project since 1997 as the County Coordinator of Madison County. She has kept the Madison County website current and fresh throughout the 15 years she has maintained the website. Pat lives in Madison County and for a while, she volunteered some of her valuable time to the Madisonville Library. Hats off to Pat Stephenson, a truly dedicated County Coordinator!
October 2011

John Quigley

John, among one of the first TXGenWeb Volunteers, has been a member of the TXGenWeb Project since July of 1996 when he took on Kinney County. Still the CC of Kinney County, John also helps on the Surfing Committee, and has served on the USGenWeb Election Committee and Grievence Committee. And if that doesn't keep him busy enough, he is a Minister and family man. Thanks John for being such a dedicated CC!
September 2011

Joe Deaver

Joe has been a member of the TXGenWeb Project since October of 1999 as the County Coordinator of Bell County. Bell County won COM in May, 2002 and in December, 2006 with Joe as the County Coordinator. He is diligent about keeping the site current and since July has been joined by co-CC Jody Dillard. A big thank you to Joe for being such a diligent County Coordinator!
August 2011

Trey Holt

Trey had been a member of the TXGenWeb Project since August of 1996 as the CC of Brazos County. The first SC for TXGenWeb, Mike Basham, appointed Trey to be his ASC in September, 1997. The same day it was announced that Trey was our very first ASC, the SC Mike Basham died of a heart attack. Two days later Tray became the SC and served at this position until November, 2002. He now serves as the TXGenWeb Historian. Trey is indeed a "founding father" of the TXGenWeb Project! Thanks Trey for giving us a great foundation so the TXGenWeb could become what it is today!
July 2011

Bob Hudspeth

Bob is another CC who joined the TXGenWeb Project in 1996 when counties were numerous and CCs were few. He started with Montague County and has remained the CC for the county website for 15 years. Bob has always kept the website current and is a valuable member of the project. Bob Hudspeth is truly a Dedicated CC.
June 2011

Norman M Lewis Jr

Norman began with Wichita County in January of 1998 and in October of 1998, he added Denton County to his duties. He has kept the sites updated with a fresh new look, and is always willing to help his fellow CCs. Norman's dedication to the TXGenWeb has continued for 13 years and earns him the June Dedicated CC Award.
May 2011

Linda-Jeanne Dolby

Linda is the dedicated CC for this month! Linda has been with the TXGenWeb Project since the beginning in 1996. She is truly dedicated since she started with Dallas County and has kept it for 15 years. She also created and maintains the town site for Garland, TX. During her 15 years of volunteering she has created a site that is full of information that is helpful to all the patrons that visit. Thanks Linda for all you do! You are one of the reasons that TXGenWeb is the best!
March 2011

Paula Perkins

Paula is the recipient for the March 2011 Dedicated CC Award. Paula joined the TXGenWeb family in June of 1996, when CCs were hard to come by and available counties were many. She has remained CC of Collin County all these years. During this time she has continued to grow with the county, creating a productive web site for the patrons to benefit from. Collin County also tells how to find genealogical help for beginners along with help for experienced genealogist. Thanks, Paula for your dedication to the patrons and to TXGenWeb.
February 2011

Gayle Triller

Gayle became one of the first TXGenWeb members when she adopted Burleson County in 1996. Since that time she has added 4 other counties: Edwards, Stephens, Bosque, and Kent to her list of duties. When Gayle joined the TXGenWeb team, all that was asked of a CC was to be a warm body that would answer emails, and learn enough html to put addresses & lookups online. As FREE genealogy online has blossomed, so has Gayle and she has managed to continually find new information for her counties, which is a big help to the researchers. She keeps her counties updated with the new information and keeps the links current, which is no small job with 5 counties to keep up with. She is truely a dedicated CC. Thanks for all you do Gayle.
December 2010

Faye Elder

Faye became a volunteer for TXGenWeb in 1998, and has been the CC of Concho County since that time. Concho County is one of the small counties in Texas, having a population of just 3044 people in 1990. This creates problems for a CC, as there are few records available in comparison to many of the larger counties in Texas. Faye is certainly a dedicated CC as she has found interesting and valuable information to post for researchers. A big thank you goes to Faye from TXGenWeb and from the patrons who have benefited from her efforts. We are proud to have Faye as a member of the TXGenWeb.
November 2010

Vickye White

Vickye is the recipent of this months Dedicated CC Award. Vickye has been the CC for Cottle County since 1998. Cottle County is a small county, with only 24 people listed in the 1880 census, and in 1940 there were only about 700 farms listed. In spite of the small area and population, Vickye has been able to put together records and photographs for the Cottle County researchers. The TXGenWeb thanks her for her years of dedication to this small county.
October 2010

Alicia Brown

Alicia has been the CC of Menard County since 1999. She has done an outstanding job with Menard County with the many unusual information categories for genealogists and historians, and has spent countless hours transcribing and typing to create a very helpful & informative site for the patrons. Thanks Alicia for the work you do for the TXGenWeb project, your efforts are greatly appreciated! You are truly a dedicated CC!

Kay Cunningham

Kay began as the co-CC for Falls County in 2001. When the original CC no longer had time to devote, Kay became the CC late in 2003. She has not only given her time to Falls County, but has been a contributor to various other counties by transcribing & photographing cemeteries when she was in different areas of the state. Kay is truly a dedicated CC for TXGenWeb. Thank you Kay, TXGenWeb takes its hat off to you!
September 2010

Eireann Brooks & LaRae Halsey-Brooks

Eireann & LaRae became a part of the TXGenWeb family in June of 1998 and have remained a Mother/Daughter team with great results. They started out with 2 counties, Gray County & Lipscomb County, and slowly expanded into an 8-county family. Today these ladies CC Carson County, Donley County, Gray County, Lipscomb County, Ochiltree County, Roberts County, Hutchinson County, and Hansford County. You are certainly dedicated CCs & for this we thank you ladies with our Dedicated CC Award!
August 2010

Carla & Billy Clifton

Carla & Billy started out with TXGenWeb in the early days, when CCs were few and counties were plentiful. They accepted the challenge by taking on Liberty County in July of 1996. Billy quickly took on more counties and adopted Angelina, Polk, & San Jacinto, with Carla helping in the background. Since the early days, these dedicated CCs have taken on many counties between them. Some Carla would babysit until a CC could be found, some to help out other CCs, and some just because the need was there. Between Carla & Billy, 8 counties have good homes: Angelina, Chambers, Jasper, Liberty, Newton, Polk, San Jacinto, & Tyler. Anytime help is needed within TXGenWeb, Carla is always there to do all she can, and has worn several hats since 1996. She is presently serving as Grievance Coordinator, Mentor Coordinator, Orphan Counties Coordinator, and serves on the Dedicated CC Award committee. It is because of dedicated people like Carla & Billy that The TXGenWeb Project is one of the top USGenWeb states!
July 2010

Tom Graham

Tom started as a CC in Feb. 2006 with three counties: Dimmit, La Salle, and Zavala. He has worked diligently to find something to post on each of the counties he maintains, small as they are. From the Early Photographs of Dimmit County to the World War I Discharge List of La Salle County. Many thanks to you for your hard work Tom. I am sure the patrons benefit greatly from your efforts.

Kimm Antell

Kimm is the CC for Karnes Co. and just took on Hardeman Co. Kimm has been with the TXGenWeb Project for 13 years. She has been a very valuable asset to the project. Whenever someone needs techinical help she is always there to help. She also does great presentations at the annual meetings each year. Thank you Kimm for the help that you provide to us and the researchers.
June 2010

Lela Evans

Lela joined the TXGenWeb team in 1997 as the CC for Hansford County, and is now the County Coordinator for Parker County since 1998 & for Palo Pinto County since 2004. She has worn several hats for TXGenWeb, not only as a CC, but as our annual meeting coordinator for several years. Lela's counties are regularly updated and contain many interesting records for the patrons use, such as cattle brands, indian raids, and old photographs, along with the usual records.
May 2010

Wanda Qualls

Wanda Qualls joined the TXGenWeb in 1998, starting with Comal and Gillespie counties, then in 2002 she added Guadalupe County, in 2003 she added Blanco County, and in 2004 Kimble and Mason counties. Most of the counties she maintains are small counties with little information available, but she has managed to find interesting subjects to post online for her patrons. Wanda has been a tireless volunteer for TXGenWeb, and for this we thank her.

Darren McCathern

Darren has been a CC for 13 years, since November, 1996, and maintains Hall, Potter and Randall counties. Darren has taken the time to research & post a lot of information and history on these websites and keeps them updated regularly. The TXGenWeb Project and the patrons of these counties are very lucky to have his assistance. Thank you Darren for volunteering and giving so much.