Surfer Awards

Surfing Award for TXGenWeb
Unless you have surfed for TXGenWeb, you cannot understand the commitment these folks have to our project. These volunteers spend several hours each month visiting the county websites and evaluating them in many aspects. They look for presentation, content and accesibility; we want the county sites that we list here to be the best.

Graphic designed by Billie Nichols Bennett

If you know of a past surfer that is not listed here, please contact Jane or Bunny so that we can get them added to the list.
Allen, Donna (retired)
Antell, Kimm (retired)
Bassett, Helen (retired)
Bay, Elaine (retired)
Bennett, Billie Nichols (deceased)
Berryman, Mary Love (retired)
Blair, Pat
Bradley, Kay (retired)
Brown, Marti (retired)
Brown, Teri (retired)
Clifton, Carla
Collins, Wes (retired)
Colmenares, Jane (retired)
Cortez, Jan (retired)
Cullum, Shirley (deceased)
Daniel, Asa (retired)
Dolby, Linda-Jean (retired)
Figueroa, Bethany (retired)
Flanagan, Laura (retired)
Fox, Jo (deceased)
Freeman, Bunny (deceased)
Gibbs, Carol
Harrison, Dorris (deceased)
Heffernan, Gina
Hestand, Katy (deceased)
Holley, Charmaine Riley (retired)
Irish, Donna (retired)
Kees, Holli Boone (deceased)
Keppler, Jane
Knight, Marylee (retired)
Lovell, Wanda (deceased)
Loyd, Clarissa (retired)
Martin, Deanne (retired)
Martin, Elaine (deceased)
Phillips, Betty (retired)
Phillips, Pam (retired)
Pitt, David Jr (retired)
Pitt, Valerie (retired)
Palmer, Christina Kurimski (retired)
Qualls, Wanda (retired)
Quigley, John (retired)
Roberts, Laura
Samples, Cynthia (deceased)
Shaffer, Vicki (retired)
Slover, Kay (retired)
Smith, Lisa
Sowell, Suzanne (retired)
Steele, Jeri (retired)
Taylor, Josh (retired)
Tebbetts, Peggy
Thomas, Dana (retired)
Thomas, Julie (retired)
Webb, Jim (retired)