Handbooks for TXGenWeb

Volunteering with any organization is the same as working a paid position - without the pay.

If you're interested in a position with TXGenWeb, you're encouraged to download the handbook for the position and find out what it's REALLY like. Most importantly, you should be able to fulfill your role without encouragement or oversight. We recognize and appreciate that you are VOLUNTEERING your time and effort but, if you cannot fulfill the responsibilities, please don't apply for the position.

We have experienced volunteers who are more than happy to answer questions and help resolve problems. We have many "help" pages with suggestions, tutorials and mentors. Please use them to help keep Texas one of the best states affiliated with USGenWeb.

We know that everyone has emergencies that take us away from our duties. However, if those emergencies keep you away for more than a month, ask for a Temp to manage your position while you take care of your life. If you cannot return to your duties in a timely manner, please resign so that we can continue to operate as smoothly as possible.

It's important to understand that the Staff positions are appointed by the State Coordinator - your position expires on October 31st in even-numbered years. It's up to the new State Coordinator to appoint his own staff or ask present staff to remain.

Most of our staff members hold more than one position and their duties are actually the responsibility of the State Coordinator.

*(Outlines Only)

Positions independent of the State Coordinator
  1. Assistant State Coordinator
  2. *County Coordinator
  3. Grievance Chairperson
Positions drawn from the duties of the State Coordinator
  1. *State Coordinator
  2. Awards Manager
  3. Orphan Counties Manager
  4. *Surfer
  5. Temporary County Coordinator
  6. Treasurer
  7. *Volunteer Manager
  8. *Webmaster