Handbook for TXGenWeb

Position: County Coordinator (CC)

County Coordinators are generally appointed (hired) by the State Coordinator after a process of application and interview much like any paying position. The job is held for as long as the CC correctly manages his position.

There are many responsibilities in addition to maintaining a website and the Coordinator is encouraged to seek out volunteers to work with him.

(Outline Only)

  1. Manage County Website
    - Acquire space for a website.
    - Maintain a website with county-specific genealogy as the main subject.
    - Include County Coordinator's real name and email address on the main page.
    - Meet minimum requirements for both USGenWeb and TXGenWeb.
    - If you're using the txgenwebcounties.com server, consider donating $1 a month for server fees.
  2. Answer Roll Call in A Timely Manner
    - TXGenWeb requires a roll call 3 times a year - January, May and September.
    - Understand that non-compliance will result in your termination from the position.
  3. Join Mail Lists
    - You will be subscribed to the Official TXGenWeb Mail List for important announcements.
    - Consider joining the County Coordinator mail list as well, where you can share ideas and ask for help.
  4. Answer Questions About Your County
    - Be specific, respectful and polite and admit that you don't know an answer when necessary.
  5. Respond to State Coordinator and Assistants in a Timely Manner
  6. Vote When Asked
    - USGenWeb
    - TXGenWeb

    If you need help, you can
  1. Find a Co-Coordinator
    - A Co-CC implies that both of you have equal control over the county,
    - Both of you have the login information,
    - Both of you have a backup of your county.
    - You AND your Co-CC will need to answer roll call and will need to agree to be bound by our rules and regulations.
  2. Find an Assistant Coordinator.
    - An Assistant can fit any of many roles -
    -   A webmaster who manages the site itself,
    -   A lookup volunteer who finds answers to questions from visitors,
    -   A record keeper who finds the information and transcribes it for you,
    -   A helper who manages a Facebook page or a mail list,
    -   Or anything else you might need an assistant to do.
    - An assistant may or may not have access to your server space.
    - A helper with access to the TXGenWeb server MUST have permission of the TXGenWeb leadership team before being given login information.