What You May Not Find Here, and Why ...

We hope that the information you find on the TXGenWeb County sites is helpful. It is our goal to provide as much information and as many links to information as we can. However, there are some things that we are asked to provide that we do not have the power to do.

All the TXGenWeb, USGenWeb, & WorldGenWeb County/State sites are maintained by volunteers. These volunteers cannot do your genealogical research for you and most don't even have much time to work on their own genealogies. So much of their time is spent providing information & links for everyone searching in a given county/state they have no time left for personal research for anyone else.

We try not to post information on the living. When it is sent to us, we try to replace the name/info with the word Living. Identify theft has become a real problem in the world today, and let's face it, our real interest in genealogy is not in the living, but in the dead....our all ellusive ancestors. Sometimes you will find links on a county site that will transport you to a site that does contain information on the living. This does not mean the living information is on a TXGenWeb site, and we have no control over what information the other sites contain. All the TXGenWeb county site has done is provide you with a link that will send you to a site that has information that is relative to that county.

We cannot publish anything that has been copyrighted by someone else without their written permission. An example would be that someone has inventoried a cemetery in a given county and has published that inventory and copyrighted it. We would love to have permission to post that information on the County Page, but without permission we are left with only a few choices.
- 1) We can try to send you to where the records have been published, such as genealogical society quarterlies, libraries, etc.
- 2) We try to have volunteers who have these publications, and they can do look-ups for you.
- 3) We encourage people, Scouts, church groups, school classes, and individuals to make a new inventory of such cemeteries and to share that information with the county site.
- 4) We post burials in specific cemeteries that individuals send for the county sites use.

The same logic applies to other copyrighted materials also.

These sites can only be as good as all the researchers want them to be. If you are willing to share the information you have that may help other researchers, please send it in to the county coordinator.