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Bookmark this page for future postings.  This is the spot to find all the current happenings in TXGenWeb.

2007 Events

  Since we have heard from everyone this month on either the Header Contest or the Service Awards issue, Shirley has called off  the July roll call.  The next mandatory roll call will be October 1-31, 2007.  Remember, we need to know you are still actively maintaining your county, so be sure you answer the quarterly roll calls.  If your mind wanders like ours and you can't seem to remember if you answered yet or not, you can always check the Public Voters List to see.

  Header Contest June 2007 - Send in your vote for the TXGenWeb Header Contest during the month of June.  Just pick your favorite and send it's number to Shirley, Bettie and Elaine.  Voting will end June 30, 2007.  The votes will then be counted and the winning header with begin to be seen at the top of  the TXGenWeb pages. 

  TXGenWeb Service Awards - June 2007 - Service awards have been handed out.  All CC's with 5+ or 10+ years of service have been issued a service award "pin" they can display on their county pages.  If you think you qualify but have not received one, please contact Shirley, Bettie or Elaine.  We may not have your TXGenWeb start date on file, so please send that information when you contact us.

  2007 TXGenWeb Meeting Photos - Thanks to Faye Elder & Wanda Qualls, we now have meeting photos online.  It is always nice to be able to put faces with the names of the people we communicate with all the time. 

  Adopt Me! - None available!

  June 2007 Adoptions - Somervell County - Sue Seibert; Rains County - Linda Piper; Parmer County & Titus County - Christina Kurimski

  1961 Texas Deaths - We have added the information submitted by patron Joan Forester.  It is a partial listing of Texas deaths for 1961, with over 2200 deaths.  You are welcome to extract the deaths for your county, or just link to the page. 

  July 2007 Adoptions - Harris County - Douglas Anderson - Winkler County - Carolyn Harrison -

  August 2007 Adoptions - Fannin County - Suzie Henderson - Fort Bend County - Mary Ann Hetrick & Brittney Hetrick - Coryell County - Bettie Wood

  September 2007 Adoptions - Hopkins County - Helen Bassett - Erath County - Linda Blum-Barton - Hill County - Elaine Martin -
Hamilton County - Chris Morton - Somervell County - Vicki Shaffer - Kenedy County - Linda Simpson

  October Roll Call - Don't forget to check in with either Shirley Cullum or Elaine Martin to let us know you are still willing to be a TXGenWeb member!

  October 2007 Adoptions - Waller County - Lynwood Peterson & Peggy Tebbetts - Sutton County - Tamara Stevens

  November 2007 Adoptions - Real County - Mary Ann Hetrick - Hardeman County - Kathey Kelley Hunt - Travis County - Chris Morton & Tamara Stevens


You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Shirley Cullum , State Coordinator.  The assistant state coordinators are Elaine Martin and Jane Keppler.

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