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Bookmark this page for future postings.  This is the spot to find all the current happenings in TXGenWeb.

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2009 Events

   January Roll Call begins the 1st.  We hope everyone had a very safe and happy New Year!  Don't forget to check in with either Shirley Cullum or Elaine Martin to let us know you are still willing to be a TXGenWeb member!   Don't forget we have a few orphans that need a home for the new year.  If you are interested in being CC for Bailey, Borden, Lamb, Motley, Oldham, or Upton county, please let Shirley know. We lost one of our wonderful volunteers this month.  Dorothy Albrecht passed away and will be greatly missed.  Her daughter has taken over Colorado County and will continue on with the work Dorothy began.  Bettie Wood resigned from USGenWeb/TXGenWeb after many years of service.  It is always sad to see volunteers leave after giving numerous years of service.  We wish her the best in her future endeavors. We also lost John Wayne Brewer (Cottle) & Kay Wood (Loving, Winkler, Pecos).  A big thanks to them all for their work with TXGenWeb.  We will miss you. And finally a big welcome to our newbie CC's.  A Texas size HOWDY goes to Jo Branch (Deaf Smith), Eddie Cope (Pecos), Debra Coursey-Pitts & D J Pitts (Llano), Charmaine Riley-Holley has rejoined us after a short absence (Lubbock), & Shawn Hughes (Knox).

  February brings an announcement for CCs to submit a new page design with a more streamlined look while using the current header, colors, & information.  The "new look" design will be announced about mid March. Sue Ashby resigned after giving 10 years of faithful volunteer service to TXGenWeb as CC of Llano County.  We also lost Clarissa Lloyd (Briscoe, Clay, Floyd, McMullen, Milam, & Nueces).   We thank them for the wonderful time spent with us and want them to know they will be missed.  Our current list of adoptable counties: Briscoe, Clay, Floyd, Hardeman, Kent, McMullen, Milam, Nueces.  Let us know if you would like to consider adopting.  Welcome to our newbie CC's.  A Texas size HOWDY goes to Marti Brown (Nueces), Terri Buster (Oldham), Nan Starjak (Cameron), Suzanne Sowell (San Augustine & Shelby), Sue Tackel (Wise), & Tina Vickery (Motley). Elaine Martin adopted Marion County.

  March brings the beginning of spring, which always means spring cleaning.  Our spring cleaning will begin with a new page design to get rid of the clutter we had accumulated.  The new page design debued March 9, 2009 with a more compact page.  The old page is still available for use by those that prefer it.  We have a nice list of new CC's joining us this month: Robin Inge (Kent), Kevin Lee (Jack), & Regena Williamson (Lavaca).  If you haven't already welcomed them, please mosey over to the TXGEN list and let them know we are happy to have them as members. 

  April roll call is here.  Be sure to check in with Shirley &/or Elaine.  We value you as a TXGenWeb member and want to be sure you remain a CC with us.  We have lost several "old timers" this year so we have 10 adoptable counties: Aransas, Bailey, Bee, Borden, Briscoe, Floyd, Lamb, Loving, McMullen, Milam, & Upton.   UPDATE:  Aransas County has been adopted by Jimmy Epperson, Floyd adopted by Justin Barron, Loving by Debra Coursey-Pitts, McMullen adopted by Marti Brown, and Milam County by Robin Inge.

  May brings warmer weather, kids getting out of school, and TXGenWeb counties adopted.  Bailey has been adopted by Linda Simpson, while Lamb was adopted by Terri Buster.  A new ASC joins our staff.  A big THANKS goes to Jane Keppler for being willing to help keep TXGenWeb running smoothly.

  June is here and summer has brought us its Texas heat.  Briscoe County was adopted by Renita Marshall, just leaving us with Borden and Upton needing a good home.

  July brings hot weather, celebration of the 4th, and our 3rd quarter roll call.  Be sure to check in with Shirley, Jane, &/or Elaine.  We value you as a TXGenWeb member and want to be sure you remain a CC with us.  We are sad to say goodbye to Eddie Cope (Co-CC Pecos), Robin Inge (Kent & Milam), and Tabitha Wilson (Brisco, Kent, Ford, & Lynn). A big THANKS goes to Billie Nichols Bennett for adopting Bee, Jane Keppler adopted Bordon, Jimmy Epperson adopted Lynn County, and Shirley Cullum adopted Milam County, Deb Coursey-Pitts adopted Foard County, and Elaine Martin adopted Upton County.  Still available to a good home are Gaines, Kent, & Swisher counties. Remember that they are free, cheap to keep as they only eat up time, and they give back 10 fold what you invest in them when you hear one success story that your work played a part in bringing about.

  August is here with more Texas heat.  We had a record setting roll call for July with all CC's answering roll call.  We wish each roll call could go as smoothly!  Sadly we say goodbye to Duston Brooks (11 yr CC) and Jan Cortez (6 yr CC)..  We thank them for their years of service to TXGenWeb and wish them well in all future endeavors.  We still have 1 homeless county, so If you have room in your schedule, please consider adopting Gaines county. We welcomed Frances Grochowski (Smith) and Kim Mathis (Swisher) into the TXGenWeb family.  Nan Starjak adopted Bexar County when Jan left, Gayle Triller adoped Kent County, Dorman Holub adoped Shackleford. 

brings the end of summer, and we welcomed Shauna Taylor (Frio) as a new CC. We have 3 counties that need a home, Jim Wells, Robertson, & Upton.

and fall is officially here.  It is once again time for our last quarterly mandatory roll call of this year.  Please be sure to respond to roll call so we won't lose you as a part of our TXGenWeb family.  Just check in with Jane & Elaine......just a here and your name will get you all checked in. We had to say good buy to Irma Holtkamp whose life became too busy for extras.  Thanks Irma for your 3 years of service with TXGenWeb. Welcome to Charlie Ward who adopted Jim Wells County.  A big thanks goes to Marti Brown for adopting Robertson County.  We have 1 county that needs a home, Upton.

November brings Texas relief from the excessive amounts of rainfall.  After our October roll call, we have several counties for adoption.  If you are interested in any of these, just contact Shirley, Jane, or Elaine:  Armstrong, Hardeman, Hidalgo, and Upton are available.  We welcome new CCs Chris Silver Smith who has adopted Frio County, and Nancy Hickman has adopted Caldwell County.  Welcome aboard Chris & Nancy!  

December rolls in mildly and roars out with a cold bang! We hope everyone is surviving an unusual Texas winter. Our last roll call of the year is here. Be sure to check in with Jane & Elaine. We value you as a TXGenWeb member and want to be sure you remain a member. Please welcome Susan Collard (Mesquite Town Site), and Lola Withrow rejoins us with Hardeman County. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year everyone!


You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Shirley Cullum , State Coordinator.  The assistant state coordinators are Elaine Martin and Jane Keppler.

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