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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 12 Oct 1997

Session Start: Sun Oct 12 20:30:00 1997
*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb
 2 Hello there, Trey_Braz
 Hi, Trey_Braz, glad you could join us!
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Trey_Braz
* Dallas 0,12jumps up and down, throws confetti in the air and 
  yells4,12 YIPPIE,0,12 Look who's here!!9,12 Trey_Braz 4,12*`;.`~;`~`* `;.9,12 
  Trey_Braz 4,12`;.~`;.*`;.`~;`~`* `;.
 Hey guys
*** marylove ( has joined #TXGenWeb
 2 Hello there, marylove
 Sorry I'm Late
 Hey, Trey.
 Hi, marylove, glad you could join us!
 Mary LOve!
 .. 2@3..2@ 1..2 marylove
 ..3(4*--*3)1..2 I'm
 .3( 1>3__1< 3)1.2 Hoppy
 ..3^^^^^^1..2 2 C U
 I thought I would never figure out how to get on 
   this thing!
 9,1}13,1=9,1)1,9}13,9=1,9)9,1}13,1=9,1)1,9}13,9=1,9) 12,1 marylove 1,9}13,9=1,9)9,1}13,1=9,1)1,9}13,9=1,9)9,1}13,1=9,1)
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o marylove
 Grandma's visiting and I had to break away for a 
  little while
 I just got back from OK to see my grandsons play 
 You did real good Mary!
* BarryB * 5Ohhhh! I feel good! * [jamesbrw.wav] ~
*** genehunter ( has joined 
 2 Hello there, genehunter
 Hi, genehunter, glad you could join us!
 Whats been going on
 I now have Smith up and running and have had 38 hits 
   sinc e the 8th of October
 That is terrific!
 I did correct your name  today
 just seeing whats up here
 Thanks!  I got space on rootsweb for Coke and will 
   be moving it soon,
 have a friend that has Texas folks in her tree
 Appreciate Barry's help
 genehunter, have her visit,
 ahhh think she knows of that one 
 when do you folks meet ?
 You're welcome, Mary.
 What is the topic tonight?
 We meet here to discuss the workings of the 
  TXGenWeb project
 Where is Leigh.  I sent her an e-mail but haven't 
   heard from her.
*** PipL7x3 ( has joined 
 2 Hello there, PipL7x3
 I sent a note to Brian Leverich but have not heard 
  back yet. He usually takes a couple of weeks to answer his 
  email personally
 Hi, PipL7x3, glad you could join us!
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o PipL7x3
 Hey, Pip!
 Hi everyone
 hey, Marc.
 I got space for Smith in less than 24 hours and 
   space for Coke in three days - pretty good for rootsweb!
 ahead of the curve.
 Just a general discussion again but I'm open for 
  more topic suggestions
*** genehunter ( has left #TXGenWeb
 Bye genehunter, Sweet Dreams
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to genehunter *sniff*
 Bye genehunter, Have sweet dreams!
 Anybody got news
 I sure missed being with you all the last few weeks 
   but we went to New York and New Jersey - found some 
   interesting things.
 You didnt miss anything here except rain,rain, and 
  more rain
 I found a house that one of my ancestors built in 
   1706 and people still live there.
 and then even more rain.. hehe
 It rained on us all the way home from Oklahoma.
 love those research trips, I'm doing it myself in a 
   few weeks
 It was getting cooler up there before we left.
 cool is ok ... cold is not
 It is raining cats and dogs here right now!
 I've been camping this weekend.  Try cooking in the 
 Lots of fun
 I sent messages to remove my new queries.  It did 
   for Smith but not for Coke.
 Did you  get to go in your ancestors house?
 I'm at that age that when we camp ... I do it inside 
   ... gave up the tents awhile back
 No but I took pictures.
 I have 2 historic houses and 1 farm that is being 
   restored by CT
 Both houses are being opened for tour by me
* Dallas swats at the typo fairyies flying around her 
 meant for me
 Well, Lamar county queries FINALLY reset.  Now they 
   say NO NEW QUERIES at the top and yet there are about a 
   dozen new queries!!
 Are they in Dallas?
 Thats the way it is on Smith.
 I have sent messages to Doc, but I haven't gotten 
   an answer.
 My Brazos co also sais No New Queries but I'm still 
  getting new ones
 Trey, everything seems to be going well.  I like the 
   mentor program you've put in and I think the orphan page is 
   a good idea.
 Carla, how is the mentor thing going. Have people 
  signed up
 The ETGS is being very supportive and has approved 
   everything I've done so far.
 Thats good news
 Me!  I signed up and they sent me Barry!
 Sorry, I was afk for a moment.
 I hope to get the Society page up this week.  It is 
   just about ready to go.
 It is going quite nicely.  We have had several 
   people volunteer.
 Do you plan to post a list or should a put a blurb 
  in the cc help section for them to contact you.
*** RootsLady has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
 Bye Rootslady!
 Is this slow or what?
*** RootsLady ( has 
joined #TXGenWeb
 2 Hello there, RootsLady
 Hi, RootsLady, glad you could join us!
 A blurb would be nice.
 That's what I was wondering!
 Ok thats what I'll do
 But I pinged Dallas and it was 1 second!
*** Betsy-Lam sets mode: +o RootsLady
 I have been asking potential new cc if they would 
   like a mentor.
 Mary, things are just kinda quiet when everythings 
  going ok
 That is great, Pip.  
 Youll know it when there is something to really 
  talk about
 I got some help from a cuz at the campout on the gif 
   I can't get loaded on the orphan page.
 What was wrong
 What is the website for the Orphan County page?
 I'm pretty sure now I saved it in the wrong format. 
 Anyone got any idea when we are going to get GEDCOM 
   space on RootsWeb....for counties?? 
 Brain mentioned that before the Maiser crash.
 It isn't on the web yet
 Oh.... sorry.... didn't mean to rush you .
 but as soon as I get the gif straighned out it is 
 Has anyone heard from Leigh Compton lately.  I sent 
   her an e-mail but haven't heard from her.
 I think she said she was going out of town
 but I'm not sure
 Is she in Italy?
 Elsi was on last night.
 That's Leigh.
 I guess shes back
 Hasn't gone to Italy yet.
 She was in Italy?  I am soooo jealous
 She told me to get a modem saver to check phone 
   plugs in motels before you put the plug in.  Best Buy, Comp 
   USA, Radio Shack, K-Mart, and Walmart don't have them.  Do 
   you know where to get one?
 What is a modem saver?
 It stops spikes from coming in on the phone lines.
 Actually more common than spikes on electrical lines.
 I don't know but Leigh told me she had one but 
   nowhere I ask every heard of the.  CompUSA didn't have them 
   in Mesquite or know what they were.
 I got mine at Incredible Universe (now Frey's)
 It's a surge protector for the phone lines.
 Any of u all on ICQ besides Betsy, CompuMom & me??
 I am!
 Mine is combined with a surge protector
 OHHHH... I have one of those.... whew!
 Some power strips have them built in
 Oh, I bet you have Barry's number, RL!
 What is ICQ?
 Where is Frey's?
 Barry...whats UR #??  RootsLady #3970822
* BarryB * WaveOut -- The Original Wave Player * [brains.wav] ~
 NOT ME...Barry!!
 Next to Sam's (old Incredible Universe building)
* BarryB gives RootsLady a Sloppy Wet 4Kiss =8-
 Is that in Dallas - you'll have to be more specific. 
    I live in Tyler.
 Oops!  Don't know in Tyler!
 Barry...Not here...there has already been enought 
 Boy, that's for sure!!
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [rofl.wav] ~
 Mary, you might ask CompUSA for a surge protector 
   with a phone line protector in it.  They might know what it 
   is that way!
 Wal MArt usually has them here
 You have a Radio Shack there, Mary?
 I've seen them at Best Buy
 Even Walmart
*** tottie ( has joined #TXGenWeb
 2 Hello there, tottie
 Hi tottie, How ya doin'?
 Hi, tottie, glad you could join us!
 hey, tottie!
 Will that protect me against PBX and Digital phone 
   systems?  That is what my book says to avoid.
 hello, don't think I have any Texas ties though
 Yes, Mary.
 Hi Tottie.  Where are you from:
 Well...most of our folks were somewhere before they 
   got to Texas!!
 As far as surge goes.
 SE Kentucky
 I keep one on my home phone. Lost a modem at home 
  once. Spike down the phone line
 Me too...  :(
*** Erath ( has joined #TxGenWeb
 2 Hello there, Erath
 Hi Erath, How ya doin'?
 Hi, Erath, glad you could join us!
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Erath
 hey, Erath.
 Hi Erath!
 .. 2@3..2@ 1..2 Erath
 ..3(4*--*3)1..2 I'm
 .3( 1>3__1< 3)1.2 Hoppy
 ..3^^^^^^1..2 2 C U
 Hi, kinda forgot about chat tonight :-(
 I also keep one on my TV cable. A lighting strike 
  can take out you vcr through the cable
 Yes, I think everyone loses a modem that way -- 
 hehe... you are correct.... once!
 We have surge protectors on everything
 I should have more of them than I do!
 My husband does communications for TU and he bought 
   surge protectors at same time as computer
 me too! lightning struck across the st and we lost 2 
 I have one of those that I got at Best Buy but I 
   didn't know that was what I needed.
 My m-i-l lost her answering machine that way
*** tottie ( has left #TXGenWeb
 Bye tottie, Sweet Dreams
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to tottie *sniff*
 Bye tottie, Have sweet dreams!
 I assume that all of TX is pretty wet is 
   lightning a little here, prolly shouldn't even be on here if 
   I was smart, but I never claimed to be.... ;-)
 I think it has stopped in Tyler - but I don't think 
   they've had much anyway - not near as much as what we came 
   through today.
 I think the folks in Corpus Christi are still under 
  but at least its stopped raining
 Supposed to dry out and get cool this week
 Yes, thank goodness for them in Corpus
 I had a volunteer for lookups on the Smith page 
   today.  Glad to get that.
 That is great
 Great, I'll get my list of questions ready
 The ETGS also agreed to put our 1850 census on the 
   web.  The group published it but it is out of print.  Will 
   have to be put on the computer.
 Are u going to have to type it all?
 brb, afk
 That's good. Hope you're going to get to scan it in.
 I'm going to try to scan it but I haven't had much 
   experience with scanning text.  I have a Logitech PageScan 
 You might check the census project to make sure 
  somebodys not already working on it
 I've scanned lots of images but not much text but I 
   guess I can learn.
 I have no scanning experience whatsoever.
 I'll check.  Thanks Trey.
 The 1860 is in the same book so we'll probably do 
   that too - especially if I get good at this scanning!
 The  only time I tried to scan text it was such a 
   huge file that I put my hand on my forehead and said "I'll 
   learn that tomorrow"
 Trey, are you aware that the old TXGenWeb pages are 
   still on Chrysalis?
 Still working on it
 I got a message that someone sent to me from there.
 They need to put a referral page up.
 Should I let them know that we are planning to put 
   the Smith 1850 Census up?
 its real slow talking to chrysalis
 Well, I am calling it a night.  Take care all!
 good night
 Nite CompuMom
 Has anyone heard from Mike's family?
 bye, trey.
 Night Compumom!
 buy, compumom.
 New stock issue.
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [rofl.wav] ~
 I have heard from his brother briefly olny to try 
  to work out the web page problem
*** CompuMom has quit IRC (Ta-Ta for now.......)
 Yes, is someone going to manage his pages? We have 
   needed to write to them about those.
 Gary Grosse at Chrysalis told me that Dwain Basham, 
  Mikes brother was the liason for all of Mikes pages.
 I believe that Dwaine intends to leave all of Mikes 
  personal pages online and maintain them himself
 So it may not be necessary to contact him about them 
   then? And where can he be reached if we still need to?
 As far as the TXGenWeb pages Mike informed 
  chrysalis that I should have access to the Texas pages but 
  I'm waiting to here from Gary again.
 I'll get his adress, be right back
 I bet Brian would provide space (if needed) to 
   store them just as they were!
 I am sure he would too. He and Karen are great ppl.
 Ok here it is  Dwaine Basham 
 thanks Trey
 no problem
 Trey, we do appreciate all that you have done.  I'm 
   sure it has not been easy.
 Second that!1
 Its not been so bad. Evryones been great
 That's good!
 I think were getting along pretty good so far
 I doubt it has. You had to learn it all really fast I 
   bet. Yes, thanks Trey
 There is a lot of administrative stuff to keep up 
  with but with Lela taking over the orphans and Billy and 
  Carla handing then folks that need help has helped a great 
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [whataman.wav] ~
 And I KNOW what a big job it is -- thanks, Trey!
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [whataman.wav] ~
 Are you blushing yet?
 I still plan on finding an assistant for that just 
  in case kinda stuff so if any one is interested let me know.
 I'd like to help but I'm just barely making it.  
   Terry Jenkins wrote that we have a new CC in Nolan County so 
   I wrote and offered to help.  It has been great working with 
   Terry (Runnels next door to Coke0>
 private email will do
 Thanks for all the good words, it means alot
 I've learned a lot but I have a lot to learn!
 Mary you are doing great
 You helped me
 Mary, the pages are excellent.
* RootsLady * BRILLANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! * [brillanc.wav] ~
 Mary do you use the library there in Tyler
 What is it that you are needing an assistant for? 
 Although I still haven't gotten cc helper on line yet
 Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.  I don't have time to go to 
   the library.  I'm trying to learn HTML!
 Me either
 Been There!1
 I have CCHelper on Smith and Coke - it's wonderful!
 We haven't either PipL, having problems getting it 
   figured out
 Mary showed me how at the convention but haven't had 
   time to play with it again
 The more I DO...the Behinder I GET!!
 Patty is so helpful.  Just write her.  I'll help if 
   I can.
 It does take a full day to really understand it but 
  then it gets easier
* Dallas 5is rubbing her eyes ... time to say 3nighty-night to 
  everyone ...
 We have most of the queries in there, but trying to 
   figure out how to transfer the whole page in there, or do we 
   create a new one?
 Nite Dallas
 Nite Dallas
*** Dallas ( has left #TXGenWeb
 Bye Dallas, Sweet Dreams
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to Dallas *sniff*
 I hope to do a Surname with CCHelper for the ETGS 
 Good night all.  It's been fun!
 Nite marylove
 bye mary
 Do you mean how do you getthem online?
 Yes, we added the queries, but how do we get them up? 
   Do we have to just upload a page it created, or make a base 
 Also, adding queries in is confusing. We have ours 
   automated, and not sure of the easiest way to get them 
   added. Just copy and paste?
 You upload all the pages it creates... then link to 
   the query index page from you main page
 You create HTML and then upload the whole file to 
   your server.  It's easy if you have all your pages and 
   images in the same file
 ok, so it created all we need then already when we 
   added the old queries.
 Importing the queries is eaiser that cut & paste 
   each one!
 I have had some problems adding queries from the 
   autobot but it is because people put them in wrong
 We always have to edit some of them
 Then I have to cut and paste but it is still easier 
   than the other way and you have the surname index.
 The first time is the hardest...after that it's 
   much eaiser
 I agree
 But that is true about everything - such as getting 
   on here tonight!  It will be easy next time.
 Yeah, I figure that it will get easier, seems most 
   programs are hard at first no matter what. Always a lot to 
   learn. Then it is a piece of cake.
 Did you have problems connecting Mary?
*** BluKnight ( has joined #TXGenWeb
 2 Hello there, BluKnight
 Hi BluKnight, glad you could join us
 Remember when U couldn't even spell HTML???????
 Well I need to visit with grandma so I'm going to 
  call it a night 
 hi all
 Till next week
 Nite Trey
 Bye Trey
 Nite Trey!
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [goodby2.wav] ~
Session Close: Sun Oct 12 21:39:59 1997

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