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Monday, 20-Feb-2012 20:43:09 EST
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 19 Oct 1997

Session Start: Sun Oct 19 20:21:44 1997
*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb
 Hi Trey_Braz
 Barry...U ever use "BarryB" on ICQ??
* Dallas 0,12jumps up and down, throws confetti in the air and 
  yells4,12 YIPPIE,0,12 Look who's here!!9,12 Trey_Braz 4,12*`;.`~;`~`* `;.9,12 
  Trey_Braz 4,12`;.~`;.*`;.`~;`~`* `;.
 Hello Trey_Brazz
 Hey, Trey.
 hi gang
 sorry I'm late
*** BarryB sets mode: +o Trey_Braz
 been doing a little link maintenance
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [heloagin.wav] ~
 Me too.  Got to update all the map pages with the new 
   links out of AIS
 I've got a list of links to send you
 I think they took the TXGenWeb site down off crysalis 
   this week.
 Yes they did
 CAn they put up a forwarding link for a while.
 Is DGS still up there?
 Right after I asked AGAIN to put up a forwarding 
 Who's maintaining DGS...
 Yes DGS is still there
 Don Rainey is doing DGS
 I couldn't access any orphan sites yesterday on DGS 
 Haven't tried today, been at the state fair
 Lela I copied off all of the orphan county pages 
  and will try to put them up on the Texas rootsweb account 
  this week
 I'll let you know when they are up
 k ?
 Oh. `Que?
*** RayDHK ( has joined 
 Hi RayDHK
 hi Im ficking from Genealogy to see whats on
 and a Big Texas Welcome to you RayDHK
* Elsi sponsors Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Presidio, and 
  Reeves counties for TXGenWeb
 I'll let that one dude who was interested in cc what the 
   url is so he can look at all of them.  I sent him a few to 
   look at
* BarryB is Coordinator for:
 6 San Saba, Llano, Burnet, Mason, McCulluch, Kimble, 
   Concho, Brown, Coleman counties in Texas
* Dallas sponsors USGenWeb Counties of 12Dallas in TX 3and 
  2Litchfield and New Haven in CT
* Elsi coordinates Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Randolph, and 
  Talladega counties for ALGenWeb
* Dallas also sponsors 12 The Kemp Family Association, 13The Judson 
  Connection 5and The Garland Gen Soc
 Wifes mother lives in Austin
* RootsLady sponsors Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Orange, 
  Sabine, San Augustine & Tyler in TX; Early Co., GA (NEW)
* Dallas 3lives in TX but researches New England lines of 6Judson 
  - 4Parmelee - 5Warner - 2Dudley - 1McLoon - 10Kemp - 12Hildreth - 
  13Fish - 14Porter -7 Ferguson
 Hey, anybody here from Texas?
 Want a county or two?
* Lela Hansford, TX; Tallahatchie, MS
* BarryB is from God's own backyard - Llano, deep in the heart 
  of Texas in the land know as the Hill Country! Yipeee Cayaaaa!
 I still dont know how yall do that
 I live in Nederland,TX - close to Beaumont
 Use alias's, Trey.
 Trey -- type /me followed by the rest of the sentence: 
   /me lives in Grapevine
 Trey...U have to come PLAY on Wed night!!
 I'm from the great Dallas suburb of DeSoto
 we just set a pop-up or alias
* Elsi lives in Grapevine
 Come to Wed. nite irc practice and we'll teach you!
 5,5-7,7-8,8-9,1 8:25 PM 8,8-1,9 Garland TX 8,8-9,1 Sunday 1,9 10/19/97 8,8-7,7-5,5-
* RunnelsCo sponsors RUNNELS, TX
 5,5-7,7-8,8-9,1 8:27 AM 8,8-1,9 Llano TX 8,8-9,1 Sunday 1,9 10/19/97 8,8-7,7-5,5-
 I know, its just a matter of finding time
 Once you know what you want to say repeatedly, store it 
   as an alias.
 I hear that!
 7,1    __  __     ____    1,1.
 7,1   / / / /__  / / /___ 1,1.
 7,1  / /_/ / _ \/ / / __ \1,1.
 7,1 / __  /  __/ / / /_/ /1,1.
 7,1/_/ /_/\___/_/_/\____/ 1,1.
 7,1                       1,1.
* BarryB has handed Dallas a rose! 4@3-}--}---
* Dallas 4gives RayDHK a roll of
* BarryB has handed Lela a dozen roses! 4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 
  4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 
  4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}--- 4@3-}--}---
 0............01Here's a Dozen1
 0............01Texas Roses1
 thank you Barry
 15,1■─sT╔--> 1,15/notice RootsLady §┐§RootsLady 
 Thankyou Barry, I'll treasure them
* BarryB bos deeply and says "Why, you are quite welcome, 
 Barry..I think we got our roses grafted!!
* BarryB bos deeply and says "Why, you are quite welcome, Lela!"
 Where do you store alias's?
 Okay guys - back to the serious stuff.
 sure got quiet
 Anybody know if the query bot is up and working again?
 Trey -- what other news do we have this week?
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [quit.wav] ~
*** RayDHK ( has left 
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to RayDHK *sniff*
 Bye RayDHK, Sweet Dreams
 I got queries yesterday.
 Lela, the query bot was working last week or so, but the 
   resets weren't being handled as quickly as desired.
 Who was RayDHK??
 Just a visitor.
*** marylove ( has joined #TXGenWeb
 Hi marylove
 Hello there MaryLove
 Hey, marylove.
*** Elsi sets mode: +o marylove
 Hi!  Sorry to be late but our daughter called from 
 Sorry all, need to make this an early night, see you 
   all 4 Sundays from tonight!
 All I know about queries is that there seems to be 
  some discussion ongoing with Megan,doc, and Brian about the 
  future of the Query system
 Bye Dallas.
 Yes. And they now have Patty in it, too. 
 Bye Terry
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [missyou.wav] ~
 Dallas, your leaving and not coming back for 4 weeks?
 They heard from the cc's about CCHelper.
 Doc wants to get it totally automated so there's no 
   delays in posting & resets.
 That sounds good!
 Megan posted a note which I forwarded in my news 
  posting asking for input.
 Yep -- there's been quite a bit of it, too.
 Several have sent messages to me which I am 
  forwarding to Megan
 flying off to CT & MA for research on book I'm writing
 Have fun! wish I could help
 If you have thoughts on the query system you can 
  send them to Megan
 I think most of the folks who want Email Queries 
   don't use CCHelper!
 I want email and use CCHelper.
 I just want them to reset my queries - any 
 me too
 I've already sent mine to Megan, I like auto queries 
   'cause when I'm away I don't have to worry about them
 Me to Barry...I was just gonna say that!
 Mary, you can try sending a note directly to Doc 
 I like auto queries too because I am gone too.
 Speaking of resetting queries - I keep mine forever.
 I like auto queries too, that way can just do it once a 
 The auto bot could be set to forward email to those 
   that want it.
 We must have auto queries or counties that are 
  inactive or have inactive cc's are of no value
 I keep all the queries but organized in CCHelper.
*** Dallas ( has left #TXGenWeb
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to Dallas *sniff*
 Although Hansford never gets queries *sniff*
 Bye Dallas, Sweet Dreams
 We are getting a lot on Smith and I expect it to 
   pick up!
 Maybe I should send another query or two to Smith
 Is anyone adding queries from the county mailing 
 Send em on!
 Not with the new list archive feature Marc has done. 
   have you guys tried it?
 We don't have a Smith or Coke mailing list.
 Tell us about the new list archive.
 I was in the beta testing of it and it's great!
 I copy the queries to my own site & then reset on the 
   autobot site.
 It is to mailing lists what CCHelper is to county 
 I wanted a SouthEast Texas mailing list instead of 
   eight separate list...but Brian hasn't agreed yet!!
 The list archiver is great.
 RL, there are plans in the works that will tie 
   regionalized counties together.
 We have an eastern-Alabama list covering about 12 
   counties.  It works really well.
 Barry, I've been hearing that for 8 months!!
 What does the list archiver do?
 All good things take time.
 We're getting together in Centeral Texas, aren't we 
 Remember, these guys had to assimilate all of MAISER 
   over night.
 I don't NEED bouces from 8 lists!
 Mary are you talking to me
 All my counties are together...same names nearly 
   every county.
 Just delete them.
 I have mine set to automatically delete bounces.
 No - I was talking to Runnels
 Yeah we are MaryLove! Sorry to take a while to 
   answer, I was doing a score survey on the World Series.
 We don't have a list or anything we just share.
 WE've been able to help each other out pretty well - 
   now we've added Nolan Co.
 Sorry, Lela. The list archiver indexes and creates 
   searchable archives of mailing lists on rootsweb.
 That sounds cool
 It is.
*** Chance ( has joined #TXGenWeb
 Hi Chance
 Hi :)
 I think I've hit the wrong room. sorry!
 Where do you find the list archiver?
 Chance, you're fine.
 Hang on, mary. I'll get the url.
 OK :)
 I have to go.. My husband just got home from Navy drill. 
    I'll be back later if ya'll are still here
 We're talking about USGenWeb -- TX project.
 Night, Lela.
 Be sure to put http:// in front of it!
 Yeah.  You've got your URL catcher working, right?
*** Lela has quit IRC (Leaving)
 That's right - that was my trouble on ETGS.  Won't 
   forget that soon.
 OK. I'll just listen :)
 Trey...did you ever hear from Brian about meeting 
   with us??
 Chance, you want a county or two?
 That's the url, marylove. Check it out.
 Brian might be busy for the next couple of weeks.  Karen 
   is going to Chile.
 Just got a notice from marc that they are now adding 
   all of the old messages, too.
*** rj ( has joined 
 Hi rj
*** rj ( has left #TXGenWeb
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to rj *sniff*
 And it's totally automatic once set up. No human 
   intervention necessary.
 Looking for someone, perhaps.
 could b
 A county or two?
 I'd like for them to add the archived Maiser messages.  
   I've retrieved all of the messages since moving to RootsWeb 
   in May.
 I agree, Elsi.
 Chance, there are a number of Texas counties that don't 
   have permanent sponsors for the web pages.
 I think they will be doing that soon.
 I don't know what happened to the old queries on 
   Smith.  All I have is what I started with that were on the 
   New Query page.
 Chance...what part/parts of Texas are you 
   interested in??
 I'm sorry. I know I acameto the wrong channel. I'm not 
   really interested in Texas research. 
 Excuse me. :)
*** Chance has quit IRC
 Why, you poor child!
 Don't know what he's missing!
 Imagine not having any Texas roots!
 He is genealoically deprived!
*** Major37 ( has 
joined #TXGenWeb
 Hi Major37
 Barry do you live in SanSaba County?
 Hi Lady..
 Didn't mean to run Chance off...just wanted to 
   include Chance in chat!!
 I don't have Texas roots, but my husband does!
 Close enough.
 I think we scared him when we tried to recruit him.
 Sounded like work.
 The STORY of my life.  
 We moved to Texas almost 6 years ago; bought t-shirt for 
   the kids that said, "I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here 
   as soon as I could."
 Hooray for you Elsi!
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [rofl.wav] ~
 Alabama is a pretty nice place - isn't that when you 
   are from Elsi?
 I was born and reared in Alabama.
 Elsi and I have common ancestors!
 Was just back there last weekend.
 I got the Best of both worlds....grandfather from 
   Gadsden, AL
 MaryLove, did you see that I started a list for CAPLES 
*** Major37 ( has 
left #TXGenWeb
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to Major37 *sniff*
 I'd like to go over there soon
 I got roots in Alabama
 No I didn't.  So far I haven't got much off the 
   Moore line but I haven't put up a query yet!
 I think everybody went through Alabama coming to 
 Sims in Cullman Co
 Mary did your Moore's come to TX
 Moore in Fayette Co.
 I have ancestors from Tallapoosa Co., Ala.
 Most of mine jumped from GA to TX!
 Yes - SC to GA to Tex
 I have Moore's, mary.
 When in Texas
 and where
 San Saba and McClellan counties.
 You are probably related.  I've done some research 
   in San Saba.  The Murrays and McConnels had Moore mothers.
 RootsLady, how is the Early Co. GA page coming?
 Hmmm. I'll look into it!
 My Moores went to Williamson Co, TX
 It's up, but not linked on the GA state page...sent 
   another note yesterday!
 My Jenkins and Rhodes moved to Williamson Co.!
 Haven't worked very hard on that line yet, just 
   whatever I come across.
*** MarkR ( has joined #TXGenWeb
 Hi MarkR
 They are all down in that part of Texas.
 Hello there MarkR
 Hi Folks. Late but here.
 I've got lots of info.  Just send me what you have.
 Thanks, I'll check it out later RootsLady. Looking 
   forward to it! :-)
 Hi Mark
*** RunnelsCo sets mode: +o MarkR
 Half of SETex came from Early Co...COLLIERS, 
   SHEFFIELDS, HOOKS, STEWART, LANE, and a million more
 Barry - the Hubberts are related too.  All the early 
   settlers of San Saba Co.
 My LONG and ROE families came from Early Co. to 
   Polk Co. TX
 I have some letters on my personal sight that were 
   written when James G. Collier went back to Early Co. to 
   bring more family here!
 My Moore's married into wife's Locker's.
 Dig that "sight"....NUTS
 That sounds interesting Rootslady.
 Don't know any Locker's but there are Lockharts
 Locker's settle the town of Locker and helped found 
   Richland Springs.
 Found bunch of letters in my grandmothers trunk!!
 At least they weren't in her drawers. LOL
 I have a letter about some of these San Saba people 
   that was written during the Civil War.
 It was published in the Williamson Co Quarterly 
   several years ago.  I got it from a lady in Alabama.
 Some of those letters made the wagon train trip 
   from Early co. to Tyler Co., TX
 Excuse my raw humor, please!
 Haven't U seen my OUTHOUSE??
* BarryB is away! ź brb - gotta get more vino! ╗ Since: ź(9:09 
  AM @ 10/19/97)╗
 Yes, I have. It was a very interesting page.
 Genealogy doesn't have to be DULL!!
 Most of it I find is pretty interesting.
 Its been very nice taling to all you good folks 
  this evening.
 Anybody out there have Tallapoosa Co. Ala roots?
 I'm going to go back and do some more work
 Good to talk to you too, Trey.
 See yall next week and maybe Wed night
 No, runnels -- have you visited the E.Central AL web 
 Bye Trey. Have fun working.
 so good night
 Do we have a subject for next week??
 I've got Benton/Calhoun/Randolph/Cleburne lines -- those 
   are nearby counties.
*** PipL7x3 ( has joined 
 Hi PipL7x3
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [missyou.wav] ~
 I sent an invitation to Brian but no respone yet, 
  any ideas
 Yes, Elsi I have. Very good concept that turned out 
   to be a helpful web site.
 I'm back
* BarryB i am back!! ź Back ╗
 U 2 been together??  
 Trey, Brian's wife & partner, Karen, will be flying to 
   Chile in the next couple of days.  He's going to be as busy 
   as a one-armed paper hanger until she gets back.
*** RunnelsCo sets mode: +o PipL7x3
 I understand
 How about what we can do to get around copywright??
* BarryB * WaveOut -- The Original Wave Player * [dedodedo.wav] 
 I mean what we can do and can't do!!
 2Off-Thread notice: Wood Co. GenSoc meets tomorrow night 
   at Quitman Library. Program is Scots-Irish of TN.
 Sound interesting
 ooooh.. Wish I could be there.
 Where is wwod co again?
 wood co that is
 Ooooh,  I wish I could go.  How far from Dallas is 
 RL, why do you want to "get around" a copyright?
 North of Smith Co. (Tyler).
 Ah...East Texas
 We used to live in Quitman when we first got married 
   - many years ago.
 About two hours east of Dallas.
 Too far for a work/school night
 I just would like to hear others ideas about 
 Sounds good to me - copyright.
 Ok then next week we will talk about the dos and 
  donts of Copyrights
 Ill put out a memo
 copyright discussion would be good.
 Are you going to find an expert?
 We're going to copyright our discussion?
 it already is copyrighted.
 See What I Mean!!!!
 sort of ---
 Was that a freudian slip, Mark?
 I'll do a little research
 we jointly and severally own the copyright to the log of 
   this session.
 Hate to think someone could publish this without us 
   making money on it!
 Who knows? Perhaps Mr. Freud.
 Mark don't wear no slip. 
 Don't start, Barry!
 k ?
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [rofl.wav] ~
 That sounds more like roflmao.
 I changed the filename,,,to be nice.
 I don't hear any of these waves, but then I have missed 
   all the Wednesday night sessions.
* RunnelsCo slaps RunnelsCo around with the 1890 census
 Ok Im really leaving now
 bye, Trey.
Session Close: Sun Oct 19 21:24:56 1997


You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Shirley Cullum , State Coordinator.  The assistant state coordinators are Elaine Martin and Jane Keppler.

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