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TXGenWeb Chat Session 18 Jan 1998

TXGenWeb Chat Session
Session Start: Sun Jan 18 19:42:43 1998
*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb
*** BarryB changes topic to " Managing Web Sites Efficiently "
*** RootsLady is on IRC
*** Joins: RootsLady (
 Hey, RL
 Hey, RL!
*** Joins: BrazoriaDon (
 Hi, Brazoria
 Hey, Don! Glad you could make it.
 Hi Thanks
 Since I am a newbie, I intend to lurk a lot, but I have a question or two
 We're all newbie's to some degree!!
 Not a problem.
 We all started out not knowing much.
 couldn't even spell HTML when I started
 We have a irc practice on Wed nights just for fun. Feel free to come by.
 Don, just jump right in when U feel like it...we're like one BIG family!
*** Joins: Marie (
 Hi, Marie!
 Hey...Hello from California!!!!!
 Barry, so good to see you again!
 Nice to see you, Marie! How are you doing?
 Hello to everyone else also!
 howdy marie
 First question -- What is CC Helper and where do you get it?
 Been busy busy government workers, you know it goes, more wok, less help!
 I hear that!
*** Joins: Elsi (
 CCHelper is an application designed to help cc's manage queries, Don.
 Hey, Elsi!
 Hello all.
 hey Elsie
 I remembered tonight.
 I'll send you the URL for it.
 By e-mail?
*** Joins: Betsy (
 Hey, anyone going to watch "Two for Texas" on TNT tonight?
 And hereeeee's Betsy!
 nope, don't get TNT :)
 Oooh!  Thanks for the entry!
 No, but I just watched all of you Californians on A&E
 I want to.
 Oh?  And what was us California's up to this time?
 Okay, so what is "Two for Texas?"
 Yes Betsy -- it's on right now.
 A good program on the settlement on California: The DreamSeekers
*** Joins: Trey (holt@
 Anything to do with Texas......:)
*** BarryB sets mode: +o Trey
*** Joins: DMH (
 Evening, Trey
 Not a thing
*** BarryB sets mode: +o DMH
 howdy folks
 Hey, Trey.
 howdy trey
 And found another one that I don't have!
 Well, I think we can start now.
 Did everyone have a chance to review the page with the info?
 Nope...but I'm not staying I'll just go along with the flow and not ask any stupid questions!!!!!!
 I had a couple of people that I mentor suggest I use this as a topic so here we are.
 Any questions or coments to sstart with.
 I got some good ideas from you!
 only that I agree with you
 That's really what I wanted! 
 What do you have, Betsy?
 FrontPage98 lets you create headers & footers! Real easy!
 Oh, from me! I thought you said for me! 
 Hadn't tried it till I went to Barry's page!
 Can you move them to the other pages, RL?
 Barry, you mention the use of HTML server-side includes.  But, not every ISP supports them.  We're lucky that RootsWeb does.
 You're right, Elsi.
 Yes, I was curious about that!
 Rootsweb not only supports them, but does a good job of it! just creates the "header" & "footer" files like Barry was talking about!
 If anyone is interested in using clickable graphics, I can explain how to set those up on RootsWeb.
*** Joins: marylove (
 I also use a genweb include statement and some others.
 Hi, Mary.
 Hi everybody!
 Anything to save having to code!
 You can also use includes inside of an include.
 Any word when RootsWeb will be supporting FrontPage extensions??
 Yes, you can.
 My trailer contains an include for the "last changed date"
 I can't wait!!
 Well, I need to scoot...will be here next Sunday...ya'all take care...
*** Parts: Marie (
 RL, unless the FrontPage extensions are free, the answer is probably "never"
 Also, there is a *severe* time crunch at RW now RL.
 No, Brian mentioned that is a "in the works" thing.
 Brian and team tend to use free or locally developed software.
 They have their hands fullwith upgrades right now.
 I could find the message in RootsWeb Help-L!
 I know, but "in the works" is a very relative term. 
 So many neat things can be done and I was surprised when he mentioned it. 
 I'm sure that if they do install FP extensions, a lot of folks will find it handy.
 Is that some of that "whiz-bang" stuff that Brian keeps talking about?
 guess am behind times as I use a program called WebEditPro
 Hi, Ms. Mary
 Hi RL
 WebEdit is good.
 I write HTML by hand.
 So do I.
 I am even further behind than that!  I write mine myself!
 Did everyone understand about naming the graphic files and how it can help?
 THAT was one of the ideas I liked!
 so do I, although I have a file with common tags that I cut and paste
 I do own Claris Home Page, but find that I'm more productive doing it by hand.  I use a lot of Barry's tricks of just copying a page from one county to another.
 I tried Word this week to write a new page and got so frustrated that I went back to writing the HTML myself.  Then I know how to fix it.
*** Elsi sets mode: +o marylove
 I started with WebEdit and just never changed
 Hi Leigh
 That's why I went to coding by hand and quickly learned I needed to find some short cuts, especially with multiple sites.
 I convert a text file to html using WordPerfect and then go to my editor so that I can make it do what I want it to!
 Your ideas are good, Barry.  I copied the page this afternoon and mean to use some of them.
 I just use Word Pad and it works fine.
 Good. I'm hoping as people do things like this, they take it to the next level and give me some feed back and ideas t expand the page with.
 Barry, did you look at Annabella's HTML?
 Not yet. I will this week.
 How much different is the 4.0
 I keep seeing notes about it on Rootsweb-L
*** Joins: ErathCo (
 Hi all
 Hi Erath!
 Hi, Erath
 It changes several things but seems to be backward compatible pretty much.
 What do you mean by backward compatible?
 It can be used for a lot of older browswers as well without having to do separate pages.
 Not really, Barry.  Browsers are designed to ignore tags that they don't understand.
 Anybody seen a "donor" RootsWeb logo... I couldn't find one??
 True, but lie with SSI the page will produce pretty well with the older browsers.
 What program are you talking about?
 I saw one of my pages on IE 4 and part of the page just wasn't there.  I don't know what to do.  I sent to a HMTL validator but I couldn't understand the notes.
 Browsers aren't supposed to forgive blatant HTML errors, though.
 You're right about that. You have to code properly.
 Mary, if you want me to take a look at the HTML and/or the report from the validator, I'll be glad to do so.
 marylove..what page..I've got IE4!!
 What is IE 4?
 The most usual error is not nesting tags properly.  4 text   is really wrong!
*** RootsLady sets mode: +o ErathCo or html don't remember have some of both.
 IE 4 = Internet Explorer 4 by Microsoft.
 It comes up fine on IE 3
*** Quits: ErathCo (Connection reset by peer)
 That's another good point...eaiser to use one or the other all the time! (htm/html)
 If I use Word it comes out html.  If I use Word Pad it is htm.
 Another good reason to standardize and get as much consistency as you can. 
 Mary, you can name a file .html with WordPad -- I do it all the time.
 You can save as .html with MS WordPad.
 You can set the Word so it comes out .htm, Mary.
 Don't know about WordPad.
 Ok, learned something new!
 Anyone have any other suggestions or questions about maintaining sites easily?
 what doesn't come up[ in IE4 for you mary, I have it up now and seems to be ok
 I really like the way CCHelper helps you do that.  Both of my sites are the same on that and it is easy to handle.
 Find 48 hours in every day..Barry! 
 I hear that!
 Barry, I have a "local page", ie. on my hard drive, called "County Sponsor Info".  It has a link to each of my county pages; to the query page for each county, etc.
 I find that better than having lots of bookmarks.  Then, I just bookmark my local page and I can quickly jump to any of my county pages.
 Now that's an excellent idea!
 I have a similar page that loads as the default when I open the browser.
*** Joins: ErathCo (
 At the bottom, I've got links to CCHelper, RootsWeb Help, etc.
 Hi again, darn ISP
 I do that with one of my site that has several pages
 thanks RootsLady
 I'll use that, especially as Netscape Communicator really doesn't handle bookmarks as well as previous.
 As a matter of fact, I nominated Patty Lindsey for the Applied Technology award.  Dont know if she qualifies but she's earned something.
 Speaking of queries, anyone have a chance to check out the KY site yet?
 Can't wait for the next CCHelper upgrade!
*** Joins: Lela (
 Hi Lela
 Me either, Patty has done a great job.
*** RootsLady sets mode: +o Lela
 yes, but I really liked the Rootsweb system better!
 Hi, Lela!
 What did KY do with queries?
 Betsy, Why?
 That is just what I was asking, I hadn't heard
 I'm using the RootsWeb MailMerge system and it is working really well.  I put in all of the extra tags that CCHelper Central is using so I can link up to them.
 Hi, I lost track of time working on Hales Co.
 I sent this to the Texas Staff but I'll tell yall also.
 I don't know if it was the program they were using to put the queries on the particular page I was looking at or what.
 But it was hard to locate a name.
 Nancy Trice in Kentucky and her folks have come up with a new automated query system
 Have you seen it?
 The good thing was that it will work for every county.  
*** Joins: leverich (
 Hi leverich
 The Staff and I are evaluating it to see if we want to use it in Texas
 The Staff?
 The TXGenWeb Staff
*** Elsi sets mode: +o leverich
 I am going to go ahead and set it up for AR because I have some counties that don't use anything!
 Hello Leverich!
 Hi all!
 Hi Dr. B.
*** Parts: Lela (
 You can see a county using it at
*** Joins: Lela (
 Hi Lela
 Wow! The great one is here! 
 We've been waiting for U to join us for SOOOO LOOOONG!!
*** Quits: Lela (Leaving)
 Life is crazy.  Going absolutely nuts upgrading servers and bandwidth.
 What a wonderful SURPRISE!!
* DMH says Goodbye to Everyone
*** Parts: DMH (
 How's it going, Brian? Getting any sleep? 
 MaryLove -- I'll send you an e-mail with comments on the problem page.
 It looks pretty simple but I still have some questions
*** Joins: Lela (
 Sleep?  What is this "sleep" thing?
 Thanks, Leigh.
*** RootsLady sets mode: +o Lela
 Somehow I thought that'
 hehe, didn't figure you would know 
 s what you were going to say
 Been there, done that.
 Brian, what size & type disk drives are you buying?
 Dr. B...We were just takling about you...were your ears burning??
 For the server I'm working on now, it's a 5-drive array of 9 GB Seagate Utrawide SCSI Barracudas.
 The next server will have 5 23-GB drives.
 The current server will have 1 GB of DRAM.
*** Parts: Lela (
 It ought to rock.
 I'd like to say thanks for all you are doing.
 Hmmm!  And I was SO proud of my new 7 GB drive
 It sounds like a baby now!
 Also doing engineering studies on getting a DS-3 wire up here.  That's the equivalent of 30 T1s, or 1,500 28.8 modems.
 That should get us through until 1999!
 I'd be content with ISDN for now, but I really want ATM to the house!
 Not at 15+% growth per month.  The Webmasters and listowners are overachieving!
 You're never home, Elsi! 
 Dr. B, you mentioned RootsWeb supporting FrontPage extensions a while back. Any idea when??
 That's true -- wonder if AT&T would switch it from hotel to hotel as I travel?
 You need a portable satellite dish!
 RootsLady, I have the server but it means I have to run some new cabling to a different part of the building.  I'll be worrying that after I have the new search engine box online.
 That was an oblique way of saying "not tomorrow, not next year, but I'm not quite sure when".
 THANKS Anyway!!
*** Joins: PipL7x3 (
 Brian, one area of possible concern is the rate of growth of subscribers. Is that rate growing like the utilization?
 Lela, glad to have you back - you must be having lots of trouble stayin on ling.
 BTW, we're adding servers in Chicago and Boston.  I'm not an IRC guru -- would it improve performance if we ran IRC servers on all three and networked them?
 No, my lag was over a minute so wanted it faster 
 I'm not sure about that one. Elsi? about the timeframe for personal websites on RootsWeb again?
 Pip, why are you experiencing a 1-minute lag -- I'm monitoring the server, and it seems to not be particularly loaded ... ?
 IT is probably just the line between here and there.  I went off line then back online and now it is 3 seconds
 Brian, my take on IRC performance is that it would be better to have dedicated IRC server(s).  Networked ones introduce their own lag and latency.
 RootsLady, Tim Pierce is working on that now.  I hate promising dates, but I would guess we'll be handling all the existing folks (that's you ... ) within the next two weeks and then handling new people.  But things change awfully fast.  That depends on 
 things that we can't fully control.
*** Quits: Tim_H (Leaving)
 If everyone is on the same IRC server, then the only lag is between the client and the server.  If you have networked servers, you can get terrible lag relaying messages from one server to the others in the network.
 Thanks Doc!
 Brian, Just want to take this opportunity to say thanks. We have had a lot of host movement in the last couple of months and you and your folks have been lifesavers to this project.
 Thanks Elsi.
*** Quits: ErathCo (Ping timeout)
 If you're going to have the hardware to have multiple IRC servers, I'd vote to have different types of channels on separate servers.
*** Joins: ErathCo (
 USGenWeb on; general chat on; etc.
 Got to leave.  You have been very helpful to this newbie.  Thanks again everybody.
 me also
*** Quits: BrazoriaDon (Leaving)
 Trey, glad we've been helpful, but I regret that we haven't always moved as fast as we should have.  I'm getting more assistance with the sysadmining now from Tim and Barry and Ben and all, so I think things will happen faster in the future.
 Who's supporting MailMerge?
 Pecos, Are you still thinking about a county?
 The best source of info on mailmerge is the rootsweb-help list.
 I make sure the software works, but I don't have the hours to provide acceptable user support.  *sigh*
 I got dibs, Lela!
 Great Pecos!
 I know what's there -- is any one of the sysadmins specifically supporting MailMerge?  I'd like to see an option added which is on my ISP.
 It may not be obvious, but I actually have a Real Job (tm) outside of RootsWeb.  Gotta eat ...
 On which county, Barry?
 Thanks for coming
 Pecos, the 5 Big Bend counties are available, including Pecos County!
 I didn't think you ate OR slept, Dr. B.!
 Elsi, probably you want to talk to me about enhancements.  What do you need?
 It sure doesn't seem like it from all you do.
 Nah -- he eats at the keyboard like all computer gurus
 Me either, you two never cease to amaze me!
 What we need is CLONED Dr. B's!! 
 Why do I get the feeling Dr. B. looks like Data from StarTrek?
 I'd like to have a custom "response" page after the form is submitted rather than the generic one.  That way links can take you back into the site without having to use the back button on the browser.
 We had a shot at it -- one of my grad students was a pretty good clone -- but I've lost him to a post-doc at Carnegie-Mellon.  *sigh*
 Ain't life a B...
 Dr. B looks like an overfed, aging hippie with a slightly receding hairline.
 I'm enjoying my college co-ops at work.  They have more energy than I do!
 Sounds like my husband!!
 I dream up the neat things to do and they put in all the hours making it happen!
 Exactly where is RootsWeb located?  In case I want to avail myself of the tour.
 Only Dr. B isn't usually visible -- I'm usually buried under a mountain of frolicking fur.  Two German Shepherds.
-[  ]> Lag 13[12113] sec(s) @ 9:01 PM <[  ]-
 Who fixes the tour refreshments...Doc B. or Karen?? 
 Elsi, could you send that suggestion to me via e-mail.  Sounds interesting, and time allowing I'll look at it or see if one of the other admins can.
 Thanks, Brian.
 How close are you to Anaheim?
 I burn the steaks, Karen mixes margueritas.
 Know where Bakersfield is?  (:
 That's what I call a TEAM!!
 Sort of...
 Seriously, you drive north on I-5 from LA.
 You go through the Angeles mountains, and about 60 miles from LA you crest the Tejon pass.
 At the Pass you turn west and drive 18 miles along a winding mountain road.
*** RootsLady sets mode: +o ErathCo
 Our place is a cabin on the North Slope of Mt. Pinos.  We're at about 5,600 feet here.
 Not too far from Tehachapi.
 West of Techapi.  80-90 miles.
 Like Tehachapi, but more rural.
 I know. I was there this summer and drove by.
 Didn't stop.
 Spitting distance from the San Andreas.  I could hit it with a rock from my front porch.
 Spent two weeks in that area just relaxing and seeing the sites.
 If you're in the neighborhood, you should stop by.
 Don't do that...we don't want anything to start shaking!!
 Afraid you might put me to work! 
 I've got a meeting in Anaheim from 21-27 February.  I know at least one night that is free 
 That's a hazard around here.  We carry servers up the mountain for exercise.
 Elsi, if you're free and up for a drive, let me know a bit in advance.
 Dr B, will you be at the GENTECH Conference this weekend?
 I'll send a note if I find free time.  The first 2 or 3 days in Anaheim I'm going to be too jetlagged to drive; flying in from Sydney
 Elsi has "WINGS"!
 I guess so! What type of work takes you around the world Elsi if I may ask?
 I'm a consultant on Transaction Systems for IBM
 Must be nice.... ;-) All that traveling
 Did you ever hack CICS in an earlier life?
 Brian, I'm one of the 3 top CICS experts in North America!
 Ye Gods!
 Doc..maybe you can kidnap Elsi and put her to WORK!!
 That's what I do for a living.  So how did a UNIX guru hear about CICS?
 Chain her to the cabin!!
 I know there's no CICS code running on RootsWeb servers!
 I wrote the first COBOL expert system shell.  Had a CICS interface.  Back in 84.
 I still have tn3270 at ready.  (:
 Neat.  We'll have to talk offline instead of boring these folks. or
 Brian, do you ever have time to work on your own genealogy?
 I use tn3270 all the time!  Most university libraries have card catalogs accessible through tn3270.
 Trey, on occasion.  But I don't tell anybody about it.  Last time I publicly mentioned my own research ...
 I know the feeling
 I got help from the experts that cheated me out of discoveries ...
 and questions from newbies that I couldn't begin to answer.  *sigh*
 I didn't think any of the CC's had time to work on their own stuff!!
 They dont
 Not unless it falls in your lap
 Only once in a very great while!
 Monday I went to Parker Co to research, spent half the time on the county and half on my family
 Trey, my apologies for bombing in in the middle of a session.  Do you or anyone have anything I should worry before I get back to server maintenance?
 What lap?? No exercise... you know what happens!!
 The timing was really good, Brian.
 No problem stop by anytime, and thanks again
 Shelf then, RootsLady....hehe
 How about subscriber growth? Is it happening? 
 Marylove, going back a ways, no, I won't be at GENTECH.  Can't leave the servers that long.  Maybe next year.
 Sorry, I was hoping to get to meet you.
 Barry, are you asking about list subscribers or RootsWeb members?  Both are increasing, fortunately about in proportion.
 Rootsweb subscribers. I know the costs involved with your upgrades. I manage two ISP's. Glad to hear that both are growing.
 Marylove, I'm going to try to hire some local (so to speak) college kids and train them up on the hardware.  Then I can start doing the conferences.
 Has the credit card thingy helped?...I know I waited but finally got mine sent!
 hehe, sounds like a babysitter Dr. B....
 Yes, the credit card helped.  We'd probably been in trouble without it, because our costs jumped along with the after-Christmas surge in utilization.
 Too many folks got Computers or online accounts for Christmas presents.
*** Joins: a_seeker (
 Serversitter.  A lot like babysitter, though.  Servers have the same propensity for soiling themselves in the dead of night.
 How true 3soiling themselves in the dead of night
 Too bad they don't potty train ;-)
 And babies always get SICK on weekends!!
 But of course
 Servers, too.  Especially holidays.  July 4th last summer was a nightmare.
 Anyway, I best get back to work.  Bye?
 Thanks, Brian.
 Bye, thanks for coming.
 THANKS AGAIN for coming Doc.
 Night, Brian.  Nice to talk with you.
 Glad you stopped by, thanks
 Night, Dr. B.
 Bye all.  BTW, Elsi, there's some possibility that I'll be down in Orange Co. while you are -- we should talk later.  Bye all.
 Next time you feel your ears burning on Sunday night..listen in!!
 Oh darn, now you've done it.  What were you saying about me?
 RL - fess up!
 Only good things, only good things!!
 We we're just talking about all the neat things "in-the-works"!!
 It got you here...didn't it!! 
 And we are all glad!
 OK, my burning ears are assuage (sp?)  Anyway, I gotta go back to work.  See everyone later.
*** Quits: leverich (Leaving)
 Trey, Barry is this chat going to be posted?  since I missed the main part
 It can be
 That was really nice of him. I don't know how he could find the time to chat.
 I've been remiss in sending the logs but I'll correct that this week. I had to get an ISP up and going.
 Don't put up last weeks.  It didn't say anything.
 I'm really gald he dropped in... It was great!!
 if you don't want to post it could you send me a copy.  I really need to manage my sites more efficiently
 OK Ok I will post it
 Did you check the url, Lela?
 Gee! Put her on the spot, Barry!!!
 That will help some. Plus some good ideas were mentioned here.
 Well, actually I skimmed it real fast
 Is the KY queries threaded??
 and searchable
 Threaded but not indexed like CCHelper does.
 and you can sort them anyway you want them to appear
 I'll have to check it out.. 
 But only by county.  I think that is why I like the CCHelper system better.
 They will support CCHelper.
 Yes, I thought I saw that mentioned.
 I think they have plans to make it work with CCHelper Central so that they will be indexed across the board
 I'm seriously thinking about using CCHelper to organize an index to obituaries.
 I think that's important. More and more cc's are going to CCHelper.
 One of the volunteers is transcribing newspaper microfilm & I think putting it into CCHelper will really make the data more useful.
 It's so easy to use and I love the way it indexes everything.
 It's being used for things like that, Elsi.
 I hope the next upgrade has a "non-printing" notes section for home addresses, etc.
 MaryLove -- long note sent off to you with the HTML errors that I found (with the help of WebTechs).  I can guess which of the errors is causing IE4 to mis-behave.
 Thanks, Leigh.
 Did everyone get the revised chat schedule?
 I did
 Megan has now confirmed her date.
 no chat next week is that correct
 Actually, I was looking forward to one of the other chats!
 Anyone want to try and meet next week - Superbowl Sunday?
 Which one, Betsy?
 I knew you were going to ask that!!
 I'm going to a "Soup or Bowl" party.
 What's Superbowl??
 No Cowboys.... Not watching
 Superbowl -- is that next week?
 All the more reason to watch, Trey! 
 Me either, unless hubby makes me listen to it.
 I only watch hockey
 but I guess we could take a week off
 Oh...that's on that thing they call a television!!
 Or we could just visit if we show up here!
 I'll probably be home by 8pm.  If I remember, I'll drop in, even if there's no scheduled topic.
 I'll probably be on the computer anyway.
 your supposed to put the tv next to the computer screen
 Need one of those built in TV screens in our computers
 It doesn't matter to me. You guys call it. We're growing and I hate to do anything to deter that.
 Maybe us non-TV watchers can just play around on IRC!!
 and RL can teach us some more
 or we could talk about the new query system
 There's nothing formal scheduled anyway.
 That's a good one, Trey. Let's do that.
 That sounds good to me. 
 I'll revise the schedule and get it out about middle of the week.
 I'll just be back from Fort Wayne.  Let you know what happened there.
 Did everyone get the URL that I put up
 Well, those that show up can find SOMETHING to talk BarryB maybe....
 Found it, Barry! "Successful Ancestral research in Anartica"
 Ah yes. That's where all mine must be. CAn't find them anywhere else!
 I have some really "cold" leads there!
 I heard on the news last week that they just put an ATM machine in Antarctica
 Hey, I liked that one.  I think that is where some of my relatives have gone off to
 Yep!  I have some of them too!
 Trees don't grow in there can't be any roots!!
 Really? An ATM machine?
 Yes, for cold cash.
 Thats right,  hooked to the satelite
 I'd hate to be the one to have to fill it up!
 That "cold CASH" might be kin to Johnny!!
 Who knows maybe we will have AntarcticaGenWeb soon
 Go Figure!!
 Who's going to be the CC?
 Mrs. Claus.
 you dont think all those scientists down there are working all of the time
 Wouldn't you know he'd want a woman>
 At least there's only one county in Antarctica -- no need to recruit extra volunteers.
 U know..."cold hearted Women"
 They should have plenty of computeres.
 And, so far, there's only death records; no births recorded there.
 How do you know?
 Might have been a marriage or two, though.
 Remember, Leigh travels
 If anyone comes up with any topics they'd like the group to discuss, please email me. I've done my turn!
 No permanent residents in Antarctica -- only research outposts.
 Have you been there, Leigh?
 Nope -- haven't been there.
 Barry, how about a topic on HTML validators?
 Thats a good one
 That sounds good!!
 We could also include the LINK validators.
 That's a good idea.  I've been thinking about checking into a validator
 Yes, someone to explain the notes to people like me!
 Hmmmmm. You're brilliant, Compton! Just g_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ brilliant!
 Another possible topic would be publicity -- registering web sites, etc.
 I'll add it to the list. You can be the certified expert for the validators!
 even local newspaper type publicity....
 I found some good stuff to link to this afternoon.  The WPA Oral History.
 Do we have anyone who is working closely with a local genealogy society?  Want to discuss how to get those guys involved?
 I am.
 Lela, any word from the guy that was going to take Jim and Helen's counties in South Texas
 I am, but then I was a main person in the society to begin with.
 Me too
 I've never set eyes on the 5 Texas counties that I'm sponsoring; don't know anyone local, either.
 CompUMom & I just did a program for the SouthEast Texas G&H Society!
 Jim says he is working with someone else to take his counties
 Not sure about Helen's yet
 The first thing I did in Coke County was to contact some local people.
 We have a lot here on the WPA Oral Histories of former slaves at the university, not indexed though :-(
 I've done programs for the local society, but I'm more interested in what Jim seems to be doing -- getting the local society to take responsibility for or help with the web page.
 Of course, I live in Smith Counmty.
 I was invited Monday to come to the Parker Co Gen Meeting in March & talk about what I'm doing.  So wish me luck
 good luck
 Actually, the pages I've seen done by Gen Soc tend to be not as good as others overall.
 They are helping me.  People from the society are doing all of the lookups - in Smith anyway.
 We are working on getting data on line.
 I had a woman from Sulphur Springs pick up the 1850 Smith Census today to do.
 I imagine it is harder if someone from the gen society only does it for a year and then someone else takes over
 I hope to be able to turn over a couple of counties to Societies pretty soon!!
 We started a Computer Interest Group last week and had 17 for our first meeting.
 I agree with Barry, I think it is better to find someone in the society to take it on the societies behaf rather than the society doing it piecemeal.  If that makes sense. But sometimes we will take what we can get
 We've got our first computer interest meeting coming up!
 You're right, there, Trey.
 I am basically doing it for Smith - they are helping.
 I'm working with Harris County Gen Soc now on getting Harris County up and I have high hopes but I know what my experience has been.
 Does everyone know that you can listen to the Family History show online now?
 SETGHS is just now getting some "young blood" and I believe that is going to make a BIG difference!
 Yea, I've always wondered why Harris Co was so much trouble
 yes in fact i will be listening in a few minutes
 Decision by committee, Trey.
 Shoot, I forgot!
 I've been listening the last 2 weeks
 Using RealAudio player -- just go to .
 local lib here finally got a puter and got online
 and is giving free classes on internet
 If you don't have RealAudio, there is a place to click to download it.
 there is a link on the Texas Research Helps page
 so am hoping it will generate some interest
 Yes, Trey!  Thanks very much -- I copied your code instead of writing my own!  
 That's great, Pecos.
 Pecos..are you helping give the classes??
 Actually, though I had trouble with the station you listed and am using KTEM instead!
 Our library in Bryan and College Station has computers on order for Internet access
 nope, I offered a while back, but not being "certified in something" they hired someone
 I do to, I need to change the link
 And when our new Gen Library is finished we will also have dedicated computers for web access
 We have an old computer that SFA gave us.
 That brings up a topic...Any thoughts on the "Certification" message we got earlier!!
 what certification message?
 the IDEA SCHOOL Genealogy Certification classes!
 bout becoming a certified genealogist
 I think it came through RootsWeb-Help!
 It was forwarded to TXGEN-L
  Isn't there a cost involved in the school?
 OK..Elsi.. I couldn't remember for sure!
 I think that the classes will help you get the necessary knowledge to sit the certification exams.
 IDEA SCHOOL is not starting their own certification program.
 PIP..yep..but all WorldGenWeb CC's get it for 1/2 price!
 There's only 2 certifications that mean anything: NGS and LDS
 I haven't gone and checked out the site..just wondered if anyone else had!
 nope, just scanned msg
 I'd love to be a Certified Genealogical Speaker, but you have to be certified in another area first!
 Being a "Records Specialist" would be great!
 Anybody here certified??
 Mike Basham was -- don't know anyone else that is certified.
 I've kicked around the idea of working toward it
 I just wonder how HARD it is??
 I checked on certification back in 1983 when I finished the first NGS Correspondence Course that was given.  I finished that and passed!
 We have two here in Paris.  Both members of the society.
 I have checked it out, but just didin'
 t have the time at the time!
 RL, are you going to GenTech?  There might be a certification booth there.
 I picked up the brochures when the FGS meeting was in Dallas last Sept.
*** Quits: ErathCo (Connection reset by peer)
 Can't get to far away from home..mother-in-law has terminal cancer!
 But she just keeps fooling us and the doctors!!
 sad -- I'll pray for both of you.
 Leigh, I'm going to GENTECH
*** Joins: ErathCo (
 They only gave her less than a year and she's made 2 years and 10 days!!
 she sounds like a real fighter
 I really wish I could go to GENTECH! Would be in HOG-HEAVEN!!
 Trey, you can change the link to Hale Co. to rootsweb when ever you want. I'll get the mistakes fixed tonight, main page is up
 I went to the first ever in Dallas.
 I was sad to see it scheduled out of town this year!
 It will probably be cold!
 I think they have a big crowd.  I had a hard time getting a room.
 Pip    ?
 same thing I think
 Well, gang, it's been great as usual..but I got a few hundred emails waiting!!
 See you next time
 yea you dont have to put the index.html
 Catch all you non-Superbowlers next week if not Wednesday night!
 you are right, Trey
 Nite RootsLady
 Trey-- put the index.html in the link -- it's more efficient
*** Quits: RootsLady (/sound bye.wav Catch U Later)
 You can leave it off it you type the URL into the browser.
 I don't understand that, tell me why index works better?
 If you leave off the index.html but include the trailing slash, then the server has to go through a list of "default" pages
 if it finds one, it sends it out.
 If you include the index.html, the server simply retrieves that page and sends it out -- no logic or searching involved.
*** Parts: a_seeker (
 Bye a_seeker, Sweet Dreams
 So erath.htm doesn't work as well then?
 If you leave off both the index.html and the trailing slash, then the server has even more work to do to find the default page.
 ok, but I dont always know if they have used htm or html
 Nope -- erath.htm is not registered as a default page
 Barry - I just found some only WMU Yearbooks starting in 1917.  I think some people would like to know who was in the church then.
 but I will keep that in mind
 you have to explicitly specify any page name that isn't in the default list.
 That would be good, Mary.
 I ALWAYS have an index.htm page (or whatever the default is) so that people can't see my file list.
 Most servers have index.html and index.htm as part of the default list -- with .html ahead of .htm in the search order.
 I guess I have a lot to learn yet. That is confusing to me.
 My server at work has index.html, index.htm, welcome.html, welcome.htm, and FrontPage.html in that order.
 thanks for the info
 interesting!  I didn't know that!
 My ISP uses default.htm.
 the list is configurable -- if you are the sysadmin on the web server, you can set it up to any filename or filenames that you want to use.
 Nite Trey, looking at it now
 Bye Trey, Sweet Dreams
 Nite everybody!
 Nite marylove
*** Parts: marylove (
 Bye marylove, Sweet Dreams
 I have some idea -- ask questions.
 I don't know what to ask I guess. That kind of stuff is above me. I wish I did know what to ask you Elsi.
 I'll gladly GIVE my pages and all the data on them away to anyone who will give them tender loving care.
 Oh, I remember who and why!  
 I think I remember who that was too, remember the mail it generated!
 It always looks so intriguing on tv!
 Well, I've enjoyed it but I've got an early start tommorrow. Thanks to all for coming.
 Night, Barry -- don't work too hard.
 Nite BarryB
 Nite, All.
 Night Barry
Session Close: Sun Jan 18 22:29:12 1998

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