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TXGenWeb Chat Session 26 Apr 1998

TXGenWeb Chat Session
Session Start: Sun Apr 26 1998
*** Kay is now known as Kay_Census
(Kay_Census) I dropped by to talk census with you guys
(Trey) Hey Kay, glad to have you
(marylove) Kay - you the one does the census.  Good
(RootsLady) Let's hear it!!
(Kay_Census) well  S-K Publications has offered to give our volunteers copies of their books.. 
(Trey) yea!
(RootsLady) YEA
(Kay_Census) and we have a great new program called the CART
(RootsLady) TELL US MORE!!
(Kay_Census) if someone wanted to put their transcription on their webpage.. it has HTML output
(Kay_Census) along with the dbf files we need for the Archives
(RootsLady) YES...YES...YES
(Betsy) RL, were you a cheerleader in another life?  (G)
(Kay_Census) The CART is really  a neat program.. Phil Beshear wrote it.. 
(Kay_Census) he was a TX CC until recently..
(Kay_Census) so.. just visit our new pages.. and sign up...(grin)
(Kay_Census) I hope Holly has TX done...(VBG)
(Terry) What's the URL again?
(RootsLady) Betsy..I don't have another LIFE...just genealogy.
(Trey) what is the procedure for a volunteer getting a copy of the books
(marylove) Tell me about the books.
(Jeannette) can we submit ones that we have already done?
(Kay_Census) When a person volunteers, if there is a book for that county/year.. I order the book, and it is mailed  (1st class by the way)
(marylove) I have the 1850 and 1860 Census for Smith County and permission from the ETGS to put it on the web.  Just had too much trouble with the program you had.
(Kay_Census) have you tried the CART yet?
(marylove) No, but I plan to.
(Kay_Census) it's a lot easier than the CTA was..
(marylove) Good!
(Jeannette) Do you have to get permission if you get it directly from the microfilm?
(RootsLady) I just wish I had 20 year old EYES again!!
(Jeannette) I did what is left of the TX 1890
(Kay_Census) no, you don't.. the microfilm is in the public domain
(Trey) No, census microfilms are public record
(Jeannette) Good.  That's what I thought.
(Kay_Census) send it along!
(Jeannette) Will do.  It was hard to transcribe as the edges are burned and some pieces.
(Kay_Census) thank you for doing it.. 
(Jeannette) It was fun.  Just wish I had a lap top.
(marylove) I have a copy of Smith 1850 Census on CD-Rom which I thought I would use with the book to check to see that everything is correct.
(Kay_Census) Try the CART Mary, I really like it.. 
(marylove) I will.  I sent in a notice to change the 1850 to my name.  The girl that was going to do it backed out.
(Trey) Kay thanks for coming and giving us the news
(Kay_Census) It's been great visiting with you, see you later...  bye
*** Kay_Census has quit IRC (Leaving)

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