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Monday, 20-Feb-2012 20:43:10 EST
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 27 Jul 1997

*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb

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**MikeB** Hello folks, you beat me here!

**TomG** Hi MIke

**Joe** Hi Ya!

**Elsi** Hello Mike -- This is Leigh Compton

**MikeB** Hi Leigh, did I just miss Billy 


**Elsi** Mike, did you get a note from Marie Talbott letting you 

   know that we moved the Frio county pages to RootsWeb?

**Elsi** I didn't see Billy, but I just got here myself

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**MikeB** I think so, but have been out of town and am Waaayyyy 

  behind on email.

**MikeB** Hi Carla

**Elsi** Speak of the devil -- Hello Billy & Carla

**Elsi** (I presume the two of you are on together)

**CarlaC** Hey, I think I may be figuring this out.  At least I am 

   here! **g**

**CarlaC** No, Billy had to work.

**MikeB** Would Joe be Joe Reynolds?

**Elsi** Well, I've been making a nuisance of myself on IIGS and 

   #genealogy-help for the past two days, trying to get 

   comfortable with mIRC

**MikeB** Does IIGS have a regular chat session?

**Elsi** WHOIS says so

**Joe** Yes, Joe Reynolds

**Elsi** Several.  Every Sunday at noon (Pacific time) is a US 

   Military discussion.

**Elsi** Today was Revolutionary War records

**Elsi** Next week might be War of 1812, it wasn't firm the last 

   time I talked with the leader

**Joe** Mike, IIGS has several regular chat sessions at this time.

**MikeB** I have been on a plane from Las Vegas to Houston and 

  then auto from Houston to Dallas all day. I'm pooped!!

**CarlaC** I bet!

**Elsi** Why fly to Houston?

**Elsi** Besides the fact that you left your car there?

**MikeB** I checked the Texas page today for the first time in 4 

  days and see that the counter is over 100,000. HOORAY!!

**TomG** Great

**CarlaC** yippey!!!!

**MikeB** My wife visited her folks in Bellville while I was gone 

  so I flew SW from Houston.

**Elsi** Makes sense that way

**Joe** BTW, I noticed that the Auto Query was again working at 


**CarlaC** Thank goodness.......

**MikeB** Great news about the autoquery. I was getting bombarded 

  with email queries from all over the state.

**MikeB** Sue Siebert is a MAC user and can't figure out how to 

  chat on her MAC. Anybody know anything about MAC's. I'm 

  hopeless on that subject.

**Elsi** The client for Mac is called IRCle

**CarlaC** MAC is beyond me.

**TomG** I don't speak MAC either

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**CarlaC** Hi, Jim

**Joe** Hello Jim

**Elsi** Works a lot like mIRC as far as I can find out.  One of 

   the regulars on the DALnet Genealogy-Help group is a mac user.

**MikeB** Hi Jim

**Elsi** Hello, Jim.  This is Leigh Compton

**TomG** Hi Jim

**MikeB** I just looked at the Texas query page and it looks the 

  same. Wonder what they did to it? Jim, do you know?

   the regulars on the DALnet Genealogy-Help group is a mac user.

   out our new search engine in the archives.  Well not in the 

   archives but floating out there somewhere on  

   Finds things like it is suppose to but you can't naviagate it 

   too much

**MikeB** Jim, is that Leverich's search engine?

**jimurphy** What does the query page look like?  I haven't looked 

   recently.  Who knows since apparently several people now have 

   access to our files.

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joined #TxGenWeb

**jimurphy** No it is ISearch which he planned to use but this is 

   something that "Doc" and others cooked up and is being run 

   off of his server.

**CarlaC** Hi, Barb

**Elsi** Hello Barbara.  This is Leigh Compton

**MikeB** Hello SE Texas!!

**RootsLady** Hi, I really did it!!

**CarlaC** **applauding....**

**Joe** Hello Barb

**MikeB** Leigh, which county did you just finish helping out?

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**MikeB** Hello Elton

**CarlaC** Hi, Elton

**RootsLady** Mike, what's the TxGenWeb hit count up to?

**elton** Well, I remebered to make it tonight.

**Elsi** Hi Elton.

**MikeB** Texas county was 100,768 a few minutes ago. YIPPEEE!!

**elton** Hello everyone 

**jimurphy** Mike while I'm thinking about it I had trouble 

   sending emails again and think I figured it out.  I'll send 

   only through my isp account in the future and there will be a 

   long one tonight or tomorrow morning about searches, mirror 

   sites etc and also some of my counties

**MikeB** Oops. 100, 786 now **grin**

**RootsLady** Well, Christman In July and now NEW YEARS too

**Elsi** Mike, I helped Marie Talbott set up Frio county on 

   RootsWeb.  Basically, we copied it from its current location 

   with some minor modifications.

**MikeB** Marie is a "newbie", correct?

**Elsi** Jim, if your ISP is like mine, it won't take SMTP mail 

   unless you're connected directly to their network.

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**Elsi** You can use Pop-Send if your e-mail client supports it 

   and they've set up the options.

**MikeB** Jim, I seem to be getting the emails from in 

  good shape now.

**Elsi** Yes, Mike.  Marie is new to Internet, but very 


**jimurphy** Np the problem I believe is that might be 

   getting blocked by some isp's.

**CarlaC** Hi, Tim

**Elsi** Hello Tim

**MikeB** Greetings, Tim

**TimH** Hi

**MikeB** I think I saw some messages today on the subject of spam 


**Elsi** Mike, I missed last week's chat.  Do you plan on this 

   being a social gathering, or will there be specific topics 

   each week?

**TimH** I worked this afternoon to get the chat software set up, 

   never used chat before

**CarlaC** I am a "newbie" on chat myself, Tim.

**TomG** First time chat for me too.

**MikeB** Social for the time being, although I am logging this 

  session (I think). Once we get accustomed to it, I would like 

  to have a specific topic each week.

**Elsi** Tim, I'm in a similar situation.  I've chatted before, 

   but not using IRC.  Spent several hours on IIGS earlier this 

   weekend to catch on to the ropes

**TimH** Whew!

**MikeB** If the logging works, I will post it on my server.

**RootsLady** I'm interested in how to set up IRC chat sessions 

   for different counties.

**Elsi** I'm logging, too.  If you need a copy, I can transmit it 

   to you

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**Elsi** Hello, Nita

**Joe** Barbara, I believe they have what you're looking for at 

   IIGS chat.

**MikeB** Barb, all you have to do is /join #county and the chat 

  is operational. YOu just have to let people know when and the 

  name of the chat session.

**Nita2** may I lurk in background

**Elsi** Mike, Marie is using Windows 3.1 -- is there a decent 

   editor she can use for updating the web pages?

**Nita2** Hello everyone

**Elsi** I used notepad and it worked OK but compressed the file 

   when I saved it.  (by compress, I mean remove all line feeds)

**MikeB** The best editor that I have found for W 3.1 ia AOLpress 

  available from their site

**Elsi** That's an idea, thanks

**RootsLady** I've used AOL Press and it's pretty good.

**MikeB** Hi Nita, glad to have you. Lurk or join in as you please.

**TomG** I use notepad for most updates.

**MikeB** Leigh, which Web editor do you use? I just use a simple 

  text editor.

**elton** Speaking of editors, anyone used Aardvark?  I downloaded 

   it and really like it.  May buy it.

**Nita2** Thank you MikeB This is pretty new to me

**MikeB** Haven't heard of aardvark. WP 8 is making some good 

  progress with theirs.

**TomG** I use Excel and MS Word to create big tables (Office 97)

**MikeB** And Netscape 4.0 has also been enchanced for web page 


**Elsi** I do all my HTML by hand using WordPad in W95.  I've 

   downloaded 7 different editors and haven't found one that I'm 

   willing to pay for.

**jimurphy** elton what are you using aaardvark for?  Reason I ask 

   I've found a shareware called notebook.  It is essentially an 

   overgrown notpad and with take up to at least half meg of 

   text possible more I just haven't used it for more.

**elton** Yes, I tried WP8 out on some files and it works too.  

   Aardvark is a complete system, editor, broswer, ftp, telnet, 

   graphics, etc.

**Elsi** I need one that will import 70-100 lines of data and 

   figure out the cells for a table of 70-100 rows.

**MikeB** Leigh, I bet WP 8 would do that.

**TimH** Elsi:  I agree, WordPad works best for me also.

**MikeB** Elton, where can I find aardvark?

**TomG** MS Word can to that too.

**Elsi** One that I just tried last week is free and will import 

   tab-delimited or RTF files into tables.  It is missing a lot 

   of other features, but I might be able to use this one 

   together with another and get what I need.

**elton** They have a web site, just type Aardvark on Yahoo and 

   you will find it.  You can download a 60 day version.  It 

   costs about $70, but you get all the things I mentioned.

**MikeB** I hear others say that Homesite (w95) is a good one also.

**Elsi** I almost bought Corel WebXXXXX (can't remember the whole 

   name) yesterday, but it was 129 and I already have all the 

   graphics in the package.

**MikeB** I use W 3.1 for my primary desktop (no stones please) 

  and have W95 on my laptop.

**Elsi** I've converted to W95 on both desktop and laptop.  My 

   laptop has limited client packages on it, which is why I 

   missed the chat last Sunday.

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**elton** Mike, are you going to W98?

**Erath** Hi

**Elsi** Hello there-- neat way of advertising your county 


**Erath** I figured it would save ppl asking ;-)

**CarlaC** Hi!

**MikeB** Would that be Annette or Janice or both?

**Erath** Just Annette tonight, Mom is off visiting her sister

**MikeB** I don't know anything about W98. Thought it was only 

  available with new computer purchases.

**jimurphy** Well hi Annette....ya'll can start sending files 

   again since I am now settled in.(G)

**TomG** W98 won't be available until 1998!

**Erath** Got one we've had awhile to send you. What is the new 

   addy to send to?

**elton** W98 is supposed to be out early next year.  Anyone out 

   there on Mac?  I just upgraded my power PC to Mac OS 8, I am 

   currently on my PC (W95) at the moment.

**MikeB** Is W98 the one with the browser integrated so that your 

  desktop looks like a web site at all time (if you so choose)?

**jimurphy** send it to

**Erath** Glad to hear that you have a place to put your feet up 

   now Jim :-)

**Erath** ok, thanks

**RootsLady** Mike, I've got a copywrite question! If I take a 

   census transcription someone else has done but add parents, 

   birth,death,burials, and marriages, is that enough to a new 

   copwriteable work, or at least enough to not be in copywrite 


**Joe** I've played around with W98 (Beta) - Believe it is going 

   to be GREAT!

**Elsi** I think so.  A friend has already implemented the 

   web-based desktop on his Win-NT system

**elton** Yes, guess which browser **grin** W98 will integrate.

**Elsi** That's one way to win the browser war

**MikeB** Barb, I think so but believe that you must make sure 

  that the census transcription is indeed only that and does not 

  include anything except the transcript.

**MikeB** And Barb, be sure to send it to Matt Roller **grin**

**TomG** If you went through the complete census and got all that 

   data, It looks like a new work to me.

**TomG** You can't copyright the basic Census data.

**MikeB** Back to W98, I'm not so sure that lots of people really 

  want their desktop to look like a web browser.

**elton** Is there a policy about advertising books for sale on 

   the county page?  I would like to mention the Real Co. 

   History book and a new Cemetery book on Leakey Cem.Both are 


**RootsLady** The ones I have already posted I transcribed years 

   ago, but could really go to town if I could use the actual 

   census data and just add my info that would be great. I've 

   already made lots of reading corrections.

**TimH** Mike: I may have missed this somewhere, so forgive my 

   asking, what am I supposed to be doing for the 1850 census 

   project for Grimes County?

**jimurphy** It would be a compilation and some folks at usgenweb 

   think that that is copyrighable but it isn't if you only 

   include facts.  Any "original creation" makes something 

   copyrightable.  So if you take the "actual census" material 

   and add to it you have a new work.  the census material isn't 

   covered anyway.  By the way that is a good idea of adding in 

   all the additional materials.

**MikeB** Elton, the advertising should be through a link on your 

  county page and clearly indicate that the materials are for 


**elton** The new Mac OS8 has some parts that use a browser for 


**RootsLady** Jim, I got it on my Newton County page and will have 

   Tyler Co. finished in a couple of days.

**Joe** Mike, from what I worked on in W98 you have the option of 

   setting it up to work in several different ways, the browser 

   type is just one of them.

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**jimurphy** Roots send me the url's and reminders via email I'd 

   like to take a look.

**Erath** Hi Floyd

**MikeB** Tim, the 1850 Census project is to transcribe the census 

  for all US and Texas counties. Once the transcript is 

  complete, the idea is to store it in the Archives plus I 

  believe that it should be made available on the county page 

  although Jim Murphy may disagree with me on this.

**Floyd** Hi Erath

**elton** I guess I got lucky on the 1850 census, none of my six 

   counties existed at the time.

**RootsLady** My concern is that some browsers may not be able to 

   scroll to the right far enough to see all the data.

**MikeB** Elton, look to the east and find a county that existed 

  in 1850.

**TomG** I have looked at several Census pages already up and 

   there is difficulty reading most of them and I have high 

   resolution screen

**Elsi** Hello Floyd.  This is Leigh Compton

**RootsLady** elton, then you can just start on 1860, you lucky 


**Joe** Speaking of 1850 census - I registered at the USGenWeb 

   site for the software last week, but have heard nothing from 

   them.  Anyknow know anything about the software they use.

**Floyd** Hi Leigh, I'm Ed Looney.  I just took over the Floyd 

   County page and moved it to RootsWeb.

**jimurphy** About putting things on county pages and in the 

   archives....I really have no preference etc on that.  

   However; the way I have set up table of content pages for the 

   county you can have a link of the county page titled 

   something like records and archives or whatever.  The link 

   then goes to the toc and the toc is separate from the 

   archives.  The toc has a back to "county" link on it.  

**Elsi** Nice to meet you Ed.

**MikeB** Joe, I am pretty disappointed in the usgenweb CTA 

  program. It simply provides a template for entering data for a 

  county and produces a dbase file.

**TomG** Hi Ed!

**elton** Ok, I'll look back at the list and see if there are any 

   counties that need to be taken for census.  Roots brings up a 

   point that comes up all the time, are we to consider the 

   lowlyist (?) browser when putting material on the web?  I 

   certainly agreed with Mike about loading up on graphics, but 

   we cant worry about table etc.

**jimurphy** the software they are using is one built by rigdon I 

   believe.  You are suppose to be able to download it from the 

   site.  I haven't been there recently so they may have changed.

**Floyd** Hi Tom... I like this mIRC software.  It's relatively 

   easy once you get it set up.

*** Mark ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**MikeB** What is really needed is a program which converts the 

  dbase file to html format, plus provides a surname index with 

  hyperlinks back to the appropriate census page if a visitor 

  wants to go to a specific page.

**Floyd** Hi Mark!

**Nita2** Hi Mark

**Elsi** Hello Mark, Leigh Compton here

**Erath** Hi Mark

**CarlaC** Hi, Mark

**Joe** Greetings Mark

**Mark** Hi y'all. Late but here.

**MikeB** Hello Mark in Wood Co.

**TimH** Hi Mark, Goober says hey!

**TomG** I have several Census pages up on my counties and have 

   used MS Access to maintain the data and output the tables.

**MikeB** I spent my time on the airplane today trying to use WP 8 

  to format the surnames and links to the census pages for Ellis 

  Co. ONly 830 residents, but it is a tremendously time 

  consuming effort.

**Mark** TimH: I haven't heard that one in a long time!

**TimH** Mark: just a little fun

**MikeB** Tom, did you include a surname list and page numbers 


**jimurphy** Mike the idea was to make a data input that would 

   output a standarized file for ftp...not html.  Remember that 

   this is just the beginning of census files   If you start 

   counting forward you'll realise that there is goiing to be 

   some huge files created in ascii but if it goes to html they 

   will get to unbelievable size.

**Joe** Mike, I also just purchased MS Office Suite 7, I believe 

   that I can use Access to as the database and then import it 

   into HTML - Will let you know when I have played with it a 

   little more.

**TomG** No because the lists were very small. But that is 

   necessary for large counties.

**MikeB** Jim, but I think what people really want is the ability 

  to search a file for their surname instead of using FTP top 

  download it.

**TomG** We should find a format we like and maybe I could come up 

   with the program that generates it. I have done similar 

   things at work.

**MikeB** And what is wrong with unbelievable size? Content is 

  what people want on the net!!

**Floyd** Unbelievable size?  Just don't make it a GIF!

**jimurphy** That's why I've been screaming for search engines so 

   that you don't have to use your browser search online or to 

   download the entire file.  The engine that doc is playing 

   with is a good one but, he hasn't set everything up properly.

**Joe** Mike, I agree, what I am going to attempt is to have the 

   complete census as a text file, but then import by surname 

   into different HTML files so that you can search for a name 

   and be taken to that name for each of the different census 


**Elsi** Sadly, Matt Roller probably has the best search engine.

**MikeB** Tom & Joe, the problem is that most people don't have 

  access to MS Access (no pun intended)

**TimH** Content is great, but without easy access, few people 

   will be patient enough to dig through it.

**TomG** The program could be done in Visual Basic so most PC's 

   could use it, I am not into JAVA so MAC's would have to do 


**MikeB** Tim, I agree, that is why we need a surname (and maybe 

  first name) index so that people can look up the surname and 

  then go directly to the census page which contains the data.

**RootsLady** They were patient enough to spend hours and hours 

   turn those little handles on microfilm readers!!

**Elsi** But they were'nt paying by the hour to sit at the film 


**MikeB** Barb, I don't think people are as patient on the Net. 

  They want instant gratification!!

**TomG** I just did it yesterday because 1860 Atascosa County is 

   not in the Indexes.

**TimH** Not as many people did that as are on the net.

**elton** I find that a lot of people want instant ancestors from 

   the net **grin**

**TomG** I did find my gggrandfather in 1860 for the first time 

   with only about 1 hour of work.

**Elsi** Yup.  You can tell from the queries that some folks 

   submit that they hope to find a "ready-made" genealogy

**RootsLady** Elton, you hit the nail on the head. They want 10 

   generations in 10 days or less.

**MikeB** I am finding that there is a new breed of researchers on 

  the net who only gather info from the net and never visit a 

  library or courthouse to do primary research. They don't know 

  what they are missing.

**TimH** Maybe we could have a button to press - click here for 

   your ancestors

**elton** They also dont know what they are doing.  They accept as 

   gospel what the find on the net, or from Broderbund (excuse 


**TomG** Of course there are many that don't have very convienent 

   access to a library with the microfilm you need.

**RootsLady** Mike, bad eyes, broad BU__S, mad husbands, & 

   neglected children **G**

**MikeB** I get emails regularly from people who find a surname in 

  an index such as GENDEX and don't even want to take the time 

  to connect to the actual database to look up the info. They 

  just send me an email saying they would like to see what I 

  have on XXXX family. I give then the URL and tell them to look 

  for themself!!

**Erath** LOL

**TomG** I have to make a few hundred mile trip to get any Census 

   films outside the local area.

**Joe** I agree mike.  While searching for an ancestor in Montague 

   county I found a distant cousin at the next table who 

   provided me with over 300 names, plus two original letters 

   written by my GGGrandfather during the Cival War.

**Elsi** Then there are the guys who find someone who lived 100 

   years ago and send a note asking for someone to show them how 

   they connect to him.

**elton** Here is an amusing example.  A recent e-mail said that 

   he knew his Lacy grandfather and had deduced from the web 

   that his 10th greatgrandfather was one William Lassie

**MikeB** Barb, have you been talking to my wife **grin**?

**TimH** And to think I drove 1500 miles last week for some family 

   history info

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**Elsi** Cool, Jim

**RootsLady** It's those that don't have access that I would like 

   to help the most, not those that live six block from the 

   library that has the info they need.

**MikeB** I am initiating a project to light a fire under some of 

  the inacative county sponsors who have been assigned counties 

  and done very little on them. I may get some flack but feel 

  that it needs to be done.

**Floyd** I guess I'm one of those "Internet Genealogists".  With 

   a 10 mot

**Floyd** month old and a near six year old, I just don't have the 

   time or money to do a lot of travelling

**MikeB** My concept is that if a county is assigned and nothing 

  is done in 30 days, it will be put up for adoption. Any 

  thoughts on this?

**elton** On a serious note about web genealogy, does anyone have 

   a beginners page or guide on their county page?  I have toyed 

   with doing something like that.

**Floyd** back and forth to the library right now.  I do have some 

   "booklets" of family members that have been passed to me by 

   our family genealogist who died in the late 1960s.  

   Unfortunately, I can't find very many of them.

**TomG** What do you mean by  "Nothing is done"?

**Joe** Mike, I agree, why take on a page if you're not going to 

   work on it?

**MikeB** Nothing is done means that my county template is still 

  there and they have not initiated their own page. There are 

  several like that right now.

**elton** Mike, be careful, you just got all adopted!

**Elsi** Elton, why do it over again?  I can give you some great 

   links for existing "newby" pages.

**TxArchive** I got thrown off by my isp.  But I was getting ready 

   to say goodnight and go see what kind of search engine 

   they've come up with.  Mike will email you tomorrow.  And 

   everyone keep those emails and files coming.

**TomG** I agree with that, but 30 days might be a little short 

   for a newbie.

**MikeB** Cyndi Howell has a great set on links for learning HTML 

  and creating pages.

**elton** Yes, I meant a page of links etc. like Cyndi and so on, 

   just a place to show them that they need to learn first, even 

   for web gen.

**MikeB** 30 days, 60 days, 90 days ???

*** TxArchive has quit IRC (Leaving)

**Floyd** My county (Floyd) should be listed as "adoptable" 

   anyway.  I live over 300 miles wawa

**Floyd** away from that county, but that's where I was born and 

   my father as well.  My grandfather moved there in 1906 and 

   died there along with my grandmother.

**TomG** I don't know, but Marie Talbot has been working to learn 

   what to do for more than 30 days now, but she is trying hard.

**Elsi** Mike, are the sponsors responding to e-mail?  Do you 

   think a blanket policy is necessary, or would you just 

   initiate some serious e-mail if your time-limit went by with 

   no changes to the web site.

**Joe** Mike I feel that they should be given 30 days with an 

   explanation that if they need more time they sould contact 


**MikeB** Ector Co is a good example of a dead county. Been 

  assigned over 4 months with no activity.

**Floyd** I just took the county to have it online and to try and 

   do some things with it as I found anything.

**Elsi** Tom, Marie got all of the Frio County stuff moved to 

   RootsWeb on Wednesday.

**TomG** Yes I know Marie got it going, but she needed more that 

   30 days and you help to get that far.

**MikeB** The sponsors do generally respond to email. I just think 

  a broadcast notice to txgen-l might establish the groundwork 

  for private emails.

**Elsi** Mike, would a mentor/cheerleader program make sense?  

   Marie was able to make a lot of progress after you and I sent 

   her explicit e-mail and then I went over to her house to help.

**RootsLady** I think Mike should judge it on a county by county 

   basis, with lots of "How's it coming? messages.

**Elsi** She's still not independent, but will be in a couple of 


**elton** Been fun, Mike before we go (and I will shortly)  how 

   about a topic for next time?

**Elsi** Some of the volunteers are really competent with 

   genealogy, but are having to learn new skills to deal with 

   the Internet.

**MikeB** Any suggestions for a topic?

**RootsLady** Elsi, Been There, Done That!!

**Elsi** Genealogy, USGenWeb, or Inet skills?

**Floyd** I'm *very* skilled in the Internet and building html, 

   but I'm new to genealogy.

**MikeB** The mentor/cheerleader approach makes a lot of sense.

**RootsLady** Copywrite

**Elsi** Genealogy, USGenWeb, or Inet skills? -- for a topic, I 


**Floyd** THIS STUPID KEYBOARD... I'm used to typing on a UNIX 

   keyboard.  This one has the top of the **CR** right where the 

   backspace is on the UNIX keyboard.  Ugh!  :(

**elton** Well, here are some thoughts:  The census project will 

   be an on-going concern.  Inactivity of County pages has 

   created a mini-topic.

**Elsi** Ed, I was lucky that I'd been doing fairly sophisticated 

   genealogy research for 5 years and am also a computer 


**Elsi** Mike, isn't the new "chief" of USGenWeb one of our county 

   sponsors?  How about a featured speaker?

**Elsi** I think a lot of us are comfortable with the state 

   organization but don't know a lot about how things are going 

   at the national level.

*** Grimes ( has joined 


**Floyd** My genealogical "research" consists of putting together 

   information given to me by family members.  The only thing 

   I've found on my own is my father-in-law's aunt in Alalbama 

   and my ggranfather and gggrandfather in Montague County.  My 

   grandmother FINALLY remembered my ggfather's name (her 


**MikeB** Good suggestion about Megan. I asked her to join us this 

  week but she is involved with the opera in Chicago and was 

  busy this weekend.

**Erath** Hi Grimes

**Floyd** Hi Grimes!

**CarlaC** Hi Grimes

*** Grimes ( has left 


**MikeB** Grimes was Tim Harris on a separate connection.

**MikeB** For next week's topic, I will try to confirm Megan. If I 

  can't confirm her, let's talk about copyright.

**MikeB** There was a big discussion on usgenweb this week about 

  whether the txgen-l (and other states) should be a restricted 

  mailing list. Any thoughts on this?

*** TimH has quit IRC (

*** Nita2 has quit IRC (

*** Mark has quit IRC (

**elton** A hot topic recently on MSGENWEB was on the subject of 

   adoption.  In particular, how much to help people find their 

   birth parents etc.  We stayed out of it, as I have told Mike 

   before, sometimes it is a soap over there.

**Floyd** But, I *do* have a lot of stuff.  The information given 

   me by family members is fairly extensive.  My objective as a 

   page sponsor is to get Floyd County online.

**Elsi** Megan, opera? Singing, production crew, attending???

**Elsi** Don't panic.  Conversation is so slow on my end, I just 

   pinged everyone to sample the network lag

**MikeB** I'm not sure exactly what Megan's involvement was.

**MikeB** And I personally don't think adoption topics have any 

  place in our project.

**Elsi** Thank you, Mikd

**Elsi** Mike

**TomG** I vote to say away from adoption.

**elton** Well, that is why we stayed out of it.  We dont think it 

   is proper to try and help people find people who are alive.  

   I just wondered if it has come up in TXGENWEB?

**MikeB** I have had a couple of emails on adoption and have 

  turned them away.

**MikeB** Restriced txgen-l, any thoughts?

**Floyd** I don't think we should "stay away" from adoption, just, 

   maybe, not actively pursue it.  If you have something and 

   want to put it on your page, why not put it on your page?

**elton** The MS experience was a good learner about staying out, 

   it became very emotional and got out of control in my opinion.

**MikeB** I hear the whole msgen-l mailing list is emotional **grin**

**Floyd** ALL of my lists are restricted posting and my LOONEY 

   list is restricted subscription (we don't wanna be taken over 

   by LOONEY TUNES fans).  I think it's necessary.  I'd do the 

   same with txgen-l.

**Elsi** Why restrict it?  You might wind up with a subscriber who 

   isn't a current volunteer but would like to sample the waters 

   before making a committment

**RootsLady** Sometime I would like someone, maybe Elsi, to tell 

   us more about using IRC in Genealogy so we can tell others.

**RootsLady** Is there a listing of IRC Genealogy channels?

**Floyd** Leave the subscription open, but restrict posting.  If 

   you're not a member of a list, you shouldn't post to it.  

   Karen and Brian are working on a way to include "alternate" 

   id's so you can post from multiple IDs, if you have them, but 

   not get multiple posts.

**Elsi** Mike, didn't you give a seminar on Internet Genealogy for 

   the DGS last week?  You could talk on a subset of that 

   workshop any time.

**MikeB** When they ask to subscribe, I send them a message 

  telling them about the purpose of txgen-l. If they seem to 

  have a sincere interest in the project, I subscribe them. 

  About half go away when I ask them about thier interest level.

**elton** Goodnight everyone, enjoyed it.

**Elsi** Night elton.

**MikeB** by elton

**RootsLady** Goodnight Elton

*** elton has quit IRC (Leaving)

**CarlaC** see ya!

**MikeB** bye carls

*** TXPacrat ( has joined #txgenweb

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**Elsi** RootsLady: I'm working on getting a list of the "usual" 

   channels.  One in particular, #genealogy-help, has its own 

   web site with transcripts and schedules of guest speakers.

**Floyd** Aren't IRC channels fluid?  If you open a channel it 

   takes on your topic.  When the channel is empty, it reverts 

   to neutral.  Doesn't it?

**Elsi** Hello TXPacrat

**Elsi** Oops, Here & gone quickly

**MikeB** Wonder who txpacrat was.

**MikeB** Floyd, the channels are fluid but some schedule regular 

  sessions on topics.

**RootsLady** Any sites where one can get info on how IRC works?

**Elsi** Mostly.  DALnet allows you to "register" frequently used 

   channels to reserve the name.  It also allows you to set up 

   "primary" operators who are assigned operator status every 

   time they join the channel.

**Joe** Barbara, go to from there you should be able 

   to find direction on I belive the university page.

**MikeB** Leigh, should we register TXGenWeb chat channel

**RootsLady** This is my virgin attempt at6 IRC.

**Elsi** For example, Joe is the operator here.  He can give 

   operator authority to anyone else.  With the registered 

   channels, it can be set up that Mike is automatically an 

   operator when he joins the channel, whether or not he was the 

   first one here to open the channel.

**Elsi** Mike, I don't know if UnderNet allow channel 

   registration.  DALnet definitely does.

**MikeB** What is the difference in Undernet and Dalnet. I'm 

  pretty virgin also.

**Elsi** RootsLady, there are a number of sites with detailed 

   information on IRC.  I used the mIRC home page as a starting 

   point for learning about IRC.

**RootsLady** I can see there is lots to learn....everytime I turn 

   around there's something new to LEARN!!

**Elsi** I'm not new to chat in general, but signed on to IRC for 

   the first time on Thursday evening.

**MikeB** Leigh have you ever used POWWOW. That is what usgenweb 

  uses, I think.

**Elsi** I've been reading everything in site for 3 days and 

   practicing like crazy.

**MikeB** Megan told me that she was an active POWWOW user.

**Floyd** RootsLady:  The more you stay with computers, the more 

   you'll find you don't know much.  The less you know, the more 

   you think you know (and vice versa).

**Floyd** Who is Megan?

**Elsi** DALnet vs UnderNet.  OK, most of the IRC servers belong 

   to a network of servers which mirror information among the 


**MikeB** Megan Zurawicz is Van Zandt Co TX sponsor and USGenWeb 

  National Coordinator as of a few days ago.

**Elsi** So, we are using UnderNet tonight.  Mike and I are both 

   logged on through the Dallas node of UnderNet.

**Joe** Mike, would you like for me to invite someone to join one 

   of our sessions to give a detailed lecture, demonstration on 

   IRC chat?  Holly Timm who is with IIGS is an expert and I 

   feel I could get her to join us.

**Floyd** Ah, I remember seeing that post.

**RootsLady** Is there a cost to register a IRC channel?

*** Floyd is now known as FloydCo

**MikeB** floyd is getting fancy on us **grin**

**Elsi** Nita logged on to the Springfield, MO, server.  Although 

   we are on different servers, she saw what everyone else typed 

   in, and we could see what she sent.

**FloydCo** :)

**Erath** No cost, you just have to be the first one to grab the 

   channel name up.

**MikeB** Holly Timm is a good suggestion. I know that there are 

  neat things that can be done, like sending audio messages on 


**FloydCo** I don't see any problem with our getting TXGenWeb.  

   Kind of a user specific name, I'd think.

**Elsi** DALnet and UnderNet are two separate networks.  IIGS has 

   a single server for their IRC rather than being part of a 


**RootsLady** GREAT, I would like to set one up and have time for 

   each of my counties and Surname Lists.

**Elsi** It wouldn't make sense for IIGS to be part of one of the 

   general networks, since they'd have to carry all the traffic 

   for all the channels, including those that have nothing to do 

   with genealogy

**FloydCo** I gotta run.  Are we going to do this again next week?

**Erath** Audio with mIRC?

**RootsLady** I think I remember a IIGS message about allowing 

   counties that ability.

**Elsi** If you do set up count chat channels, try to use 

   something like #TXErath

**MikeB** Next week, same time, same place, I will announce topic 

  to txgen-l.

**TomG** By all, it has been fun!

**FloydCo** I'll watch.  And, I'll try to be a little more "on 

   topic".  See ya'll!

**Elsi** Bye, Tom.  This was fun.  See you next week.

**Erath** Nite Floyd

**CarlaC** bye

**RootsLady** It's been fun. Can't wait till next time.....Sweet 


*** RootsLady ( has 

left #TxGenWeb

**MikeB** I sometimes just set up a time and place to chat with my 

  brother in San Antonio instead of talking by phone. Just 

  something like /join #basham

**Elsi** Carla, it was good to talk with you.  Did I tell you that 

   I bought a digital camera?

**CarlaC** No, that's great!  Don't ya love it!

**MikeB** Liegh, you mean a new one. I remember that you had one 

  at last year's Sept meeting.

*** TomG has quit IRC (Leaving)

**CarlaC** No, Mike that was me.

**Elsi** It's really great.  The one that I bought has a PCMCIA 

   hard drive (170Meg) so it holds lots of pictures.

**Elsi** No, Mike.  I was using Carla's camera to take your 


**MikeB** ABout how much Leigh ($$$$)

**CarlaC** That's cool.  

**Elsi** She emailed the picture to me after I got home.

**Elsi** The camera was 799, hard drive another 200 or so.

*** Trey_Braz ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**CarlaC** Hey, Trey is here!!

**Erath** Hi Trey

**MikeB** Hello Trey Holt in Brazos Co.

**Trey_Braz** Sorry I"m very late

**Elsi** Without the hard drive, the camera held 2-10 photos.  I 

   didn't want to lug the laptop through cemeteries and zoos 

   when I was on vacation to unload the 3 or so photos to make 

   room for more.

**Elsi** Hello Trey.

**Erath** Lots of bucks for one of those, but I bet they are nice

*** FloydCo has quit IRC (Leaving)

**CarlaC** Leigh, mine holds 92 I think.

**MikeB** Trey, I am logging and hope to post the whole discussion 

  for all to see if they wish.

**Elsi** My only disappointment is that I don't have a telephoto 

   lens.  It does have a macro setting which makes it really 

   nice for photographing documents

**Trey_Braz** Good anything important happinin

**Elsi** Most of the expense of the camera is due to the high 

   quality and size of the captured images.

**CarlaC** Well, I am going to run.  Have a great evening everyone.

**MikeB** Trey, mostly chit chat. I am going to pick a specific 

  topic for next week.

**Elsi** Night, Carla

**MikeB** bye carla

*** CarlaC ( has left #TXGenWeb

**Trey_Braz** Sounds good, 

**Erath** Worth it I bet Elsi

**Trey_Braz** I just wanted to check in, caouldnt really tie up 

   the phone much tonight

**Joe** Mike, I'm going to call it a night too!  See you next week.

**MikeB** bye joe

*** Joe has quit IRC (Leaving)

**Elsi** See you guys next week.  I'm off to my daily web 

   maintenance activity.

**MikeB** bye leigh

*** Elsi ( has left #TXGenWeb

**Erath** I'm going also, maybe I can get here in a couple of 

   weeks when I am off on Sunday. Goodnight.

**Trey_Braz** Mike was there a good turnout tonight

**MikeB** about 10 people in and out.

**Trey_Braz** Improvement

**Erath** Good to see you MikeB. We had hoped to make it to 

   Hamilton Co. talk, but had to work. :-( Nite

**MikeB** I think a specific topic is needed now that people are 

  getting the hang of it.

*** Erath ( has left #TxGenWeb

**Trey_Braz** I agree

**Trey_Braz** I think this can be a good forum and doesnt fill up 

   the email box

**MikeB** We will probably talk about eith copyrights or have an 

  IRC expert available next week to educate us. Or perhaps have 

  Megan Zurawicz to share her usgenweb perspective with us.

**MikeB** Where did you acquire your graphics expertise?

**Trey_Braz** Well since I caught the tail end and I'm sure you 

   are tired I'll let you go. That will sure give everyone 

   something to talk about. how was vegas?

**MikeB** Mostly business. Too many meetings to enjoy the 


**Trey_Braz** I got the ok from two folks in our group who have 

   transcribed alout of stuff to put it online.

**Trey_Braz** They are supposed to give it to mee at our aug 

   meeting so we should be putting some stuff online soon.

**MikeB** Good, we all have a long way to go to catch up to Hood 


**Trey_Braz** I dont think any of us will ever catch Hood

**MikeB** I think the co sponsors need to do a better job of 

  posting a message to txgen-l to make everyone aware of what 

  they are doing on their county pages and perhaps pick up some 

  ideas for their own pages.

**MikeB** Texas counter went over 100,000.

**Trey_Braz** Yea. I'll make an announce when we get our stuff up

**Trey_Braz** we are approaching 8300 nearing one year

**MikeB** Traffic on the TExas page is picking up to nearly 500 

  per day now.

**Trey_Braz** Makes since, I read that the new people on the web 

   doubles each year

**Trey_Braz** That means that every year half of the people are 

   new users

**MikeB**  I am giving an Internet speech at FGS in Dallas in Sept 

  and right now, it is the most heavily pre-registered lecture. 

  Lots of interest in this topic.

**Trey_Braz** Well ill let you go. ill try to be on time next 

   week. I'm going to try to do a workshop for our group in 

   about a month if i can find a facility

**MikeB** Take care, see you later.

**Trey_Braz** with a phone line

**Trey_Braz** bye

*** Trey_Braz has quit IRC (Leaving)

Session Close: Sun Jul 27 21:42:28 1997

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