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Monday, 20-Feb-2012 20:43:10 EST
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 17 Aug 1997

Session Start: Sun Aug 17 20:03:37 1997

*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb
**woodco** Dallas : Glad to be here.
**MikeB** Hi folks, I finally made it.
**Marie** Really? Would she be so kind as to try and look up an
address for me? Does she do E-mail?
**Dallas** evening Mike
**RootsLady** There's our FEARLESS LEADER!!
**Dallas** yes marie she does email
**MikeB** FEARFUL would be more descriptive!!
**CarlaC** Hi....again.
**Tim_H** Mark, Goober says hey!
**Marie** Hello Mike
**MikeB** Hi Goober Tim, glad you don't have to work tonight.
**woodco** Tim_H : Hi yourself. Good to hear from you!
**RootsLady** Mike...I couldn't get through to go
through AOL
**MikeB** And Hi Marie in California who wold really like to be in
**RootsLady** same thing happened last week!!
**MikeB** I had to try four servers before I could get through.
**Marie** May I have her E-mail address?
**Dallas** marie, which co. are you ... would you believe I'll
have to look it up ... I just use my address book
**Marie** Well, I have my tickets...will be seeing you in a few
**MikeB** Marie is Gray and Sherman Co
*** Sparky ( has joined
**MikeB** I sent Patty an email today to remind her about this
chat. Anybody corresponded with her this week?
**MikeB** Hi Terry
**Dallas** thanks Mike
**Sparky** Hello all
**CarlaC** Hi
*** Betsy ( has joined #txgenweb
*** Betsy has quit IRC (Killed (Los-Angeles-R.CA.US.Undernet.Org
( **-[1] (older nick overruled))))
*** Betsy (~betsym@ has joined #txgenweb
**Marie** Gray County
**MikeB** Hi Betsy in Paris!!
*** Betsy has quit IRC (Read error to Betsy[]:
Connection reset by peer)
**Marie** And Sherman County
**Marie** Off in the other end of Texas!
**MikeB** Marie, don't you have Sherman Co also?
*** Betsy ( has joined #txgenweb
*** BroJohn (jquigley@ has joined #TXGenWeb
**CarlaC** Hi, Betsy & BroJohn
**Betsy** Hello
**BroJohn** Hi everybody
**MikeB** Hi John in Calhoun Co!
**MikeB** Some of you may realize that my server Chrysalis was
down again almost all day today.
**Marie** I think Betsy was in-out
**Marie** I do.
**MikeB** Betsy, have you communicated with Patty this week.
**Sparky** Hello there BroJohn
**Sparky** Hi Betsy
**Marie** I haven't worked on it much, but I do
**Betsy** I am having trouble getting connected tonight.
**Marie** I think Betsy was in-out
**Marie** I do.
**MikeB** Yes, I'm wondering if Patty Lindsay is going to make it.
**Sparky** Yes, I tried today with no results to log on
-** [betsy] PING
*** Trey_Braz ( has joined #TXGenWeb
**Dallas** Hi Trey
**CarlaC** Hi, Trey
**BroJohn** I just spent 3 hours of this with USIGS talking about
the next SIGGY and about giving a Special Award to Cyndi
Howell's Site.
**Betsy** No, Mike, I haven't
**Trey_Braz** Howdy everyone
**Marie** Ok, who brought the desert for tonight?
**MikeB** John, it doesn't seem like it would take 3 hours to
decide to give Cyndi an award.
**Tim_H** Mike, do you know off hand how many county coordinators
there are in TxGenWeb?
**BroJohn** Hi MikeB in Dallas
**Betsy** I didn't realize what time it is, and had to come flying
**MikeB** 116 TXGenWEb Coordinators
**BroJohn** Hi Sparky
**MikeB** So we average over 2 counties per sponsor.
**Marie** Must be a busy night
**MikeB** Any comments on last week's session with Linda Lewis on
USGenWeb Archives?
**BroJohn** Well now I know why I couldn't connect today.
**RootsLady** Mike, I've been waiting for space on RootsWeb since
April 28, have sent 3 messages...any ideas??
**BroJohn** Hi, Trey
**Marie** It's a bummer when it's down on a weekend
**Dallas** while we're waiting to start, had a real success story
today ... two brothers reunited after mucho years ... it was
a teary moment
**Trey_Braz** Howdy
**Sparky** Same here RootsLady
**Sparky** Congrats Dallas
**MikeB** Barb, there are others waiting also. I don't understand
the problem with space on rootsweb. Brian says he will do it
and then takes much too long to actually get space allocated.
**MikeB** TEll us about it Dallas.
**BroJohn** Patty was online earlier this week but haven't seen
her since I think Wednesday.
**MikeB** Patty seemed enthusiastic about joining, but I don't
know why she isn't here.
**Sparky** Who is Patty and what county(ies) does she have?
**MikeB** Patty Lindsey is the author of the CCHelper software
**Marie** Cool!
**CarlaC** Patty Lindsey is the author of the CCHelper program.
**Tim_H** Mike, Thanks.
**Marie** Someday I hope to find a brother that was adopted out
after I was born.
**Marie** I know how I would feel!!!
**BroJohn** No that part was easy, it was some of the other stuff
and then just talking about what it is we were trying to
accomplish. Working on a brochure.
**Betsy** You just have to send Brian lots of "pretty please"s!!
-** [woodco] PING
**Marie** No comment
**Sparky** I emailed Brian at RootsWeb and asked for a "personal"
response from him. He said **Q**We're in the process of
converting all our servers to a new
**Sparky** operating system capable of supporting the kinds of
**Sparky** RootsWeb is now experiencing.
**Sparky** We'll be converting the last server this weekend, and
**Sparky** that we'll be back in the account creation business. -B
**Marie** However, I've decided that if I ever submit info to that
site, I'm going to LOAN it, not donate it, so I can control
**BroJohn** I thought it was a really good session and a lot was
hashed out. Linda was, I think as up front as she could be
about all of this.
**Dallas** had a gentleman say that this was his 1st time on web
and even though it was a long shot ... all he knew was
father's name & born SC ... mom took him away when 5
**Sparky** Duh, the name didn't ring a bell.
**Tim_H** I think everyone knows what I think about the USGenWeb
Archives. So I'll spare you all this evening.
father's name & born SC ... mom took him away when 5
lately, they are trying to upgrade
**woodco** Gotta take a short break. Back soon. See ya'
**Dallas** posted such to newsgroup, had questions asked, and lo
this morning if someone didn't rec. dad's name. They knew of
his existance, just had no clue as to where he was.
**Betsy** I have sure gotten lots of positive comments about my
counties' queries since I started using CCHelper.
**MikeB** Tim is a real gentleman tonight!!
*** woodco has quit IRC (Leaving)
**Marie** What exactly is the CCHelper software?
**CarlaC** Me too.
**MikeB** Betsy, what is your weekly volume of queries and how
much time does it take weekly to handle them with CCHelper.
**RootsLady** Anybody know a way to keep some info in CCHelper
More Info from address & phone#
**Betsy** CCHelper is a database for your queries and then it also
writes the html pages for you, completely indexed.
*** PamP (webpsalms@ has joined #TXgenweb
**CarlaC** Hi, Pam
**MikeB** Hi Pam in Nacog
**RootsLady** Evening, Pam
**Betsy** Hi Pam!
**BroJohn** I tried to put together some pages last week and got
less than I wanted, but I used the Auto feature, will try
again doing it the manual way.
**Marie** Sounds neat
**PamP** Hi
**BroJohn** Hello Pam
-** [brojohn] PING
**Marie** Yo Pam!
**RootsLady** CCHelper is great already and could be outstanding!!
**PamP** I've been trying since before 8 to get on!
**MikeB** Any problem with getting queries posted to your counties
this week?
*** woodco ( has joined #TXGenWeb
**BroJohn** Yeah, it is not easy to get here.
**Marie** Is it user friendly?
**BroJohn** Welcome back woodco
**woodco** BroJohn: Thanks. Glad to get back for the CCHelper
portion. Huge enthusiast!!
**CarlaC** I think so, Marie.
**Betsy** I probably have about 3 queries a week that I leave on
the autobot until there are 6-10. But I have about 2 people
per night asking to have surnames added. It takes about 10
minutes per county to add the surnames, write the pages and
upload them!
**RootsLady** Hi Pam...All of East is here!!
**Marie** How does CCHelper work?
**Betsy** Maybe even less time than that.
**PamP** Marie, I personally find it not so easy to use, but worth
the struggle
**RootsLady** Pam, what R U having problems with?
**Betsy** The start up is not too easy, especially if you have
more than one county. But once it is up and running, it is
**Marie** I don't have that many queires, I find it easier just to
add them to the page by typing
**BroJohn** I'm glad that someone else has some problems using the
program, I was beginning to think I was it.
**Betsy** Just the start up. Now that it is all set up, it is
quick and easy.
**PamP** My problem is really a general one. The program just
isn't very intuitive for me, and each time
**PamP** I go into it, I have to relearn, by trial and error, how
to do it.
**woodco** BroJohn : It is not completely intuitive in spots. But
you will get on to it after a bit. And the help available is
fantastic. Other users will fire back an answer to almost any
-** [PamP] PING
**BroJohn** That's a good point Pam, me to.
**PamP** I do want to emphasize: it is worth it. The output is
wonderful. It looks so nice and is truly
**Marie** I didn't have any queries, but what can I say with a
county full of oil wells?
**PamP** helpful to people.
**BroJohn** I've been on the list and I see that there is a lot of
help for the program and Patty is willing to work to get it
to do the best it can.
**Marie** Wow, I somehow got switched into another channel, have
no idea what I did
**RootsLady** My only problem is in changing the headers &
footers...for both counties & One Name Study pages
**RootsLady** Carla..any ideas how to keep some info from printing
in the MORE INFO snail address & phone.
**MikeB** Barb, what is your volume of queries weekly?
**BroJohn** Well the CCHELPER-L list is a good one and a helpful
place too.
**CarlaC** Barb, I have not looked into doing that yet.
**MikeB** The Cliftons are using CCHelper to manage the queries on
the Unknown Co page. They swear by it and the volume of
queries is VERY heavy.
**Betsy** Well, I would LIKE for the More Info section to print on
my html pages. But I don't think it does!
**RootsLady** Betsy, It should be doing it!!
**Betsy** It doesn't!
**woodco** The More Info does not print on the html pages, but it
is available if you look at the Researcher information.
**Marie** I think it would be nice to have a session sometime on
IRC chat...I just got pulled into chat by some dope. Have to
learn more about this program!
**Marie** Carla, what county are you?
**BroJohn** How would you get the information onto the pages?
**RootsLady** Marie, Me listening Mike??
**MikeB** The Erath Co sponsors are pretty knowledgeable about
Chat. They did some education for me and Betsy last Sunday
**Betsy** I am trying to chat with someone who did the same to me
and I don't know how to nicely get rid of them!
**PamP** Marie: I agree with that idea!
**Betsy** John, what information are you talking about?
**Marie** I do. Tell them your 60 years old and weight 350 pounds
**Marie** Works everytime
**CarlaC** Liberty, plus others.
**RootsLady** It would be just my luck not to be able to get
**Betsy** But. . . But . . . that would be the TRUTH!!!
**woodco** Right click the "dope" and then click "close."
**BroJohn** Don't they have channels at rootsweb and/or dsenter?
**Marie** Works for me, they run like crazy. What counties are
using the CCHelper. I'd like to look at it this week.
**MikeB** Carla, what is your weekly query volume on the unknown
Co page?
**woodco** Wood County is running.
**Betsy** Lamar and Delta - in Texas!
**Marie** Thank you Woodco...does that work also in Visual IRC?
**PamP** Nacogdoches
**RootsLady** Marie, Jasper, Orange,
**PamP** I have not updated for a while, though.
**woodco** Marie : Sorry, I don't know from Visual IRC.
**MikeB** Patty could tell us how many, but there are at least 22
Texas sponsors using CCHelper.
**Marie** I really enjoy doing the work manuelly
**BroJohn** Yes it does Marie, I just click on the close box in
the upper right corner, you know the one with the x in it.
**Marie** That's ok...what I'd really like to know is HOW he
pulled me into chat.
**PamP** What is Visual IRC?
**Betsy** Yes, Marie, but with 153 postings, it gets too big. And
CCHelper indexes them for you!
**BroJohn** It is program similar to mIRC but it is freeware.
**Marie**'s an IRC my hubby set up for me...all
I know is how to get into this chat and out again.
**Betsy** Marie, when you find out, tell me!! I want to know how
they find me!
**PamP** Thanks, BroJohn
**RootsLady** Mike, with eight counties and 2 surname list,
probably 50-60
**CarlaC** VERY....
**Marie** With that many postings, I can understand that
**PamP** Yes, the index is really great! Plus, Marie, I do them
"manually" through CCHelper.
**BroJohn** It is really easy to use, and has all sorts of visual
ICONs to help you do what you need to do. I had mIRC and
could never figure out what to do with it. Visual IRC works
really easy.
**MikeB** I will designate next week'
**Marie** How does one get the CChleper program?
**MikeB** s topic as "Chat Techniques" and try to make sure that
we have experienced people available on the various chat
**Betsy** I just hightlight the message in my email, hit Ctrl-C,
switch to CCH and click on import!
**Marie** Betsy, if I find out, I will let you know!
**Betsy** Thanks, Marie!
**Sparky** I am not using the program yet but I am very impressed
with the appearance of those that are using it.
**MikeB** Things are very slow tonight. 6 min 39 seconds from me
to PamP
* Betsy welcomes MikeB to chat!
**Marie** hello?
* Betsy slaps MikeB around with her tiny stack of ancestors, so
it won't hurt too much...
* MikeB slaps Betsy around a bit with a large trout
**Betsy** See, Mike! I learned a lot!!
**MikeB** Betsy, you learned more than I did!!
**CarlaC** Marie, here is the url
* Sparky slaps Sparky around a bit with a large trout
**PamP** Does anyone have the URL handy for Marie?
**RootsLady** Betsy, Now don't go getting fancy with us NEWBIE
**Sparky** Ouch that hurt
**Betsy** She and I stayed on till probably 11 PM, her teaching
and me learning!
**MikeB** Betsy, why don't you tell everyone about Thursday
night's meeting so if some folks in NE Texas want, they could
visit with us.
*** KC ( has joined #txgenweb
**Betsy** I probably upload new query pages every other night. It
is just so easy, that I don't mind replacing them that often!
**BroJohn** will get you to
download the program
**Marie** I think it would be great to have a session on chat.
**Sparky** Hello KC
**Marie** I'll have to take a look at it
**MikeB** For anyone in the Dallas/Ft Worth area, I am speaking
tomorrow night to the Irving Genealogical Society.
**KC** Sorry, I was knocked off line.
**Betsy** We need Erath County - shyone - to teach it. She/they
were great!
**Marie** Now Betsy, how did you do that macro?
* KC is CarlaC
**RootsLady** The first time you use CCHelper on each county is
the most time comsuming. After that it's eaiser.
**Betsy** It is in the popups!
* BroJohn hold out hand to Marie Good job
**PamP** Yeah!
* BroJohn slaps sparky around with a side of beef
**Betsy** One county is really nice. When you add more counties
and want them to look different, then you have more problems!
*** CarlaC has quit IRC (Ping timeout for CarlaC[hsh16-154.flash.
*** KC is now known as CarlaC
**PamP** Is Patti coming tonight?
**MikeB** I do not believe that Patti it despite my reminder email.
**Marie** Ok, someone give with the commands for the slaps, etc!!!
**Betsy** I did learn one thing -- Dallas needs to give ops to
some more people in case they get knocked offline!
**Marie** BTW Mike, how's the conference coming along?
* BroJohn offering a chair to KC - Howdy KC set a spell
**MikeB** FGS Conference looks pretty good. About 1300
preregitered and total attendance expected to be about 1600.
**Betsy** Marie, just go to your popus and follow the pattern
under slap to write more!
**BroJohn** it is easy Marie /me and then whatever you want to say
such as slaps Sparky with a trout
* BroJohn slaps Sparky with a trout
* CarlaC is kicking back in chair... many thanks BroJohn.
**Betsy** Didn't I make it sound easy!?!?!?! 8-o
* Marie yak yak
*** RootsLady has quit IRC (Read error to RootsLady[174-202-156.i]: Connection reset by peer)
* Sparky slaps CarlaC around a bit with a large trout
* Sparky slaps BroJohn around a bit with a large trout
* Marie is now happy that she can go with the groove
* CarlaC cooks large trout. hmm hmm
**PamP** Well, I guess that wasn't it -- you show-offs come up in
purple on my screen!
* BroJohn offering a hand to Marie - good job Marie
**Betsy** Hey Mike! Are you still on the trout????
* MikeB thinks everyone likes this chat stuff
**Betsy** I stayed up till 1 AM I think learning this!
* MikeB slaps PamP around a bit with a large trout
**CarlaC** Pam, type "/me" then whatever
* PamP Now showing off!
**BroJohn** You can change the color Pam in Visual IRC we have a
color pallet
*** RootsLady ( has joined
**PamP** Hey! it worked! Thanks BroJohn!
**Marie** What programs do some of you use to create your pages?
Or do you HTML code the pages
**RootsLady** Somebody SLAPPED me right out of here!!
* MikeB slaps RootsLady around a bit with a large trout
**BroJohn** I write my HTML in WordPro although I used to use an
HTML editor.
**Betsy** Okay!! Mike Basham will be our featured speaker on this
Thursday night at Paris Junior College. He will be speaking
to the Lamar County Genealogical Society on "Genealogical
Research on the Internet!"
**Dallas** I html all my pages myself
**Betsy** Starts at 7 PM!
**PamP** I use mostly WebEdit 2.0 PRO
**Betsy** Room 102 in the main building.
**RootsLady** AOL Press & Frontpage....learning HOMESITE
**Sparky** I use AOLPress
**Tim_H** I use Windows 95 WordPad and write the HTML myself.
**PamP** Also have a trial version of HomeSite and it is very nice.
**MikeB** I do HTML manually but have been looking at Composer in
Netscape 4.0
**Marie** I think it would make it easier for us Mike
**woodco** I use AOLPress, but write the html, then let AOLPress
check me.
**RootsLady** Mike is Fort Worth GS online??
**PamP** Well, tonight I wasted 10 minutes in #txgenweb all by
**BroJohn** Homesite is a really good program, there is a free
version and then there is 2.5 with all the bells and whistles
**Marie** PopUps?
**PamP** Then, I went to Eudora to find Mike's msgs about it
**Betsy** Marie, click on Tools, then PopUps!
**PamP** Then, had to go to the TXGenweb page, and finally found
the correct name
**MikeB** FW Genealogical Society is
en plus this link is on the Texas page.
**BroJohn** You are most welcome Carla
**MikeB** PAM I think the channel name is case sensitive.
**Marie** Sometimes with these new programs & stuff, NOTHING is
* BroJohn slaps Sparky with big jar of BBQ Sauce and some ribs
**Sparky** Uhmm. Tasty
* MikeB slaps BroJohn with a huge pile of fresh shrimp!!
**RootsLady** Betsy, If I wanted to have a SE TX IRC
meeting...what would I need to do??
* BroJohn offers large lemon and some garlic sauce to CarlaC
**MikeB** Barb, just tell them the time and name of the channel
(#SETexas) for example and that is all there is to it.
* MikeB takes pile of fried hush puppies with shrimp, lemon and
* Betsy invites BroJohn to visit Lamar County TXGenWeb anytime!
* CarlaC offers to share cooked trout with group.
*** wingless ( has joined #TXGenWeb
* MikeB says when and where cooked trout???
*** Sparky has quit IRC (Read error to Sparky[
com]: Connection reset by peer)
* Betsy invites BroJohn to visit Lamar County TXGenWeb anytime!
would have to ask Mike!
* PamP slaps Carla on the back with a big Thank You!
**BroJohn** If anyone is interested in some really good FREEWARE
you might try you will be able to see the
software and a brief description of what it will do plus a
rating. They handle only Free Ware and nonagged shareware.
That's why it is called NONAGS
*** wingless ( has left #TXGenWeb
**BroJohn** They have HTML helps and other great stuff,
communications, to games.
**PamP** Betsy, Mike was at our Nacogdoches CIG meeting in July --
you are in for a TREAT!
* MikeB blushes
**Betsy** He came once before and talked about the FGS conference.
I just hope he finds us this time!! **G**
**BroJohn** Our folks in Calhoun County really enjoyed him too.
**Dallas** guess you know who the quiet ones are ... Tim, Trey & I
**PamP** Thanks, BroJohn
**Trey_Braz** just listening
**MikeB** Betsy, it was that crazy woman that I was travelling
with that caused the problem **Grin**
**CarlaC** I would like to see CCHelper rescheduled if possible.
**Betsy** Yay Mike!!! You did it!!!!
**BroJohn** glad to be of service Pam
**PamP** I am *struggling* with Frontpage, too. I downloaded the
beta the other day.
**Marie** Little far for me Mike :):):):)
**BroJohn** Me Too!
**MikeB** I agree that we need to reschedule Patty to join us for
a CCHelper session.
**Betsy** Is Paris too far?
**Tim_H** Mike, if you ever get down towards College Station or
Houston, please let me know.
**BroJohn** I looked at front page and decided to leave it alone,
I liked Homesite when I was using it. It was easy to use and
fairly intuitive.
**RootsLady** bets the HECK out of eMail.
**Betsy** Just think how envious your friends will be when you
tell them you are on your way to Paris!
**PamP** Homesite is *much* easier than Frontpage, and is an
excellent program, I think.
**BroJohn** Homesite does many of the HTML keys for you like **p**
for paragraph and other formatiing alone with tables.
**woodco** BroJohn : Did you use AOLPress before Homepage. Any
**Dallas** They gave me frontpage at work to use with NMA page ...
haven't figured it out yet and the manual is enough to scare
**BroJohn** Betsy, what is PopUps?
**MikeB** For the record, next week's chat topic will be "Chat
Techniques" and the Aug 31 topic will be USGenWeb with Megan
Zurawicz as the guest.
**PamP** Yeah, but what do you do after you get Popups?
**Trey_Braz** Tim, do you live in College Station?
**Betsy** PopUps is under your Tools in mIRC. It is where you
write the "Slaps" etc.
**BroJohn** Homesite is a great program and will let you place
your pages in folders and projects which really helps.
**Betsy** Where is Erath County when you need them???? **G**
*** BroJohn has quit IRC (Write error to BroJohn[]
, closing link)
**Marie** well, I'm going to call it a night
*** BroJohn ( has joined #TXGenWeb
**Marie** Take care everyone
**RootsLady** Betsy, Can you maybe stay on with a few of us when
the session closes??
**Betsy** Bye Marie!
**PamP** Marie, try CCHelper and let us know what you think.
**Betsy** I can RootsLady! But I don't know how much I know!
**RootsLady** Night Marie
* BroJohn sheepishly grinning Hit the wrong key!
**woodco** Yes, Marie. doo look at it and try it!!!
**CarlaC** Bye, Marie
**Marie** I'll try...going to be pretty busy in the next few starts here
**Betsy** Funny, John!!
**BroJohn** Goodnight Marie
**MikeB** I am going to close the log of the session but will hang
around for a while. Thanks for your participation and sorry
Patty did not show up.
**PamP** I would like to know, too, Mike.
**Marie** I can't wait
**Dallas** marie will let you know Denton address
**PamP** WOW!
**BroJohn** I try
**Marie** I need to find a hotel close by
**Marie** I'm looking forward to checking out the vendors and the
Dallas library
**BroJohn** Mike is right it is case sensitive. Thanks I needed
that Mike
**Betsy** By Jove, I think you got it, Mike!
* BroJohn covering shrimp with butter sauce, thanks Mike slurp
Session Close: Sun Aug 17 21:26:57 1997

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