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Monday, 20-Feb-2012 20:43:11 EST
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 31 Aug 1997

Session Start: Sun Aug 31 19:46:33 1997

*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb

* MadDoc Says G'day ljdolby, and 


* pigoletto pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, MikeB ?

* MadDoc Says G'day MikeB, and Welcome!

**MikeB** Hi folks!!

*** RootsLady ( has 

joined #TxGenWeb

**MadDoc** Them ops Piglet.

**MadDoc** Mike!

* pigoletto pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, RootsLady ?

* MadDoc Says G'day RootsLady, and Welcome!

*** Elsi ( has joined 


* MadDoc Says G'day Elsi, and Welcome!

**Elsi** Hello all

**MikeB** Hi Doc!!

* Elsi sponsors Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Presidio, and 

  Reeves counties for TXGenWeb

* pigoletto pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, Elsi ?

[RootsLady SOUND]

**RootsLady** Hello Everyone

**MikeB** RootsLady's Trademark has sounded!!

**MadDoc** G'day and Howdy Mike.

**ljdolby** Hi all

* MadDoc didn't hear a thing..

* CompuMom is CarlaC

**MikeB** Rootslady send him the howdy wave.

**MikeB** Megan, glad you made it here!!

**MadDoc** No sound card in here anyway.

**pigoletto** Pigoletto didn't hear anything either.  Is there 

   something I should set?

* MadDoc rolls on the floor laughing...

**pigoletto** Haven't a clue what I'm doing, but I'm doing it.**G**

* /sound: insufficient parameters

*** ljdolby ( has left #TXGenWeb

**pigoletto** Boy, that was quick!**G**

**Elsi** Well, RootsLady, I installed mIRC V5.1 (upgrade from 4.7) 

   2 minutes before I dialed in.  This is the acid test!

* /sound: insufficient parameters


**MadDoc** 5.1? is that the latest? I have 5.02

**pigoletto** My 5.1 32 bit has been installed three whole hours 

   so far.

**Elsi** Megan, you and I are the most vulnerable, then.

**pigoletto** (of course in my case that's not an upgrade)


**Elsi** RL, want I should send you 5.1?

**pigoletto** Well, I also dl'd but didn't install the MS comic 

   book IRC software....**G**

**Elsi** We've probably got time for the transfer, took me 16.2 

   minutes of DCC last night to get it.

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o MikeB

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o RootsLady

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o Elsi

**MikeB** Doc, how are you and FTM doing? **grin**

**CompuMom** hey...

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o CompuMom

*** Dallas-ak ( has joined 


* pigoletto pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, Dallas-ak ?

**CompuMom** :)

**pigoletto** Mike, I told it to get, but it said get incomplete

* MadDoc Says G'day Dallas-ak, and Welcome!

**MadDoc** I'm going to blast that place into orbit.

**MikeB** I'll try again, but my mIRC is not set up right to send, 

  rootslady can send it to you. You will LIKE it!!

[CompuMom SOUND]

**Dallas-ak** had to find a new name as someone seems to have mine 

   so for tonight Dallas-aka-ljdolby

**MadDoc** I'm going to blast that place into orbit.

* MadDoc hates when that happens!!!

* MadDoc takes a pulse... then gives it back...

**RootsLady** I just went and bought a 4.2GB.IDE Drive

**MikeB** Bosque, Hill, Falls, Limestone are now available. the 

  sponsor wants to reduce his workload. Anyone want them?

**Dallas-ak** haven't figured the sound thing yet guys ... sorry

**pigoletto** Well, make the rest of the wFT disks I don't have 

   fall in my yard while you're at it Doc

* Elsi hands CompuMom a tall glass of Southern mint tea

**MadDoc** Should have got a bigfoot 6.5 gig.

**pigoletto** get incomplete again

**Elsi** (Better than a slap, right?)

* CompuMom thanks Elsi!

**MikeB** Forget me for sending sound, I'm hopeless.

**RootsLady** MadDoc - U got 1

* CompuMom mmmmmm good

* MikeB slaps CompuMom around a bit with a large trout

**pigoletto** **Fresh homemade salsa and chips on table**

**MadDoc** Yup...

* MadDoc slaps MikeB around a bit with a large kangaroo.

* CompuMom says MikeB better watch out. I will fry it up....hehe

**pigoletto** That's the problem with you guys, always too 


**MikeB** **Bluebell chocolate sundae ice cream on table - YUM**!!

**RootsLady** MikeB WHO am I suppossed to send WHAT to??

**Dallas-ak** mike, are you going to send a note to the newsgroup 

   re lunch on Thurs

**Elsi** Lunch at the Aquarium, right?  Are we taking names so we 

   can hold tables?

**pigoletto** Rootslady, think he wants you to send me the 


**MikeB** Either me or Mary Love will send it. She is the 

  organizer of the lunch. 

**RootsLady** OK

* MadDoc munches on one of Marvins dog biscuits...

**Dallas-ak** ok

**MikeB** I think we will have about 10 people for the Thursday 

  lunch. Should be fun.

**Elsi** cicada season here in Tarrant county.

**pigoletto** Okay, the sound dl seems to be running right in bg

**Elsi** what a racket!

**Dallas-ak** my other half hates cicadas

**MadDoc** Mike - I've made three county accounts for your TX 


**pigoletto** Gonna roast those ten people or stew 'em, Mike?

**MikeB** Elsi, do you mean tree cricket?

**pigoletto** Cicadas here noisy as all get out too....

**pigoletto** Drown out the TV

**MikeB** Great, Doc, we appreciate the help. They were about to 

  give up on rootsweb when you graciously stepped in.

**Elsi** I don't know if they're the same -- cicada == tree 

   cricket ???

**MadDoc** No problem..

**Elsi** RW is now creating 20-40 accounts each day.

**pigoletto** Never heard of a tree cricket, myself....

**MikeB** Tree crickets are first cousins to the horned toad.

**MadDoc** Glad to help out where and when I can.

**RootsLady** I've been waiting for an account on RW since April 


**Elsi** I recognize a cicada when I see one hanging onto the tree 

   trunk.  Big honking bug

**MadDoc** I made 50 accounts in an hour...

**Elsi** And many thanks to you MadDoc.

**pigoletto** Of course, when the local bank finds out, Doc's gone!

**pigoletto** lol

[RootsLady SOUND]

**MadDoc** Send me a mail to and I'll whip you 

   up on rootslady

**MikeB** Rubbing its wings and looking for a mate.

**Elsi** It is probably wise to have USGenWeb county pages spread 

   out on several servers just in case someone goes bankrupt.

*** BroJohn ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**MadDoc** Local Bank? Huh? 

**Elsi**  Hello there, BroJohn

* pigoletto pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, BroJohn ?

* Dallas-ak welcomes BroJohn to our chat ... Hi BroJohn!

**Elsi** (MD -- accounts, bank, get it?)

**RootsLady** Hi BroJohn

**MikeB** Hello JOhn in Calhoun County

**BroJohn** Hi all

* MadDoc Says G'day BroJohn, and Welcome!

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o BroJohn

**pigoletto** Where you were making the accounts...geeze...I gotta 

   find a rimshot sound for da jokes


**MadDoc** Oh geesh.. web accounts is what I meant..

* MadDoc hits his head on the desk... **thud**

**pigoletto** still not hearing anything and the dl's complete....

**CompuMom** lol

**Elsi** JQ, is Calhoun County named for John C. Calhoun of SC?  

   If so, I have a biography you can link to at http://www.rootsw

**MikeB** Piglet or Doc, how many total counties in the 50 states?

**MikeB** And how many have sponsors?

**MadDoc** over 3000

**MadDoc** Mike - Did you get the TX county file I sent you?

**MadDoc** The one for the queries?

**BroJohn** As far as I know it isn't but thanks I'll take the link

**MadDoc** about 85% or so.

**MikeB** No Doc, did not receive the file. What was it?

*** TxArchive ( has joined #TXGenweb

**Elsi**  Hello there, TxArchive

* pigoletto pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, TxArchive ?

* MadDoc Says G'day TxArchive, and Welcome!

**MadDoc** about 85% or so.

**TxArchive** That is a hangover TXARchive jim murphy

**MadDoc** The file was the part of the query master file for TX.. 

   I'll resend it..

**BroJohn** Hi Jim

**MikeB** What should I do with it when I get it?

[CompuMom SOUND]

**pigoletto** Somewhere along the line I need to get a list of all 

   counties and ccs.

   I'll resend it..

   date list of SC's.

**BroJohn** Hi Jim

**Elsi**  Hello there, marylove

* MadDoc Says G'day marylove, and Welcome!

**marylove** Hi everybody

**MikeB** Hello Mary Love!!

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o marylove

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o TxArchive

* BroJohn Says Hi Marylove

* pigoletto pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, marylove ?

**RootsLady** Evening...marylove

**MikeB** And greetins Jim in Austin.

**CompuMom** Hi, marylove

* Dallas-ak welcomes marylove to our chat ... Hi marylove!

**CompuMom** Hi,TxArchive

**TxArchive** Sorry for joining late but was playing with 

   cchelper.  See that  dale is online wondering about auto 

   query system.  Want to convert over whenever the state file 

   is set. What's up.  Hi Mike!

**pigoletto** So how many folks usually show up for this wingding?

**MikeB** Usually 10-15

**MikeB** Let's give it another 5 minutes or so and then talk 

  about USGenWeb

**BroJohn** Depends on what's for dinner, Deer, road kill, wild 

   pig. Whatever

*** TxArchive is now known as jimurphy

**pigoletto** okie doke....

**marylove** Is the luncheon still on for Thursday?

[RootsLady SOUND]

**pigoletto** sounds okay to me.....

**MikeB** Yes on the lunch. Can you broadcast a message tomorrow 

  with all the details?

**pigoletto** around here dinner was tamales and salsa.**G**

[CompuMom SOUND]

**MikeB** 1350 enrolled for FGS. Should be a good conference.

*** Erath ( has joined #TxGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, Erath

* MadDoc Says G'day Erath, and Welcome!

**Erath** Hi all

**marylove** Hi Erath

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Erath

**pigoletto** Mike hasn't said how he's cooking all the folks 

   coming for the lunch yet....

**BroJohn** We had tbones but I'm not telling my Doctor

**Dallas-ak** Hi Annette or Janice or both

**MikeB** They tell me they had to get a bigger room for my 

  USGenWeb presentation on Saturday. Lots of interest.

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, Erath ?

**Erath** Both here :-)

**MadDoc** Kewl Mike!

**MikeB** Roasting over an open fire with lots of BBG and 


  USGenWeb presentation on Saturday. Lots of interest.

**marylove** I'm planning to be there, Mike.

**Elsi** BBG????

**MikeB** No USIGS stuff yet, expecting it in the mail though.

**BroJohn** Yes don't forget the USIGS stuff, you can let 

   everybody know about the SIGGY for September.

**pigoletto** he has a cut rate Q.**G**

**MikeB** The SIGGY will be included in the presentation.

**Erath** LOL

* MadDoc rolls on the floor laughing...

**pigoletto** Margi Mannix wants to interview me on the 

   phone...presumably Tuesday, I guess

**MikeB** Megan, I guess this is your last day of peace before 

  your reign begins.

**pigoletto** She's the lady who did the USNews&WorldREport 

   article....this one's a freelance for

**pigoletto** good housekeeping

**Elsi** With a different font, I'd probably have seen it.

**MadDoc** 3 hours and 45 minutes left of megan's freedom.

* MadDoc **snickers**

**Erath** Congrats Megan, and good luck to you. :-) Quite a 


**pigoletto** Hey, it ain't been peaceful for the last two 


**Elsi** In which time zone does she take control?

**MikeB** I guess it is double the email and double the headaches. 


**BroJohn** That long? I would think they had already tied her 


**Erath** hehe

**pigoletto** Just spent a week with Lucy Dill here, chasing down 

   information on grants for USIGS

**Erath** GMT of course ;-)

**Elsi** Maine is the first to see Sept 1, do they have to wait 

   until the date rolls over here in Texas for Megan to take 


**MadDoc** Oh if it is GMT she is it already!

**marylove** I got space for the East Texas Genealogical Society 

   page today on Rootsweb.  Just applies last week.

**Elsi** After all it is USGenWeb

**Erath** Double your pleasure, double your fun, take head of 

   GenWeb, and boss everyone.... ;-) (In jest of course)

**BroJohn** Told you they already had her tied down.

**MikeB** Brian is doing much better now. I think the competition 

  from Doc helped.

**RootsLady** marylove...I've been waiting since April 28th

**pigoletto** Hey, I'm in CDT, ain't that what's also known as 

   "real time"???

**pigoletto** Interesting...if JR steps down at midnite 

   EDT....there's an hour of nobody running the store!

**pigoletto** Well.....gonna spread some of those headaches 


**Elsi** RL, Brian says he has over 4K unread notes.  Send again 

   if you're asking for space -- (or go talk to Doc)

**MikeB** I think John eased off a while back **just kidding**

**MadDoc** Ah.. what competition mike?

**pigoletto** In that case, I think I've already had it for an 

   hour and a half!

* MadDoc rolls on the floor laughing...

**marylove** Send in another reminder Rootslady.  That is what I 

   did and it came back by return mail.

**MadDoc** I usually get the space requests setup within a couple 


**MadDoc** or less..

[CompuMom SOUND]

* MadDoc rolls on the floor laughing...

   can save yourself and him a lot of work if you send another 

   equest. Last I saw he had in excess of 4200 messages to be 


**pigoletto** I think I've been firefighting since I walked in the 

   door from vacation the 20th....

[RootsLady SOUND]

**pigoletto** Don't think anybody's taken a problem to John since 

   the address went down.

**MikeB** Rusk Co Historical Commission has taken over the Rusk Co 

  page from Bonnie Palmer.

**MadDoc** So his little vacation thing doesn't tell the truth? It 

   says he reads every message he gets..

[CompuMom SOUND]

**Elsi** RL -- if you upload to 5.1 from 5.02, watch out for your 

   .ini files.  I got all of them converted except popups.

**BroJohn** Just beause there is some ANGER at JR, which I can't 


**Elsi** Brian reads them -- just not in a timely manner **grin**

[CompuMom SOUND]

**MadDoc** Right you are Elsi

* MadDoc **snickers**

**pigoletto** Are we gettin down to bidness yet, Mike?

**Elsi** RL -- guess I need cheer & rooster

**MikeB** As much turmoil as JRT experienced last year, some 

  people are sure to be mad.

**MikeB** Yes, Megan, let's get down to business.

**Erath** What is the new mIRC like? What changes to make it worth 

   changing it *again*?

**Elsi** BTW, did we get a sound WWW page set up?

**pigoletto** How bout the list requests, Doc? I made that last 

   one 45 whole minutes ago!**G**

**MikeB** I'm waiting for a link from rootslady to set up the 

  sound wave link.

**MadDoc** You did? I haven't gotten it yet.

**Elsi** Thanks, Mike

**pigoletto** Yup...we haven't got a prospective date on that 

   account changeover yet, either.

**RootsLady** I've been working on it. I'll let U know when it's 


**MikeB** Megan, give us your perspective of USGenWEb today.

**pigoletto** It doesn't say *when*, Doc....

**pigoletto** John, that sounded like the last half of a statement 

   I don't see a front half to.

*** Trey_Braz ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**MikeB** Hello Brazos County

**Elsi**  Hello there, Trey_Braz

**Trey_Braz** Howdy everyone

**CompuMom** Hi, Trey_Braz

**marylove** Hi Trey Braz

**pigoletto** want announcements or "bury the new NC 

   in questions" first?

* MadDoc Says G'day Trey_Braz, and Welcome!

**pigoletto** On the phone, Doc.

**BroJohn** Hi Trey

**MikeB** How about some good news announements!!

**pigoletto** Hmmm...I dunno if I have a "perspective".

**pigoletto** I do have places where I'd like to see changes 


**MadDoc** oh ok Megan...

**pigoletto** Mostly in openness and participation in the decision 

   making process.

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Trey_Braz

**pigoletto** Which leads us to the big hairy announcement....

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, Trey_Braz ?

**MadDoc** oh ok Megan...

**pigoletto** USGW is about to have a board to back up the NC.

**Elsi** YES!!!

[RootsLady SOUND]

**BroJohn** About Time

**pigoletto** First year I'm just sort of arbitrarily appointing, 

   because setting up election processes is going to take time.

**pigoletto** The board structure is four part:

**pigoletto** First off, there are four appointive/automatic 


**pigoletto** Archives head, Census head, Tombstone head, and 

   person to be figured out somewhere along the way.

**pigoletto** Second, the country's been sort of arbitrarily 

   divided into four equal regions...13 states/entities each

**pigoletto** (of course, since 51 doesn't divide equally, Texas 

   gets to be two**g**)

**pigoletto** Each region will have one SC or Asst SC 

   representative...that's part two of the board

**pigoletto** Part three is that each region will have one CC rep.

**pigoletto** Part four is two non voting advisory members.

**pigoletto** One from RootsWEb (identity unknown, Brian's working 

   on picking the person)

**pigoletto** One from DSEnter Dotcom....Dan Sunderland

*** City ( has joined #Txgenweb

**Elsi**  Hello there, City

* MadDoc Says G'day City, and Welcome!

*** wishman (alainf@ has joined #TXGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, wishman

**City** hi Everyone

* MadDoc Says G'day wishman, and Welcome!

**BroJohn** Hey City

**pigoletto** Thought it was time folks saw some names besides 

   that server guy Dockand Brian.

*** wishman (alainf@ has joined #TXGenWeb

**BroJohn** Hi wishman

**pigoletto** **G**

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, City ?

**wishman** hi bro

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, wishman ?

**pigoletto** The SC/Asst SC's have been chosen and have agreed 

   already to serve....

**wishman** what?

**marylove** Hello City & Wishman

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o City

**City** not much

**City** thanks Doc

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, wishman ?

   enlist the SCs' help in this one

**MadDoc** np

*** wishman (alainf@ has left #TXGenWeb

*** MadDoc sets mode: +o City

Spidell, Co-SC of AZ

**BroJohn** So who's serving?

**pigoletto** The SC rep for the Northeastern REgion will be Kim 

   Harris Myers, SC of NY

**pigoletto** The SC rep for the South/Midwest Region will be Rich 

   Holler, SC of MS

**pigoletto** And.......**tantara, tantara**....

**pigoletto** the SC of the Central REgion is Mike Basham.

**City** **saluting**

* MikeB blushing

[CompuMom SOUND]

**marylove** Yea Mike!

**pigoletto** comments?

**Dallas-ak** congrats Mike


* MadDoc rolls on the floor laughing...

**Elsi** Congrats, Mike

**Erath** Congrats to you Mike

**MadDoc** Uhm... uhm... **cough cough** Congrats Mike!

[RootsLady SOUND]

**MikeB** I'm glad to be part of Megan's team and look forward to 

  helping out.

**CompuMom** Congrats... Mike!

**BroJohn** When does all this take place? What effect does this 

   have on the status of USGW? Do you plan on incorporating?

**BroJohn** If you are going to incorporate, what will that mean 

   for USIGS?

**City** good choices Megan

**BroJohn** Yes Good choices too. 

**pigoletto** Boy, Mike, have you been going to school to learn 


**City** USGenWeb probably will never incorporate

**MikeB** I have been monitoring usgenweb-all mailing list to 

  learn some manners **grin**

**pigoletto** Takes place at midnight.  Don't see any reason to 

   incorporate as long as USIGS is out there.

**City** lol Mike

* MadDoc busts out laughing at Mike.. usgenweb-all for manners! 

  **rolling eyes**

**Erath** hehe

**Elsi** Megan, have you got any insight to the occasional flare 

   up of accusations & desertions from USGW?

**pigoletto** Basically, it spreads around the decision making and 

   mail handling to some extent....

**pigoletto** (Negative examples, eh, Mike?**G**)

**Trey_Braz** Will you be formally posting this somewhere?

**pigoletto** It also provides somebody with the authority to 

   remove an NC if necessary.

**MikeB** Or remove an SC if necessary??

**pigoletto** Yup....tomorrow, guys got the scoop.  

   James Streeter's supposed to be pulling together a web page 

   with all this.

**BroJohn** You mean there won't be any NC's or SC's for life?

**pigoletto** I think we've got quite a few fairly paranoid folks 

   out there volunteering....

**pigoletto** and they often take rumor as gospel.  Don't see a 

   way to fix it....

**MikeB** Goodness, I hope not an SC for life!!

**pigoletto** Except to enlist the rest of us to stomp rumors.

**pigoletto** Yeah, I think so, Mike....much easier than it being 


**BroJohn** I think the rumors will always exist, it is the nature 

   of the medium, but perhaps with some structure you will be 

   able to stamp them out a littl quicker.

**pigoletto** Less opportunity for it to feel personal.

**pigoletto** NC and board are going to be annual terms, but 

   nobody's batted around the idea of term limits.

**Trey_Braz** I think open discussions like this are the best way 

   to squash rumors the proliferate through email

**MikeB** With so many people involved in this project, there will 

  always be some torublemakers and rumor spreaders. We must take 

  the initiative to respond quickly when a situation occurs.

**pigoletto** Of course, just from what I've seen so far, anybody 

   who'd want the NC job longer than a year....

**pigoletto** ....should be removed to make time for their 


**Elsi** Megan, does it make sense to encourage co-SC for every 

   state?  Not every state has a MikeB to keep things on a 

   pleasant keel.

**Erath** lol

**City** I'm among those that think USGW is the best thing to come 

   along for Internet Genealogy

**pigoletto** SC's and CC's, as always, will hang on to their jobs 

   as long as they want 'em, barring obvious abuse....

**MadDoc** I've got a whole team here in NE helping me handle the 

   state... IA has also done this too.

**pigoletto** Part of the problem is that folks tend to take their 

   rumors and questions to the wrong folks.

**City** lol

**Elsi** It appears that some states are more a one-man (or 

   one-woman) empire, though.

**MikeB** And I am in favor of spreading the Texas workload. Dana 

  Thomas's group to pick a County of the Month has been a big 


*** BroJohn has quit IRC (Read error to BroJohn[]

: Connection reset by peer)

**Elsi** Mike, you're the exceptional leader.

**pigoletto** I think every state's supposed to have either an 

   Asst or Co....which is up to the folks involved.

**MadDoc** Well I am known for setting examples of what should and 

   can be done..

**MikeB** No asst or co in Texas - yet.

**pigoletto** I'm still coming in on this and getting a feel for 

   what's out there.

**MadDoc** And you're right Megan... most states do have a co- at 


**pigoletto** But having been spread across three states (now only 

   two), I have some feel for it....

*** BroJohn ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, BroJohn

* MadDoc Says G'day BroJohn, and Welcome!

**pigoletto** Ooops...that should read, was four, now three.

**RootsLady** Face it Mike...U R GREAT!!

**City** I couldn't do it without the help of my VA cc's and their 

   handling certain state projects

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o BroJohn

**pigoletto** Forgot OK...don't tell Ronda.**G**

**Elsi** There's a lot more camaraderie among the TX folks than AL 

   -- due entirely to the state coordinator.

**marylove** I'm new to all this but Mike has been a great help to 

   me with Coke County.

[RootsLady SOUND]

**pigoletto** I'm retaining my position as SC of Missouri, as well 

   as four counties......

**BroJohn** Hello again. I don't know if my last msg was received, 

   I was suggesting that perhaps a good 4th member at the 1st 

   level would be some kind of trouble shooter.

**pigoletto** Considering giving up the Lineage site, and did give 

   up Cook County, IL.

**City** I think Megan will do a great job as NC

**Elsi** Lineage site?  What's that?

**pigoletto** I can pretty well assure you that I'll only be NC 

   for one year, though....

**pigoletto** Come fall of '98 I plan to be back in school, at 

   University of Illinois at Chicago, finishing my history 


**BroJohn** One never knows, it could go to your head you know.

**pigoletto** ROFL

**CompuMom** Tough job.... **appreciating your task ahead**

**pigoletto** I'd think Texas could probably use two, given the 

   county count.

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, BroJohn ?

**pigoletto** Make an arbitrary line down the center and have a 

   West TX Asst and an East TX asst.

**City** Megan, looks like one of your first jobs will be to make 

   sure cc's know about all of USGW

* BroJohn bien, et tu?

**pigoletto** Oh. **just figuring out that's Linda.**

* MadDoc gets out the chainsaw and makes Texas into two even 


**BroJohn** How about north south?

**MikeB** We probably will need a separate asst for the Republic 

  of Texas when it is officially created **grin**

**jimurphy** Why we in such a hurry to organize Texas Folks?

* BroJohn gets out the chainsaw and draws and quarters Texas, 

  whoops different show huh?

**CompuMom** lol

**jimurphy** Bye Bye all.

**Trey_Braz** The Govt's always wantin to split us up....ha ha

*** jimurphy has quit IRC (Leaving)

**pigoletto** It's a thought....other thoughts have been the 

   Military head, or the Lineage head, or an appointive 


**BroJohn** Bye Jim

* City smiles


**MikeB** I am going to gather some info from the other SC'

**pigoletto** That one's mine**G**

**pigoletto** It's a place to submit an ancestor who was born 

   before 1800 and lived in the US...

**MikeB** s and make some decisions about splitting into assts.

**Erath** I think that Mike is doing a great job, but I also think 

   that a backup person would not be a bad idea just in case 

   something would happen. You never know. (Never wishing 

   something on Mike...)

**pigoletto** Help connect with other folks from the same line.

**MadDoc** Hey Mike - I'm not saying you should do it... but it 

   works great for me here.

**pigoletto** (Doesn't keep folks from submitting guys who died in 

   1958 and lived in Russia...or me from discarding them, tho.**G**

**BroJohn** That sounds interesting, I'll have to mosey over to 

   look at it, Megan.

**marylove** Can I have that address again, Megan?

**MikeB** Megan, are you comfortable with the USGenWeb Lookup 


**City** Mike, as the VAGenWeb SC, an assistant helps take care of 

   time consuming tasks

**pigoletto** I'm just not the Empress type, John.....

**pigoletto** Tend to be hands off unless I really get honked.**G**

**MadDoc** There;s a link to it off the main usgenweb page.

**BroJohn** More of an HMS type?

**MikeB** City, what specific time consuming tasks?

**pigoletto** The problem is that the NC has no authority to do 

   what usually *really* needs to be done...

**pigoletto** ...which is sending the occasional CC or NC to their 

   room without supper.**G**

**BroJohn** Well will the board have any real authority, or will 

   things still be by concensus?

**City** Mike, like updating the e-mail address for the auto-query 


**City** answering e-mail, etc.

**pigoletto** another tX chainsaw massacree, huh, doc? **groan**

**MadDoc** Boo hiss Megan...

**pigoletto** Always seemed to me that TX divided more naturally 

   E-W; I certainly would defer to Mike on that, tho....

**MadDoc** But was what IU was trying to get at.. **G**

**pigoletto** Jim, didn't think we were...just talking about 

   assistant SC's which are kind of the standard....

**pigoletto** and the idea that maybe as big as it is TX needs two.

**City** Megan must be lagged REAL bad

*** tmorris ( has joined #TxGenWeb

* MadDoc Says G'day tmorris, and Welcome!

**Elsi**  Hello there, tmorris

**pigoletto** Whatever happened to that five state clause in the 

   constitution, anyhow?**G**

**tmorris** Thank You

**MikeB** I only spend four hours a day doing this, so why would I 

  need an assistant **grin**

**MikeB** Hello cousin Travis. **We found a common ancestor last 


**BroJohn** Hi tmorris

**pigoletto** Where I think my biggest problem is going to be is 

   in finding a way to insist on being able to continue to have 

   personal opinions....

**pigoletto** ....and to clearly distinguish between official and 

   personal opinion.

**pigoletto** Other states have found it's real useful if for no 

   other reason than business trips and vacations.

   personal opinions....

   to that paranoia we were discussing.

**pigoletto** Fair use is fair use.  I still have SC's insisting 

   that one lookup volunteer violating the law will get them 

   personally sued....

*** BroJohn sets mode: +o tmorris

**pigoletto** My understanding of the law is that if you tell them 

   what they're allowed to do (one or two names)...

**MikeB** In Texas, we posted the lookup policy pretty much 

  continued business as usual.

**Elsi** As a lookup volunteer, it's just amazing what people will 

   ask of you, though.  Someone who doesn't understand fair use 

   can create a mess trying to be helpful.

**pigoletto** ...and you have no control over what they do or way 

   to monitor it...

**pigoletto** can't be legally liable for their actions if 

   they violate that.

**pigoletto** Fer what now?????

**pigoletto** I think a lot of decisions will go to the board.  

   You can't poll 3000+ people in a timely fashion.

**pigoletto** Anything as massive as incorporation...which I don't 

   forsee coming up...would still go to the membership at large.

**Elsi** Megan, I think there's a bit of confusion over what 

   constitues "membership"

**pigoletto** The SC reps might want to develop methods for 

   finding out what the folks in their region think.

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, tmorris ?

**MikeB** Elsi, I think any SC or CC is a member.

**City** she probably means "volunteers/cc's" etc.

**pigoletto** Typing as fast as I can...can't control transit 


**Elsi** Is a lookup volunteer or archives volunteer a member, 

   too?  Might be a critical question if it comes to a "vote".


**City** that was brought up during the logo and name vote, Elsi

**MikeB** I don't feel that a lookup volunteer or archives 

  volunteer is a member.

**BroJohn** The problem with the legal system is that no one cares 

   what is right anymore, you can be sued no matter if you 

   followed the law or not. We have to do what we can to make 

   sure that we do the right thing.

**pigoletto** Only four?  We need to get you more jobs.**G**

*** `dom` ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, `dom`

* MadDoc Says G'day `dom`, and Welcome!

**BroJohn** hey "dom"

**MadDoc** I think the vote policy page is still there too.

**`dom`** what's this channel about?

**City** all the Archive file managers are either sc's or cc's or 


**Elsi** I'll take a look at the policy page, then instead of 

   tying up the channel with that discussion.

**BroJohn** It has to do with Genealogy

**City** Megan, you might need to leave and come back on another 

   server.. I still havent rec'd ping yet

-** [pigoletto] PING

**MikeB** dom, this is a discussion amoung Texas GenWEb county 


**pigoletto** Think I've answered all the outstanding 

   questions....did I miss any?

**BroJohn** Dom we are all with USGenWeb, and TXGenealogy Web.

**Elsi** We might want to consider how to handle things when all 

   the counties are sponsored & there's an eager volunteer.

*** `dom` ( has left #TXGenWeb

[RootsLady SOUND]

**City** It's difficult to determine who votes and how many, as 

   some counties are hosted by more than one person

**CompuMom** Or one has more than one county.

**BroJohn** Well you also have one person hosting 2 or more 

   counties, and in different states too.

**Elsi** Yeah, do I get 10 votes?

**City** right

**MadDoc** LAst Dec when we voted on the logo and a couple other 

   things.. it was one person one vote.

* Elsi coordinates Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Randolph, and 

  Talladega counties for ALGenWeb

* Elsi sponsors Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Presidio, and 

  Reeves counties for TXGenWeb

**RootsLady** I want my 9 votes!

**City** hehe.. y'all joke, but some people demand a vote per 

   county **g**

**BroJohn** Chaos begins to reign again.

**RootsLady** HeHe

**Elsi** nah, just good natured ribbing.

**pigoletto** Pat Smith just sent me an email saying he just 

   installed mIRC and wants to come here....

**RootsLady** Mike..ELVIS (dom) has left the building **G**

**pigoletto** Sent one back giving route....

**MadDoc** Well if we're going with county/states and the like... 

   I want my Whole WorldGenWeb Countries votes!

**City** Doc is helping him, Megan

**MadDoc** I am?

* MadDoc rolls on the floor laughing...

**City** aren't you?

**MikeB** Barry Best has a terminology which he calls the 

  "Benevolent dictator" approach.

**City** poor Pat

**pigoletto** Mike...Missouri too.  Elsi....bottom line is, we 

   have *no way* of actually monitoring what lookup volunteers 

   are doing.

**MadDoc** I sent him a message on how to get here.

**pigoletto** All we CAN do is tell them what they're supposed to 

   do/not supposed to do....

**pigoletto** and if we get an author complaint, deal with it 


* BroJohn Rolling on floor laughing hysterically

**City** has anyone pinged Megan and got a time?

**MikeB** There is no way for me to know who or how many lookup 

  volunteers there are in Texas.

**pigoletto** And I know what you mean...I get requests like "look 

   me up all the Joneses on the census, 1840-1900.

*** BroJohn has quit IRC (Read error to BroJohn[]

: Connection reset by peer)

**Elsi** City, No ping response from Megan

  volunteers there are in Texas.

**pigoletto** If I'm feeling friendly, I'll write back and 

   'splain.  If I'm feeling bloody-minded, I delete.  Any 

   thinking body should know *that's* unreasonable.

*** BroJohn ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, BroJohn

* MadDoc Says G'day BroJohn, and Welcome!

**City** I haven't gotten any yet either

**BroJohn** Love getting bounced.

**Elsi** I've got a somewhat kindly worded paragraph that I copy 

   into e-mail to explain the limitations on a lookup.

**pigoletto** (Much less likely to delete if they ask for all the 

   Smazzlebottoms or some such....much shorter list.**G**)

**BroJohn** Hi all again

**Erath** I don't get a dcc answer either

   into e-mail to explain the limitations on a lookup.

   Jersey and now i'm in Toronto

**Erath** Uh-oh, looks like we may split

**pigoletto** From a voting standpoint, I'd think that's primarily 

   SC's and CC's, but it's never really been defined.

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o BroJohn

**pigoletto** Lookup volunteers are sort of in limbo.

**Elsi** I removed the lookup link from my county pages until I 

   can have a real heart-to-heart with the volunteer.

**BroJohn** That's OK, I haven't been able to find any in my 

   counties anyway. I am doing what I can myself.

**pigoletto** There was a move afoot on the incorporation vote to 

   include all lookup volunteers...but I think it got discarded 

   as unbelievably unwieldy.

**City** too bad Megan is not clairvoyant

**Elsi** For my TX counties, I don't own a thing.  If the Republic 

   of Texas manages to take over, these counties will be in 

   another country, anyway & I can join WorldGenWeb.

**pigoletto** I would think archives volunteers would be voting on 

   archives issues.

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, `dom` ?

**MadDoc** There ya go Elsi! 8*)

**pigoletto** John, agreed, but I can't see getting all paranoid 

   about it.

**BroJohn** Well if her lagtime is as bad as mine, I know what she 

   is going through.

* CompuMom *quietly raises hand*

**Elsi** Megan, it would make sense to provide safe storage for 

   archives by placing on at least 2 servers.

**pigoletto** I think archives volunteers and FMs would be the 

   voting body if Linda needed to call an Archives issue vote.

**City** That's what we've done, Elsi

**Elsi** City, is that 2 servers at one site or 2 different sites?

**City** Right now it's being handle manually, but hopefully, 

   we'll have mirror software running sometime

**City** two different sites

**BroJohn** I agree Megan, the volunteers for lookups are a part 

   of the county structure anyway, if you do one county one vote 

   that takes care of that issue. If you restrict voting to SC 

   and CC that also takes care of the issue.

**City** one in CA, one in NE

**pigoletto** By the same token, on an Archives vote, the SC's and 

   CC's would not be included...but the board would. (top of my 


**Elsi** Good -- two sites provides for disaster recovery.

**City** when NE freezes, CA is there.. and when CA **hate to 

   mention the quake word**

**pigoletto** Linda, dunno if anybody else is having a problem 

   seeing me...are any of you?

**MadDoc** I had mirroring software up and running until Brian 

   shut me off from rootsweb

**City** Also, it looks like we'll have two different search 


**BroJohn** Well City, maybe we need a 3rd site? I know that Brian 

   has 3 backup sets and I'm sure that Doc is just as careful.

**City** Megan.. we see you, but you are 30 minutes behind the 

   conversation. I typed this at 7:18 p.m. PT

**pigoletto** I think where it stood last time was each cc got a 

   vote, even if they only had half a county

**pigoletto** But the cc with 12 counties still only got one

**City** Doc and Brian both have backups of the Archives

**City** welll.. Megan's ping is over 11 min. I finally got it

**pigoletto** That's one to put to the board: one cc=one vote, or 

   one county=one vote?

**MikeB** I agree with one vote per cc regardless of how many 

  counties they sponsor.

*** Capt ( has joined 


**Elsi**  Hello there, Capt

* MadDoc Says G'day Capt, and Welcome!

**CompuMom** I would like to see one county=one vote

**City** congrats Pat!

**BroJohn** Hey Capt.

**Capt** Made It!

* MadDoc tries to find the reverse gear on his hard drives...

**pigoletto** Hey, I get six plus my NC tiebreaker if necessary 


**MikeB** Hello Capt Pat in Alaska

**Elsi** City -- my ping response was 12m9s

**Capt** Howdy Y'all

**CompuMom** Howdy, Capt. Pat

**City** I sent e-mail to her. It'll probably get there before 

   this does

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Capt

**pigoletto** One of the primary jobs of the board is going to be 

   to solidify these issues...who votes, on what, what's the 

   election machinery...

[RootsLady SOUND]

**MikeB** My ping was 13m9s to Megan

**City** She should be reading about how bad her lag is by now

**pigoletto** ...and reviewing some of that stuff that was kind of 

   arbitrarily set in the past.

* City kick starts Megan's server

**CompuMom** lol

**City** Megan, you're still replying to the vote issue **g**

**pigoletto** Well, you go ahead and take 'em Doc....when World 

   GenWeb finds something to vote on.**G**

**City** lol

**Capt** This is my first IRC, so I'm gonna lurk and look at the 

   options. Where's the here All?:~)

* City looks into the abyss for Megan

**City** lol Pat

**City** turn your computer speakers on

**MadDoc** Megan is way behind.

**pigoletto** (maybe incorporating with IIGS?) lol

**City** rofl

**pigoletto** **glad WorldGW ain't my problem**.

**City** Poor Megan

**pigoletto** me too...


**City** Mike, are you gonna post a lot so she can see how far 

   behind she is **s**

**City** er log

**City** me to what, Megan?

**MikeB** I will post the log of this chat for all to read. Megan 

  will be shocked.

[RootsLady SOUND]

**City** Doc. you are 1 min between me

**City** lol

**Erath** [pigoletto PING reply]: 14mins 16secs

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, BroJohn ?

**MikeB** Doc, the auto queries seem to be posting very slowly. 

  Any idea why?

**RootsLady** Kind of like talking to the kids when they were 

   younger **BG**

**City** any questions? Megan will catch up later **g**

*** tcward (~tcward@ has joined #txgenweb

*** Kinetic (mreed@ has joined #txgenweb

**Elsi** I just pinged everyone -- getting great response from 

   most, poor from Megan, MaryLove, City, & TMorris.

* MadDoc Says G'day tcward, and Welcome!

**Elsi**  Hello there, tcward

**Elsi**  Hello there, Kinetic

* MadDoc Says G'day Kinetic, and Welcome!

**City** me too?

**MikeB** Limestone Co query posted 8/21 just showed up yesterday 

  on dsenter.

**MadDoc** Mo!

**MadDoc** Tom! or Carrol!

**tcward** HI all, decided to give this Mac a try

**Capt** AKGenWeb seems to be seeing queries in a timely manner.

**City** Hi Tom, Mo

**tcward** We're both here

**CompuMom** What about resetting queries?

**Elsi** City -- 13 sec

*** pigoletto has quit IRC (Leaving)

**City** Hi Carolyn

**BroJohn** Mike - I got a couple the other day, but I am trying 

   to get more info on them before I post them, they are a 

   little sparse.

**tcward** hi

[Kinetic SOUND]

*** pigoletto ( 

has joined #txgenweb

**MadDoc** Mike - The queries are going out... but I am still not 

   happy with the software I'm using for them.

**Elsi**  Hello there, pigoletto

**MikeB** Doc, the reset queries messages go to you now, right?

* MadDoc Says G'day pigoletto, and Welcome!

**City** maybe she'll get a faster server now

**pigoletto** you see me now?

**Kinetic** sorry, Doc - My husband has been waiting weeks to do 

   that one!

**MikeB** Welcome to real time Megan.

**Kinetic** oops - you don't have a sound card, right?

*** Elsi sets mode: +o pigoletto

**pigoletto** disconnected and reconnected....

**BroJohn** Hi Pigoletto

**City** yes

**RootsLady** Kinetic SEND WAV Please

**City** you see us now??

**tcward** Hi piglet

**MadDoc** heh... do what one C?

* Kinetic mo says hi doc

**tmorris** I will try a diff server, bye!

*** tmorris ( has left #TxGenWeb

**RootsLady** I've got one, U have to send it 2 me!!

**CompuMom** What about resetting queries?

*** pigoletto has quit IRC (Leaving)

**MadDoc** The resetting is not working... I'm writing a 

   preprocesser to handle that.

**MikeB** Doc, if I'm not mistaken, the reset queries was 

  previously handled on a manual basis by JR based on receipt of 

  an email request.

**Capt** Mike, any hot issues tonite, or juct a friendly chat?

**CompuMom** Thank you, Doc!

**MadDoc** And there is no way I'm going to reset 1000 counties 

   without some software.

* MadDoc hits his head on the desk... **thud**

**Kinetic** Sorry, folks.  I'm new to IRC & my hubby left so I'm 

   flying solo now.  If you want me to do something, you'll have 

   to tlk me through it

**MadDoc** I'll try to get it running with the resets later 

   tonihgt or in the morning.

**Capt** I thought I was the newbie here MO?

**MadDoc** I have a thousand messages for resets here...

**Kinetic** not on IRC

**MadDoc** Well 989

**Kinetic** hubby's been hogging the 'puter since he discovered it

*** tmorris ( has joined #TxGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, tmorris

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Kinetic

**Capt** Doc, can't the reset messages be filtered and run 


* MadDoc Says G'day tmorris, and Welcome!

**Elsi** Doc, I agree about the resets -- you do need some 

   automation.  Question is about the posting, though.  Sure 

   seems to be slow.

**MikeB** So Doc, you are going to automate the reset quereis 

  function, correct?

**RootsLady** Kinetic..thank GOD my hubby is scared of mine!!

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o tmorris

**tmorris** try my ping now.

**marylove** My husband it too!

**MadDoc** Define "seems slow"

-** [tmorris] PING

**tcward** It is fun to share, we play musical chairs.  Whoever 

   has the computer chair has control. :-)

**MadDoc** Yes Mike... I'm working to completely automate the 

   query process.

**Elsi** Doc, my definition is ping**10 sec -- TMorris, 20 sec

**CompuMom** tmorris... 19sec

**MikeB** tmorris  - 30 sec

**Kinetic** think we need a second phone line & ISP for Christmas 


**City** Where is megan now?

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o tcward

**Elsi** Doc -- posting slow = more than one day after query 

   posted via WWW page.

**marylove** Megan got off

**Kinetic** newbie question:  what is CompuMom doing with all 

   those "sets mode: +0"

**BroJohn** Megan left again, not sure what happened this time.

*** pigoletto ( 

has joined #txgenweb

**Elsi**  Hello there, pigoletto

**MikeB** Megan is catching a nap before midnight arrives. **grin**

**City** oh

* MadDoc Says G'day pigoletto, and Welcome!

**City** Megan?

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o pigoletto

**BroJohn** Hey piglet

**pigoletto** do you guys see me yet???

**Elsi** Megan, Dallas server seems a lot faster than Chicago one 


**MikeB** We see ya Megan.

**City** yes Megan

**Erath** Giving ops to ppl Kinetic

**BroJohn** Yes Megan

**City** Im on Washington dC

**pigoletto** hey, I don't take responsibility for lag.**G**

**marylove** We see you, Megan.

**MadDoc** Oh ok.. I've been doing them about every other day... 

   or at least trying to. I'm busy writing the software and 

   trying it out.

**Erath** Megan, you are still lagging to me

**BroJohn** I'm on Toronto myself.

**Kinetic** I have no idea what that means, guess I should read 

   the help files, eh??

**Capt** I'm on Phoenix, and conversation seems to flow OK.

**Erath** I'm on Phoenix too

**Elsi** Doc, are you saying that query posting is manual?  I 

   thought it was already automated.

   the help files, eh??

**Kinetic** Phoenix was full for me as was Manhattan, KS.  I'm on 

   Springfield, MO

**BroJohn** My lag seems to be about 30 secs.

**tmorris** I'm on AOL.  Was on OK.  Could not get int Dallas.

**MadDoc** As the query system sit at this moment.. I have to 

   manually process them.

**pigoletto** Am I coming thru in a timely fashion? (9:38pm)

**MikeB** Doc, do you mean that you process individual queries 

  manually or you process the reset queries function manually?

   manually process them.

   life easier for a cc.

**Kinetic** exactly

**MadDoc** By manually I mean I have to run the software.

**Erath** I can never get in to Dallas, either through IRC or 

   driving.... ;-)

**Dallas-ak** yes piglet you are

**Capt** According to my clock Megan your three hours late!

**Elsi** groan

**City** yeah, Megan you typed it at 9:38 CT and I got it 7:37 PT

*** shakaka ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, shakaka

* MadDoc Says G'day shakaka, and Welcome!

**shakaka** hello

**MadDoc** I've not been doing resets at all... I tried plugging 

   in a few to test and it didn't process them.

**tmorris** Erath, I have tbl driving on LBJ parking lot! :)

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, tcward ?

**BroJohn** I got yours at 9:38 Megan.

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, Kinetic ?

**Erath** hehe, I know what you mean

**tcward** Well, it's this way piglet, we can get on IRC with our 

   little Mac, just can't join in on the PowWows

**Trey_Braz** Mike, Are planning on coming to any football games 

   this year?

*** shakaka ( has left #txgenweb

**MikeB** Trey, I don't have any firm plans right now, but will 

  probably make a game or two. Don't know which ones but will 

  let you know when I decide.

**pigoletto** I tried other undernet besides chicago and they kept 

   disconnecting me

**tmorris** Mike I'm still having tbl with CurtisMedia.  What is 

   the full URL?

**pigoletto** sending IM's to Linda on aol....

**Trey_Braz** Mike,  Sounds Good.

**MikeB** Travis, I think it is correct on the Johnson Co page 

  except substitute "" for ""

**City**  Linda, tell em to post the questions...I'll send Mike 

   the answers for posting when I see 'em....

**CompuMom** Calling it a night...... Thank you Megan!

**City** I'll cut and paste from her IM's on AOL

**Elsi** Megan, what's your screen name for IM.

**BroJohn** Nite compumom

**City** nite Mom

**Erath** nite compumom

**Elsi** Night cliftons.

**CompuMom** Cya!  Thanks Doc!

* pigoletto says ¿Qué tal, tmorris ?

*** CompuMom has quit IRC (Ta-Ta for now.......)

**MadDoc** Sure thing Compumom

**City** Megan said post your questions, I'll cut and paste them 

   to her on AOL

**tmorris** Mike, I did.  Did not work.  AOL's index was down.  

   I'll try again.

**City** ochonnet:  Cochonnet

**RootsLady** tmorris..did U know AOL has an IRC server?? I've 

   connected here on it before

**BroJohn** Think I will say goodnight all too. TTYL Megan. Take a 

   look y'all at the Hood County Texas site, the SIGGY site for 


**City** Cochonnet: If anybody here does PowWow, we could move 

   there after this session....

**tmorris** I'm on it now.

**Elsi** Good night John

*** BroJohn ( has left #txgenweb

**City** Cochonnet: Linda, what do I need to IRC from AOL?

**RootsLady** OK thought maybe Megan could get in that way

**tcward** Good night all!

**Erath** nite tc

*** tcward (~tcward@ has left #txgenweb

**tmorris** Is Hood Co sponser on this chat?

**Kinetic** Looks like I came in late, eh?

**marylove** Goodnight everybody - see you next week in Dallas if 

   you are going to be there.

**MikeB** Hood Co sponsor is NOT here tonight.

**RootsLady** Night Mary

* Dallas-ak is rubbing her eyes ... time to say nighty-night to 

  everyone ...

**Kinetic** Looks like I came in late, eh?

**Dallas-ak** See you at lunch Thurs

*** _patricia ( has joined #TXGenWeb

**Elsi**  Hello there, _patricia

* MadDoc Says G'day _patricia, and Welcome!

**Elsi** Night Mary & Linda-Jeanne

**City** anymore questions for Megan? She's getting the cut and 

   paste pretty quick

**MikeB** Travis, the Curtis Media URL does not work for me. I 

  don't know where their web site is located.

*** marylove has quit IRC (Leaving)

**_patricia** ARE you bored? or do you think it's too crowded in 

   here? Then come into #ChattingForFun and talk about what ever 

   you want!!!

**tmorris** Johnson Co. saying g'nite

**Trey_Braz** Unfortunately gotta work tommorow, So I'll say good 


*** tmorris ( has left #TxGenWeb

**Trey_Braz** Goodnight

*** _patricia ( has left #TXGenWeb

**Capt** What was the first question for Megan?

*** Dallas-ak has quit IRC (Leaving)

*** pigoletto has quit IRC (Leaving)

*** Trey_Braz has quit IRC (Leaving)

**MikeB** Pat, I will past a log of this chat session under the 

  "info about sponsoring a Texas County" link on the Texas page.

**Capt** Sheesh Doc, they drop faster around here than they do on 


**MadDoc** Arg.. netsplit

**MikeB** How does POWWOD differ from IRC?

**Capt** Great, thanks Mike. Now that I've got the hang, I'll try 

   to be on time next week!

*** pigoletto ( 

has joined #txgenweb

**RootsLady** Mike..Whats the subject for next week??

* MadDoc Says G'day pigoletto, and Welcome!

**MadDoc** Mike - Speaking of TXGenWeb page... have you been 

   having trouble with your isp there?

**Elsi**  Hello there, pigoletto

*** Elsi sets mode: +o pigoletto

**pigoletto** okay, this is Phoenix, at 9:52...better?

**City** Megan?

**Erath** You can surf the net together, write on a whiteboard, 

   voice chat

**MikeB** Subject for next week has not been determined.

**City** you see me now?

**Erath** [pigoletto PING reply]: 1 second

**Capt** Better Boss.

**Elsi** Megan -- gloriously fast.

**pigoletto** ICU, Linda

**Erath** of course we are on the same server... ;-)

**pigoletto** Hot dang.

**MikeB** TXGenWEb ISP was down part of Fri and Saturday. I am 

  getting disenchanted with their reliability.

**Kinetic** The voice on Powwow is hilarious - worth it just for 


[RootsLady SOUND]

**Erath** LOL, it is funny

**City** great.. so I can stop cutting and pasting? **g**

**MikeB** So POWWOW is voice instead of text?

**pigoletto** Mike, I keep tellin ya to move to RW.**VBG**

**Kinetic** it's both

**Capt** daVe calles the voice a drunk swede!

**City** what's that funny one.. for doc? it says "document"? LOL


**pigoletto** PW calls Doc...Document...and the NC...the North 


**Erath** It can be both

**MadDoc** I'll make you space if you want Mike on DSEnter.

**pigoletto** It's text with a "hearall" option

**Elsi** Mike, there's an advantage to moving the state page to RW 

   or DSENTER -- it makes it easy to pass the baton if that ever 

   becomes necessary.

**Capt** And/or, or both Mike

**City** its both, Mike

**pigoletto** Looks much like this

**Capt** Mike, don't you work at/for DGS, Chrysalis?

**Elsi** What client software is needed for POWWOW?

**MadDoc** Dan is home and we need to run to the store... night 


**Erath** The Powwow software

**pigoletto** Powwow.  From if I recall 


**Capt** Elsi, go to

**MikeB** Thanks for joining us Doc

**MadDoc** for Pow Wow's software.

**MikeB** Pat, I am Exec VP of DGS and just a customer of 


[RootsLady SOUND]

**City** Windows, Elsi

**Elsi** Night, Doc.  Thanks for coming

**City** nite Doc

**Erath** Nite Doc

**MadDoc** Hey thanks for putting up with me Mike! 8*)

**City** I need to go, too. nite all

**RootsLady** niteNite foc

**pigoletto** Yeah, I think the one trick to PW is they ain't got 

   a Mac version

**Elsi** Isn't the site that NA tribes have been 

   complaining about?

**Capt** Anybody up for PW?

*** MadDoc has quit IRC (Goes to listen to E.T. make 1-900 


**City** wait.. no Archive questions before I go?

**MikeB** Chrysalis gives me 60MB of free space to store some of 

  my genealogy research so it would be tought to find that space 


**pigoletto** Pat...I'll be there when this shuts down.  

**Kinetic** which Powwow address?

**Elsi** City, you seem to have answered my archive questions.

**Capt** Elsi, I sure haven't heard of complaints. is 

   "reverent" toward NA. Also several on staff.

**pigoletto** Elsi...yes, it is...but it's cerntainly not a 

   universal protest.

**City** ok.. I'm either lagging, or there are no questions

**City** nite all.. gotta serverdinner

**Erath** nite City

**City** ok elsi

**City** )

**City** :)

**pigoletto** I'm Cherokee/Chickasaw/Creek myself...and I use 


*** City ( has left #Txgenweb

**MikeB** I'm calling it a night also.

**pigoletto** Whenever we shut this down, it'll be pigoletto@worldn

**Elsi> Megan & Linda -- my AOL-IM screen name is lcompton28 -- 

   want to add me to your buddy lists?

Session Close: Sun Aug 31 21:56:20 1997

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