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Monday, 20-Feb-2012 20:43:11 EST
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 7 Sep 1997

Session Start: Sun Sep 07 19:50:24 1997

*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb

[Elsie]  Hello there, MikeB

[RootsLady] Bet the conference was good!

[RootsLady SOUND]

[MikeB] The conference went very well.

[Elsie] It was good -- my first "big time" Genealogy Conference

*** Elsie sets mode: +o MikeB

[Elsie] Mike, you can de-op me if you want.

[MikeB] No Leigh, just stay as an op.


*** RunnelsCo ( has joined 


[MikeB] Leigh, did you stay at teh conference thru Sat.?

[RunnelsCo] Hello all.

[MikeB] Hi Runnels

*** DallasCo ( has joined 


[MikeB] Welcome Dallas Co - Linda Jean Dolby

[DallasCo] Hi Mike Barb Leigh & Terry

[RunnelsCo] Hello Linda

[MikeB] LJ are you on the Dalls Server?

[DallasCo] Nope - Undernet

[RootsLady] Mike U can add me to CC who sponsor out of state 

   sites. Just took Early Co., GA

[MikeB] I mean the Dallas Undernet Server?

*** Elsi ( has joined 


[Elsi]  Hello there, Elsi

[DallasCo] yes Mike I am

[RunnelsCo] I am so glad to hear that someone took over Early 


[MikeB] Congrats to Barb for spreading her wings even further.

[RunnelsCo] Just recently found an ancesotr there.

[Elsi] Had to re-boot the machine.  Hope I stay on this time.  

   "Elsie" will eventually drop out.

[DallasCo] having just joined are we talking about out of state 


[MikeB] Yes, Barb just took a co in GA.

[MikeB] Is GA fully covered now?

[RootsLady] Who??

[DallasCo] I'm also CC for New Haven & Litchfield Co.s in CT

* Elsi coordinates Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Randolph, and 

  Talladega counties for ALGenWeb

[MikeB] So we now have 18 Texas sponsors who also sponsor in 

  other states.

[MikeB] Quick trivia, which two Texas co sponsors are sisters?

[RootsLady] Mike, I zipped some wavs...want one??

[MikeB] Sure RL, send them to me.

*** CompuMom ( has joined #txgenweb

[Elsi]  Hello there, CompuMom

[RootsLady] Mike, No they have lots of uncovered counties

[CompuMom] Howdy.... :)

[DallasCo] Hi Carla

[CompuMom] Hi!

*** Betsy-Lam ( has joined #TXGENWEB

[Elsi]  Hello there, Betsy-Lam

[MikeB] GA is such an important state, wonder why they are 

  having trouble getting coverd.

[Betsy-Lam] Hello!

[DallasCo] Glad to talk to you so soon Betsey

[RootsLady] Hi GirlFriend

[MikeB] RL, how many wav files in that zip?

[Betsy-Lam] Is everyone as tired as I am??

  having trouble getting coverd.

   co sponsors are sisters?

*** Trey_Braz ( has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, Trey_Braz

[DallasCo] yesterday I was ... a long day

*** PipL7x3 ( has joined 


[Elsi]  Hello there, PipL7x3

[MikeB] Hello Lela

[DallasCo] Hi Trey

*** Elsie has quit IRC (Write error to Elsie[ppp11-1.ftwotx.onram], closing link)

[Trey_Braz] Howdy folks

[PipL7x3] Hi This is Lela

[MikeB] Hi Trey, and thanks for changing the County of the Month 


[Trey_Braz] No problem

[DallasCo] Thanks for cord. lunch Thurs Lela

*** MarkR ( has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, MarkR

[PipL7x3] I had a lot of fun at the lunch

*** MarieB ( has joined 


[Elsi] So did I

[Elsi]  Hello there, MarieB

[RootsLady] Mike, we got some people in TexGenWeb!! I was afraid 

   of that!!

[MarieB] Hello everyone

[MarkR] Mark in Wood County wishes everybody a good evening.

[DallasCo] Hope you had a safe trip back to CA Marie

[RunnelsCo] Ditto, Mark

[MikeB] RL, I'm not sure what you mean by some people in 


*** DickensCo ( has joined 


[Elsi]  Hello there, DickensCo

*** DickensCo changes topic to "(][ - 

#TXGenWeb - ][)"

[DickensCo] This is weird trying to find the right one.  Hello.

[MikeB] One of the sisters just joined the group. Anyone except 

  her know the other one???

[MarieB] was a great were great..hate 

   coming back to CA though...did get a lot of research done 

   before I flew back

[MikeB] Glad you made it Linda Hughes.

[DickensCo] Thanks, Mike.

[RootsLady] Marie...Go back and drop out of TexGenWeb

[MikeB] Dickens, I just posed a trivia question about which two 

  co sponsors were sisters and you popped in!!

* DallasCo welcomes DickensCo to our chat ... Hi DickensCo!

[DickensCo] How Convenient.

[MarieB] Ok...

*** Tim_H (my_heritag@ has joined #TXGenWeb

[MarieB] I'm still suffering from the time change

[Elsi]  Hello there, Tim_H

[MikeB] Hint on the sisters, the other one is also a State 


[PipL7x3] It looks like the rest of us are in the dark

[DallasCo] Hi Tim

[MikeB] Hello Tiim

[Tim_H] Greetings.

[MikeB] And Betsy will tell you that she is not Linda's sister 


[Betsy-Lam] Nope!  Don't have a sister!

[PipL7x3] That was my next guess

[MikeB] And it's not Megan, the National Coordinator (narrowing 

  it down)

[MikeB] And Pat Smith in Alaska is not a female!!!

[MarieB] So, how was the rest of the convention?

[MikeB] When did you leave the convention Marie?

[MarieB] I won't ask how you found that out Mike....

[MarieB] :)

*** RootsLady sets mode: +o CompuMom

*** RootsLady sets mode: +o Betsy-Lam

[CompuMom] :)

[MikeB] Marie, I sorted through all 1,750 attendees looking for 

  you on Saturday.

[Betsy-Lam] Thanks, Rootslady, I was just fixing to ask you to 

   do that!

[PipL7x3] I give up

[MikeB] How about Jo Fox in New Mexico!!

[MarieB] I left Thursday afternoon....did the vendors again, 

   then the library

[MarieB] hahahaha Mike, sure you di

[MarieB] did that is

[MarkR] I see "join" notices, but I see no chat.

[MikeB] Mark, I see your message.

-] [MarkR] PING

[MarieB] I was hoping "Erath" would be here tonight..I went 

   through his county

[MikeB] The Erath Co sponsor is a "she"

*** Tim_H has quit IRC (Leaving)

[MarkR] I see "join" notices, but I see no chat.

[DallasCo] Marie, did you get access to the cemetery

[PipL7x3] Did anyone learn something at the conference that your 

   excited about.

[MarieB] I actually went through quite a few counties

[MarieB] Which cemetery?

[MikeB] I like Mike Gandy's presentation on connecting your 

  colonial ancestors to their English origins. I MUST have that 


   excited about.

[Elsi]  Hello there, eltonl

[DallasCo] learned the courthouse bit ... ready to research CT 

   for several weeks next month

*** eltonl ( has left #TXGenWeb

[MarkR] Whew! Now everything looks normal.

[MikeB] Dallas, did you attend John Sellers presentation on 


[MarieB] I think it was just neat that there was so many people 


*** eltonl ( has left #TXGenWeb


[DallasCo] Sure did ... it was great!

*** Tim_H (my_heritag@ has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, Tim_H

[MikeB] Did anyone see and read the article last week on Wanda 

  Irby in several Texas nespapers?

[DickensCo] Hi Tim.

[MarieB] The biggest secret about courthouses...never never give 

   up...look EVERYWHERE in a courthouse

[Betsy-Lam] I enjoyed John Sellers so much that I asked him to 

   do a seminar in the spring!!

[CompuMom] Yes, It was really good.

[Elsi] Helen Leahy was my favorite speaker.

[Betsy-Lam] Along with Leslie Collier

[MikeB] Sellers is great and very friendly and hospitable.

[Betsy-Lam] And a wonderful Texas drawl!!

[DickensCo] I keep getting told at the courthouse that they do 

   not have the census records, who would have these?

*** eltonl ( has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, eltonl

[Betsy-Lam] Mike and I don't have one, do we??

[MikeB] Most courthouses don't really know what they have in the 



[DickensCo] Is the County Clerk the one to talk to, or is there 

   some other person I should contact?

[MarieB] True Mike

[DallasCo] In CT its not courthouse, but town hall

[MarieB] And many times after several questions, they will tell 

   me about the basement room with all the old records

[Betsy-Lam] Lamar County's is in the attic!  ;)

[PipL7x3] and what exactly is "the" questions to ask the clerk

[DickensCo] One county I sponsor is very helpful and the other 

   does not seem to want to open up the records for me even 

   thought they are public.

[eltonl] hello everyone, I finally made it again

[MarieB] Ask them "Where are ALL the records you have.  show me 

   ALL the storage rooms

[MikeB] Hello Elton Lacy, and welcome back

[DickensCo] Hi Elton.

[RunnelsCo] Hello Elton

[MikeB] I mean Elton Lacey

[MikeB] Betsy, will they let you go to the attic in Lamar Co?

[Betsy-Lam] Maybe you should tell the county clerk that you are 

   trying to prove her link to your ancestor so she will 


[eltonl] Our only courthouse experiences have been ok, but they 

   were all in MS

[MarieB] That's exactly what I mean.  The clerks in Lamar didn't 

   tell me about the attic

[RootsLady] LOL

[PipL7x3] lol

[MarieB] hahahahah good one Bets

[MarieB] Some clerks are so nice...some aren't

[Betsy-Lam] Lamar County won't even tell you about the records 

   right there under your nose!

[DickensCo] Sounds like mine.

[MikeB] The Lynn Co sponsor quit so I took it over, so if anyone 

  needs a "foster child', there is one available.

[DickensCo] Uh, NOT Dickens, but the other one.

[MarieB] Your right, they won't

[DallasCo] hey guys, don't scare me ... CT is a long way to go

[Betsy-Lam] But census records (microfilm) are at the Gene. 

   Library, not at the courthouse.

[Elsi] I walked into the Randolph County (AL) courthouse & the 

   clerk started explaining that I didn't want their records 

   'cause the courthouse burned in 1887

[MarieB] As soon as I get my FTP program set up at work...we'll 


[Betsy-Lam] They tell you that in Lamar, too.  But the 

   marriages, etc. were in a fire-proof vault!

[RootsLady SOUND]

[PipL7x3] Where is Lynn Co?

[Betsy-Lam] Drat!  Don't have that sound file!

[RunnelsCo] Lynn County is south of Lubbock, Tahoka is county 


[eltonl] The courthouse in Jasper Co (Paulding) MS burned twice, 

   but some records were replaced by land owners.  A lot are 

   simply not there.

[MikeB] I am thinking about putting my Conference presentations 

  on the net in multimedia format like I did for last year's 

  TXGenWeb Seminar. Does anyone think that would be useful?

[CompuMom] YES!

[DickensCo] YES!

[RootsLady] GREAT

[PipL7x3] yes

[DallasCo] YES ... then I can refer people to it

[Betsy-Lam] Thanks, Rootslady!

[MikeB] OK, I will work on them as soon as I can catch up on my 

  sleep [grin]

[MarieB] Oh Hey, that reminds y'all know about the 

   "first family of Texas" --the Texas society (I think) are 

   giving certificates for those who can prove they have first 

   families in their ancestors

[Tim_H] Greetings

[DallasCo] yes, I have it on my DallasCo pg

[PipL7x3] Did anyone ever put up those sound files? Last time I 

   looked I didn't find them

[RootsLady] U mean I can have 26 certificates

[MarkR] Thanks, Mike. Everything okay now.

[MikeB] Marie, the Texas State Gene Society has supposedly been 

  working on a web site for a couple of months now. Hopefully 

  they will get it up and tell us about those "first Family" 


[Elsi] Mike, could you put them out without the sound?  I find 

   that it just goes too slow with the streaming sound files.

[DallasCo] Mike, check out my site, it gives info on 3 diff cert

[MarieB] Can't wait to get my info together

[MikeB] Well, the sound goes at the same speed that I talk. Do 

  you mean that the images load too slow?

[eltonl] You have to have family here continuously before the 

   revolution (texas) for 1st family cert.

[MarieB] I do!

[MikeB] Elton, isn't it before statehood instead of before the 


[eltonl] Maybe it is before statehood, but I recall it is really 

   early, like 183--

[MikeB] Dallas, I will take a look at your links to the 


[eltonl] Mike, did Joy Clark Crane ever contact you about taking 

   Uvalde Co.  I lost touch when we went to Salt Lake for a week.

[Elsi] Mike, my whole machine slows down and crawls -- I really 

   like TEXT instead of multi-media

[RootsLady] I've got so many, I thought my family tree didn't 

   grow anywhere but Texas [G]

[MikeB] There is a lengthy article in today's Dallas Morning 

  News about the "two Sisters" cannon in the Texas Revolution. I 

  am trying to get permission to post the text from a link on 

  the Texas page.

[DickensCo] That was a great story.

[MikeB] Elsi, I'm not sure there is enough text on the pages to 

  get the points across. Do you have a 28.8 modem on your system?

[MarkR] But courthouses SHOULD know -- at least in TX. They are 

   required to do an inventory every few years.

[Elsi] Yes, Mike -- 28.8 & Pentium 133; multimedia is just SLOW 

   for some reason.

[DallasCo] Texas First Families ... available if your ancestor 

   was in TX before Feb. 19, 1846

[MarkR] However, the third floor in Wood Co. is a total mystery 

   -- and they will not permit the local genealogical society to 

   go through it.

[DallasCo] Gone to Texas Pioneer ... available if your ancesotr 

   was in TX prior to 1886

[DallasCo] West Texas Pioneer ... available if your ancestored 

   lived in West TX before 1901

[MarieB] Gee, I can get all 3 of those

[MikeB] I have previously only provied a 14.4 audio file, but 

  will probably also provide a 28.8 audio file with the new 


[MikeB] My ancestors came to Texas in 1847, Geesh!!

[PipL7x3] I think mine missed that date by about 3/4 years

[DallasCo] Address to send for forms is on Dallas pg under other 


[Tim_H] Is this thing slow tonight, or is it just my connection?

[MarieB] Things are going fast for me

[DallasCo] I'm even with Marie

[MikeB] Going fast for me, I think.

[Betsy-Lam] Mine came in the same wagon as yours, I think, Mike!!

[PipL7x3] Thanks Dallas

[eltonl] As long as we are saying, I have records on one line 

   for six gen. in tx from me, I just recenlty discovered in 

   another line, seven gen.

[MikeB] Elton, when did your ancestors arrive in Texas?

[DallasCo] Guess I'm the outsider, have no direct lines in TX

[PipL7x3] Whoa.. 7th generation Texasn

[Betsy-Lam] My husband's lines came in 1838, there are no 

   telling how many of them either!

[eltonl] Well, the ones I recenlty discovered at Salt Lake was 

   in the 1820's, the earliest before was about 1832

*** |Daav| ( has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, |Daav|

*** |Daav| ( has left #TXGenWeb

[Elsi] Some of my husband's ancestors came to Texas in 1859

[RootsLady] I just used GEDPage on "one" of my GED's and 

   produced over 5000 html pages!! 

*** MarkR has quit IRC (

[MikeB] If you see a message from me that says simply Unknown, 

  it means that I believe a non-TXGenWeb sponsor has joined us.

[RootsLady] My earlist got here in 1822! He had 22 children by 2 


[eltonl] I really like Parsons Tech Family Origins for 

   generating html pages from gedcoms.  Have several examples on 

   Lacey page

[MikeB] RL, how many people in the file when you converted it to 


[Tim_H] My Dad was county clerk in Grimes County for 28 years.  

   I can tell you that most county clerk's offices are 

   understaffed and overworked.

[MarieB] Well, let's draft them

[DickensCo] That was the impression I got on the County Clerk, 

   not worth the trouble for something I wanted for everyone.

[PipL7x3] What could we do for them that would help us and them.

[RootsLady] 15,000 Mike

[Trey_Braz] I have one line that arrived in Texas in 1830, 

   Mexican land grants written in Spanish and stuff like that.

[MikeB] RL, that's lots of HTML pages. I used GED2HTML on 31,000 

  people and generated about 3,500 HTML pages.

[DickensCo] I thought we would be helping them by providing 

   everything they needed to take up less time searching for it 

   in the courthouse iteself.

[MarieB] Me too

[MarieB] He came with Austin's second colony

[DallasCo] 3 more for Dallas ... 19 Dallas 7 AZ

[MarieB] That's true, we would be.

[MarieB] But then again, maybe they think they'll have less to do

[MarieB] And lose their job...or something like that

[Elsi] Husband also has a line with Land taken in Liberty County 

   in 1839.  Daughter was born in Republic of Texas in 1841.

[RootsLady] MikeB, I'll give that a try!

[MikeB] I was surprised at the conference about how many people 

  were not aware of USGenWEb.

[Trey_Braz] We found a Genealogist that works for a title 

   company here that kinda got us in with the court house.

[Tim_H] County Clerk's offices generally hold Marriage, Probate, 

   County Commissioners, County Court, and Real Property Records 

   - some also have Birth, Military Discharge, and Voter Records.

[MarieB] We need a booth at the conference

[MikeB] IN my lectures, over 90% were actively using the web, 

  but less than 50% knew about USGenWeb.

[PipL7x3] That sounds like a good project for next year

[Elsi] Amazing.. I thought USGenWeb was widely known among those 

   who use the Web.

[DickensCo] I wish the USGenWeb could get more coverage in the 

   papers nationally.  Have tried to get Lubbock Avalanche 

   Journal to carry a story, but no success.

*** MarkR ( has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, MarkR

[MikeB] Booths at conference were $120 and we don't have any 

  funds [grin]

[MikeB] Mark is having trouble staying connected.

[RunnelsCo] DickensCo, are you in Lubbock?

[PipL7x3] How can you do genealogy research on the web and not 

   find gen web

[DallasCo] I wrote an article on USGenWeb which was pub by CT 

   Gen Soc in CT Nutmegger

[MarieB] I'm sure that if all the county sponsers chipped in a 


[DallasCo] after that had numerous people email me for details

[DickensCo] No, Euless, but I have contact with Lubbock a lot.

[MarkR] Strange! I saw everybody disconnect, but when I 

   disconnected and reconnected, they you all are.

[MikeB] I think it is called a net split where you were 

  disconnected Mark

[Elsi] Linda, did we meet at the luncheon on Thursday?  I'm 

   Leigh Compton in Grapevine

* /sound: unable to find gunsmike.wav

[DickensCo] No, wasn


[DallasCo] Yes Leigh and said Hi Sat also

[Tim_H] Many County Clerk's offices microfilmed their records in 

   the late 70's and 80's - the "old books" were locked away and 

   through the changing of personnel, have mostly been forgotten 

   in some counties.

[Elsi] OOPS -- two Linda's -- was addressing Linda (DickensCo) 

   who lives in Euless, down the road from me

[PipL7x3] Do they keep the microfilm at courthouse or somewhere 


[Betsy-Lam] I need a refresher of who is whom and was at the 

   luncheon.  Should we say who we are and our county?  I must 

   be getting old!

[DallasCo] Linda-Jeanne Dolby is Dallas Co and was there

[PipL7x3] I like that idea Betsy.  I'm Lela - Hansford Co.

[MikeB] Mike Basham was there - the ONLY male.

[DickensCo] I'm Linda - Dickens County, didn't get to make the 

   luncheon due to pressing engagements.

[MarkR] MarkR is Wood Co. and was not at convention.


[MarieB] I'm Marie---Gray and Sherman County

[RunnelsCo] RunnelsCo is Terry Jenkins and I regret that I was 

   not at convention.

[DallasCo] surrounded by 12 gals he was

[Elsi] Leigh Compton -- Pecos, Presidio, Reeves, Brewster, & 

   Jeff Davis


[CompuMom] Carla..... Galveston, Liberty, Polk, San Jacinto, and 


* RootsLady sponsors Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Sabine, 

  San Augustine & Tyler in TX; Early Co., GA (NEW)

[Trey_Braz] I beleive that the county records that were 

   microfilmed are held at regional repositories, mostly at 


[MarieB] Yea, Mike kept us all company at the lunch

[eltonl] Elton Bandera, Edwards, Loving, Motley, Real, Sutton, 

   Uvalde, Jasper (MS)


-DickensCo- --={ I am now ignoring u for 2mins }=--


[RunnelsCo SOUND]

[MarieB] Well Gang, I really need to go....Got to catch up on 

   the sleep...5am was early this morning...see ya all next Sun 


[MikeB] I'm trying out the wavs that RL sent me.

[Betsy-Lam SOUND]

[MikeB] Good night Marie and I  enjoyed visiting with you at the 


[Betsy-Lam] Finally!  Someone sent a sound file that I had!

[Trey_Braz] Texas A&M has the records for about 10 counties 

   around here. I think that the library in Liberty Co has some 

   and I think that Stephen F Austin has most NE Texas counties. 

   UT Austin has its surrounding counties.

[Betsy-Lam] Night, Marie!

[PipL7x3] Nite Marie


[MarieB] See Ya'all later!

*** MarieB ( has left #txgenweb


[RootsLady] Betsy, got some zipped...want me to send??

* Betsy-Lam slaps MikeB around a bit with a large trout!

[Betsy-Lam] Mike!  I don't have all those!!  Yes, Rootslady!  


[PipL7x3] Is there a way to save this conversation?

[MikeB] I think there are regional records depositories 

  scattered across the states. I know that ETSU is one of them.

[PipL7x3] Me, too?!!!!

[MikeB] Lela, I am logging and will post the conversation.

[PipL7x3] great


[Betsy-Lam] You really want to save all this nonsense, or are 

   you after the good stuff?

[PipL7x3] The good stuff of course

[Elsi] Pip -- I'm logging the session.  Assuming that I don't 

   get knocked offline, I'll share it with you.  Also, Mike 

   posts the chat session on the state web page.

[MikeB] I am going to prod some of the non-productive co 

  sponsors next week so you may see some flak in txgen-l.

[Betsy-Lam] Good!  I was worried there for a minute, Lela!

[Elsi] Mike, define non-productive  

[eltonl] gota go surf--btw, I found a neat search tool called 

   WebFerret it will search all the major engines for a name or 

   phrase, really works, even finds queries in USGENWEB

[MikeB] Six months or more with no activity on their page, and 

  my temp Chrysalis page still operational as their county page!!

[Betsy-Lam] I did that in AR, Mike, and so far only got one 

   nasty backlash!

[Tim_H] The County Clerk's Office uses their microfilmed records 

   on a daily basis.  If you go to get a copy of a deed, for 

   instance, the paper copy you get is generated from microfilm.

[Betsy-Lam] Elton, what is the url? 

[MarkR] I also use WebFerret. Very good!

*** CzechItOu (~Czech.hjk@ has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, CzechItOu

[DickensCo] Microfilmed records they can charge for, but they 

   don't care about just letting you browse and find info for 

   what we are trying to do.

[eltonl] I think it is just, a small version 

   is free, the pro version is only about $25 and worth it

[MikeB] Broderbund announced the availibility of the entire 1850 

  VA census on CDROM at the conference. 6 CD's for 49.95

[CzechItOu] Hello

[CzechItOu] Anybody hear me?

[RootsLady] ALERT

[Betsy-Lam] Thanks!

[MikeB] Czeck is Helen Wilson in Nueces Co

[PipL7x3] What did yall think of cityviews census records?

* DallasCo welcomes CzechItOu to our chat ... Hi CzechItOu!

[eltonl] sorry, it is

[Tim_H] There may be other copies at other places, but each 

   county clerk's office will have a copy of all the records it 


[MikeB] Helen attended the conference also.

[DickensCo] Elton, did you say that you used Family Origins?

[MarkR] CzechItOu : Yes I see you.

-CzechItOu:#TXGenWeb- DCC Chat (

[DallasCo] I also use F.O.


   It makes real neat html pages, I recently put over 6,000 in 

   one family with about 100 html pages

[Betsy-Lam] Thanks, Elton!

-CzechItOu:#TXGenWeb- DCC Chat (

   buying, is it better than most?

[Trey_Braz] Mike please post your current time so I can check 

   out my connection

[DallasCo] I myself love it and just upgraded to 6.0

[MikeB] 9:57

[Elsi] I used Ged2Html, shareware -- then edited the results to 

   get just my direct line for posting on the web.

[CompuMom] 8:57???

[Trey_Braz] Thank you

[Elsi] Mike, it's 8:59, not 9:59!

[eltonl] Family Origins is cheap, it does almost anything you 

   want, but not fancy like Master Gen. or the new Ultimate 

   Family Tree, of course there is always Family Tree Maker

[DallasCo] Mike's body may be here but his mind isn't

[MikeB] Yep, you are correct it is 8:58

[MikeB] My mind is on the Cowboy game :)

[CompuMom SOUND]

[Elsi] I like printing from Family Origins, but my favorite is 

   still Brother's Keeper.  I'm thinking about upgrading to 

   Ultimate FT if I decide to study for certification.

[MikeB] Coffee for me only before noon :)

[PipL7x3] I thought I lost an hour

[CzechItOu] I finally am getting on--don't know what I did right 

   or wrong.  Yes I am long talking Helen

[PipL7x3] Hi Helen


[MikeB] Coffee for me only before noon :)

[MikeB] My TV is in the next room - Ugggh

[eltonl] I have Ultimate Family Tree, I have not found a thing 

   it will not do.  One neat feature is you can make a list for 

   who you want to include in a gedcom.

[DallasCo] hard to watch two screens, isn't it ... doing same 


[CzechItOu] Mike I have 8:57

[RootsLady] Coffee is what fuels my pages at 3:00am

[Tim_H] I know a secret on how to find out everything you need 

   to know from a small county's clerk office.  Anyone care for 


*** RunnelsCo has quit IRC (Write error to RunnelsCo[167-162-229.], closing link)

[PipL7x3] Tell us

[Betsy-Lam] Of course!

[DickensCo] Yes Tim.

[MikeB] Tell us Tim!

[MarkR] Yes, Yes, Yes

[CzechItOu] Need to tell everybody about a spin off on FGS.  I 

   attended a Czech Culture Meeting this p. m.

[Trey_Braz] its good!

[MikeB] My wife has Czech ancestors, Tell us

[CzechItOu] this was as a result of FGS Sat meetings  Met some 

   informed people

[PipL7x3] Do we have to beg Tim?

[CzechItOu] Glad to see someone besides myself is mentally 

   pooped.  I started not to get on

[MikeB] He is a hunt & peck typer [grin]

* DallasCo slaps Tim_H around with Big Tex!

[CompuMom] I pinged Tim, his ping is 9 minutes.

[CzechItOu] Hi PipL7x3  Refresh my memory who are you

[PipL7x3] What does that mean? Pinged??

[PipL7x3] I'm Lela

[MikeB] Pip is Lela Evans

*** RunnelsCo ( has joined 


[Elsi]  Hello there, RunnelsCo

[RunnelsCo] Hello again. I got dropped from AOL.

[MikeB] Ping means to do a /ping MikeB, then you can check the 

  status to see how it took the person's server to respond.

[DallasCo] welcome back Terry

[CzechItOu] Has everyone gone to watch the game?

[Trey_Braz] Anyone have trouble getting into USGenWeb today

*** LaCatrina ( has joined 


[RunnelsCo] Not me I don't have cable.

[PipL7x3] L7x3 is a square cubed or a square with depth

[Elsi]  Hello there, LaCatrina

[eltonl] gonna run, nite everyone

[MikeB] We are waiting on your Czeck pearls of wisdom!!


[Elsi] Linda (DickensCo), I got the following from a PING to 

   you: [DickensCo PING reply]: 242655hrs 5mins 57secs

[RunnelsCo] I haven't tried USGenWeb but I have had trouble all 

   weekend with

[Trey_Braz] got the TV right next to the monitor.

[DickensCo] And Tim's.

[DallasCo] is also on ch. 21 TNT on UHF

[MikeB] Unknown

[MikeB] was really slow the past couple of days.

[RootsLady] A IRC NOTE: U can do a who-is-who by highlighting a 

   nick, right clicking, and hightlighting whois?

[Tim_H] Find a retired County Clerk or County Judge, preferrably 

   one over age 65 (they seem to be more interested), and ask 

   them about all the old records hidden away in the courthouse 


[CzechItOu] At the meeting I went to this afternoon David Kosta 

   showed a great video--a concept I hadn't thought of a lady 

   narrated here family's story using still pictures.  I'm sure 

   she had professional help--1 1/2 hours--as good as PBS

[DickensCo] Elsi, I'm know it takes awhile, but that's 


[CzechItOu] Is that enough? any questions?

[Tim_H] In small counties, retired clerks or judges usually have 

   some political clout to get you in to see those records, if 

   they like ya.

*** LaCatrina ( has left 


[MikeB] Czech, so it had her voice and showed family pictures 

  while she talked?

[PipL7x3] That sounds like a great idea Tim.

[RunnelsCo] I got the same time on a ping to DickensCo

[DallasCo] Dallas 22 AZ 7

[RunnelsCo] Yeah, field goals galore.


[CzechItOu] Yes Mike It moved 4 families from CZ to Chicago to 

   MN to ND and also had pictures of the area and colorful 

   history of the area

[RootsLady SOUND]

[RunnelsCo SOUND]

[Betsy-Lam] Oops, RL!! And then the answer is on your status 

   screen!  I clicked more than once and got the answer multiple 


[MikeB] Czech, sounds like something we could all consider doing.

[Trey_Braz] I'm in the video business and if they paid for it 

   and it was good quality it probably cost in the multiple 

   thousand dollars.

[CzechItOu] Hey this is my first time   be gentle   I don't even 

   know how I got on

[Tim_H] Remember when you visit a County Clerk's office that it 

   is usually on the bottom of the county funding priority list.

[CzechItOu] No someone in the family helped--of course it helped 

   that the husband was a ChemEngr and Rhodes scholar before 


[MarkR] You mis-spelled. That's retartedment.

[PipL7x3] TIm, Does that mean they will take bribes? :)

[Tim_H] Also, your genealogy research will be of less importance 

   to them than the needs of the local lawyers and oil company 

   land men.

[Trey_Braz] But you could do something simpler with vhs video 

   quality on your home computer for less

[MikeB] There are just so many things to do in the genealogy 

  area, and I find that I must allocate my time to the things 

  that I consider most important.

[CzechItOu] Anyway it was a new concept for me  Perhaps it would 

   also interest more nongens

[Tim_H] PipL7x3: if they are retired, is it still a bribe?

[PipL7x3] LOL

[MikeB] ROFL

[CzechItOu] By the way how did the City Park go?


[CzechItOu] What happened?

[MikeB] I went to City Park and enjoyed it although I think 

  everyone was too tired to really enjoy it.

[Trey_Braz] Uh oh Emmitt grabbed his hamstring

[CzechItOu] A M E N   I came home but still didn't win the 


[MikeB] Caricature painting, Longhorn bull riding with pictures, 

  square dancing, and BBQ at Old City Park

[Betsy-Lam] They should have done that on Wed. or Thurs night, 

   when we were still charged up!

[PipL7x3] As I went to the train; I talked to several who were 

   going to go back to their rooms and crash

[MikeB] There was a reception at the Library Thursday night and 

  many people did not arrive until Thursday to attend the 


[Betsy-Lam] Train???  I know how to take the train!

[CzechItOu] At least now the them Yankees know about Dallas

[DallasCo] ME TOO!

[MikeB] Betsy, the Irving-Grand Prairie train rider :)

[Betsy-Lam] Okay, Friday night?

[MikeB] Friday night was the Conference Awards banquet and Lloyd 

  Bockstrock speech.

[Trey_Braz] Mike, whats the topic for next week?

[Betsy-Lam] Irving???  Did I go through Irving???

[MikeB] I'm looking for a topic, any suggestions. We could Try 

  Patty Lindsay again.

* RunnelsCo says howdy to DickensCo

[Elsi] Is Patty the CCHelper person?

[MikeB] Yes, Patty is CChelper author.

* DallasCo is rubbing her eyes ... time to say nighty-night to 

  everyone ...

[Elsi] I can't get it to run -- crashes right out of the box.

[Betsy-Lam] She would be good to hear from!

[Elsi] Night Linda-Jeane

[MikeB] Betsy can help you with CCHelper

[CompuMom] G'night Linda!

[MikeB] Night LJ

[DallasCo] Night all ...

*** DallasCo ( has left #TXGenWeb

[RootsLady] Anybody who would like to play IRC, please meet here 

   Wed night 8:00pm

[CzechItOu] I'm still here

[Trey_Braz] I'm gonna call it a night. Till next week..

[Elsi] I think this is beyond Betsy -- get "invalid function" 

   and it crashes right out -- just from clicking on the icon in 

   the start list.


[Tim_H] Rootslady: will it be a training class?

[MarkR] RootsLady : Mark will try. Thanks for the invite.

[RootsLady] 10-4

*** Trey_Braz has quit IRC (Leaving)

[Betsy-Lam] I am NOT an invalid function!!  What do you mean!  


[PipL7x3] I wish I could but 8:00 is too early for me  If you 

   are still there at 10;00 or 11:00

[MarkR] I need training desperately!!!

[CompuMom] Elsi, have you tried to ask the CCHelper email list?

[DickensCo] Is the IRC a training meeting?

[CompuMom] They are soooo helpful.

[RootsLady] We will probably still be on, just check!!

[Tim_H] Mark: I just noticed you were here, Goober says "hey".

[PipL7x3] ok

[MarkR] Hi Goober!

[Betsy-Lam] Sorry, Elsi!  I missed the first part of that thread!

[RootsLady] I wish someone with lots of IRC experience would be 


*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Elsi

[Betsy-Lam] You do probably need to re-download the program, 

   Elsi.  Or contact Patti directly!

[MikeB] Try to get Erath Co to join your WEd session. She is 

  very knowledgeble.

[PipL7x3] I'm going to go eat supper now.  Ya'll have fun.

*** Betsy-Lam sets mode: +o PipL7x3

[MarkR] Tim_H : Us east-texuns dig that talk.

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o DickensCo

[Betsy-Lam] Yes, Erath is a great teacher.

[CompuMom] :)

*** PipL7x3 has quit IRC (Leaving)

[MikeB] My son says he needs this computer to do his homework. 

  Has to look up something on the INternet so I am going to have 

  to leave shortly.

[RootsLady] Has everyone got the latest version of mIRC vr# 5.2

[DickensCo] Need to say goodnight myself, you better tell them 

   the sisters Mike.

[Elsi] I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it at least once & 

   still fails.  I've got a flaky W95 in the first place, anyway.

[Elsi] Night Mike.

[CompuMom] I am calling it a night.  See ya later.

[Betsy-Lam] Yes, I do.  Now!

[MikeB] Sisters are Linda Hughes and Jo Fox.

* Betsy-Lam waves bye-bye to CompuMom.

[Elsi] RL -- You're running 5.1, is 5.2 out already?

* CompuMom Smiles and waves bye bye

*** CzechItOu has quit IRC (Leaving)

[MikeB] Next trivia, which Co sponsor is an ordained minister?

[RootsLady] Nite...Girlfriend

[Tim_H] Mark: where 'bouts in eastexas er ya from?

[Elsi] John Q

*** CompuMom has quit IRC (Ta-Ta for now.......)

[MikeB] Correcto!!

[RootsLady] NOT ME

[Betsy-Lam] Yes, I knew that one!

[DickensCo] Goodnight everybody.

[MikeB] Next trivia, which co sponsor(s) are pooped from the 


* Betsy-Lam waves bye-bye to DickensCo.

[Betsy-Lam] I know I am!!!

*** DickensCo ( has left 


[RunnelsCo] Mike, did you know that we are related through a 

   mutual ancestor George A. Pattillo?

[Elsi] Most of us!

[MarkR] Tim_H : Live in Wood Co., north of Quitman on the north 

   shore of Lake Quitman. Not a native of here though. They call 

   me a foreigner to my face. Only been paying taxes here about 

   20 years.

[MikeB] No I did not know that you were a Pattillo descendant. 

  Which of his children?

[Betsy-Lam] Hey, Mark!  If you weren't born in Paris, they call 

   you a Parisite instead of a Parisian.

[RunnelsCo] George's son David and David's son John Robert.

*** CzechItOu ( has joined 


[Elsi]  Hello there, CzechItOu

[RootsLady SOUND]

[CzechItOu] Accidentally cut myself off  Came back to say nighty 


* Betsy-Lam waves bye-bye to CzechItOu.

[RunnelsCo] Good night Helen

[MikeB] I am descendant of John Varner Pattillo.

[MarkR] Betsy-Lam : You must have g-grandparents here and NO-ONE 

   in the family is allowed to leave, or you lose all resident 


[Betsy-Lam] LOL

[CzechItOu] Still on  try Pocahantus

[CzechItOu] Hello :(

[MikeB] Time for me to go. Goodnight everyone.

* Betsy-Lam waves bye-bye to MikeB.

[CzechItOu] Okay    

[MarkR] Goodnight Mike.

[Elsi] Night, Mike -- see you next week.

[RootsLady] Nite Mike

[RunnelsCo] Goodnight Mike

*** Betsy-Lam sets mode: +o CzechItOu

Session Close: Sun Sep 07 21:22:42 1997

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