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Monday, 20-Feb-2012 20:43:12 EST
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 14 Sep 1997

Session Start: Sun Sep 14 19:48:09 1997

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[MikeB] Hello RL

-] [RootsLady] PING

* RootsLady * Hooowdy! I'm just so proud to be here!! * 

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[RootsLady] What's UP??

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[MikeB] My wav file sender is not functioning correctly.

[MikeB] And I don't know how to fix it.

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[Elsi]  Hello there, Elsi

[Elsi] Hi guys

[RootsLady] send me the census.wav

[RootsLady] Hi 

[MikeB] Hi Linda and a special welcome to Barry Best!!

[Elsi]  Hello there, BarryB

[RootsLady] ............Here's a Dozen

[RootsLady] .................@@@

[RootsLady] ................@@@@

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[RootsLady] ................\\|//

[RootsLady] .................\|/

[RootsLady] .................=&=

[RootsLady] ................./|\

[MikeB] We are just hanging around waiting for more to arrive.

[RootsLady] ............Texas Roses

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[BarryB] Hi, Elsi

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[Elsi]  Hello there, Elsi

[MikeB] How are things in the Hill Country Barry?

[Elsi] Can you see me now?

[MikeB] Go ;you Else, Linda

[BarryB] It's good to be able to make it. The typing skills are 

   still a little slow.

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[Erath] Hello all

[MikeB] Looks like Elsi is having trouble staying connected.

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[lcompton]  Hello there, lcompton

[MikeB] Hello Erath, are you both there?

[lcompton]  Hello there, Erath

[BarryB] Very hot!

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[Erath] How's everyone tonight?

[Elsi] Hello all -- Leigh Compton here.

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[Elsi] No trouble staying connected, just not getting any 


[MikeB] Everything looks good, just need some cooler weather.

[Elsi] --- 8:06 PM - Grapevine TX - Sunday  09/14/97 ---

[MikeB] Pretty fancey stuff Elsi!!

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[Elsi]  Hello there, MarkR

[MarkR] Mark in Wood county wishes everyone a good evening.

[Elsi]  Hello there, RunnelsCo

[Erath] Only Janice right now. But I will be leaving soon to go 

   pick up Annette. She needs a ride over here tonight. Then we 

   will both be online. :)

[RunnelsCo] Hello all.

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[Elsi]  Hello there, elton

[Elsi]  Hello there, DallasCo

[MikeB] Hi Terry, Hi Elton, Hi Linda Jean

[DallasCo] Hi all

[elton] It's me again-elton

[Erath] Hi Elto, Dallas

[Elsi] I've been practicing.

[RootsLady] ............Here's a Dozen

[RootsLady] .................@@@

[RootsLady] ................@@@@

[RootsLady] ...............\@@@@@/

[RootsLady] ................\\|//

[RootsLady] .................\|/

[RootsLady] .................=&=

[RootsLady] ................./|\

[RootsLady] ............Texas Roses

[elton] Iforgot, Bandera, Edwards, Loving, Motley, Real, Sutton, 


[DallasCo] Good one Barb

* RootsLady sponsors Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Orange, 

  Sabine, San Augustine & Tyler in TX; Early Co., GA (NEW)

[MikeB] Did anyone visit the TExas sights and sounds WEb Site 

  that I mentioned in my earlier message today. Pretty neat to 

  see all the state emblems and listen to the songs and bird 


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[RootsLady] See I am learning....sloooooowly.

[Erath] Hi Trey

[Elsi]  Hello there, Trey_Braz

[Trey_Braz] Howdy, had trouble getting in tonight

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[elton] queries??? where are they?

[RunnelsCo] Hello MOM

[CompuMom] Hello all.....

[Erath] Hi Mom

[RunnelsCo] Hello Barry

[Elsi]  Hello there, CompuMom

[Trey_Braz] pretty cool!

[CompuMom] :)

[BarryB] Hi, There!

[CompuMom] Hi, Barry!

[MikeB] Joe, there is some good East Texas news. The East Texas 

  Gene Society voted yesterday to sponsor the Smith County 

  (Tyler) TXGenWeb page.

[MikeB] It seems like more and more societies are getting 

  involved with this project.

[DallasCo] While we're waiting to start Mike, query sent to 

   autobot 5 days ago still has not appeared

[RunnelsCo] Mary Love Berryman is going to be the coordinator of 

   the Smith Co project.

[BarryB] Hello, Ma'am! I'm here but moving kinda slow.

[MikeB] Yes Dallas, I have some info on that in a few minutes. 

  Doc said he might stop in also.

[MarkR] Wood Co. had queries posted as late as 3 Sep, but my 

   "test" query has not been posted.

[Erath] I haven't had a chance to check ours out yet

[MikeB] I found out last week that the autoquery is not as 

  automagic as I previously thought.

[MikeB] It requires a manual running of the query posting 

  program on usgenweb to post the queries.

[Erath] Need to get on to that :)

[Elsi] Hooray for Mary Love.

[RunnelsCo] Runnels Co. has nothing since Sep. 5 and not all of 

   it showed up.

[MikeB] And if the "query poster" is not diligent with his/her 

  responsibilities (or is having problems with his server) then 

  the queries do not get posted.

[MikeB] The last queries were apparently posted on 9/8 so our 

  test queries on 9/10 would not appear on the usgenweb page.

[RunnelsCo] I was afraid of losing queries so I wrote a page to 

   send my queries directly to my email

[elton] Does that mean they are manually sorting the counties 

   and unknowns etc?

*** RootsLady sets mode: +o CompuMom

[MikeB] I don't think they manually sort them. They just 

  accumulate in a file until 

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Elsi

[MikeB] the posting program is activated by the "query poster".

[DallasCo] know the message on the post a query pg says ck back 

   in 48 hrs and post again if not seen, afraid we'll be getting 

   lots of triple postings

[MikeB] The 48 hours is apparently a goal for the person to post 

  the queries. They might do it in 1 day or it might be 5 days. 

  I am not real happy with the process.

[MikeB] The usgenweb server (alias dsenter) has been having 

  major problems the past few days.

[elton] I am not going to get into e-mail queries and self 

   posting, simply do not have the time.

[MikeB] I believe we must have an effective method of auto 

  posting the queries.

[MikeB] The e-mail approach has advantages but when one of the 

  sponsors takes vacation or gets sick, my email starts to stack 

  up with people wondering what is happenign.

[MikeB] Jean Jones (Tarrant Co) and Dana Thomas (Camp Co) have a 

  neat query system going based on the rootsweb mailmerge 

  function. You might take a look at it but your page has to be 

  on rootsweb for it to work.

[Erath] Will take a look

[MikeB] Also remember that if you use e-mail, you should still 

  check usgenweb for queries on your county.

[Elsi] I would hope that after solving the 

   performance problems, someone can create a script which runs 

   automatically every night to manage the posting of the queries

[CompuMom] From what I understand, that works like the guest 

   book does.

[MikeB] Compu, I think it does work like the guest book, but the 

  query is usually posted to the sponsors page in just a few 

  minutes, I understand.

[RunnelsCo] Good point, Mike

[MarkR] I copy all queries into the CCHelper database, and the 

   autobot makes it a snap. Folks are less formal when you get 

   an e-mail query and they usually require considerable editing.

[MikeB] And Elsi, writing that script is apparently not an easy 

  task, at least according to Doc

[CompuMom] Yes, as is with the guest book.

[CompuMom] Same principle I think.

[Elsi] Even though those two counties have their own functions, 

   people can (and will) still post queries on the USGenWeb page.

[RunnelsCo] MarkR, you can design the output of the query on 

   your email to cut and paste right into the CCHelper-with the 

   tags and everything.

[MikeB] MarkR, correct as long as the queries are getting posted 

  in a timely manner. But when it takes 5-7 days to post them, 

  the system breaks down.

*** elton has quit IRC (Leaving)

[MikeB] My bottom line is that the rootsweb/usgeneb autoquery 

  system needs to be indeed automagic and require no human 


[MarkR] RunnelsCo : You bet, but my e-mail queries usually are 

   not in a form suitable for cut-and-paste. Editing takes time.

[MikeB] Barry, you are getting queries by email, correct?

[MarkR] Elsi's point is the central issue. USGenWeb will still 

   be used regardless of what other methods are available. We 

   must find a way to deal with it.

[Erath] Wish someone could come up with a good system that 

   works. All that is over my head, I'm afra

[Erath] id. :)

[MikeB] Erath, that is what we are trying to do, but it helps to 

  understand as much as possible.

[Erath] afraid

[Erath] I know, just wish I could help more, but I don't 

   understand all that

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[MikeB] Hello Mary Love

[Elsi]  Hello there, marylove

[Erath] Hi Marylove

[marylove] Hi everybody

[CompuMom] Hi, Marylove

[RunnelsCo] Hello there MaryLove

[MikeB] And congrats on getting the ETGS involved with TXGenWeb!!

[DallasCo] Hi Mary Love

[RootsLady] Hi Mary

[RunnelsCo] Ditto

[BarryB] Yes.

[MikeB] Barry's recent situation is a dramatic example of the 

  problem with the email method.

[BarryB] I much prefer it to the standard USGenWeb page, but 

   there are tradeoffs.

[MikeB] Barry has undoubtedly been one of the most loyal, 

  faithful, committed TXGenWeb sponsors.

[MikeB] But with his recent illness, the queries on his pages 

  went unposted. I certainly am not being critical of Barry. I 

  love the man for all he has done for me and this project!

[BarryB] One of the basic items that really needs to be 

   determined is if there is to be a use of the queries for 

   other than just the county page.

[Elsi] I really like the USGenWeb query pages -- I point to them 

   from my county pages, scrape the stuff off once a quarter & 

   post to my site.

[RootsLady] With the delays...people send to CC...then it 

   doesn't get posted on USGenWeb.

[Elsi] I just wish they were more current.

[MikeB] But he was unable to handle the email queries for 

  several weeks. If his counties had been on a working autoquery 

  system, the quereies would get posted regardless of the status 

  of the cc.

[Elsi] I add queries which come in e-mail to the quarterly 


[marylove] Hi Mike!

[BarryB] Anytime I receive email queries, I nicely ask the 

   person to submit it via the query form from the county page.

[DallasCo] I do the same thing Barry

[MikeB] We badly need a query surname search funtion for all of 

  Texas or all of usgenweb.

[marylove] I'm working on the page - hope to get it on before I 

   leave town on Friday.  Having trouble getting another county 

   on CCHelper.  Did something wrong.

[MikeB] mary Love, maybe one of the other CC's can help you.

[Elsi] At least you've got CCHelper running.  Bombs out on my 


[Elsi] explain, please

[marylove] I love it on Coke County.  Patty is really nice to 

   help.  I got an e-mail from her this afternoon.

[MikeB] I have a significant announcement to make concerning 


[CompuMom] Tell... tell....

[RunnelsCo] What's up, Mike?

[MikeB] I have felt a growing need to have some help with 

  running the TXGenWeb project and decided to ask someone to be 

  the Asst SC.

[Erath] What is it?

[MikeB] And I am proud to announce that Trey Holt (Brazos Co) 

  has agreed to accept the position as Ass't State Coordinator 

  for Texas.

[marylove] I have to have some automation or I can't do it.  We 

   are out of town too much.

[MarkR] Good on you, Trey!

[RunnelsCo] Yeah, Trey. Congrats.

[Erath] Good. Congrats Trey!!

[CompuMom SOUND]

[MikeB] Initially he will cover for me when I am unavailable and 

  have FTP access to the Chrysalis server so that he can update 

  the Texas page as necessary.

[CompuMom] Congrats, Trey!!!

[marylove] This sure is slow tonight or is it just me?

[Trey_Braz] Thank you, I hope I know what I'm getting into

[DallasCo] Congrats from me too Trey

[Erath] Maybe that will help ease some of your burden, Mike

[BarryB] IMHO, one ideal situation would allow for the county 

   coordinator to edit the USGenWeb autobot query page to 

   eliminate dupes, etc. without having to delete a large chunk 

   of queries.

[RootsLady] Lots of LAG

[Erath] :)

[MikeB] And we may have some other projects to work on that he 

  will help me with although I plan to continue to use CC's for 

  some of these also. The County of the Month committee headed 

  by Dana Thomas has been very helpful.

[MikeB] Good idea, Barry, but I think that would require FTP 

  access to the usgenweb server which I think is unlikely.

-] [marylove] PING

[Trey_Braz] I hope I can take some of the load off. Mike's done 

   a great job by himself and deserves some help.

[Erath] Mike has done a GREAT job!

[MikeB] As I have become involved with the US Board, I realize 

  more and more what a great bunch of CC's we have here in 

  Texas. Believe me, it is not nearly so good in many other 


[MarkR] Second that!

[BarryB] The autobot could be made very functional with some 

   programming and editing capability.

[Erath] About time he had some help

[BarryB] That's why it's important to use the autobot and not 

   have your own query system via mailmerge, etc.

[MikeB] Barry, the problem is that Doc either does not have the 

  knowledge, time, or committment to do the programming. I think 

  it is primarily a question of time availability.

[Elsi] I thought the query engine was what Doc was working on 

   when the autobot was changed earlier this summer.

[BarryB] That data is now outside the database and can't easily 

   be accessed.

[MikeB] I agree with you Barry on your points about the 

  mailmerge function.

[MikeB] Patty Lindsay made a statement this week that she is 

  working on some kind of query surname searching as an addition 

  to her CCHelper.

[BarryB] It might be time to rethink the queries at the USGenWeb 

   level. Things have changed greatly and will continue to.

[marylove] I'll get some help.

[RunnelsCo] I agree also and when the current problem seems 

   ironed out, I will again be using the autoquery system.

[MikeB] Marylove , I suggest you log off and log back on with 

  another undernet server.

[MarkR] Yes, called CCHelper Central. I plan to put it in this 


[MikeB] Tell us more about it MarkR.

[RunnelsCo] Yes, she has just added Runnels County this week. I 

   forgot the URL though.

[marylove] Who is it?

[marylove] Congratulations Trey!

[MikeB] The good thing about Patty's approach is that it would 

  work on queries from any source and from any server (I think).

[MarkR] Patsy wend some code and instructions on how to add it. 

   Apparently, a surname summary is added that CCHelper can scan 

   to product their look-up.

[Elsi] Congrats, Trey

* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [cheer.wav] ~

[MikeB] someone post the time for marylove to show her how much 

  she is lagging.

[Trey_Braz] 8:45

[marylove] You don't but you'll find out!

[marylove] Mike, I'm glad for you to get some help

[Trey_Braz] The current time is 8:45

[MikeB] MarkR, I will be anxious to hear what you think of the 

  new CCHelper addition. ARe you a tester for it?

[Erath] No wonder she is so far behingd in the conversation :)

[RunnelsCo] MaryLove, the ping took 8 min 32 secs to reach you. 

   Log off and log back on another server.

* RootsLady * I was county when COUNTRY wasn't COOL! * 

  [count-bm.wav] ~

[RootsLady] OOPS

[MarkR] MikeB: No, just got the notice and code in an e-mail. 

   She is encouraging every county using CCHelper to put it in.

[Erath] I hadn't heard about it

[marylove] AMEN

[RunnelsCo] Anybody know the URL.

[RootsLady] Mike's the BEST

[MarkR] Check

[Elsi SOUND]

[MikeB] Just to make sure that everyone knows that Doc is having 

  major problems with the usgenweb server. His first priority is 

  to resolve the access problems, then he will get to working on 

  the query system.

[RootsLady] We've got 2 BEST's [BG]

[MikeB] Nope Barry's the Real BEST!!!

[DallasCo] Think Barb may also be lagging

-] [RootsLady] PING

[BarryB] Yes, I understand that!

[BarryB] However, I think the query system is going to grow into 

   a monster as we are seeing.

[MikeB] Did anyone see Dick Eastman's nice comments about FGS in 

  his weekly newsletter? It sure made DGS feel good [grin]

[BarryB] There will be ten times the number of people accessing 

   and posting queries within the next three years.

[Trey_Braz] Sounded like Cincinatti has a lot to live up to.

[MarkR] And I already have 254 postings on CChelper in little 

   old Wood Co.

[MikeB] I agree Barry, and we need to take as much people 

  activities out of the query posting process as possible.

[Elsi]  Hello there, Jimbo

[CompuMom] I did, it was a nice write up..... :)

[MikeB] I think the ideal way is for a CC to let the queries 

  accumulate on usgenweb, then download them monthly or 

  bi-monthly depending on the query volume.

[marylove] I put Coke County into CCHelper Central yesterday/

[MikeB] Tonight's trivia question, how many subscribers to 

  Eastmans newsletter?

[BarryB] But Patty's search will not be USGenWeb wide - one of 

   the goals of the system in the past.

*** marylove (marylove@ has left #txgenweb

* RootsLady waves bye-bye to marylove *sniff*

[DallasCo] that's what I do Mike

[DallasCo] With my busy schedule, that works great for me

[DallasCo] I subscribe

[MikeB] Based on my experience on the Us Board, I think we need 

  to focus on getting a Texas query surname system in place 

  first. If we wait for the rest of the country, it might be a 

  long wait. Believe me, we are way ahead of most states.

[MarkR] MikeB : I don't know from Eastman's Newsletter. Please 


[RootsLady] That's what it sounded would pick up 

   queries sent to CC;s

[Elsi] --- 8:59 PM - Grapevine TX - Sunday  09/14/97 ---

[MikeB] Eastman publishes a weekly free genealogy newsletter 

  with current news of interest. It is very informative and 

  helps keep people up to date.

*** CompuMom has quit IRC (Read error to CompuMom[hsh19-119.flash

.net]: Connection reset by peer)

*** Carlac ( has joined #txgenweb

[DallasCo] You're certainly right about TX being ahead of other 

   states ... I know this for sure!

[MarkR] Wood Co. has to take a break. Back soon.

[Elsi] Trey, not at my house!  Your clock is almost 15 minutes 


[Carlac] sorry... knocked offline.

[Erath] Hi Carlac

[Erath] WB

[MikeB] Uhhh, Elsi, that means you are 15 minutes lag.

[Elsi] Mary Love disconnected 4 minutes ago.

*** MarkR has quit IRC (Leaving)

*** Carlac is now known as CompuMom

[MikeB] I am convinced that the Texas CC's just have a larger 

  commitment to this project than most other states.

[MikeB] I talked to someone at FGS Conference who had 5 

  different State Coordinators since the first of the year 1997.

[Trey_Braz] Well, you know what they say... Texas is like a 

   whole other country.

[Trey_Braz] We have been very lucky I think to have the 

   stability that we have.

[MikeB] The problem is that Texas is part of the USGenWeb 

  project and their shortcomings reflect on us. That is one of 

  the reasons that I took the US Board position to hopefully 

  have some positive effect on the entire project.

[RootsLady] Just out for coffee & cig [BG] PING PLEASE

-] [RootsLady] PING

[Erath] Trey_Braz PING reply]: 2 seconds

[Erath] -

[Erath] [RunnelsCo PING reply]: 2 seconds

[Erath] -

[Erath] [DallasCo PING reply]: 3 seconds

[Erath] -

[Erath] [CompuMom PING reply]: 3 seconds

[Erath] -

[Erath] [MikeB PING reply]: 6 seconds

[Erath] The rest haven't come back yet....

[MikeB] How do you read those Erath?

[Elsi] RL, I get 4 seconds on a ping from you -- no response 

   from anyone else.  

[DallasCo] Yes, there are those states who have hardly anything 

   on the state page other than the two co-coordinators

*** marylove (marylove@ has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, marylove

[marylove] This is the only place I can get on.  Everything else 

   is full.

[Erath] That is the ping results of everyone from me. Such as 

   MikeB....6 second ping to you

* RunnelsCo says howdy to marylove

[MikeB] But Erath how do you get it to appear on my screen?

[Elsi] MaryLove, you're on the same server as me.

[Trey_Braz] Speaking of Nat'l politics

[CompuMom] One thing I would like to mention about CCHelper 

   Central is that Patty is also interested in non-cchelper 


[Erath] I still don't have any ping answer on anyone else. They 

   are really slow tonight

[Trey_Braz] Mike how is the board appointment going

[Elsi] Mike, post the subscription info for Eastman, please.

[BarryB] Subscribers = 12856

[Erath] I typed in /ping #TxGenWeb and it pings the whole 

   channel at one time

[marylove] I'm getting several queries sent to me directly even 

   with the automated system.  I think the work is out that I am 

   giving help.

[DallasCo] I have him as a ref on both Dallas Co and my Attic

[MikeB] Past issues of Eastman at

   and you should be able to get subscription info there. It is 

  worth subscribing to.

[MikeB] Good guess Barry, but you missed it by two, it it 12,858 


[MikeB] No really, he told me last week that it has recently 

  exceeded 16,000 which I thought was a pretty big number.

[Trey_Braz] I agree, I past much of the info in Eastman's 

   newsletter on to our computer users group

[Elsi]  Hello there, Carlac

*** RootsLady sets mode: +o CompuMom

[BarryB] I agree. There will have to be some standardization, 

   though. Those using mailmerge will be more difficult to deal 


[Erath] :)

[Trey_Braz] Mike, I meant have yall had any discussions yet?

[Erath] [Elsi PING reply]: 9mins 3secs

[BarryB] I agree, Mike, after working with some in other states. 

   There is also a stronger committment from the state 

   coordinator and that makes a difference, too.

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Erath

[MikeB] Yes, there are constant discussions going on. On all 

  kinds of topics ranging from how to resolve the usgenweb 

  access problem, how to fix the query system, what should be 

  allowed on county pages, etc. It's a barrel of fun [grin]

[Erath] Thanks :)

[CompuMom] np :)

*** Jimbo (m@ has joined #TXGenWeb

[MikeB] Well, Barry, I figure if it is worth doing, it is worth 

  doing right!!

[BarryB] Back shortly. Have to deal with some medicine.

[Trey_Braz] Mike, something to pass along....I miss the weekly 

   USGenWeb status updates that we used to get.  Havent seen one 

   in a long time.

* RunnelsCo says hello there marylove

[Erath] [marylove PING reply]: 9mins 38secs

[Erath] -

[Erath] [Elsi PING reply]: 9mins 40secs

[Erath] -

[Erath] [BarryB PING reply]: 9mins 40secs

[Erath] -

[Erath] [RootsLady PING reply]: 9mins 40secs

[MikeB] I agree that we need regular USGenWeb updates. Everyone 

  likes to know the status of the project that they are working 


[Erath] Finally came back

[Erath] BAAAAD lag!

-] [#TXGenWeb] PING

[Erath] Sure is

[MikeB] Erath, does it seem that lag alwasys increases after we 

  have been on for a while?

[Trey_Braz] Also gives me something to pass along to the Assn at 


[Jimbo] Hmmmm, what is ping and pong ?

[Erath] I enjoyed that too

[Elsi] I'm getting 7 second response from RL & MaryLove; 10 

   minutes from MikeB

[marylove] Hi 

[marylove] Terry

-CompuMom- ping? Hmmm! ...pang pang pang!!

[MikeB] jimbo, it is a method of determining how long it takes 

  to connect to the others.

*** rtk (~rtk@ has joined #txgenweb

[Trey_Braz] I wonder if the lag has to do with which server 

   people are on. I noticed MikeB and I are on the St. Louis 


[Elsi] At least we know that Mike isn't being considered for 


* RootsLady * Don't be CRUEL!! * [cruel.wav] ~

[rtk] hi

[rtk] is this a web-talking-things-channel?

[marylove] What do I do to ping

[DallasCo] Mike ... correct in assuming unknown and unknown?

[MikeB] This is a conversation of Texas GenWeb County sponsors.

[Erath] It depends on how busy the server is. Undernet is 

   getting rather bag for lag. If we could all get on the same 

   server, such as, we wouldn't have so 

   much trouble with the lag

[MikeB] Unknown and unknown is correct

[Elsi] MaryLove, you can use the right mouse on a name in the 

   right side of the window

[RunnelsCo] Jimbo, a ping is a way of sending a radar-type ping 

   to another individual on the channel and it will tell the 

   time difference between the two individuals.

[Jimbo] Hmmm, couldn't you use the ICQ program ?

[MikeB] Sunday night seems like a busy time on chat, but maybe 

  it is like that all the time.

[RunnelsCo] rtk, You probably don't want to be here. This is a 

   channel for those county sponsors on the Texas TXGenWeb 


*** rtk (~rtk@ has left #txgenweb

* MikeB slaps Trey_Braz around a bit with a large trout

[Trey_Braz] thank you

[Erath] Didn't think I recognized him. :)


[Erath] It can never really tell when you will 

   run into lag

[MikeB] Erath, how often do you participate in chats?

[Trey_Braz] Anything else important to discuss?

[MikeB] I think that is about it. I need to go in a few minute. 

  I think several are split anyway.

[Erath] Not as often as I used to. Don't seem to have the time 

   any more....since I got into GenWeb :)

[Erath] Annette is on about once a week though, usually

[Trey_Braz] I've got some updating to do sooooo I'm calling it a 

   night....good night.

[Elsi]  Hello there, Jimbo

[marylove] I am behind but I couldn't get on any where else.

[MikeB] Thanks Trey and I will email you some further info.

[Jimbo] Hello Elsi

[Erath] [Jimbo PING reply]: 1min 15secs

[Trey_Braz] Talk to ya later.

*** Trey_Braz has quit IRC (Leaving)

[Erath] I enjoyed it, everyone.

[DallasCo] Good-night all

[MikeB] Bye Dallas

[CompuMom] See ya!

*** DallasCo ( has left #TXGenWeb

[Erath] Good night all

[MikeB] Bye Erath

*** Trey_Braz has quit IRC (Leaving)

[Elsi]  Hello there, rtk

[MikeB] Joe, do you know the ETGS folks?

[MikeB] Elsi, you are hopelessly lagged.

-] [RunnelsCo] PING

[Erath] Good night all

[Jimbo] Elsi, you can send messages to the next meeting and be 

   just right

* RootsLady waves bye-bye to rtk *sniff*

[RunnelsCo] Looks like RootsLady is lagging as well.

-] [RunnelsCo] PING

[BarryB] Oh well, I'm no better with lotto numbers!

[Elsi] Also, the Ping? Pong! on the status screen is how you 

   stay connected to the IRC server.

[MikeB] Rootslady shows 10 min lag

[Jimbo] What about the ICQ program wouldn't it work better ?

[MikeB] TEll us what ICQ is.

[CompuMom] Tell us about ICQ....

* CompuMom pulls chair closer....

[Jimbo] Its a small communication program that you can have as 


[Jimbo] folks as you like on line. I will send you a copy Mike.

[MikeB] OK I would like to take a look at it.

[Jimbo] You can contact folks when they are on line.

[Jimbo] You can chat with others

[CompuMom] What is the url for it Jimbo?

[Jimbo] I will send it to you. You are Mike Basham right ?

* RootsLady * ATTENTION: U must disconnect!! U have been on to 

  long! U R addicted!! * [addicted.wav] ~

[MikeB] Mike Basham ( is correct.

[RunnelsCo] Did I see someone say (HaHa) that they had a WAV 

   directory up for us?

[Elsi] Mike -- I'm using IRC nightly, mostly on 

   (alias to

[MikeB] We have talked about a Wav directory and I can put one 

  up if you wish.

[marylove] This the only time I'm on.  I'm trying to figure out 

   how I can talk to my granddaughter in Malaysia.

* RootsLady waves bye-bye to DallasCo *sniff*

[Jimbo] OK, I will send it to you Mike. It is great for folks 

   who want

[marylove] Good night

[MikeB] Mary Love, just create your own channel such as /join 

  #marylove and you are in busines.

[Jimbo] to be online and except communications from others at 

   the same

[Jimbo] time

[MikeB] Ok Jimbo, I'm not sure who you are.

* RootsLady waves bye-bye to Erath *sniff*

[MikeB] Rootslady needs to participate in "Back to the Future"

[Jimbo] Ector County !!!

[Elsi] Mike, how much lag on this time post?

[Elsi] --- 9:34 PM - Grapevine TX - Sunday  09/14/97 ---

[CompuMom] LOL

[MikeB] OK, Jimmy, now I've got you.

[MikeB] Less than one minute lag Elsi

[Jimbo] You know the dumbo, trying to get his page up !!

[MikeB] How is it coming Jimbo? Have you got the directory thing 

  figured out on the serer?

[Elsi] But from my point of view, you're the one lagged.

* RootsLady * Ah! Computers can DO THAT?? * [candotht.wav] ~

[CompuMom] Elsi, 7min ping from here....

[Jimbo] I sort of have it figured out, I will try to get it 

   going this week.

-] [Elsi] PING

[Elsi] But from my point of view, you're the one lagged.

   well.  But RL & I are getting good response to each other; 

   we're on the same server.

[CompuMom] Elsi, 7min ping from here....

[MikeB] Unknown

[rtk] Hi again

[Jimbo] Hello rtk....

*** MikeB sets mode: +o BarryB

   we're on the same server.

   introducing different software?

*** CzechItOu ( has joined 


*** Elsi has quit IRC (I'm outta here!)

[CzechItOu] hello

[rtk] hi Jimbo

*** Elsi (lcompton@ has joined #TXGenWeb

* RunnelsCo says hello there CzechItOu

[Elsi]  Hello there, Elsi

[rtk] Did I ask u guys if anyone r using FrontPage?

[CzechItOu] just got here in time to sign off--will read the 

   file Mike

[MikeB] Hi Helen, better late than never [grin]

[Elsi] OK, I moved to St.Louis -- now I'm in sync with MikeB, 

   but lagging with RL & marylove

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Elsi

[rtk] RootsLady: hi :)

[CzechItOu] yes--

[Jimbo] not me rtk, I did take a look at it.

[CzechItOu] Been redoing a computer for my grandkids all 


[Elsi] Mike, rather than moving to new software (ICQ), how about 

   looking for a better IRC server?

[MikeB] We could try EFNet but I am not optimistic that it would 

  be much different.

[rtk] Jimbo: okay - thanx anyhow

[CzechItOu] like who?

* rtk waves to RootLady

[marylove] Terry, let's talk on Instant AOL

[Elsi] Mike, what about RootsWeb?  (

[Elsi] RW has more than enough capacity for our little group.  

   They are sponsoring IIGS chat at -- aliased to RW

[MikeB] I did not know aabout Rootwweb chat. Is it just like 


[marylove] Hi Leigh

[RunnelsCo] Okay, MaryLove.

* RootsLady waves bye-bye to RootsLady *sniff*

*** RootsLady ( has 

left #TxGenWeb

[Elsi] Yes, Mike.  RW runs an IRC server exactly like UnderNet.

*** RootsLady ( has 

joined #TxGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, RootsLady

[CompuMom] It is just another server, Mike.

*** MarkR ( has joined #TXGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, MarkR

[rtk] bye

*** rtk (~rtk@ has left #TxGenWeb

* RootsLady * Well, I'm back again! * [backagain.wav] ~

[MarkR] Hi again.

[Elsi] Add IIGS or RootsWeb to your server list, port 6667, and 

   check it out.  Want to meet me there at 22:00?

[marylove] Bye for tonight, I'm getting off for sure this time.

*** Elsi sets mode: +o RootsLady

*** marylove (marylove@ has left #TXGenWeb

* RootsLady waves bye-bye to marylove *sniff*

[MikeB] I am just using the pulldown menu to access undernet. Do 

  I type as the URL to connect to their chat 


[RunnelsCo] Elsi, I was just curious about the Txregion page 

   that you have at


[RunnelsCo] Why is there no link to the far west Texas region?

[Elsi] Yes, RunnelsCo -- 

*** Betsy-Lam ( has joined #txgenweb

[Elsi]  Hello there, Betsy-Lam

[Elsi] Mike, ADD a server.

[MikeB] Runnels, I'm not sure what you mean about no link, can 

  you explain?

[Betsy-Lam] Oh, my!  I am late!!!

[Elsi] Or just type it in.

[RootsLady] It's an IRC Server....probably less crowded.

*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Betsy-Lam

* RootsLady waves bye-bye to rtk *sniff*

[MikeB] Let's try RW server next week. This lag really hurts the 

  discussion. At least we would all be on the same server.

[Elsi] Runnels, if there's no link, it's probably broken again.  

   Mike & I had some problems with uppercase/lowercase file 


[Elsi] I thought I had it all fixed, but I can check it out 


[RootsLady] Somebody PING PLEASE

[MikeB] Betsy, I earlier tonight announced Trey Holt as Ass't SC 

  for Texas.

[MarkR] MikeB : I did not understand a communication some time 

   back about the "List request." Do you have any clarification?

[MikeB] I don't understand "List request" either. Maybe someone 

  else can help us.

-CzechItOu:#TXGenWeb- DCC Chat (

[RootsLady] I think thats a VERY good idea Mike!

[MarkR] Hi Else. I think I am now suffering from extreme lag.

[MikeB] Actually RW chat server was someone else's idea [grin]

[CzechItOu] Just tried some resets to see if it speeds anything 

   up for me

[CzechItOu] Anyone out there?

[MikeB] Elsi, I can't try out the RW chat tonight. My son is 

  waiting for me to help him with his homework.

[CompuMom] yes

[Elsi] I'm still here.

[Betsy-Lam] I am, but I am just trying to see what is happening!

[Elsi] OK Mike.  I think CompuMom & RL might try it out.

[MikeB] OK, let me know how it works. I would like to try it 

  next week.

[CompuMom] We will let you know. :)

[Elsi] I've opened channel #TXchat on Rootsweb.  Join me if you 


Session Close: Sun Sep 14 21:45:41 1997

Session Start: Sun Sep 14 21:45:50 1997

*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb

*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb


[Elsi]  Hello there, Elsi

[MikeB] Hello

[Elsi] I thought you weren't going to come.

[MikeB] I couldn't resist trying it out and I think the 

  discussion was about over on the other channel anyway.

[MikeB] This is the way to do it, hardly anyone else on the 

  rootweb chat server.

[Elsi] True.  I think Betsy & a couple of others will be over as 

   soon as they figure out how to set it up.

-] [Elsi] PING

[MikeB] I dropped the other channel when I moved over her - by 

  accident. IN other words, I don't know what I am doing.

[Elsi] Mike, aren't you still using Windows 3.1?  If so, your 

   mIRC doesn't support multiple copies & connection to multiple 

   servers at the same time.

[Elsi] By the way, don't leave without giving me ops.

[MikeB] How can I run mIRC on two separate chat servers 

  simulteneously. And yes, I am on 3.1

*** MikeB sets mode: +o Elsi

*** BarryB (bbest@ has joined #TxGenWeb

[Elsi]  Hello there, BarryB

[Elsi] mIRC32 (the W95 version) supports multiple instances of 

   mIRC active -- each one can be on a different server.

[MikeB] Hello Barry, I think this is much better.

[BarryB] Hi, Elsi! Found it!

[BarryB] Much, Much better! Someone in our midst is a genious!

[MikeB] It's great to have you back with us Barry.

[BarryB] Great to be back - considering the alternatives! [G]

[MikeB] I don't think people realize how limited the resources 

  of USGenWeb really are. 

[MikeB] There are just a very few people who are holding this 

  project together.

[BarryB] Yes. Just a few good hearted volunteers and a lot of 

   people with wrong expectations.

[MikeB] A VERY good way of putting it!!

[BarryB] It can get a little discouraging at times - as you 

   know, but you just have to work through it and keep your eyes 

   on the goals ahead.

*** Sparky ( has joined 


[Elsi]  Hello there, Sparky

[BarryB] He took a LOT of heat from some really caustic people 

   who had very unrealistic expectations.

[Sparky] Hello there. 

[MikeB] Hi Terry.

[Elsi] Hi Terry

[MikeB] The caustic people seem to get a lot more attention than 

  those who just keep their heads down and do the job.

[BarryB] Elsi, are you still connected to the other group?

[Elsi] Yes I am

[Elsi] CompuMom and Betsy-Lam have moved to #TXchat here on RW 

   -- I'm still talking with RootsLady.  Mark says he'll be here 


[BarryB] Might tell them how to get here. MarkR was asking and I 

   wasn't sure enough to say. I'm not running Win95 on this 


[BarryB] Great.

[MikeB] USIGS pulled a big boo-boo this week by subscribing all 

  their members to a mailing list without their permission. Lots 

  of caustic messages about that.

[Elsi] Mike, if you /join #TXchat, we'll all be in one channel & 

   can abandon this one.

[Sparky] Yeah, I was there and I saw what they did. HAHA

[BarryB] I haven't been involved with USIGS. Was with the 

   international group but too many chiefs and not enough 


*** BarryB (bbest@ has left #TxGenWeb

[MikeB] I'm leaving for TXchat

Session Close: Sun Sep 14 22:01:16 1997

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