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Monday, 20-Feb-2012 20:43:12 EST
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 21 Sep 1997

Session Start: Sun Sep 21 20:00:05 1997
[20:00] *** Now talking in #TXGenWeb
#TXGenWeb created on Sun Sep 21 19:45:03
 Hey RL, you've still got an autogreet which opens a DCC-chat window.
* RootsLady * Hooowdy! I'm just so proud to be here!! * [howdy!.wav] ~
[20:01]  I can't seem to get rid of it!!
 I thought we changed that last Wednesday.
[20:01]  I DID
[20:01] *** CompuMom ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:02]  BRB
 Hello, Carla
[20:02]  Hi, Leigh!
[20:02]  Hi, Terry!
[20:03]  Hello all.
[20:04]  Elsi...maybe I didn't save the file when I left WordPad..I j
 That could be.  I don't edit with wordpad, just use the built-in editor i
[20:05] *** Dallas ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:05]  Hi, Dallas, glad you could join us!
[20:05]  I think that night I used wordpad
[20:05]  Hi all,
[20:05]  Hello Dallas
 I also turned off my autogreets tonight.  It does tend to clutter stuff u
[20:07]  Barb, how is Early County, GA coming along?
[20:07] *** Joe ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:07]  Hi, Joe, glad you could join us!
[20:07]  Hi Joe
[20:08]  Hello Gang!
[20:08] * RootsLady New IRC page at
[20:08]  Elsi, How do you turn off autogreets?
[20:09]  Sparky...Early Co. is going so-so...I really haven't been "W
 type in /remote off
 turn them back on with ... /remote on
[20:10]  Yeah, I can understand.
[20:10]  Barb, the url says not found..... :(
[20:10]  Every time I go to remove Mikes name or Email....I have a pr
[20:10]  Ok, Elsi, Thank you!
[20:10]  Let me check the URL
[20:10] *** Ed_Hayden ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:10]  Hi, Ed_Hayden, glad you could join us!
[20:11]  Hello Ed
[20:11] *** Gayle ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:11]  Hi, Gayle, glad you could join us!
[20:11] *** pbeshear ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:11]  Hi, pbeshear, glad you could join us!
[20:11]  Hello Gayle
[20:11]  Hello pbeshear
[20:12]  Hi, Iam glad I finially am learning how to do this so I can join
[20:12] *** Trey_Braz ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:12]  Hi, Trey!
[20:12] * Dallas 0,12jumps up and down, throws confetti in the air and yells4,
[20:12]  Hello All.  There are some interesting, random looking charac
[20:13]  It seems that some people have too much time on their hands. LO
[20:13] *** a_seeker ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:13]  Hi, Chuck!
[20:13]  What is the topic for tonight?
[20:13] *** FloydCo ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:14]  Hello FloydCo
[20:14]  How do I set it to log
[20:14]  Hi Dallas, I'm in your county now.  I live in Garland.
[20:14]  You're kidding !
 Trey, I'm logging.
 Set logging in your options.
[20:15]  Nope.  Didn't get to make the funeral tho.  I was bummed.
[20:15]  Dallas, Floyd, I'm in Mesquite.
[20:15]  Howdy ta Mesquite!
[20:15]  we're all close
[20:15]  Lots of us right here, huh?
 There were at least 4 of us at the funeral: Linda Hughes, Helen Wilson, P
[20:16]  This direct connect to Rootsweb *is* a lot quicker on the dist
[20:16]  What is the current version of mIrc?  I must have an old one.
 5.11 is the most recent
[20:16]  We really dont have a topic for tonight
 any 5.x version is considered current
[20:16]  I have 5.02...
[20:17]  Ah.  That explains the strange characters I'm seeing.  I have
 4.1 should display colors instead of "strange characters"
[20:17]  I have postponed the CChelper chat until next week
[20:18]  I saw the message of postponement.  Probably a good idea.
[20:18]  The strange characters show up in purple.
[20:18]  What time does everyone usually start showing up?  I made the
[20:18]  Postponing the CCHelper was probably a good idea.  Many will
[20:18]  I thought that this way we could discuss the events of the l
[20:18]  my kid's church the other Sunday evenings.
[20:19]  We usually start about 8:00
[20:19]  Texas Time
[20:19]  What does our future look like?  Any "business plan" on the fi
[20:19]  Havent had time to make plans yet
[20:20]  Been trying to catch up
[20:20]  and I'm just about there
[20:20]  Why am I not surprised?  Mike's joining the ancestral side was
[20:21]  Does anyone have any ideas or concerns?
[20:21]  Are all our counties now covered
[20:22]  I am still checking the status of all of the counties
[20:22]  My county is still up for adoption, but I'll handle it until s
[20:22]  I'm building a database but I've only heard from about 90 co
 Trey, it's possible that not every cc is subscribed to txgen-l.
[20:23]  My grandfather moved from Fannin (or Hunt?) County to Floyd Co
[20:23]  If anyone has not sent me there info yet, please do
 Have you checked the subscription list recently?
[20:23]  What are you waiting to hear from us about?
[20:23]  Havent had a chance to do that yet
[20:23]  I just got all of the ones that people sent in finished toda
[20:24]  and a couple of more have just come in
[20:24]  Trey, are you sending confirmations of receipt of the data?
[20:24]  No but I will send a list of the counties I have not heard f
[20:25]  Sounds good.  I'm going to go catch some dinner.  See Ya'll.
[20:25]  I just read my queries on and are able to read some
 Good night.
[20:25]  bye
[20:25]  Take care Phil
[20:25] *** pbeshear ( has left #TXGenWeb
[20:26]  Megan said that queries would be posted three times a week n
[20:26] *** PipL7x3 ( has joined #txgenweb
[20:26] * RootsLady waves bye-bye to pbeshear *sniff*
[20:26]  It looks like's problems are fixed.
 Yes, I talked for a long time with Doc this weekend.  Now that he's moved
[20:27]  That is good news.
 The problem at dsenter was AOL hitting their pages too often.  Their gate
[20:27] *** BarryB (bbest@ has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:27]  Hi, Barry!
[20:27]  Hello Barry
[20:27]  Hello Barry
[20:27]  Hi, All!
[20:28]  Howdy Barry
[20:28]  Now that the queries are working again, are there any other
[20:29]  Do we need to change our counters if we have a chrysalis coun
[20:29]  I have no idea, No one at chrysalis will return my calls or
 Good question, Carla.  I don't use a counter.
 Trey, talk with Helen Wilson.  She knows the Chrysalis sysop.
[20:30]  I have but she is having trouble too
[20:31]  Carla, your pages are on rootsweb, right?
[20:31] *** RootsLady has quit IRC (/sound bye.wav Catch U Later)
[20:31]  No problem, I was thinking of using the one at Rootsweb anywa
[20:31] * BarryB says bye-bye to 7,1 RootsLady and turns sadly towards home.
[20:31]  The other one was just in place when we adopted the counties.
 Barry, you just got here.  Are you leaving already?
[20:32]  No, not yet.
[20:32]  On the rootsweb homepage there are instructions for setting
 Oh,  I see -- automatic msg when someone leaves.  Sorry.
[20:32] *** Gran ( has joined #TXGenW
[20:32]  Hi Gran, Welcome
-> [Gran] FINGER
[20:33]  Hello Barbara
[20:33]  Hello, Barry and everyone
[20:33] *** Elsi changes topic to "Weekly Texas USGenWeb meeting"
[20:34]  Do we have a "subject" tonight?
[20:34]  Just "rehashing" the surprising events of the past week...
-> [Sparky] USERINFO
[20:35]  .
[20:37]  I want to open a reopen a can of worms 
[20:37]  go for it!
[20:37] *** RootsLady ( has joined #
[20:37]  Hi RootsLady, Welcome
[20:37]  If yall have been reading you email, then you saw the note a
[20:37] *** Mleeper ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:37]  Hi Mleeper, Welcome
[20:38] *** Betsy-Lam ( has joined #txgenweb
[20:38]  Hi Betsy-Lam, Welcome
[20:38]  Hi, Betsy-Lam, so happy to see you here!
[20:38]  Howdy
[20:38]  Well!!  I couldn't get connected tonight!
[20:38]  This thing got stuck...kicked me off..then I couldn't get ba
[20:38]  I haven't seen that email. Could you go over it?
[20:39] *** Tim_H ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:39]  Hi, Tim_H, so happy to see you here!
[20:39]  Hi Tim_H, Welcome
[20:39]  Hi Tim
[20:39] * RootsLady New IRC page at
[20:39]  Forgot the "1" in irc1.htm
[20:39]  I sure had enough trouble getting here.
[20:39] *** Mleeper has quit IRC (Bye)
[20:39]  Hmmm, then it wasn't just me!
[20:39] * BarryB says bye-bye to 7,1 Mleeper and turns sadly towards home.
[20:40]  No, I had problems for 10 minutes.
[20:40]  I didn't have any problems at all.  Signed right on...
[20:40]  me too!
[20:40]  me too!
[20:41]  I had to re-try about ten times before it would connect to roots
[20:41]  Shouldn't be smug tho cos aol will probably kick me off next
[20:41]  What were the problems?  Did you get signed onto your ISP ok *
[20:41]  It was problems with IRC.
[20:41]  Trey, what's the can of worms you wanted to open??
[20:42]  Got in 1st problem...then when I got dropped I cou
 This IRC server is relatively new -- may need to be tuned.
[20:42]  I'm not on AOL.  I'm on Internet America 1(800) Be-A-Geek.  Ma
[20:42]  It couldn't connect to IRC server.
[20:42]  We got a GOOD group tonight!!
[20:42]  Candy Grubb sent out a status note in which she said that fi
[20:43]  What's up Trey?
[20:43]  Were just discussing the past week and the future
[20:43]  as it should be!
[20:43]  Good to see all of yall
[20:43]  Sorry, my question came in after your statement about the arc
[20:43]  But you mentioned a can of worms???
[20:43]  Does that contradict the USGenWeb Archives rules?
[20:44]  Then someone wrote to her explaining that the Natl policy sa
[20:44]  I think everyone is wasting too much bandwidth griping about w
[20:45]  Amen, FloydCo
[20:46]  Anyway I sent a note to Candy explaining that I think that w
[20:46]  Someone could always remove the files if they insisted.  The
[20:46] *** Valerie ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:46]  Hi, Valerie, so happy to see you here!
[20:46]  Hi Valerie, Welcome
[20:46]  I think submitters should be able to retrieve their data ... wh
[20:46]  Howdy Valerie...
[20:46]  I never thought I'd get connected to this thing!
[20:46]  I don't give a book to the library and then ask for it back.
[20:47] *** POPS ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:47]  Hi, POPS, so happy to see you here!
[20:47]  Hi POPS, Welcome
[20:47]  But I could!  OR I could ask to replace the book with a newe
[20:47]  hi y'all
[20:47]  There shouldn't be a problem signing on.  There's a maximum of
[20:47]  I agree with Betsy
[20:47] *** DimmitCo_ ( has joined #TXGenW
[20:47]  Hi, DimmitCo_, so happy to see you here!
[20:48]  Hi DimmitCo_, Welcome
[20:48]  Hi
 But there's 6 other users in other channels.
[20:48]  Hello DimmitCo
[20:48]  Hey, another West Texas folk!
[20:48]  I dont really want to rehash this discussion but I want to g
 Ed, how did you determine the limit?
[20:48]  Maybe the limit need a raising!!
[20:48]  [6 other channels...] oh yeah.  So we're WAY below the limit.
[20:48]  My feeling is to support the archives.
[20:48]  This is the most we've ever had
[20:48]  My vote is any way we can get info, go for it!
[20:49]  Good idea, Trey.
[20:49] *** POPS ( has left #TXGenWeb
[20:49] * RootsLady waves bye-bye to POPS *sniff*
[20:49]  Bye POPS, Have sweet dreams
[20:49]  I think a separate links page might be helpful for sites that
[20:50] *** POPS ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:50]  Hi, POPS, so happy to see you here!
[20:50]  Hi POPS, Welcome
[20:50]  [ Highest connection count: 22 (22 clients)
[20:50]  I know some Gen Society folks not on the internet are not co
[20:50]  We could just call them Additional TXGenWeb Resources or someth
[20:51]  I think a great deal of the arguement over the archives could be
[20:51]  For instance I have some stuff about Texas McCarleys on my pag
[20:51]  I still don't see the difference.
 Trey, why don't the genealogical society folks post the information on th
[20:51]  If something is posted on a page, it is automatically download
[20:51]  And I'm walking Mills Cemetery but this is taking time to compl
[20:52]  We would be sure to encourage the person to submit it to the
[20:53]  In "that other state" we are trying an experiment where the
[20:53] *** Trey_Braz has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[20:53] * BarryB says bye-bye to 7,1 Trey_Braz and turns sadly towards home.
[20:53]  FloydCo: The difference being, when it is on MY page, sure you c
[20:53]  Oops, looks like Trey got bounced.
[20:54] *** Joe has quit IRC (Leaving)
[20:54] * BarryB says bye-bye to 7,1 Joe and turns sadly towards home.
[20:55] *** CompuMom has quit IRC (Ta-Ta for now.......)
[20:55] * BarryB says bye-bye to 7,1 CompuMom and turns sadly towards home.
[20:55]  OK, so why shouldn't you be able to update data on the Archive
[20:55] *** Trey_Braz ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:55]  Hi Trey_Braz, Welcome
[20:55]  Hi, Trey_Braz, so happy to see you here!
[20:55]  Sorry I got knocked off
[20:55] *** POPS ( has left #TXGenWeb
[20:55]  Elsi, you may want to give ops to a few more people with eve
[20:55] * RootsLady waves bye-bye to POPS *sniff*
[20:55]  Bye POPS, Have sweet dreams
[20:56]  We had a phone call
[20:56]  Even the BOSS can get bounced 
[20:56]  Welcome back, Trey.  Yeah, we kind'a guessed you'd been bumped
[20:56]  what did I miss
[20:56]  Case and point, a simple set of guidelines stating such.
[20:56]  In "that other state" we are trying an experiment where the
[20:56] *** tmorris ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[20:56]  Hi, tmorris, so happy to see you here!
[20:56]  Hi tmorris, Welcome
[20:56]  That is the message I posted just as you got bounced.
[20:57]  Does that conform to the Nat'l guidelines
[20:57]  Actually, that was the plan when the directories were set up
[20:58] *** CompuMom ( has joined #txgenweb
[20:58]  Hi, CompuMom, so happy to see you here!
[20:58]  Hi CompuMom, Welcome
[20:58]  Welcome back
[20:58]  We might should work on building some "Texas" guidelines then
[20:58]  Thank you... :)
[20:58]  No Problema
[20:58]  Three cheers to FloydCo
[20:59]  I think Linda Lewis pretty much made their views clear but I
[20:59]  One thing that should be automatic... If you send in an update
[21:00]  Exacty who are "their" in their views?
[21:00]  the reason I am proposing a seperate links page is because I
[21:00]  Linda Lewis
[21:01]  The Nat'l Archives director
[21:01]  So is it her way or the hi-way?
[21:01]  I will forward any ideas to Megan and the new board
[21:01]  The 1850 "working" census that I have can change on a daily
[21:01]  No WAY!!  Linda wants information in the archives!
[21:02]  She wants it freely available to the public.
[21:02]  I think this whole USGenWeb Project is nothing but a big P.O.S
[21:02]  Thank you, FloydCo!!
[21:02]  I agree
[21:02]  yeah!!!
[21:02]  Ditto from Runnels Co
[21:03]  hear hear from up North
[21:03]  I think everyone has been very straight forward
[21:03]  I'm just trying to include more people
[21:03]  I agree, Trey.  And, I think if we allow fear to lead us, we'l
[21:04]  I'm just trying to creat an alternative avenue for those who
[21:04]  What's the latest on our "Query" server?
[21:04]  It is a shame that mistrust is more common than trust, but we
[21:04]  No one is accusing anyone of being anything other than honest an
[21:04]  That way nobady goes away mad thinking they cant play with u
[21:05]  Is there any reason why USGenWeb will not just put in writin
[21:05]  Linda did say that
[21:05]  I dont think that is a real concern anymore
[21:05]  Is somebody pinging me?
[21:06]  I still contend that simple policy and guidelines would stop a g
[21:06]  Floyd this is my absolute first time using mIRC, so maybe I di
[21:06]  Maybe nobody up there *knows* how to properly word it.
[21:07]  Well, if it's put in writing and that ever changes then that
[21:07]  The guidelines are posted on the main US page
[21:07]  I'll help.
[21:07]  That'd be ok, Valerie.  I just tho't someone might wanna talk
[21:07]  <-----doesn't even know what a ping is
[21:07]  Betsy, how do you feel about an additional links page
[21:07]  oic
 RE. the query server...Doc has now relieved the excessive load on dsenter
[21:09]  I don't object to any kind of links page as long as you enco
[21:10]  RE: queries -- is that why I can't seem to get my Bexar querie
[21:10]  That would be the first thing I would tell them
[21:10] *** Sparky is now known as RunnelsCo
[21:10] *** Valerie is now known as BexarCo
[21:11]  And maybe at a later time they would agree to donate them to
[21:11]  Or, they could specify that when they become research material
[21:12]  Does any one else have any comments about establishing an ad
[21:12]  good or bad
 Trey, it can't hurt to have additional links
[21:12]  I have no problem with it.
[21:12]  I vote yes
[21:12]  Aye.
[21:12]  Good idea, I will link, but not submit to the archives in it's c
[21:12]  I would just like to be able to "PROMISE" the SouthEast Texa
[21:12]  No problem
[21:13]  The first link on it could be to the archives to encourage put
[21:13]  Good Idea
[21:13]  I can bet that will NEVER happen!
 Good suggestion
[21:13]  Linda Lewis did tell us that they would NEVER go commercial
[21:13]  If it gets to be a big enough page, you could break it up into
[21:13]  From the e-mail discussions I've had with the SAGHS, they are
[21:14]  I agree but the internet is still scary to some folks
[21:14]  Ok, that's a new one.  Who's SAGHS?
[21:14]  Will the links be broken down by county?
 Could it be San Antonio Genealogical & Historical Society?
[21:14]  Sorry, San Antonio Genealogical and Historical Society
[21:15]  Tanx/tanx.
[21:15]  I have links on some AlGenWeb county sites I sponsor to cemetery
[21:15]  who except for about 5 people of very afraid of the Interet
[21:15]  Yes, very similar to the "Links to Searchable Genealogical D
 Me too, tim
* Elsi coordinates Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Randolph, and Talladega counties
[21:15]  now Elsi, how did you just send that?
[21:15]  My father-in-law is from Calhoun County.
[21:16]  Elsi: Do you know Lisa Franklin?
[21:16] * RootsLady sponsors Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Orange, Sabine,
 Valerie, I have that message stored as an "alias" in mIRC.
[21:16] * CompuMom is co-sponsor of Galveston, Liberty, Polk, San Jacinto, and T
[21:16]  some of our folks have been learning chat on the side
[21:17] * Dallas sponsors USGenWeb 7Dallas Co. in 7TX and 13Litchfield and
[21:17]  hmm...okay (looking very bewildered) -- would not even be here
[21:17]  More like on our stomachs....
[21:17]  Glad it helped
[21:17] * RootsLady New IRC page at
[21:17]  Well I'm now going to close the can of worms
[21:17]  Thanks for discussing
[21:18]  I only have Floyd County.  And, I'm 350 miles from there so it
 Don't let those critters escape the can.
[21:18]  I put foil over it
 FloydCO, I have 5 counties in a remote area of Texas where I've never, ev
[21:18]  That's what the meetings are for, right?? Tossing around the
[21:18]  Just so we all go away smiling
[21:19] *** fantasybelle ( has joined #txgenweb
[21:19]  Hi, fantasybelle, so happy to see you here!
[21:19]  Hi fantasybelle, Welcome
 Guys, I need some input for Mike's memorial pages.
[21:19]  It's just too bad we can't solve that one.
[21:19]  hi Betsy
[21:19]  Hi Barry
[21:19]  Elsi, you're committed.
 I'm going to update the first page & change "funeral will be" to "was hel
[21:19]  Howdy FantasyBelle!
[21:19] * PipL7x3 sponsors Hansford Co., TX & Tallahatchie Co.,MS
[21:19]  Sounds good
[21:19]  hi FloydCo
[21:19]  Oops!  There goes the one-year-old.  Gotta run.  Hope I'll see
[21:20]  Is the guest book still open?
[21:20] *** FloydCo has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:20]  I plan to leave Mikes phot and flag up on the main page unti
 Yes, Betsy -- I'll leave it open for the rest of the month -- at least.
[21:20]  Thanks!  I can't bring myself to write in it yet!  Too final
 I do need to print things off & send to his family.
[21:20]  Leigh you do plan to leave your memorial page up for good ri
[21:21]  Will that site remain the Texas Memorial page?
[21:21]  BTW, USGenWeb has the family's home address list yet today. C
 I know what you mean, Betsy.  I did some maintenance on Thursday & was af
[21:21]  I think the PO Box was Leigh's!
[21:21]  I figured that Megan would see the note and change the addre
 The P.O. Box is mine, but you're welcome to use it.
 The site is permanent -- as long as Trey and group feels it should stay u
[21:22]  Trey...I would just like to say how much I appriciate you st
 But, I think it needs a little bit of work to transform it from "just thr
[21:22]  I think the concern about the address was over concern for t
[21:22]  Good, I thought I would move my "In Memory" box to the botto
 Not just that.  Nancy is now alone at nights -- doesn't seem safe to have
[21:23]  I will change the picture to a permanent link to the Memoria
[21:23]  I keeping mine with a slight modification after a week.
[21:23]  I'll pass the address concerns on to Megan
[21:24]  You are right, Leigh
 At least, that's how I'd feel in similar circumstances.
[21:24]  I agree
[21:25]  I was at the Dallas Lib today and they have Mike's obituary si
[21:26] *** Gayle has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:26]  Trey...I think everyone will work really hard to see that we
[21:27]  amen
[21:27]  Thanks, This is really a great group
 So, Wednesday evening IRC practice right here if anyone wants to join us
[21:28]  Next week we will discuss the CChelper program
[21:28]  COME JOIN THE FUN...on WED
[21:28]  I have to check it out this week
[21:28]  Trey: Have you used CCHelper?
[21:28]  No
[21:28] * RootsLady New IRC page at
[21:28]  I'm going to check it out this week
[21:29]  Any one interested in coming to a MS Chat and helping us learn
[21:29]  Ill be here Wed so I can learn how to do this stuff
[21:29]  I've been experiencing some health problems and not done what
 Lela, when & where?
[21:29]  :)
[21:29]  Thanks, If I can Help hollar
[21:30]  We are trying to set up something this week but I dont know ye
[21:30]  What time Wed
[21:30]  But could use your prayers -- two damaged heart vavles.   Wed, 20:00 CDT
[21:30]  You gottem
[21:30]  We can stay here and PLAY for a little while!!
[21:30]  Thats 10:00 to us civilians 
 BexarCO, don't stress yourself -- take an even pace & do what you can whe
[21:30]  Prayers are with ya, BexarCo.
 10?  8pm CDT
[21:31]  Hugs and thanks!
[21:31]  8:00
[21:31]  sorry
[21:31]  :)
[21:31]  Am I the only one is this group that's not actually in Texas?
[21:31]  I guess thats why I was late the other night
[21:31]  LOL
[21:31]  LOL
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [lol.wav] ~
[21:32]  No we got lots of folks from abroad
[21:32]  I am in New Orleans
[21:32]  Must be an Aggie type! 
[21:32]  lol -- from abroad, up here in Maine we say "from away"
[21:32]  lol
[21:33]  Right now outside philly near Atlantic City after that Aggie
[21:33]  In Texas we just call it being out of the country
[21:33]  The MOTHERLAND. (all rise)
[21:33]  How is everyone else organized.  Do you have second in command
[21:33]  With my mom being from San Antonio, I learned Texas History be
[21:34]  As it should be
[21:34]  lol
[21:34]  LOL
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [lol.wav] ~
[21:34]  in fact our door bell played the Yellow Rose of Texas
[21:34]  I am not kidding!
[21:34]  tmorris, I think most of us do it alone -- at least, I know
[21:35]  In our public schools they teach Texas history in the 7th gr
[21:35]  All alone here.
[21:35]  Me too, although my Gen Soc helps out in the background
[21:35]  All alone here also. Those remote Texas counties don't have
[21:35]  Alone, too.
[21:35]  all by myself.....
[21:36]  Dimmit: How are you finding info to post?
[21:36]  Do have two look-ups though.
 I have no info -- just update the queries quarterly
[21:37]  I have the library and stuff like that but nothing else
[21:37]  Some "angel" out of the blue e-mailed me two days ago offering
[21:37]  Don't want to be a downer, but Mike picked a Second just in ti
[21:37]  Aye.
 Be sure to "register" that angel as a lookup volunteer.
[21:38]  I'm just starting to get some info from my Gen Soc
[21:38]  I have some good area history books, Census on CD ROM and tr
[21:38]  I started writing out passwords and instructions for husband ju
[21:38]  How do I "register" him -- other than plastering his name all
 Yep, give him recognition on the lookups page, but also let Trey know who
[21:39]  oic
[21:39]  will do
 USGenWeb volunteers have all types of jobs, County Coordinators are only
[21:40]  I do encourage everyone not on rootsweb to give someone that
[21:40]  I need to check with Brian probably, but I thought that thos
[21:40]  Dealing with Chrysalis has been frustrating
[21:40]  Trey, you talked about our concerns, is there anything any of
[21:40] *** Dallas has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer)
[21:40]  I've pretty much got a handle on it right now
[21:41]  By next week I should be all caught up and checking to see i
[21:41]  Okey Dokey...
[21:41]  There has been a lot of email this week
 If your county pages are on RootsWeb, Brian can "unlock" them if necessar
[21:42]  Yes, but someone needs a list of who to contact in an emerge
[21:42]  Alot of our pages are on rootsweb now
[21:42]  Thats true
[21:42]  Did Brian ever get a credit card set-up??
[21:43]  Hmmmm. He was working on it. Don't recall ever seeing it was do
[21:44]  Someone mentioned last week naming the County of the Month a
[21:44]  For what purpose is the credit card set-up?
[21:44]  I've been missing some mail in the last few I didn
[21:44]  What do yall think
[21:44]  I think that is a wonderful idea.
[21:44]  I think that is a great idea!
[21:44]  me, too!!
[21:44]  I did too
[21:44]  me too
[21:44]  ditto
[21:44]  Same here.
[21:44]  I just thought that would be a wonderful way to honor Mike!
[21:45]  Very good idea!
[21:45]  I thought it would be well received
[21:45] *** Dallas ( has joined #TXGenWeb
[21:45]  Hi, Dallas, so happy to see you here!
[21:45]  Hi Dallas, Welcome
[21:45]  Has anyone received mail from the Rootsweb help list within th
[21:45]  I have.
[21:45]  I just got mine tonight.
[21:46]  I'll work on a new graphic and let Dana know
[21:46]  I knew I was missing some mail!!
[21:46]  got to go put a grandchild to bed.  Bye
[21:46]  kicked off by wrong number *$&%^#&#
[21:46] *** tmorris ( has left #TXGenWeb
[21:46]  Bye tmorris, Have sweet dreams
[21:46] * RootsLady waves bye-bye to tmorris *sniff*
[21:46]  Bye
[21:46]  Yes, but what about those of us who received the old award??
[21:47]  what award are we talking about?
[21:47]  The County of the Month
[21:47]  is Dana not still doing these?
[21:47]  I think it will just make us work harder to get the new awar
[21:48]  I need to get to bed.  It's an hour later up here in the wilds
[21:48]  I don't think they will start over until all 254 counties ha
[21:48]  BexarCo...right here
[21:48]  8:00pm CST
[21:48]  Dallas, Trey asked what we thought about renaming the award t
[21:48]  oh, okay -- just so I can remember how I got here!  
[21:49]  thanks
[21:49]  np :)
[21:49]  I think it would be ok to make it retroactive as a tribute t
[21:50]  Oooh!  Thanks Trey!!!
[21:50]  I guess a new gif would do the trick!!
[21:50]  Maybe something like past recipient of the Mike Basham Memor
 Bexar -- practice is right here.
[21:51]  Just 2 cents more before I leave, if it weren't for Mike, I wo
[21:51]  Bye!
[21:51]  Thanks for coming
[21:51]  Good night, Bexar.
[21:51] * Betsy-Lam waves bye-bye to BexarCo.
[21:52] * Dallas 14,1+10d13*14,1+10d13*14,1+10d13*14,1+10d13*0 C'ya
[21:52]  Good night, BexarCo
[21:52]  I gotta figure out how to do those neat things!  Okay, now I'm
[21:52] *** BexarCo has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:52]  Leigh will you email me or post tonights log somewhere so I
[21:52]  Has anyone thought about chat sessions for different parts o
[21:53]  To chat about genealogy
[21:53]  I think some counties have started there own chat sessions
 Yes, I'll send you the log.
[21:53]  Thnaks Leigh
[21:53]  I believe some individual counties have chat sessions.
[21:53]  GREAT
[21:53] *** Gran has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:53] *** DimmitCo_ ( has left #TXGenWeb
[21:53]  Bye DimmitCo_, Have sweet dreams
[21:53] * RootsLady waves bye-bye to DimmitCo_ *sniff*
[21:53]  Oops, did it again!
[21:54]  :)
[21:54]  Gotta go, see yall next week.
[21:54]  Bye, Tim
[21:54]  Bye Tim
[21:54]  Good night Tim
[21:54] * Betsy-Lam waves bye-bye to Tim_H.
[21:54]  See ya Tim
[21:54] *** Tim_H has quit IRC (Leaving)
[21:54]  Trey...real good meeting tonight!!
[21:54]  I want to thank everyone for coming tonight. Mike would have
[21:55]  What a GREAT turnout!
[21:55]  We're just PROUD to be here!!
[21:55]  I'm going to call it a night
[21:55]  I left a family reunion in AR early this afternoon just so I
[21:56]  That is dedication
[21:56]  Sure beats email!!
[21:56]  Bye Trey
[21:56]  You just need a laptop and a modem
[21:56]  Goodnight
[21:56]  Gotta go. New grandbaby this week - Sierra Nicole. I'll see you
[21:56] * PipL7x3 waves bye
[21:56]  Goodnight Trey
[21:56]  No, Trey!  I can't connect in my car!
[21:56]  Congrats, Barry
[21:56]  Bye Trey and Barry
[21:56]  and a cell phone connection
[21:57]  LOL  My husband will KILL me!!
[21:57]  I want a cell phone in my deer stand 
[21:57] * PipL7x3 waves bye to Barry too
[21:57] * Betsy-Lam waves bye-bye to Trey_Braz.
[21:57] *** Trey_Braz ( has left #TXGenWeb
[21:57] * RootsLady waves bye-bye to Trey_Braz *sniff*
[21:57]  Bye Trey_Braz, Have sweet dreams

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