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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."
- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

TXGenWeb Chat Session 28 Sep 1997

Session Start: Sun Sep 28 
20:07:06 1997 
*** Now talking in #TXGenWeb
Hi Trey_Braz, Welcome
Hi, Trey_Braz, glad you could join us!
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Howdy folks
Hi CompuMom, recognize those counties but forget the name behind them ... sorry!
Hi Trey
* CompuMom is Carla
Hi Trey
Hi Patty
Got it, remember now -thanx.
I got Brazos Co TX queries up today with cchelper
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [drumroll.wav] ~
Trey I've written you a letter -- will mail it after conversation tonight
Youda, can you answer the question about the primary purpose of CCHelper?
LOL! I'll try.
*** a_seeker ( has joined #txgenweb
Hi a_seeker, Welcome
Hi, a_seeker, glad you could join us!
Youda is taking over some CCHelper documentation duties - she's my translator, from compu-geek-eeze to English
Hi, Chuck!
Congratulations Trey - that was quick work!
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o a_seeker
Lets wait about 5 minutes to let everyone get here
CCH will index and crossindex all your query information and write the html codes for you. Once set-up, CCH will turns hours of work into a click of the mouse.
Sort of quick
Thanks, been having a local problem with Netcon. Looks like it OK now. If i drop off you why. :-(
I just finished three of my counties with CCHelper. Very slick, especially once you get the hang of customizing it for your pages.
I LOVE being able to customize the pages!
I like it alot. takes a while to get the hang of it
Are you having any problems, Trey?
Actually CCHelper makes the query system worthwhile not only easy to build registeries but now with the central cchelper to search any sites that register with patty's central we now have the type of query system that Mike and others have been striving for.
Youda who are you. I am Helen jane Kopecky Wilson, Nueces County plus Kenedy, Kleberg, and Brooks if I ever get them active
Jim, I got your note and will make the changes you ask.
So, how do we get ALL USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb sites at CCC?
I have constructed cchelper and registering all 12 of my counties. If you haven't checked out the central site and searched the few texas sites registered try to do that as soon as possible.
Ok lets go ahead and start. Sorry to interupt Youda you were saying
Thanks Trey
Hi! CzechItOut! I'm only here as Patty's sidekick. I'm writing some documentation (for Online use) for new users of CCH. I'm also the CC for Sweetwater, Carbon, Albany Wyoming, and the NY Unknown County, A Scandinavian Query page, and the WorldGenWeb U.S. Virgin islands site. well all got some real work i gotta go do..
* idunno gnsweet.wav
Cya, idunno!
*** Elsi ( has joined #TXGenWeb
Hi Elsi, Welcome
Youda, thanx, I was trying to get that out for those who didn't catch it earlier.
Hi, Elsi, glad you could join us!
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Hello Elsi
Sorry I'm late. Was out to dinner with my son.
Is everyone familiar wioth cchelper?
have it but haven't used it
I can't get it to start
Negative here.
I am.
I LOVE it!
Elsi, can you be more specific?
That is a yes.
I really want to use CCHelper, but it takes a program exception & abnormally terminates. Usually takes W'95 down with it.
Elsi, have I heard from you about your problem?
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o CzechItOu
Charles, you have no idea what it is or you dont use it and do know what it is.
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o jimurphy
However, I need to take that discussion offline with Patty. Haven't contacted you yet because I haven't had time to pursue.
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Patty
Sounds like a problem that was discussed earlier in the week. But, I never heard the cause of it.
I mentioned it here a week or two ago.
Okay great, just wanted to make sure I didn't leave you hanging.
Youda are you planning to add downloadable English readmes?
I love it...once U get the hang of it!!
Instead of covering my problem, let's get Patty to give us the real scoop.
So what "scoop" do you want to hear?
Sorry, I am a "no nothing" on the subject. bummer :-(
So far what I've got setup (almost) is an Online version, which can be "read" offline with your browser. It's nice to just click and go to the topic you want instead of scrolling through pages and pages of documentation.
1) can I feed the web pages into CCHelper, or do I need to be getting the queries via e-mail?
A readme. file is a good idea. Hadn't thought of that. Will get to work on it.
Youda where can I locate the Online version now?
Yes you can feed the Web pages, but you will have to save them on your hard drive as files and then import them to CCHelper.
Charles you can find out about CChelper at
Elsi...U import the old queries pages...It's a breeze!!
It isn't Online yet. I'm still working on most of it.
I know it took me a looong time to weed through the current Online documentation to find out the basics
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*** Erath ( has joined #TxGenWeb
Hi, Erath, glad you could join us!
Hi Erath, Welcome
I'm trying to create two versions of the documentation. One a very thorough description of EVERYTHING. And, another one for those people who just want a quick list of how to get going.
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Erath
Hi all
Hi Erath
Glad to hear about the documentation coming up. It took me a while to read play and experiment to understand and appreciate it all
I think that will help alot
Me too!
I'm trying to setup the documentation so that if you read and click on everything, you will know as much about CCH as anyone!
It is not only fast and easy once you're used to, but provides a very good standardized format that visitors to different sites will appreciate.
But, it does take some time for a description of every possible way to import a query, for example! :)
I'm really eager to get a surname list out of the queries.
Yes, Barry. But, no one is limited to the set format. The output can look anyway you want it to look!
That's what I like about it!
Is it best to use emailed queries or can we keep on with the automated ones?
My output matches all my other pages.
Erath, you can do either.
You can even just type it in.
But even though the format looks different, Barry's right, the pages work the same way from one county to the next.
Once I understood how to import, the program was very smart
CCH is flexible. No matter how your query gets to you, you can import it into the databse without doing anything else with it.
Some people add a link to the automated ones as "The New" queries, and then as they have time they import the automated ones into CCHelper.
What are the "export" files for and do I need them Online?
I just send you three registrations today, Patty. I'm totally sold on this.
I've been playing around with the idea of an auto-post system for my busier they can be viewed immediately. Then, importing them into CCH.
The export files were designed to be used when you give away one county to someone else also using CCHelper. They can import the export files just like you do queries.
The import feature saves a lot of extra work!!
But the export files are a good way of backing up your data offline. If you lose your hard drive and the export files are on your server you have your data backed up.
Patty, has anyone used CCHelper to import the various e-mail queries from one of the surname lists? I think it would be useful to index the numerous queries which are posted there.
I have, Elsi
which surname lists do you mean, Elsi?
I used it on YANCEY-L
*** a_seeker ( has joined #txgenweb
Hi, a_seeker, glad you could join us!
Hi a_seeker, Welcome
RL, did it take much modification?
Barry, I don't remember your registrations. Did you just send them.
Set up the researchers, queries, etc. just like a county.
Just about an hour ago, and the net is semi-broken today so it'll take time.
Not much different at all
Hi SeekR
Okay I'll look for them.
Patty, I manage one surname list on RootsWeb and 2 on USRoots.
I'm in the process of doing COLLIER-L now
How do I send a registration
What net is broken? I was unable to get on line today and was blaiming my carrier
I'm not sure you can just take someone's list without their consent...especially a copyrighted list or site.
Trey, see
Thank you
The two list I used are my own list!!
But, if you already manage it, then get it indexed! :)
Guess Netcom is still having problems out here. Glad to be back. Charles
Hey Erath, I like that SeekR. Charles
Czech, there were major problems for about 3 hours.
RL, have you considered registering your surname sites with CCHelper Central?
I think we need to really get use to cch and then make a push to get all counties to use it or at least to register their query pages with Patty's central search site. Then we could have a statewide system plus the national
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o a_seeker
Patty, is there a way to code something in the additional info area for the researcher profile so that it will not print.
I've written emails to a couple of coordinators to see if they are interested.
Like snail addresses & Phone #'s
Hmmm .... you could but the HTML codes for a comment around them, or whatever it is. It would show with "View source" though
It would be great to have a place for additional info that doesn't print!
Do you need snail mails for another reason? could make a separate HTML section and with and one without. Upload the one without...and keep the "with" for your own files.
With email addresses changing every few days
So you basically want a "NOTES" area to make notes to yourself about the researcher?
I'll add that to the (infamous) Version 2 list.
Also gives a place to list other SURNAMES and sometimes the counties that the person sponsors or is interested in!
It would be wonderful!!
Jim, I can see you share my dream for indexing as many counties as we can.
Patty - Are there any plans to be able to relate more than one county?
Rootslady, you could do this by copying the HTML section with the CC researcher Codes (not the html codes). Make two "pages" upload one, keep one for yourself.
Barry, how would you relate them.
I have several families that cover more than two to five of my counties.
Youda..that's an idea...just hope Ver.2 has a notes area!
You mean like a surname study?
So you want to have a link to the other counties' entries for that family?
Barry that's the beauty of the registery of your sites so that a state wide search can be made
Jim's right, CCHelper Central would show all of the references for the various counties.
Just a question. Is everyone here (except me and Patty) a cc for a county in Texas?
*** aonghas ( has joined #txgenweb
Hi, aonghas, glad you could join us!
Hi aonghas, Welcome
Yes, many of us sponsor counties in other states, too.
They should be
* RootsLady sponsors Hardin, Jasper, Jefferson, Newton, Orange, Sabine, San Augustine & Tyler in TX; Early Co., GA (NEW)
* Elsi sponsors Brewster, Jeff Davis, Pecos, Presidio, and Reeves counties for TXGenWeb
Hello all :-)
* Elsi coordinates Calhoun, Cherokee, Cleburne, Randolph, and Talladega counties for ALGenWeb
Yes, it does do that but it's by surname, not by family.
This is the Texas list?
Yes Texas Genealogy
yes, aonghas -- Texas USGenWeb volunteers. Welcome
I think I understand, the surname could be all over the state - but these are people related. I suggest that one of the researchers for that family
hmm I think I need Ulster..hehe
At CCHelper will make it easier to bring them together.
could have a link to the other counties in the researchers note. Alternately you could post a "query" that linked the other counties.
*** MarkR ( has joined #TXGenWeb
Hi MarkR, Welcome
Hi, MarkR, glad you could join us!
Thanks, Patty.
okay patty, problem of merging duplicate researchers. Each time I try to merge I seem to lose the newer query. What am I doing wrong
To do that just put the HMTL for the link in the query or researcher's note text.
Here's a creative idea for CCH. What about having a surname study for this family. Instead of surnames, register given names. That would be a way to link them all together, state to state.
Great Idea, Youda
*** aonghas ( has left #txgenweb
Bye aonghas, Have sweet dreams
Bye aonghas, Have sweet dreams
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to aonghas *sniff*
bye aonghas!
Jim, not sure. The query isn't actually posted till after the merge. So if you are somehow closing something instead of following the flow to the "Edit posting" screen that could do it.
okay I'll check that. might be doing it.
jimurphy...are you making sure to tell CCH which information to keep? You can specify which entries to keep when merging two records.
like which email, which name, which url, etc.
Yes but I only have the choice of addr. name, note right? I don't seem the actual queries involved (on the merge dialog)
That's right.
If CCH finds a possible duplicate, you can merge or not merge. Then, a screen appears (if you want to merge) which shows the entries for both records you've chosen to merge.
From there, you just click on keeping version 1 or version 2.
line by line
*** Elsi is now known as Elsi-lurking
My understanding is that say I have new queries from researcher #34 then I should merge everything new coming for that person with #34.
If you don't specify the one you want, CCH WILL default to the first entry, not the newer one.
Jim, that
's right
Okay. I understand. Make a note about that brainer for you doc.
You don't have to merge them. You can have another researcher, which is actually the same one.
*** a_seeker has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
Sometimes I don't want to merge them because they are in different counties, with different "notes" for the county I want the researcher to appear in.
It makes it much nicer to have all the queries from one researcher together.
But you keep separate queries, right? At least mine is.
Jim, I misunderstood the question. Acutally, it will put the new query with the merged researchers - which will have the number of the lowest number of the 2.
If your researcher information is not merged, it will separate the queries by which "name" submitted it.
It also makes it eaiser when the new query is almost identical with an earlier one.
But if you don't merge them, you will have to places to update the e-mail address.
to places should be 2 places
*** a_seeker ( has joined #txgenweb
Hi a_seeker, Welcome
Hi, a_seeker, glad you could join us!
Yes, I've had people send the same query to me twice or more (because they figured out that the pages are posted by month and want it to appear on each month's page! :)
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o MarkR
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o a_seeker
Okay I fixed the monthly problems by cutting out posted dates.
That's why I always go to "Manage Researchers" while I am importing so I can see everything that researcher is importing and check for duplicates easier.
Wow! That's an idea I hadn't thought of. How does CCH output the pages without a date?
If the new query is almost identical..I just don't list it unless there is new information.
Well, when someone is doing that, I respect their effort. I just change the date, which pulls it off the "old" month and puts it on the "new" month.
Patty explain how to remove the dates in the output.
It's going to use the current date of the date posted and break the query pages up accordingly. You can take the date out of the query html section and bump the minimum number of queries per page up real high.
I.E., an e-mail change, RootsLady?
*** woodco ( has joined #TXGenWeb
Hi, woodco, glad you could join us!
Hi woodco, Welcome
Hi, Woodco
Got to go for now
*** CzechItOu has quit IRC (Leaving )
Yes..and I always show the old email address in the notes section and date of email change
bye, zechitou!
But sooner or later you're going to want to break into another page, and the subtitle's are going to have the month's im them.
MarkR is now woodco. Pinged out. Oops!
*** Elsi-lurking is now known as Elsi
Unless you edit the month title out of them. :)
Back to hawking the statewide use of cch. I haven't used the autobot system since Feb. All my queries are written to a file at the site. Now with cch and the central search idea that phantom national index list is outmoded and we needn/t worry about it working if we all are on cch.
I haven't see this national list. Does it even exist?
*** MarkR has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o woodco
And to make a national index work, the responsibility of the contents of the index for a given county needs to be the CC - not a national site we can't correct.
Patty, give me another week on documentation. Then, perhaps it's time to send out another note via all State and County coordinators about CCH.
It did under rigdon. what's there now I have no idea. I've posted a test query on a site last week and it hasn't shown up yet Plus I don't like the blanket form for the state
You haven't sent one for months!
Jim, you may not be using the autobot, but if a researcher goes to the national site & posts a query, it will be handled by the autobot -- whether or not your county page points to it.
*** a_seeker has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
I found Rigdon's site today. And, it does have alot of names. The thing I find disturbing is that you have to pay for the information. :/
elsi are you referring to the national autobot site?
Dale Schneider is/was trying to get it back up. I took a preview look at it and found 90% of the links were out of date.
Yes, Jim.
Rigdon's "for fee" site is totally different from the indexed USGenWeb queries.
I didn't think Rigdon's site still had the USGenWeb data.
I think Dale has it back up.
Same person was doing both, but John was scrupulous to keep them separated.
Good! No, I didn't find it by any USGenWeb route. I was just strolling around the web (as usual.)
I get my queries emailed via autobot and have never had a problem. didn't comment about sending out another note about CCH. :)
One great advantage of CCHelper is U pick up all those queries sent to the CC's instead of the auto-bot also.
Did everyone go to personal chats?
I'm sorry, got sidetracked. I was thinking this time to work with a state or 2 at a time. Work with the SC. Ohio and Texas are well represented and it's because of me being associated with Ohio and Mike, and now Treys, support of the program.
2Patty and Youda : Sorry to be off thread. Got here late and just wanted to say what a pleasure to chat with you. The program and the help are great!!
thanks, woodco. But, Patty is the real genius here! :)
Oh patty before I have to leave. On the central registry do I have to do anything after setting everything up and registering with you? I am understanding that I need to upload the summary files along with all my other cch files. That all?
Trey, is a log of this going on the state page?
As far as the Autobot goes, I think it's great for getting the queries. I use if for that (as well as any sent to me directly). It's just the index portion I believe is founded on bad principals. It assumes that every query it sends you will post and that you won't post any that it didn't send you.
I think I would get the simple downloadable documentation up before trying to get enmass an entire state to change over. I think as it stands now newbies will have much trouble.
Jim, that's correct. The e-mail you sent does the rest.
I think Trey is right.
Thanx woodco, glad you could make it.
Yes, I would anticipate alot of questions that could be answered in documentation.
Also, I think we will see use of CCHelper continue to grow - though we can help it along some!
Trey, I didn't mean to say do a state at a time then the documentation. I meant do the documentation and then focus on a state, rather then hitting everyone with it at once again.
Sounds good
Patty, has anyone ever used CCHelper and not liked it?
I posted to a PA county in July. A few days ago I got a harried note for the CC apologizing for the delay, "but with so many queries" and then he asked me not to respond to the email.
That's the voice of someone who needs CCH! :)
Thanks very true. But I think we need to make an effort for all of us to understand it and then later set up some sessions to help others.
I'm not pushing for absolutely everyone in a state either, just feel like we'd get better participation a state at a time.
Then you have a support group within the state, like you have here.
That would be wonderful!
There are many states that don't do anything like this, Patty.
I could sure use a session jim....
I've had a couple of cc's say they didn't like what they saw. But, then I looked at their pages and they are setting up their own indexes etc manually. so I assume they didn't like or understand documentation.
Probably right, JM.
That's when you tell them that their pages don't have to "look" one twit different if they don't want it to.
I know, but Carol and I could encourage it for CCHelper. We don't do it in Ohio, but just the traffic on our Ohio list has encouraged participation.
Youda -- maybe the PA CC doesn't use a Windows computer!
That would be good.
I sent him a note about CCH anyway.
I agree about the traffic. I for one was going to plug it on the tex list after figuring out how easy it made my job
I had someone tell me that they didn't like the fact that the query pages only contained a month of queries and that's why she didn't use it. I
I REALLY want to get a Macintosh version working! I hate leaving people who want to use it out.
I hated to see another 3 minute download from the autobot for New York! I knew that sentenced me to three or four hours of work for that month. No, I look forward to them, and it takes me about 5 minutes to import, generate, and start uploading.
Maybe once (at least) a month we could have a CCHelper Help session here on Rootsweb IRC.
Hmmmm. Not really relevant with the indexing the way it is. But if you visit the site frequently, you just have to look at the latest month, Patty.
Patty, my west TX counties get 3-6 queries per QUARTER. Monthly pages would be a true waste. Is there an option?
That month listing of queries is misleading though. I've thought perhaps of changing the text from View Queries to BROWSE sinc that is all the full list is for. The indexing is where the value is
I would like that RootsLady
That would good, RL.
On the monthly queries objection. Thought that too at first. But you are not restricted to just queries. You can also look up your surname of interest.
Darn comptre!
(Of course, I can manually merge the pages, but that sorta defeats the automation inherant in CCH)
One of the big reasons for pushing more counties is the Central index. I do have a few counties participating that aren't using CCHelper. It remains to be seen if it's doable to keep up with the surname list.
Elsi, I have a site like this, too. It just puts them all in together. Jan 1996- Sept 1997, etc.
In short, there's a a whole lot of gain and very little to give up.
AMEN, Barry
Got to go get kids to bed, nite all.
*** Erath ( has left #TxGenWeb
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to Erath *sniff*
Bye Erath, Have sweet dreams
Youda's right, that was the point. That's easily customizable and is not a reason not to use CCHelper.
Bye Erath, Have sweet dreams
Ya I had to fake query tester researcher back to jan 96 because of a date foul up. so all my sites now run ...96 to 9/97 and hopefully next month changes right patty?
*** Elsi is now known as Elsi-lurking
That's right Jim.
Erath contact me if you need help
It is extremely customizable. You've done nothing less than a super job, Patty!
Anymore questions for Patty. She's in the eastern time zone.
I think someone NOT using CCH is more because they may not want to learn something NEW.
I have never seen a program so flexible. That's one of the biggest reasons I am helping!
Thanx Barry - I really hate being locked in by a program - programmer's make the worst users!
Yea - I know!
I hate to duck out also but my time out is coming up soon. Think we need to learn and work out all the kinks and then start selling the others on its ease and value. Night all
Trey, I would be willing to come back periodically and do a help session.
Hopefully, the documentation will help.
Bye, Jim.
Nite, Jim.
Yes patty we will have you back again
Bye Jim.
Nite, Jim!
I'll let you know
Sometimes it's nice to have a night schedule! :)
and Thank you for joing us tonight
Patty, take care!
* Dallas 12: 13- 4) 3 C'ya Soon jimurphy ! 12: 13- 4)
Thank you, Patty!
Yes, thank you oodles.
You're welcome, good night.
*** Patty has quit IRC (Leaving )
*** Elsi-lurking is now known as Elsi
Any ideas for next week
* Elsi says 7sorry -- Algebra tutoring.
Well I'll just se what happens and I'll post a note to the list.
Trey, could you get Brian or Karen to attend & talk about what RootsWeb is doin?
Hmmmm. That would be good.
*** jimurphy has quit IRC (Ping timeout )
I can ask
2Trey : Perhaps just a little step back and review where we are and a bit of conjecture of where we might be going?
I know they are both extremely busy, but they might be able to come.
If not next week, then later this year.
If I can get a hold of them
all they can say is no
Unless anyone has more questions, I think I'll get some work done.
Thanks Youda.
Thank you for coming
Thanks again, Youda.
Bye and thanks Youda
Really enjoyed the group! Thanks for allowing me in! :)
THANKS SO MUCH, Youda, for being here
Thanks, Youda!
Happy Trails to all!
And come back any time, invited or not.
*** Youda has quit IRC (Leaving )
Session Close: Sun Sep 28 21:27:19 1997

You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Shirley Cullum , State Coordinator.  The assistant state coordinators are Elaine Martin and Jane Keppler.

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