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TXGenWeb Chat Session 5 Oct 1997

Session Start: Sun Oct 05 20:07:49 1997
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 4 Hi Trey_Braz, Welcome
 Hi, Trey_Braz, glad you could join us!
 Hey guys
 .. 2@3..2@ 1..2 Trey_Braz
 ..3(4*--*3)1..2 I'm
 .3( 1>3__1< 3)1.2 Hoppy
 ..3^^^^^^1..2 2 C U
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 Hi, Lady30_06, glad you could join us!
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 I got bumped ALREADY
 The crowd is picking up
 No you didn't.
 Just her ghost remains.... so sad...
 I'm here.
 You better watch out. I know where there are some 
  lizards that dont like frogs.
 What happened??
 Barb how are you signed on twice?
 You're on twice, RL.
 She's lagging badly I think.
 The screen went BLANK!!
 You okay now?
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 Bye Lady30_06, Have sweet dreams!
 Bye Lady30_06, Have sweet dreams
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 4 Hi Lady30_06, Welcome
 Hi, Lady30_06, glad you could join us!
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 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 1 Welcome BacK2~ 8* 
   4 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 2~ 8* 4 8* 1 Lady30_06 2~ 4 8* 2~ 
   4 8* 2~ 4 8*
 brb, afk
 OK...I'm back to my OLD SELF!!
 you must be worn out by now RL
 Is there a full moon tonight??????
 Trey, is Brian or Karen going to come by?
 gotta go for a bit...back in a while
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 Not tonight. TO be completely honest I forgot to 
  ask them but I promise I'll do it this week.
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [comego.wav] ~
 Brian was on a couple nights ago but didn't want to 
   overstep by asking him.
 I finally got my South Eeast Genealogical & 
   Historical account today...been waiting since April 28th
 I've been catchin up and looking to the future this 
 I'm starting to turn the corner
 It's been pretty busy at rootsweb the last couple 
 No real topic tonight, just general stuff
 Fine by me.
 I guess yall saw the appointments last night
 Caught the announcment....Congrats....Miss Mentor 
 I got them.
 I should have said Ms.
 Thank you so much.
 I hope some people will sign up to be mentors
 Trey, been talking to Lancaster Gen Soc and they will 
   probably adopt Lancaster GenWeb page, but need to bring it 
   before their board ... have been talking with their director.
 Yes, we have had a few sign up already. 
 I had a not today from a guy that said he wanted to 
  adopt a county or counties in Texas
 note that is 
 I passed it along to our new Director of Orphan 
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 4 Hi PipL7x3, Welcome
 Hi, PipL7x3, glad you could join us!
 I'm looking for some assistant CC's.
 I also heard from Jim Lantrip in West Texas today 
  and they should have new pages for their four counties up soon
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o PipL7x3
 Hi Everyone
 Thats about all the new news I have.
 Did I miss something?
 No, but it sure is quiet
 Anyone got news, or problems
 It's really hard to type....with my MOUTH full!!
 That does sound like a problem
 I have the orphan page about half way done
 Eating Chicken..for those that don't know!!
 Everything is fine & dandy with Dallas County and the 
   GenWeb towns within
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [rooster.wav] ~
 Anyone going to the State Gen Meeting Nov 7
 will be in New England
 Where is it?
 Carla, have you heard back from Jimmy Kerr?
 I think its out in West Texas, somebady asked me 
  about it and I'm trying to find the note right now
 No, I haven't.
 Ah, here it is
 It's in Lubbock Nov 7th
 A little far away for me.
 Yea kinda far
*** Elsi ( has joined 
 Hi, Elsi, glad you could join us!
 4 Hi Elsi, Welcome
 Sorry I'm late.
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Elsi
 Hi, Leigh!
 Hi, Leigh
 Jon Krause in Lubbock (cc for Lubbuck & Hale cos) 
  was asking if any cc's were coming and if we still were 
  planning to sponsor a TXGenWeb table
 Hey Leigh
 But this is the first I had heard of it.
 Anyone remember any talk of sponsoring a table?
 not till tonight!
 Trey -- when & where?  (I came in late)
 Nov 7th in Lubbock
 TX Gen Soc State Meeting
 I got a newsletter this week -- column 1 had a short 
   mention of Mike's death, column 2 announced a workshop on 25 
   October to be led by Mike.
 Nope, didn't know about the 7 Nov meeting.
 I guess the editor didn't really read the newsletter 
 I didnt know about the meeting either. I let my 
  membership run out and forgot to renew
 I heard about it at the convention but didn't hear 
   anything about a TxGenWeb Table
 Though a table would be a good idea.  Maybe get some of 
   those orphan counties adopted!
 Wish I could go, but can't
 Well if you know anyone going they might want to 
  contact Jon Krause at
 Trey, have you thought about having a TXGenWeb 
 I've thought about it but thats about as far as I 
 I really enjoyed the TXGenWeb seminar last year.
 Free weekends during football season just dont 
  really exist much.
 Maybe after the first of the year we can plan 
 What did you do at the seminar?
 It is just a thought.  :)
 A good thought.
 The seminar went over the basics of adopting a 
 How far would folks travel to come.
 A lot of us meet each other for the 1st time, traded 
   ideas, and what CompuMom said
 Sounds like fun
 I went to Dallas from between Beaumont & Houston.
 Mike ran a really good, educational seminar -- lunch was 
   a great time to meet each other & talk about the project.
 Didn't Ed come up from Houston?
 For a one day thing I would travel 2 or 3 hrs
 Where do you live
 Dallas Area
 There are a number of us in the Dallas area
 Of course, if you have it in a cool spot like San 
   Antonio, I'd make a long weekend take hubby and kids and.....
 I'll look at where we all live and see if we can 
  maybe put something together for after the first of the year.
 One idea would be to alternate locations if we set 
   up something on a regular basis.
 That's a good idea.
 Do you think folks from Dallas would travel as far 
  as Waco.
 Put me on the list but please please don't plan it for 
 I would
 how far is Waco?
 from Dallas?
 Especially if it helps those that live south of Waco
 (all I know about it is that the David Koresh group was 
 yes -- dallas to waco?
 Elsi...from Beaumont...Waco is accross the World!!  
 about 90 miles from Dallas
 Elsi, Waco's a breeze!
 its about 1.5 hrs south of DFW on I35
 Just joking!!
 Yes, but Girlfriend, we could carpool.
 and just yak yak yak all the way
 you bet!
 I have a brother that lives in Waco thats a cop & 
  it would be centrally located
 Isn't that where the Texas Rangers Museum is at?
 OOOOHHHH!  Carpool.  I have a van that seats 6.
 Yes it is
 There u go.
 Reserve me a seat
 That makes the drive fun!
 (how does a brotherly cop make it centrally located?)
 she got you Trey!
 ha ha
 I might have to invite my significant other & resident 
   designated driver.
 Masonic Headquarters in there too, isn't it??
 yes it is
 Field Trip
 Field trip for sure.....
 they are very helpful
 They also respond very quickly by mail also
 Can we make it a "week-long" meeting????????
 I wish
 Any excuse to research, eh..... 
 BRB...gotta wipe the grease of the keyboard. 
 Did Mike charge a fee to cover the room last 
  time..I dont remember
 yes, he did
 $10, I think.
 It wasn't expensive at all.
 sounds reasonable
*** Betsy-Lam (betsym@ has joined #txgenweb
 Hi, Betsy-Lam, glad you could join us!
 4 Hi Betsy-Lam, Welcome
 Hi, Betsy-Lam, so happy to see you here!
 OK, anybody know of a GOOD voice-to-type 
 Me, RL.
 IBM has a great one for Windows... called VoiceType.
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o Betsy-Lam
 It's gotten rave reviews in the mags.
 does it work?
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [rofl.wav] ~
 So I've heard.  I don't own it, but a co-worker got it 
   and likes it a lot.  His teen "talks" his school papers into 
   the word processor.
 I'll have to check it out!1
 I can't believe I forgot again!
 That's OK, Betsy.  I was almost 1/2 hour late, too.
 That might be my answer ... does anyone know anything 
   about those new PC companions?
 That sounds like a good idea for my son who has 
   problems writing, too
 I remembered at 7 PM and then got busy working on 
   my pages and forgot the time -- again!
 I was late too
 you didnt miss much tonight. just good conversation 
 Dallas...PC companions????
 Guy at store told me I could download my FO program, 
   but reading instructions, not too sure about that
 Yes, bought a Compaq this p.m.
 has a mini version of word, excel, schedule, etc
 and you can sync with your home PC
 OK..I know what U R talking about.
 Also known as a personal organizer.
 Oh well, you know the instructions are only the 
  manufacturers suggestions!
 U read those things??
 I was looking for something easy to take my FO program 
   with me to New England, I've already had to eliminate almost 
   all clothing
 Is that MS Works, Dallas?
 Microsoft Windows CE
 Linda, you didn't get a laptop with 2Gig hard drive?
 Pocket Excel, Pocket Word Calendar etc
 looked at them
 Oh.... okey dokey.
 but paying for this trip and the one to Hawaii in Feb 
   and Xmas and 2 girls in college ...
 By the way, NEHGS has put power strips into several of 
   the tables on the 6th floor research room.  Makes it easy 
   for folks with laptops.
 Dallas,  where do your kids go to college
* RootsLady * ~ WaveOut 3.0 ~ * [wakeup.wav] ~
*** DallasCo ( has joined 
 Hi, DallasCo, glad you could join us!
 4 Hi DallasCo, Welcome
 Hi, DallasCo, so happy to see you here!
*** Dallas has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
*** CompuMom sets mode: +o DallasCo
 hate it when that happens
 Thought we had a really bad lag there for a minute!
 me too....
 So did I
 but to answer your question Trey, Univ of No TX
 At least ther close to home
 My dau just left to go back to the dorm at UNT.  
   That's why I was late.
 yep, but not at home, they share an apt
 Didn't know your dau went there also, is she a fresh.
 No, she is a sophmore this year
 Mine are jr and sr
 Cool, She will be a jr. at midterm
 Almost all art classes though
 Pip, my daughter just got her degree in Fine Art.
 Wow, more in common
 I'll really try to come up with some kinda topic 
  next week
 You mean other than our kids??
 but we ended up with a topic Trey ... social in Waco!
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joined #TXGenWeb
 4 Hi quester2, Welcome
 Hi, quester2, glad you could join us!
 Hi, quester2, so happy to see you here!
*** quester2 ( has 
left #TXGenWeb
 Bye quester2, Have sweet dreams
 Thats right and I'll work on it
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to quester2 *sniff*
 Bye quester2, Have sweet dreams!
 Bye quester2, Sweet Dreams
 We need to have a business meeting in the morning & a 
   social in the afternoon.
 What kinda stuff might we discuss at our meeting
 Trey...I think some copywrite discussion would be 
   great...U know..what we can and can't do.
 We could have some tutorial sessions -- HTML, IRC, etc.
 Sounds good
 share ideas of what others have done with their 
   pages, how they have expanded them
 And how they connect with Genealogy societies and 
   work with them long distance
 Queries -- invite Doc to come meet with us.
 Do you know where he lives?
 Elsi, Lancaster Gen Soc found their listing on my 
   page and we've been emailing back & forth
 Trey, I just received an email from Jimmy.
 I am planning on joining Lancaster next month since 
   they are close to me
 I wish I could make contact with a local group.  I 
   thought it had happened for the AlaBenton (in my Alabama 
   counties), but although they've got rudimentary stuff on the 
   Internet, I can't get an ongoing dialog started.
 Its hard to deal with a Gen Soc unless they have a 
  computer point person.
 There is a brand new group in Hansford co. but they 
   still haven't even decided on dues, etc
 Be careful Elsi, they may draft you ... they're 
   thinking of adopting the Lancaster GenWeb page
 It really does help when you are an active part of 
   the society.
 Well, they've got a guy who heads their Computer 
   Interest Group.  I wanted to list the monthly meetings; 
   speakers, topics, etc. but he doesn't send me the info.  He 
   doesn't post on the society pages, either.
 I'm really the point person in our Soc although we 
  do have a couple of others now that I think could take over
 If a society is interested in the county page and agrees 
   to take responsibility for it according to the USGenWeb 
   charter, I'd vote to assign it to them
 Do most of the Gen Soc's where yall live have 
  Computer Interest Groups
 Mine doesn't and we are a fairly large active 
 Not SouthEast Texas Genealogical & Historical 
 Dallas & Ft. Worth do; Mid-Cities doesn't.  Don't know 
   about Irving.
 I deal with four of them, Trey. None have a formal 
   group, all have people who are interested.
 We kind of have an "informal" one -- we are all 
   friends and just kind of gravitate to each other!
 Garland Gen does
 Mostly I make their personal web pages for them and 
   then try to wean them to doing their own!!  
 Maybe that's the answer start one for the 
   8 or 10 locals on computer.
 Ours is a very small group, 10-12
 I guess it is a new thing that is catching on.
 but we're trying to interest the "older" people.
 DallasCo: Is that the DGS group?
 Our computer group is about the same but we are 
  trying to interest the "younger" folks
 It's never TO 73yr old Dad just bought a 
 nope, Garland Gen Soc in Garland, TX
*** DallasCo is now known as Dallas
 DGS has a CIG, but Mike was the one holding it together. 
    Helen Wilson was in it, too.
 How many folks in the 20-30 year range do yall have 
  in your Gen Soc percentage wise.
 Less than 10% in each of the four.
 we have 82 members in GGS and I would guess 0 under 30
 Not that many!!  Most of ours are over 40.
 Maybe 2%
 Same hear.
 I think the key to young folks is school history 
 less than 10 in the Mid-Cities group.
 But school history is taught ***SO*** boringly.
 The Garland schools has as an assignment to trace your 
   ancestors back as far as you can in whatever time period 
   they give them
 I understand in Hurst the 9th grade history classes 
   have to do some family research
 Has anyones group ever tried to specifically 
  attract this age group in the past.
 This is something our group has been kinda talking 
 We're sponsoring a youth gen workshop this spring
 Had one a few years ago that was a great success
 We've talked about it, too, but no one has the time!
 Did any of those stay involved?
 don't know Trey
 some took it because they were working on Scout badges
 But we filled the quota of seats and had to turn some 
 A youth conference sounds interesting.. I'll pass 
  it along
 Wouldn't it have been fun to get "hooked" back then?  
   I'd love to become a certified genealogist -- but I don't 
   think I've got time to build a clientelle & make any money.  
   And, it's too long until I retire...
 That would be cool to do workshops geared toward 
   badges and interest projects for scouts
 I know there is a genealogy badge but I dont think 
  many get it
 I have a question about my page!  I have a link to 
   "Lamar County, TX Addresses and Research Information - How 
   to obtain
      marriage licenses, birth and death 
   certificates, etc. 
 When I first went to SETGHS I was the youngest 
   there..that was 23 years ago.
 " and I still get questions about "how do I get a 
   death certificate?"
 Betsy, what is the URL for your page?
 Sorry!  I tried to do a shortcut and it went 
 understand, I have vital info spelled out and still 
   they ask me for addresses
 No, no!!
 Some people just want personal attention, or are too 
   impatient to actually check out the whole site.
 Good, I thought it was just me!!  I don't type out 
   the answer to their question, I just refer them back to the 
 That is a good response
 I figure I should "teach" them how to read a page.
 Betsy, does your e-mail allow you to store "canned 
   responses"?  Eudora Pro calls it "stationery".
 Hmmm!  I use Eudora Pro, but I don't think it is 
   the latest version!
 I have never found stationery.
 me too, I usually just copy a previous response, will 
   look for "stationery"
 I have a couple of alternate signatures that I use 
   for canned responses.
 I do the same with bounced "subscribe" & 
   "unsubscribe" mail-list.
 Betsy, the link for vital records is part of the way 
   down the page -- I had to scroll down to see it.  Perhaps 
   they didn't get that far???
 They need to learn how to spell and send to the 
   correct addresses
 Well, they have to go even further down the page to 
   find my email link.  I did that on purpose.
 Maybe you should add it to the top part. Most folks 
  dont take the time to scroll
 Betsy, what version of Eudora Pro are you using?
 You've got queries first -- perhaps reorganizing would 
   make it easier to spot on the web page.
 I put queries pretty far down the page -- if all someone 
   is looking for is someone to provide an already researched 
   family, they at least have to go through some of the 
   self-help stuff first. 
 That's a good idea!
 and sometimes even that doesn't help, mine is right in 
   my Index, bright as anything ... VITALS
 Do you have better luck getting them from the 
  county than from the state.
 Birth & Death that is
 As a records retrieval employee, I have found that 
   counties and cities are usually faster
 and less hassle except for City of Dallas
 If your ever in Austin during the week. I;v found 
  the folks at the Dept of Health to actually be pretty helpful 
  to genealogist if you can afford it
 Well I think I'm going to call it a night. I'll 
  post all this good info with the other chats
 Trey...have U gotten any people who would like to 
   be CC' learn....then maybe adopt a county 
   of there own??
 I havent heard of any
 Sounds like a good mentoring idea
 It would be good training
 But I know of a few CC's that could be in that 
 Carla...U listening
 you bet....
 Carla, you should talk to Elton Lacey about the 
 I hope the mentoring program should kinda do that
 He really helped Helen & I when we started out with 
 Okey dokey
 I have Hopkins County CC on the telephone and I am 
   trying to teach her how to take care of her own pages!  So, 
   I am slow answering that is what I am doing!
 CM- Another recruit
 I see that.... 
 I would think that unless the two lived in the same 
  city it might be hard for the assistant to feel like they 
  really are doing anything unless they had their own county.
 I too will say good night to all, have a nice week 
 I'm gonna leave now, too.  Look forward to talking to 
   folks later in the week.
*** Elsi has quit IRC (I'm outta here!)
 Nope, Cause Helen & I make a fairly good team if I do 
   say so
*** Dallas ( has left #TXGenWeb
 Bye Dallas, Have sweet dreams
 Bye Dallas, Have sweet dreams!
* RootsLady waves bye-bye to Dallas *sniff*
 Bye Dallas, Sweet Dreams
 We have several counties that are just shells that 
  they can learn on and they really couldnt mess em up
 Don't bet on that, Trey!!!  Hopkins County uploaded 
   her lookups page over mine the other day!!
 Even something like handling bounces, etc for the 
   county mail lists
 On purpose?
 No, and we couldn't figure out why she was getting 
   Lamar County questions!
 I've had them do things like that. Some are really 
   inexperienced when they start.
 I do think it would be good for a Gen Soc that is 
  trying to learn
 It was a glitch with my ISP.  I am not sure how she 
   got into my directory!
 Before they take over a county
 Weren't we all. 
 I can get into all the other directories, but they 
   can't get into mine!
 Trey, what is the url of the county of the month 
 Or they weren't supposed to be able to!
 especially if they county is allready established 
  and they are transitioning in as cc
 Ill check, just a minute
 np... no hurry
 Have them make a new sub-directory...upload...someon
   e check them...then rename them
 thank you
 What did yall think of the new logo
 Looks good.
 I like it
 Well I'm relly gonna call it a night now
 Looks real good Trey...just kind of sad!!
 Bye, Trey.
 Having troubl typing all of the letters
 NiteNite Trey
Session Close: Sun Oct 05 21:47:07 1997

You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Shirley Cullum , State Coordinator.  The assistant state coordinators are Elaine Martin and Jane Keppler.

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