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01 February 2019

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TXGenWeb CC Awards For Years Of Service

This page lists the County Coordinators that have served (past or present) with TXGenWeb that have received a
service award.  We began handing out these awards in May, 2007 to our CCs who are all volunteers, doing this
for the love of genealogy and to help their fellow researchers.

Graphic award designed by Billie Nichols Bennett

Colmenares, Jane

Cross, Sara

Ellis, Tom
Fowler, Betty

Hartman, Angela
Harwell, Linda

Hayes, Martie Brown
Henning, John
Kemp, Jeff
McKnight, Helen

Mullenweg, Charleen

Owens, Connie
Pitts, Dr. David E
Reynolds, Joe
Slover, Kaye
Smith-Curtean, Lisa
Sparkman, Dick

Smith, Sylvia
Stewart, Teresa
Summerlin, Cody
Tye, Bill

Vinson, Patsy
Ward, Charlie

Graphic award designed by Billie Nichols Bennett

Alvarez, Steve
Ashley, Grace

Bart, Sharon

Bay, Elaine
Brown, Teri
Carter, Amber Davidson

Collard, Susan

Coursey-Pitts, Debra

Davidson, Kaitlan
Epperson, Jimmy
Henderson, Suzie

Hetrick, Mary Ann
Hickman, Nancy
Holub, Dorman
Latham, Jacqueline

Littlejohn, Alicia
Loth, Donna Schulte
Loyd, Clarissa
McWilliams, Rena

Mims, Jim
Morton, Chris
Neeley, Joy
Newton, Norman
Palmer, Christina
Phillips, Betty

Pitts, D.J
Rhodes, Sandra Kornegy
Roberts, Laura Gregory
Sanders, Justin
Shaffer, Vickie
Simpson, Margaret
Sofge, Virginia
Sowell, Suzanne
Tackel, Sue
Trujillo, Lillian
Walling, Angela
  Welborn, Dee
Williamson, Regena
Withers, Etta




Graphic award designed by Billie Nichols Bennett



Balderama, Abby
Barton, Linda Blum
Bennett, Billie Nichols
Bennett, Gordon
Brown, Alicia
Burks, Cheryl
Dolby, Linda-Jeanne
Dunquez, Betty
Fargason, Clifford
Fitzgerald, Scott
Freeman, Bunny
Gibbs, Carol
Harrison, Dorris
Heffernan, Gina
Hestand, Katy
Hinze, Dr. Mike
Hudspeth, Bob
Johnson, Rox Ann
Keith, LaDarla
Lach, Lisa
New, Tammy
Pitt, David
Samples, Cynthia
Simpson, Linda
Smoorenburg, Jean
Stevens, Tamara
Tebbetts, Peggy
Terry, Ralph
Waller, Suzanne
White, Vickye

Graphic award designed by Billie Nichols Bennett

Anderson, Douglas

Antell, Kimm

Brooks, Eiranne

Brooks, LaRae
Buttram, Cynthia
Clifton, Billy
Clifton, Carla Karbowski

Cullum, Shirley

Deaver, Joe

Elder, Fay
Evans, Lela
Graham, Tom
Holt, Trey
Hughes, Linda Fox
Keppler, Jane
Knight, Mary Lee
Knox, Barbara

Lewis, Norman

Martin, Elaine
McCathern, Darren
Miller, Betty
Mills, Betsy

Myers, JoAnn

Peck, Barbara
Perkins, Paula
Quigley, John
Schwarz, Catherine

Seawolf, Tim
Skelly, Chris
Stephenson, Patricia

Triller, Gayle
Williams, Ed

Yoder, Rob

You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Shirley Cullum , State Coordinator.  The assistant state coordinators are Carla Clifton and Jane Keppler.

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