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Annual Meeting Photos

If you have any meeting photos you would like to see posted here, send them to Elaine.

1997 - Mike Basham, 2nd TXGenWeb SC, talking to CC Mary Love Berryman. Mike died Sep 15 1997, right after this picture was taken.
1998 Annual Meeting
1998 - Trey Holt, 3rd TXGenWeb SC at the second TXGenWeb meeting
1999 Annual Meeting - Tyler
2000 Annual Meeting - Lancaster
2000 GenTech
2001  GenTech
2001 Annual Meeting - Atlanta
2001 - Edward Hayden, 1st TXGenWeb SC, taken at GenTech Feb 2-3, 2001, Mesquite, TX
2002 GenTech
2002 Annual Meeting
2003 Annual Meeting - Austin
2004 Annual Meeting - Dallas
2005 Annual Meeting
2006 Annual Meeting - Lancaster
2007 Annual Meeting
2008 Annual Meeting
2009 Annual Meeting - Conroe
2010 Annual Meeting - Waco
2011 Annual Meeting - Paris, TX
2012 Annual Meeting - Tyler, Texas
2013 Annual Meeting - Plano, Texas
2014 Annual Meeting - Nacogdoches, Texas

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