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"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."

- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

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On April 21, 1836 the Texas army took less than 20 minutes to defeat Santa Anna's Mexican army,
at San Jacinto, and secure independence for The Republic of Texas.

County Date
Parent County County Seat Contact
Rains 1870 Hopkins, Hunt, Wood Emory Patsy Vinson
Betty Miller
Randall 1876 Bexar Canyon Darren McCathern
Reagan 1903 Tom Green Big Lake Angela Hartman
Real 1913 Bandera, Kerr, Edwards Leakey Mary Ann Hetrick
Red River 1836 Old Mexican Municipality Clarksville Patsy Vinson
Bunny Freeman
Laura Roberts
Debra Usry
Reeves 1883 Pecos Pecos Jane Colmenares
Refugio 1836 Old Mexican Municipality Refugio Jane Colmenares
Roberts 1876 Bexar Miami LaRae Halsey-Brooks
Eireann Brooks
Robertson 1837 Milam Franklin Jane Keppler
Jean Huot Smoorenburg
Rockwall 1873 Kaufman Rockwall Shirley Cullum
Runnels 1858 Bexar, Travis Ballinger Jane Colmenares
Rusk 1843 Nacogdoches Henderson Gina Heffernan

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