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The TXGenWeb Project County Of The Month

The TXGenWeb Project has initiated a program to recognize the efforts of county coordinators who provide outstanding resources and assistance to county visitors. In addition, the "Surfin' Group" discusses requirements for nomination of counties for The Mike Basham Memorial TXGenWeb County of the Month Award. Lastly, we ensure that any errors, abandoned counties or other such problems are sent to the State Coordinator so that he/she may contact the County Coordinator for a resolution.

How do we decide who gets the award?
Every month, each Surfer surfs his/her specified counties and nominates the county that best meets criteria. The Committee Chairperson collects these nominations and then sends them to a finalization group. This group then looks over each nomination and gives their top three choices to the Committee Chairperson who tallies them for the County to receive The Mike Basham Memorial TXGenWeb County of the Month Award.

Who is on the committee?
The Committee is a group of volunteers who give up their personal time to continue the standards originally set by Mike Basham. We are an eclectic group of people from various backgrounds and tastes that allows us to have a non-biased and varied view of our regions. We also rotate regions every 6 months so that we have fresh viewpoints.

I would like to be a member of the Page Evaluation Committee. How do I apply?
Please read the Regulations that all members have to agree to before becoming a member of the committee. If you agree to these Regulations and are willing to spend from 5 - 10 hours a month helping us surf the counties of The TXGenWeb Project, then we urge you to e-mail the Committee Chairperson. We accept both full time and alternate surfers to ensure that we always have enough people to surf our regions.

I want to win the award. What do I do?
There are no guarantees that you will ever win the award. However, to give yourself the best chance possible, please follow these steps: 1.) Make sure that your county meets the Basic Requirements; you will not even be considered if you do not meet these requirements, 2.) Try as hard as possible to meet all of the Criteria, to the best of your ability, 3.) Begin visiting your local genealogy library and transcribing records that are pertinent to your county, 4.) Get volunteers to help you transcribe and do lookups for your county, 5.) Listen to your Surfer about any comments they might have regarding your site and try to meet these comments to the best of your ability, 6.) Do not get upset if you don't win the award; the county pages in The TXGenWeb Project have gotten so good, that the competition is pretty tough. However, we appreciate all of our coordinators and we are not slighting you by not choosing your site.

You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Gina Hefferman, State Coordinator. The assistant state coordinators are Jane Keppler,, Bunny Freeman and Laura Gregory Roberts.

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