Some Simple Tutorials

These are short videos that show you exactly what is being done. Don't forget that you can pause a video or back up a little if you get lost. Feel free to right-click and save the videos - especially if you have a slow Internet connection.

Please note that I use keyboard shortcuts for some of the steps such as Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete or Save and forgive me if I didn't specifically show that I used one. A lot of times my pointer will go to the top of the screen without clicking anything, that's just me pushing it out of the way. Not all the videos tell you to save and upload the file.

How to open a web page in your text editor, 7MB

Server-Side Includes

In these videos, I'm using actual files from our TXGenWeb sites that demonstrate how to work with includes.

Adding A Server-Side Include to Your Page

Changing information in an included file

Never open an included file in an HTML WYSIWYG editor, it adds a header and other HTML that can interfere.

Basic CSS - cascading style sheets

This subject requires a video for each step.