Currently, our weekly chat for coordinators is at 8PM on Tuesday nights using Chatzy. It's easy to use, no software needed. Simply enter your name, choose a color and enter the room.
    I'm in the process of setting up a chat server with Discord. Discord is very different from Chatzy but still very easy to learn and use.
  • You will need to create a free, permanent username with Discord.
  • You can click on the widget below to use your browser for Discord.
  • Or you can download an app onto your computer, phone or any other device.
  • Discord has quickly become the top chat app because it's free and simple for most users but has all the bells and whistles for advanced users.
    How to use Discord the first time
  • Click Connect on the widget below or open the app
  • The first time you use Discord, it may take a minute or two to load.
  • Create a username
  • Select a server from the list on the left side. (See the TXGenWeb logo?)
  • Or search for a server - see the green icon at the bottom of the server list on the left.
  • Select a chat channel - text or voice.
  • If the server has an introduction or rules channel, you should check it out.
  • If a user has the Discord app open, their name will show in the list.
  • A user in the list may not be on the same server as you but you can send them a private message and ask them to meet you.
  • If a user has the app on their phone, they're almost always shown as online.
  • You can designate a user as a "friend".
  • You can send a private message to any friend or member of the server.