Orphan Counties in TXGenWeb

Most Texas counties already have coordinators but some of the coordinators have agreed to sponsor these counties only until another volunteer can be located. You need to know HTML or web design to be a county coordinator. This page includes links to our help pages, which cover page design and building, FAQ and FTP, as well as other helpful information for starting and maintaining a TXGenWeb Project site. We do have a mentoring system in place to help you get started. If you're interested in being a coordinator for any of the counties listed below, please look over the handbook and then contact Carla Clifton. If you would like to adopt a county not on this list, check with the State Coordinator. Some coordinators might be interested in giving a county to someone with a historical interest.


Adopting a county web site is a real commitment - the people who managed the counties on this list gave up their sites for various reasons that could include major changes in their lives, not enough time to work on them, sickness or personal tragedy. I would love to have you volunteer! However, please don't volunteer if you don't feel that you'll be able to update the county within two weeks or if your spare time is already a treasured rarity.

We have folks who can help you learn to work on websites and it isn't as hard as you would think.

Counties available for adoption

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Don't want to spend the time supporting a web site, but still want to help out? Consider volunteering for the Surfing Committee. We frequently need Regional Surfers and alternates in times of emergency and would love to have additional eyes with great ideas helping us out. You will only need to help out once a month for approximately 4 hours. Please contact the Surfing Chair for more information.