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The TXGenWeb Project Patron Comments 2002

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Comments taken from the Patron Nominations Form submitted by patrons of The TXGenWeb Project.


Comment(s) from nominator

Bell Nominated. No additional comments
Bosque The Best; Bettie continues to do a marvelous job on this site. She is constantly updating and adding new items to make it a useable, workable, and valuable asset.
Briscoe Lots of information and resources available. Thank you!
Coryell Nominated. No additional comments.
Galveston This is a very helpful site
Harris Nominated. No additional comments
Hemphill Bastrop Website is wonderful
Henderson Bunny and Holli are doing a great job on the site. There is a large selection for the vistors to read.; Great Job again!!!
Jack Lots of very impressive information. The look is very nice and the administrator is very helpful.
Kaufman I think Kaufman County has the best site. It is very informative and I can't visit it enough
Kendall very informative and easy to use; Nominated. No additional comments.; Nominated. No additional comments.; Nominated. No additional comments.; Nominated. No additional comments.; Nominated. No additional comments.; very informative and has many links that are helpful. It is managed very well and is updated often; Nominated. No additional comments.; Nominated. No additional comments.
Lamar This is the most comprehensive and easiest to use site of all the GenWeb sites I have used.
Navarro Nominated. No additional comments.
Refugio Site is continously updated and informative. I receive an email listing updates; rena has done an outstanding job and deserves this award
Rusk There have been many additons to the site in the last 2 years
Wise No other TX sight provides the info Wise County does - cemetery listings, photos of headstones, etc.; Wonderful, terrific, informative site!; Most info. most friendly, most bang for your buck; one of the greatest sites around. everything is easily accessed; Simply the friendliest and BEST!; Wonderful information!!!; They have an amazing amount of info and records online - more than I have seen for any other county; The site and the people have been fantastic and a great help!; Fantastic site! The site and the people have gone above & beyond to help.; Best information and friendly, very helpful; Absolutely fabulous; Best and most informative Site available!; Best site I have used; Nominated. No additional comments.; superior site!!!!; This site is very complete.; This site surpasses many of those available.; OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; tremendous amont of information, easy to use; excellent information on this site
Bexar Nominated. No additional comments
Coke One of the best sources of information in the state
Coryell Fast response to lookup requests; As always, a great, informative site, with good info & helpful persons!; BEST ON THE INTERNET EASIEST TO FIND INFORMATION LIKED THE OLD WAY AND NOW THE NEW; You have a great site!; Much new info and helpful links, great job!
Falls Great, dedicated to maintaining current information
Fannin This site is incredibly detailed, informative, interesting and VERY easy to use and access
Fisher Great Courthouse and so helpful. They make you feel like you are important to them, and anxious to
Gillespie Of all the genweb websites I've visited, it's the most complete, informative, and easy to maneuver
Grayson Nominated. No additional comments
Henderson Of all the TXGenWeb sites I have visited this one is the best, new information added almost daily
Hidalgo Great site!
Hood This site has been more helpful than all the other counties I have visited.
Kaufman Best site I've found
Kendall Nominated. No additional comments
Nacogdoches Nominated. No additional comments
Panola Lots of great information and quick responses to questions from the host; Nominated. No additional comments
Refugio Nominated. No additional comments; Excellent Web Site; Very informative; THIS IS THE MOST WELL DONE WS AND SHE IS CONSTANTLY, ON A DAILY BASIS ADDING NEW INFORMATION
Rusk So interesting with the music, color, and lots of information! Just love it!; Great background, music & format; Nominated. No additional comments; COUNTY WEB PAGE OF THE MONTH; Awesome
Sterling Very nice and informative; Fantastic Site
Taylor Nominated. No additional comments
Titus Excellent information
Trinity I just want to explore some of the counties in Texas; This county seems to have the best online records of any I have been to.
Victoria this is a very well thought out and excellent site.
Washington awesome site and great links
Wise Nominated. No additional comments; By far, the best there is, bar none; The best and most complete site. All census years with index and the cemeteries are complete.; BEST I HAVE EVER FOUND; this is one of the most useful, informative and easy to use sights on the web.
Bexar Nominated. No additional comments
Burnet This is a great site which just keep growing it is a never ending gold mine.
Colorado informative data about county and citizens, and lots of it, thanks to Bill Stein..
Coryell A fantastic site - a wealth of information for researchers. Very user friendly.; Nominated. No additional comments
Falls I like the family pictures posted online.;
Fannin Susan Hawkins has continually done wonderful job!
Harris Beautiful-Beautiful-Beautiful
Henderson The site just keeps improving every day. Still finding new entries to help my genealogy research.
Hidalgo the most wonderful place in texas
Houston Best site on the web.
Hunt Nominated. No additional comments
Lafayette Nominated. No additional comments
Kerr Kerr County page is the best I have seen at listing county records in complete form.; The hardest working and most conscientious volunteers in the TXGenWeb Project, bar none!; Great; they have many helpful entries; Nominated. No additional comments
Leon Nominated. No additional comments
Navarro Great web site; Great site! Has really helped us get to know Corsicana!; This is the most user friendly site I have visited, coordinators do a wonderful job!
Panola Very well done and easy to fine information.; Wonderful Site & Very informative; Nominated. No additional comments
Refugio Rena has put much work in this site and deservesthis award most of the other counties pale by compar
Rusk Beautiful!!!!!; Wonderful Site & Very informative
Tarrant I have visited lots of county pages in the past year. Tarrant Co is one of the best. Great Job...!!
Taylor LOVE IT!
Tom Green Easy to navigate
Wichita Great site! Ton's of good solid work went into slicking this sucker up!
Wise has 1930 census -readable
Angelina good
Brown several replies to questions great volunteers
Coryell Lots of great info organized well
Crane Crane is a wonderful place to live and to raise children. The school district is also wonderful!
ERATH I haven't seen a more useful Texas county site. The information is timely (1900)
Fannin interesting-Most-Great information, best on net.
Fayette The Fayette County site bulges with information, history, photographs and links!
Henderson Peaceful and Beautiful
Nacogdoches The law is not working as hard as they were and we need more law inforcements.
Navarro The Best !!!!!!!!!!
Rusk One of the three county sites I have seen. GREAT!; Nominated. No additional comments; IT KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER EACH TIME I GO THERE.; Nominated. No additional comments
Taylor This is a wonderful website. I found my great uncle whom I had been searching for 32 years.
Bosque I cast my vote for Bosque County as the Best County Site. I have used this site quite often thru the years.; Nominated. No additional comments
Childress nice layout; great plats;easy to navigate;excellent site
Coryell This site is #1; I found the site informative, easy to navigate, and filled with little extras a researcher does not usually get like the military info, old newspapers, pics, all kinds of useful information. Thanks for the great site!
Dewitt Nominated. No additional comments
Falls The Info the are adding is invaluable!!
Grayson A very informative county site and Susan Hawkins is very helpful.
Henderson Site greatly improved with so much more data in the past few months
Jack Beautiful bluebonnets and lots of genealogical information! Cemeteries were especially helpful.
Lamb It has a lot of information on page. It looks like a lot of work has been put into creating such a great site.
Navarro Excellent layout...Easy to navigate and a wealth of information.; Comments were: I don't know if Barbara and Edward were the coordinators 4 years ago when Navarro earned the County of the Month but it certainly deserves another look. Navarro has a wealth of information laid out in an attractive easy to use format. I was impressed with several sections, including the military section and the business & industry section.
Nolan Nominated. No additional comments; Great site.
Rusk Nominated. No additional comments; Thanks.; abundance of info.....easy to navigate....colorful; I want to vote for best county of the month award I am a Henderson Resident
Taylor Nice, indeed.
Bosque One of the most informative and easiest sites to navigate. A wealth of information and comradery; I have really learned a lot from the e-mail from Bosque
Coryell Outstanding information and easy to use
Dallam Look forward to getting info and sources for book I am creating on Dallam County & its people 1900-1950
El Paso The site has lots of good information and is easy to navigate, plus it is attractive
Falls This web site has come a very long way in a short time. You can find things now and it is a given THAT BUNCH OF TIME AND WORK has gone into it!!; One of the best and getting better every time I look at it; Up to Date, Great Web Page
Gillespie Gillespie County has one of the best organized sites I have researched; Best webb site I have found
Henderson Continues to improve and provides invaluable information. Thanks
Hidalgo The best in Texas
Jack It was a wonderful place to grow up. It is beautiful country and beautiful people.; Enjoyed your website very much. It is a very thorough site.; Nominated. No additional comments
Navarro great info provided
Panola One of the most well organised geneology web sites i have ever seen. it's easy to follow and find what you want quickly. i have been on many sites researching and this one brought tears of joy because it was so organised and easy to follow.; Site very well done.........
Refugio A very interesting site with lots of info!; Rena continues to do an outstanding job,and deserves this honor very much.
Rusk Really great, imaginative site; great information and links to other sites.; Great......very informative; this is a wonderful site. It has been very helpful to me in my research.; Nominated. No additional comments; the best i have found and i have been to a lot of them.
Smith They have the most information for any county that I have searched on the internet.
Winkler Graphics that are not too busy or intrusive. Great information. Fast load.
Bosque The best !!
Bowie Nominated. No additional comments
Brazoria Nominated. No additional comments
Comal This is such a helpful site with all the searchable vital records databases, links to county histories, etc
Coryell This site is well maintained and the best I have found on the web for family research.;
Falls This site is getting better and better each time I go to it. Everytime I go (which is everyday!) there is ALWAYS something new on there. Great Job!!!!; Friendly site and attempting to reach out in order to enrich the site for everyone
Gray Nominated. No additional comments
Harris In my opinion this site is the most organized genealogy site I have visited. Gloria Mayfield has done an outstanding job.
Harrison Very helpful site.
Henderson Bunny and Holli are doing a GREAT job on the Henderson County Site
Hidalgo Thanks to whomever has put all this information on line for Hidalgo County-I VOTE for HIDALGO COUNTY and the people that put all together.
Jack this is a very helpful page...lots of work....very appreciated!
Kenedy I woiuld like to nominate Kenedy county for the innovation of adding a Spanishi version of the site. Ann, the CC, check and saw that most of the residents were hispanic, and made a Spanish version. That is very innovative, just what I like to see! Plus some other CCs are now doing the same thing.
Navarro Looking for family information seems an excellent way of understanding the greater context of our lives, and the dreams and hopes of those whose brought us here. Our ancestors did not just move from place to place, they were pioneers, and that spirit moves us all when established histories and times become challenged. These modern communities of knowledge remind us not to forget that the present is fleeting, the past is permanent, and the future must forget neither. Thank you. Samuel Wistar Johnson III
Refugio Continues to add new information almost daily and all is very easy to excess. A very good genealogy site.
Rusk I am glad to find out about this website. I am brand new to it. James Porter, Henderson
San Jacinto You are doing a fine job I wish other countys had a much. Just always need more
Williamson prodigious effort has gone into the production of this fantastic site!
Winkler thanks to new information that was transcribed (jail and precent records) i found information 3 generations had searched for. great site and lots of information; nice page - i also enjoyed reading about the sink hole and Dietz jail brake. lived in Midland 40 yrs ago
Washington This website has been extremely helpful to me in the past few months. I have gotten a lot of family information and have
linked together several og my GREEN and BAADE lines together because of it. I have also found many living relatives even after my grandmother ran away from home 71 years ago and actually got to sit down and have Thanksgiving dinner with my new found relatives. What a blessing it is to have Albert Hartstack(Ihope I spelled that properly) and the Washington Co., Genealogical society and friends contribute to this website. Thanks again!
Wharton well organized site

You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Gina Hefferman, State Coordinator. The assistant state coordinators are Jane Keppler,. Bunny Freeman and Laura Gregory Roberts.

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