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The TXGenWeb Project Patron Comments 2005

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Comments taken from the Patron Nominations Form submitted by patrons of The TXGenWeb Project.


Comment(s) from nominator

Montgomery Great information, easily found.; Wonderful site with tons of well-organized data!; This site is LOADED with information and the people associated with it are tremendous;
Kaufman Nominated. No additional comments.;
Falls I really love the wallpaper theme with each of the pages!; What an all encompassing site! Wonderfully put together and very friendly coordinators!;
Brazoria Nominated. No additional comments.;
Henderson This is an enjoyable county website. It shows a lot of research and hard work.; Our Henderson Co, Cemeteries are the Best!; This Henderson Co. TX genweb site is the most professional genealogy site that I have found on the web. The women in charge of this website are up to the minute with submissions, and acknowledgements. Their interest makes those who submit to the website look for more material to send in. The content of the website is displayed in such a manner to help both the beginnning genealogist as well as the more experienced researcher. This site upholds the highest ideals that other genweb sites could use a pattern to construct their county sites. I would like to nominate this Henderson County Tx website for your highest honors. Betty Terrell Owens;  Best Cemetery Records; glad I found this site as my grandparents were from Henderson County.;
Milam The best site in Texas..lots of info, books, obituaries, records, links and user friendly AAA+++;
Clay excellent information. I would like to know who i could contact about a robert and doni moore buried in carolina cemetery, especially what baptist church they were members of, and if it is still around. thanks on any information at all.;
Hunt Great Job!!!;
Walker Nominated. No additional comments.;
Henderson I like the site!; So proud to see this site ; I love that I see!;  i am dissabled and found a love for genology i spend most of my time on computer looking for kin led me to henderson county i got lost reading all the old newspapers and letters loved the letters to santa i live in small toen in west texas we still have letters to santa every year any way have benn to most texgen sights but by far henderson county is the best thankyou thankyou for caring and your love of the past; Nominated. No additional comments.; it has the best cem.; The web site was very helpfull
Grayson They are always adding great information, even though it doesn't relate to my research, it is still very interesting.
Anderson Great New Look! Super Job!
Falls Thanks to the wonderful site I have been able to find my family.
Jack Nominated. No additional comments.;
Hansford The ladies have really put themselves out, putting the website together
Panola The organization of the home page should be used as a templet by other sites. It is clear, usable and uncluttered.
Fort Bend This county site seems to really want to grow. So many times I see sites that was last updated 3 and 4 years ago.
Madison Excellent Site.
Colorado Very good information and posts new information monthly
Montgomery Nominated. No additional comments.;
Kaufman Lots of info
McLennan This county has the most comprehensive, complete, up-to-date records I have seen available to the public on any website I have visited. The search engine was all-inclusive and made my research very easy.
Rockwall has a lot of good information
Blanco This is a terrific site. I found lots of information for my ancestors. The site is also informable and interesting.
Henderson Great site, endless wealth of information about all sorts of folks.;  I love what i see at Henderson Co. Tx.!; I like was i see at Henderson Co. site!;  I like what i see at Henderson Co,TX.;  I was recently trying to find some data on my parent's and grandparents.  I went to several different Texas county websites.  None of them could hold a candle to Henderson County's web site.  I spent a lot of time looking up information on the Henderson County web site and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the time I spent on it.;  Very nice and has been very helpful.; Nominated. No additional comments; Nominated. No additional comments;
Montgomery Nominated. No additional comments.; Excellent site.  Alot of information available in different areas.  Keep up the good work.; The site offers so much wonderful information on line. JANE KEPPLER IS A VERY COMPATIBLE, CARING LADY, WANTING TO HELP ALL PEOPLE TO FIND THEIR KINDRED.;
Coryell Excellent website - full of very helpful information !
Trinity They have done some good stuff with this site recently, they are working real hard on it;
Kaufman Continually adding great information to this site.  It has grown tremendously over the years
Rains This is the best I have seen, I wish they would take over Wood Co. Wood Co is ok but there is room for improvement.
Dawson Five Mile Cemetery was added to the site with pictures of 80 grave-sites by descendents of the Terral's and the Hobbs
Wise Not only helped me when I requested a look-up but sent me pictures of my ancestors tombstones and asked if I needed anything else!
Bosque best web site in the united states. very exact,quick, and loads of information, i live in dallas co.
Karnes Excellent site. Easy to browse/seach. Site set up is very functional.
Motley Wonderful website!!  I am so glad to have found it.
Houston I would like to see more history on the early settlers of Houston county,the Densons',Parkers,and many more who served in the Texas Revolution. I would lilike to see more about the pioneers, I know there is books on their history. I would like to see it on the Houston County Website. Thanks, Martha Yates,Vandver;
Rockwall Easy to use and well organized.  Looks great.
Fannin This is a FABULOUS site.  Lots of good info.  Some sites provide so little it is not worth looking.
Henderson Great and getting better.; The people working on this has done such a good job at finding names from "unmarked" graves. This was of special help to my family, as we were trying to find lost people.; Holli and Bunny do such a fantastic job on the Henderson Co., Texas GenWeb website that I felt that I needed to do my part in nominating them for this special honor.  All of us with Henderson Co., TX ancestors are so lucky to have such dedicated women to help preserve our county history.
Hunt What a great improvement in this site. GREAT job.
Montgomery I came here to find info on my ancestry and found in 3 minutes what I have been searching for for 2 years.  CHEER!
Coryell My mother was born in Coryell County, and I have found so much information about her Beasley family in the many court and cemetery records on the Coryell County web site.  I have spent hours and hours on this website, and it is excellent.
Blanco Fabulous layout.  Easy to navigate and complete listings of probate records, cemetery plots, time line, etc.  Best on the web!
Crosby It is so easy to locate information and not cluttered with a bunch of "extra" stuff.
Kaufman This site has been tremendously helpful to me over the years and recently a great deal of new information has been added. Abby Balderman, Kathy Hunt  and Linda Harwell are doing a tremendous job.  The site is easy to use and read.  Thanks to all
Mitchell Site was easy to navigate and informative.   I'm searching Daviess Co. and KNOX Co.,  IN wish  they were this helpful.
Henderson I visit this site several times a week and still find puzzle pieces;  Still continues to be a great source of information
Hunt Out of all of the Geneaology websites I've been to this one is by far the BEST! It's packed with information. I just love reading all the history and old newspaper articles they have. I just wish more counties websites were like it.
Rockwall I appreciate all persons that work for historical societies that reaaly try to help us that is trying to do genealogy on our kin.
Limestone Listings were of great assistance in researching family.  Better than several others that I had used.
Falls Wonderful site, best I've visited researching Texas Counties.
Bastrop Tammy Owen has done an incredible job.  She definately deserves this honor!!
Rockwall I think you have a very good site. Easy to navigate and easy on the eye and loads of information. My family were there and I found my great-grandfather I have been lookin for, for a long time. You have a wonderful site.; You have a real good site. I will be using it. Very informative.; Easy to use - well thought out
Orange Nominated. No additional comments; It's easy to use & has lots of on-line info; This is where my grandparents were born and raised.  I still have family there.  Family means alot to me therefore Orange Texas and County means alot to me. You have my vote. Kelly "Wilson" Johnson.; Nominated. No additional comments; Nominated. No additional comments;
Coryell lots of interesting information avalable and a coordinator that will actually answer your inquires.  Lovely :o); WHAT A WONDERFUL JOB THEY HAVE ALL DONE ON THIS COUNTY, IT'S WONDERFUL
Henderson Nominated. No additional comments; Great records on the county...;  Bunny F. gave me some good info I needed  -  very friendly!; SIMPLY THE BEST
Navarro Nominated. No additional comments;
Falls This sight has really grown in the past several years and a real help in securing information about Falls County.
Coleman The Coleman County TXGenWeb has helped me to fill in many pieces of my White family today.  Thanks for providing great information!
Kent Easy to navigate, New Coordinator has improved site.
Shelby The Shelby County GenWeb site has been an invaluable source to me.  It is very well organized making it easy to maneuver.  The search engines are a great asset to the site.  Every time I visit there is new information added.  A lot of hard work has been put into the making of that site.
Gregg The most helpful and selfless group of people to help me so far.  I couldn't do my research without their help since I live many states away.
Nolan Billie Bennett is doing a GREAT job of getting this site in shape!  It's WAY worth looking at!!  Thanks, Billie!
Bell Due to the access to the cemeteries and photos I am nearly positive that I will have a success story. This is a great site and the accessibility as in just entering the surname came up with listings of that name on the County site. I have spent hours looking even further for any more clues. I had visited the site in 1997/1998 and didn't find much at all, but now WOW!!; Easiest access,pics,of tombstones,probates.Iam amost certain I will have a success story due to the info that I have found here. I have been looking  for years and all of a sudden. Especially the pictures of the tombstones. GOG BLESS THEM that took them. I thank those that have worked so hard to provide this information on the WEB.; Bell Co. Tx. easiest access to surname search. Especially the Cemeteries and pictures. I am almost certain I will have a success story due to the information provided here. My GOD BLESS all the volunteers that have worked so hard and provided all the info for public access. 
Cass Fantastic amount of information on their site.
McCulloch Super site!
Orange Nominated. No additional comments; Lots of excellent information;  really enjoy Orange County' s many presentations; Nominated. No additional comments; Nominated. No additional comments; There is so much information on Orange County Webpage and the design is very impressive there has been a lot of work done on the project; Nominated. No additional comments; Nominated. No additional comments;
Fannin One of the very best sites I have ever seen.; The records are GREAT!  I'd still like to see some earlier birth records.
Bosque There's a lot of information, at a detail level, and it's very well organized.  I'm quite sure it takes a lot of work!; A wonderful, informative site and very personal!
Hunt Very thorough with the proise to be more so. The county coordinator is very helpful and kind.
Karnes I found so much information today. Excellent job!!
Montgomery Great website; By far the most well-organized TX Genweb site I've visited.
Angelina Best county in the state...
Grimes Thanks for a great county page.
Motley Great website, easy to navagate
Henderson I find the Henderson County  TXGenWeb Project the most helpful of all websites I have visited.  Obviously a lot of work is put into this site.  I posted a query and received an answer within 24 hours - I find that remarkable!   Congratulations to all the people who make this site possible.
Frio Newly formatted, very informative, easy to navigate, appealing to the eye!
Jefferson Nominated. No additional comments;
Gray I don't understand why this page goes unhonored.  A great site for researchers
Rockwall Nominated. No additional comments;
Madison Nominated. No additional comments;
Kaufman This is the best site I have seen on the USGenWeb Project Site.  I have searched many counties in the GA, MS, TN, AL, CA, VA GenWeb pages and cannot find as much information in all combined as I have found on the Kaufman County site.  I like what they do so much that I volunteered and transcribed transcribed part of the 1900 County census for them.  I have also contributed to the site and will continue to do so as I acquire new family information.  My father was born in Kaufman County in 1910 and will be 95 this month, this site has given him a great deal of pleasure and information about his background.  It is the best!!!!!!; Has the most information; I think this is one of the best sites that I have seen.  I use it often to research some of my own lines. The information is updated often, new information is added all the time, and the Coordinator is very pleasant.  You can tell she puts a lot of love into this site.  I would like to see it and Abby win COM!;  i was born in kaufman, now live in s. arizona, most all my immediate family still live in kaufman co. i have found many pictures and much info that i have shared with them from this site, i come here often.  my grand mother was county treasurer for many yrs in the late 60;s early 70's. i am this is a really great site about kaufman.
Henderson Great Site, Exceptional.; Best I have researched in so far.  The census is outstanding, indexed and they have so much detail in every area.  Thanks Henderson County.; Great site....keep up the great work
Crosby Extremely helpful... till the wee hours of the morning..... above and beyond the call of duty
Falls Wonderful site!
Shelby The most complete and well-organized county site I've come across.;  Maybe the best site in the country!
Grimes Great page
Harrison A county full of very wonderful people.
Colorado I wish all counties had such good genealogical information as Colorado County has!!!!   A winner!!!!!
Wise Hands down, the most informative county site I have seen in my research!  The most helpful volunteers of any county!
Henderson One of the best sites available.; Nominated. No additional comments; A great site . Has helped me find many of my ancestors.
Angelina Nominated. No additional comments;
Rockwall Nominated. No additional comments;
Jeff Davis Nominated. No additional comments;
Moore Nominated. No additional comments;
Fannin The best I've seen and I have seen many!
Van Zandt One of the nicest websites I've visited with a lot of information.
Nolan Nominated. No additional comments; Billie is so sweet, helpful and timely in her replies to my enquiries.  She works hard to have as much information as possible on her site.  And her homepage for Nolan County has a picture of old time downtown Sweetwater that just brings tears to my eyes.  Nolan County has for more than a century been home to my ancestors.    Please consider this site for County of the month.  Billie well deserves the recognition.; This is truly the most extensive site I've seen and the volunteers help out any way they can.  It's truly awesome!;  Billie Bennett has done a wonderful job of pulling this site together.  It's attractive and offers lots of information for the genologist.  And, she's a real pleasure to work with!  Please give Nolan County your consideration for County of the Month!
Wood These ladies have done an outstanding job of re-vamping this site and adding new materials to it.
Garza Nominated. No additional comments;
Crane Somervell County has lots of info that I have not seen anywhere else
Falls The Falls County Texas website is a wealth of information.  I have learned so much about the county, cities, and the history of my own house's builder (1871) and former residents.
Collin Collin County is the best place i have ever lived in, and i might just be a teenager but im a teenager with a happy home!
Kaufman Nominated. No additional comments; Outstanding Web Site
Hunt It has good information and links.
Jack I've looked for records since 1985 and Jack County is the best. I wish others would follow your example!
Bastrop I have done research for two years, Bastrop is the best site I have visited.; Tammy Owen's site is the best Genealogy web site I have ever seen.  Please consider her site.
Falls One of the most informative with great pictures and other news. Truly enjoy each time I view, as there is always a new item on this site. Keep up the good work to the volunteers of Falls Co.
Medina This site has been a god send and I would love to help keep it going.
Nolan this is the best site i have been on. it is very helpful
Madison Nominated. No additional comments
Colorado Frequent new items online from the Nesbitt Library collection relative to early settlers and events. 
Montgomery This site is wonderful.  There are so many primary records that are hard to get unless you live there!   Great Site!
Garza My last name is Garza
Montgomery It's beautiful, it's great and historical.; Good material, easy to search; Well-developed site; The most comprehensive collection of research materials of any county I have seen in Texas!; Nominated. No additional comments
Nolan Billie Bennett has done an incredible job on this site---check it out!  It looks like Thanksgiving this month!  She's so talented and willing to give of her time and efforts.  Please consider Nolan County for County of the Month!
Motley Excellent work for the website
Jeff Davis Great job being done on this website.
Coleman This site was extremely helpful.  The search engine was great and the information more than I could have hoped for.
Falls the most beautifl and informative site   thus far
Henderson Great site!  Easy to navigate.
Gonzales Loads of information.  Friendly CC.  User friendly
Johnson I am nominating Johnson County, Texas for County of the month because Wes Collins and other researchers in this County have been most helpful to me in my research and serches.
Montgomery montgomery county-is the place to be! especially east part!
Shelby Best page in Texas.; Nominated, no additional comments; I enjoy the genealogy pages on the page. Thanks.
Crosby Excellent site.  I was able to complete a missing family group using their data.; This is wonderful.  Thanks for doing this.  Chris (Ashley) Lawson
Greg Nominated, no additional comments;
Nolan The most information I've seen on one site and the best volunteers ever.
Brazoria It's great
Walker I loved all the many pictures on this site.
Henderson Continues to be one of my favorites. They continue to be most responsive and helpful
Kaufman This is the most informative county site that I have seen.

You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Gina Hefferman, State Coordinator. The assistant state coordinators are Jane Keppler,. Bunny Freeman and Laura Gregory Roberts.

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