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The TXGenWeb Project Patron Comments 2006

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Comments taken from the Patron Nominations Form submitted by patrons of The TXGenWeb Project.


Comment(s) from nominator

Brazoria Like the layout
Shelby Better than any other counties website; Best in the world!!!!!!!;
Jeff Davis Peggy Allen has done a great job on this website.  I have been on so many GenWeb sites and this is one of the best.  It is well organized and has so much good info for the genealogist and history buff.; Great site!  Lots of good information!
Madison more information than all the rest! Thanks
Bosque Great website, with a lot of interesting information, and very easy to navigate
Milam I think the web master is LK Shuffield. It is a HUGE site with lots of documented data-easy to retreive.
Dickens The best site on the web!!!!!!!!!!
Coleman Awesome work.  Ralph Terry has done his county proud with this site
Kaufman Super website.  The best I have seen!!
Bell The best.  Some charge fees for almost everything but this one just gives and gives.
Gillespie Very Good
Bexar After surfing for a long time looking at county sites, I am impressed with the amount and variety of information on this site.
Palo Pinto I love this beautiful place my sister l Mrs. Harold Brazil lives in Lone Camp.
Hunt Good information in a searchable form; Shirley Collum takes the time to respond to queries and does it  fast.  Thanks.
Colorado I have never met with such an informative County Coordinator.  I am a writer and asked that Ms. Albrecht make a change to the County website based on direct information I had to the history of Isaac Toland.  She was very responsive and knowledgeable to the concerns of the matter.  Ms. Albrecht followed up immediately.  Thanks to Ms. Albrecht, I may gain further information on the subject of Isaac Toland. -Tracy Lightner
Brown This is an excellent website.  It loads fast, navigation is easy, great material, and very artistic. Very user friendly.
Nolan I can't believe how much hard work Billie Bennett has put into the Nolan County website!  Everytime I visit the site, I find something new.  She has found several people who have much to contribute to the site and has utilized her services to make sure that information is "out there" for researchers.  I wish ALL the Texas sites (as well as US sites) were this good!  Thanks so much to Billie for her time and effort!; This is a GREAT page for Nolan County Texas and Billie is the BEST
Motley Motley County has a very helpful website, and the coordinators are very helpful
Falls What can I say?  My roots are there.; Updated often and a pleasure to visit. Kay Cunningham has done and is still doing a remarkable  job here.; The most information and the volunteer Kay Cunningham is extremely helpful.
Shelby Thank you for putting your county records online to be used in such an easy manner.
Kaufman The best site I have visited on the Texas GenWeb Site.
Travis i love travis county
Hopkins This site is just getting started good. I like the tasteful way it is laid out and organized. It doesn't look like Las Vegas at night.
Montgomery Nominated, no comments;
Coleman Well designed and easy to use.  Good, useful links.  thanks!
Collin Helped me locate my greatfrandfathers burial in a matter of minutes..The family history book had no info.
Colorado An extremely well organized repository of data with links to other very good data sources.  It has been and continues to be my best source of information..
Nolan The BEST site I have come across!  Easy to read and research! 
Henderson I was born in LaRue and have been researching Petrey Family
Kaufman It's the best genealogy site I have found for a county. It is excellent.
Montgomery Been here all my life. No place like it. Only bad thing is a little too much growth.....
Panola This site is real helpful to people looking up family members from long distances!!
Brazoria This is one of the 1st counties inTexas and is very informational. You should pick this county!!!! Ronnie Meek wuz here!!! Chillin! LOL!! Cough! Cough! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!
Jeff Davis This is a great website and improves all the time! Thanks Peggy for all the hard work!; Peggy is doing a tremendous job with this site! Bexar Nominated, no comments;
Coleman Very helpful and complete site
Motley This was very helpful for me, and learned thing I did not know. Also I found my uncle's name was not on the Vet list
Colorado I stumbled over this site and have been returning to it to read through the old obits., as they give so much history of the lives and deaths of people in Colorado County. I have found it to be very well organized and maintained and easy to access, and I wish all the counties in Texas had such a wonderful resource. I find the very old obits. especially interesting, since they are almost poetic in the manner in which they describe the life and death of the deceased, and it is a little glimpse of history of the county from way back in the 1880's.; Colorado County TXGenWeb Project has been the most informative genealogy site I have found! An added plus is that the website is so well organized and user-friendly. Ms Albrecht has done an outstanding job and I truly appreciate her dedication and prompt responses to my inquiries and the posting of information I submitted to the Family Group Sheet Project.; COLORADO COUNTY IS AN EXCELLENT SITE WITH GOOD RESOURCE MATERIALS. EXCELLENT COORDINATOR OF THIS SITE! I WAS SO IMPRESSED THAT MY E-MAIL WAS ANSWERED RIGHT AWAY. THIS SITE/AN COORDINATOR DESERVES AN AWARD OF EXCELLENCE!
Henderson Great site...Easy to look at and navigate. One of the best I have seen.; Thank you Bunny and Hollie for your outstanding work with the TXGenWeb Project in Henderson County.. Smith Your on line information is superb! Thank you for the POOL family Wise Nominated, no comments;
Montgomery Great Website !!!!!; Nominated, no comments;
Falls The amount of info on this site is amazing!
Hunt I find that the newspaper project in Hunt Co. is a most valuable asset. I can prepare to go to Hunt Co. and look at the newspaper microfilm in record time. Also if I don't need the obit I have the birth and death dates and relatives through this project.
Coryell Fantastic site with a wealt of useful information.
Jeff Davis Nominated, no comments;
Navarro Navarro is a great county that sticks to its routs it has derrick days every year which is all about celebrating oil
Donley Very nicely organized, not a long loading process for index page ~ information is great and its being updated.
Trinity Clean,informative. Has helps for Genealogists looking for family info.
Wise great job you are doing.
Colorado Very informative site. Well maintained and quick to respond to inquiries.; These people have done a FANTASTIC JOB!!
Collin this is a great area to grow up in
Brown In attempting genealogial research I find Brown County to be one of the most informative sites I have visited. I am trying not to be prejudiced because I am originally from there but it seems quite a few of the county sites are very limited. I was amazed at the Brown Co site leading all the way to the State Library archives etc. The opening page is very inviting with it's "Come on in". There seems to have been a good deal of thought and interest in developing the site and in continuing to keep it growing.
Coryell Fantastic website!
Falls It keeps getting better and better - new postings all the time
Hill This is great.I am so glad Hill county is posting so much information thank you and keep up the great work.
Madisonville Very easy to move around on this site. Found help with my Hall family and Williams family lines.
Ellis Gina Hefferman , who is in charge of the Ellis County Photo Gallery, has done a wonderful job of assembling, organizing, and displaying a delightful array of family pictures as well as places and institutions related to the history of Ellis County. He is gracious and patient in spite of juggling multiple genealogical sites and responsiblities. He deserves recognition for all his hard work.
Henderson My old home town with outstanding people; I have visited several counties of interest to me, and none was as up-to-date and organized as Henderson County
Houston Comprehensive website for genealogy and historical information.
Montgomery I came across Montgomery Co. webb site while search for ifno about Star Co in 1850. I became s"stuck" meandering thru the the site and following the red wiggly curser trail, and enjoyed myself very much!
Leon Excellent work! Easy-to-use & easy-on-the-eyes.
Mason I had some very good information from early years that can't be found so easy. Good site.
Kaufman Very very good site. Organized and so much great information. I appreciate the hard work!
Houston Better than ever. So glad to see this site back up and running again!; Very good information; Has done a phenomenal job of putting census documentation on line
Brazoria Well-done aesthetically, well-organized, contains useful tools
Montgomery Always new information. Excellent organization. Publishing book. Spirited community involvement. Great participation from the public, volunteers and staff. Tremendous.; Nominated no comments.
Nolan Nolan Co., TX, "This is an awesome site." Thank you, for all of your hard work, and the ease in finding info.
Wise I have looked for my parents marriage records for yrs. I found it posted in early marriages Great information on this site.
Henderson Nominated no comments; What a wonderful project! Bunny Freeman and other volunteers are doing a great job. As part of the A.H. Meredith family, I am extremely proud of their efforts. I attended the Holland reunion on Saturday and over 100 people (many from the Meredith family), had a chance to meet Bunny and hear stories of loved ones past. We cannot thank you enough for keeping family history alive for all of us.; Great personal touches to the site. Not just facts and data.
Hunt Shirley Cullum is the most Professional County Coordinator I have met on line, the site is excellently maintained.
Madison Living in Ohio, I have toured Texas this summer visiting family and tracing my roots. Madison County library helped me find my great grandparents and our original property. What a gift this has been to me and my military family! I understood why my people settled here after the Civil War; it looked like home, felt like home, and has the friendliest people in Texas. Not only have I found a 91 year old story teller who rememberd my great grandparents, but I have had much help from the Charlotte at the Court House, and the librarian and assistant librarian, here. From breakfast at the drug store soda counter to people at the local Ford dealership who took care of my car so that I could continue my research, I have been taken care of like I was family. Madison County still seems like a home, and I hope to return to those roots after retirement.
Coryell Rich with love
Harris helping a friend search for family - website is neat
Fannin The time and effort of the volunteers who make this site possible should be recognized for their outstanding work!
Garza This site is fantastic, easy to find items, has improved tremondously!!!!!!!
Houston Stephen F. Box is my great,great, great grandfather
Dickens This County has more information available and easier to find than any I've seen yet!

You may notice a message beside the county listing indicating it is available for adoption. This means that we are looking for someone to take it over on a permanent basis. If you would like to adopt a web page for one of these counties, please contact Gina Hefferman, State Coordinator. The assistant state coordinators are Jane Keppler,. Bunny Freeman and Laura Gregory Roberts.

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