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- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

The TXGenWeb Project Patron Comments 2014

Comments taken from the Patron Nominations Form submitted by patrons of The TXGenWeb Project.


Comment (s) from nominator

Hopkins No comment
Dickens The VERY BEST county!  So much information. So much detail.
Fannin They have the absolute best cemetery records of any county that I have researched!
Trinity Comment I have been on this website for over an hour just reading all the history and looking at the pictures.  Lots and lots of very interesting information.
Fannin Excellent website that is very informative and easy to navigate
Montgomery Excellent presentation & a lot of information.
San Augustine Suzanne has done a remarkable job in identifying and adding records which are highly reliable and accurate.  I work in counties all over East Texas, and the San Augustine is among the very best out there!
Shelby Very detailed and informative.
Fannin The site just keeps getting better, with the inclusion of more and more resources.  Webmaster Suzie Henderson has encouraged a sense of "ownership" among those who use it, so little things, as well as big ones, are made available through it.  Congratulations to Suzie - and thank you very much.
Cooke I like the way this material is organized.
Gillespie Very good site for gathering information and interacting with.
Limestone n/a
Menard This is an awesome website,- has lots of information and has been a great source for all of those who have connections to Menard, want to learn about the county and a must have site for those who are genealogist's and historu bruffs
Pecos no comment
Fannin This is a very thorough website, and it is easy to navigate. I learned several details about my family's ancestry from the cemetery listings and the obituaries. No other county website I have visited has offered the information I needed. I was also glad to see the historical markers listed since I also check county websites to locate markers.
Robertson great info
Newton Comment Newton County is the friendliest county in Texas.  The inhabitants are more like a family than a collection of individual entities.  With only 3 major towns, the county is drawn together by one organization, the Newton County Historical Commission and all are represented at the bi-monthly meetings.  The newly completed historic courthouse is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Texas and each year at from Thanksgiving until Christmas people come from all over the U.S. to ride the Christmas train through Caney Creek Park.  In the spring and summer the beautiful wildflowers draw people to the county as well as being on the flyway of the hummingbirds and several species of butterflies.  Year round there is great hunting and fishing since the drought is over in our area.  Toledo Bend Dam is also a great draw for fishermen and vacationers.  I can't think of any place I'd rather live than Newton County
Throckmorton Thank you for all the great information on our Throckmorton pioneers & their descendants!
Chambers no comment

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