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Texas Genealogy & History
"...the people of Texas do now constitute a free, Sovereign, and independent republic..."

- from the Texas Declaration of Independence, 2 March 1836

The TXGenWeb Project Patron Comments 2020

Comments taken from the Patron Nominations Form submitted by patrons of The TXGenWeb Project.


Comment (s) from nominator

Lee The coordinator appears to have taken on this county recently. She appears to be rebuilding this TexGenWeb page for those of us whose families who lived there The county has a wonderful Historical Society, but appears the Genealogical Society may no longer be active or have been folded into the Historical Society. While definitely related, in my opinion, genealogy and the history are different. The coordinator is working very hard and diligently bringing all the records and documents to one place. I applaud her efforts to restart TexGenWeb Lee County Genealogy web site.
Glasscock, Hayes & Irion Ms. Lisa Smith_Curtean is very ,very accomodating. She gave me informations of my grandfather who went in the US in the 1920s. Keep it up!
Knox Tamara Stevens adopted this county in September last year and has completely transformed it.   It is organized and very readable.   Over all it is a very nice looking website.
Freestone In my genealogical work I found relatives who moved to Freestone after the Civil War.  This genweb
site answered several of my big questions.  The coordinator has done a superb job!!  The info lay-out is very helpful.
Hays feedback from members
Hays  I am amazed at the amount of information there is on the internet for people searching for their Texas roots.  I have been researching my great grandparents, Lucinda Connelly and Henry Arch, for years but have hit many brick walls in trying to discover their progenitors and a semblance of their life.  I found some documents to both verify and contradict anecdotal history my mother conveyed to me based on her childhood memories.  It saddens me that, like most people I talk to, I did not converse more extensively with my mother and grandparents about our family history.  I am writing a book on my family but have been unable and unwilling to complete it without knowing more about my beginnings and how I got to be.  I considered hiring an genealogist, but could not afford them.  So, I kept combing websites and discovered Hays County TXGenWeb Project.  Some of the information on the website has helped me clarify and eliminate certain possibilities.  Their link, the “History of Hays County,” provided me with clues as to how my great grandparents ended up in Texas.  I clicked on their “Family Queries” link and discovered genealogical help was available.  I emailed the Hays County TXGenWeb site for help and was soon contacted by Lisa Smith-Curtean, a Certified Genealogical Researcher for Hays County who had researched and attached several vital documents for my great grandparents, some of which I had already and some of which I did not have.  I was thrilled. I was hoping to
be provided with some basic direction or information, but she is giving me so much more. I am so appreciative of her.  Since receiving the initial email from Ms. Smith-Curtean, we have been exchanging information and she has volunteered to thoroughly research additional information when she soon visits Hays County.  I finally feel that I will get to know Lucinda Connelly and Henry Arch and their forefathers a little bit more.  My heart is singing with HOPE!
Wood Looking for info on William Henry greer and Betty Greer.  Had sons Walter, Owen, Ollie and daughter Annie
Fannin this TX webgen site is the best I have ever found while looking for the history of my fore bearers. I
found grave sites of 3 or 4 of my relatives because of this site.

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