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Mineral Wells, TX

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Aerial View - 1943
Auditorium & Crazy and Carlsbad Wells - 1907
Baker Hotel - 1942
Baker Hotel
Baker Hotel - 1930's
Baker Hotel - 1930's
Bankhead Highway - 1939
Bankhead Highway - 1940's
Beach Scene - 1908
Bimini Bath House
Camp Wolters Air Force Base Greetings
Camp Wolters Greetings
Camp Wolters - WWII
Camp Wolters Chapel
Camp Wolters Service Club
Carlisle House - 1907
Carlsbad Wells
Crazy Water Hotel - Ca 1930's
Crazy Water Hotel - Ca 1930's
Crazy Water Hotel - Ca 1930's
Crazy Water Hotel & City Park    Note: (Per Don Eichler: This card is not the Crazy Hotel and Park, it is the Crazy Crystal plant on N.W. 7th St and the Crazy Park is across the street south.)
Crazy Wells Hotel
Downtown & Baker Hotel - Ca 1930's
Fairfield Inn - 1910
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
First Baptist Church
First Methodist Church
Golden Rule Tourist Camp
Grande Courts Motel - 1930's
Hexagon Hotel
High School - 1925
Hotel Damion - 1922
Inspiration Point
Jr Rotary Band - 1942
Lovers Retreat - 1905
Mineral Water Benefits - Cute
Mineral Wells
Morris Shephard Dam
Nazareth Hospital
New Milling Sanatorium
North Oak USO - 1945
Pleasant Reflections
Post Office - 1930's
Post Office - 1940's
Souvenir Folder
Souvenir Folder
Suspension Bridge - 1935
Welcome - 1943

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