Volunteer Awards

No, this page isn't for the state website, it's to show
for the hundreds of volunters with whom we've been priviledged over the years.

TXGenWeb has several awards that we use to let you know which volunteers have been determined, by their peers, to merit extra applause for their efforts.

Volunteer Award

Volunteer Award for TXGenWeb
The volunteer award is for all of our volunteers from the visitors who contribute their research to the surfers and to the county coordinators and webmasters. It's awarded by coordinators to whomever they deem worthy of special notice.

Dedicated CC Award

Dedicated County Coordinator Award for TXGenWeb
For the County Coordinators who have been picked by a committee of their peers for things like their longevity with the project, their willingness to participate or the content of their websites.

Service Award

25 year Service Award for TXGenWeb
Service Awards are presented to our County Coordinators each year based on the numbers of years they have dedicated to TXGenWeb. We celebrated 25 years online in 2021 and still have volunteers who started the project!

Surfer Award

Surfing Award for TXGenWeb
Our most dedicated all-around volunteers are our "surfers" who visit each website, each month, to evaluate content and ensure that TXGenWeb is providing a network of great county websites. In addition, these volunteers offer suggestions, report problems, and select counties from their regions to compete for the Mike Basham Memorial County of the Month Award.

Mike Basham Memorial County of the Month Award

County of the Month Award for TXGenWebHall of Fame Award for TXGenWeb
Each month our surfers choose a single county from each region to designate worthy of competing for this award. These counties are deemed the best in the project. Note that this is a very difficult job; we have many counties in the same region that are quite excellent and choosing one above the others is never easy. At the end of the month, the votes are tallied and a winner is announced. A county coordinator who wins this award three times for the same county is awarded with a place in the Hall of Fame.

County of the Year

County of the Year for TXGenWebHall of Fame County of the Year for TXGenWeb
At the end of each year, all of our coordinators are invited to vote for both the best county listed in the Hall of Fame and the best county listed in the County of the Month for that year.